On Being Broken-Hearted . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 15 June 2015; revised


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Dear Ones,


Today I woke up with a sense of connection to Spirit, as if we were having a conversation. Spirit was wise, and I was wondering what was up. Spirit said that whatever emotion I experienced as ‘other’ … as coming from other people … was really just me feeling that emotion toward myself … that I created this illusion … Spirit did not say why …

I am left wondering: Whaat? The strangest sense that something TOtally different is just waiting for me to agree to this meeting… something about leaving tribe on an alternate world? Do what?

So then I got up, and was about to make a cup of coffee. I got the strangest feeling that the connection with Spirit was closing … temporarily, natch … and then every memory of being broken-hearted in this lifetime began to surface and break against the shores of my heart.

Oh gosh, I thought. Maybe every moment of longing for another person is REally just that deep sense that the most important connection … that of my beautiful Ego expressing itself in creation with my beautiful Spirit overlighting this Joy … could be, even for a moment, missing!

In love, light and joy,
I Am Of the Stars

Below are a comment by a reader, and my reply … which I have saved and re-entered after a glitch removed them from the regular comment feature in WordPress …


“No, When ‘you’ blame another then it is actually ‘your’ issue, ‘You’ have given away ‘your’ power to another. It is a failing to take responsibility for one’s life choices. Response-ability the ability to respond.

“When someone else blames you, it is a reflection of them not you. It is a reflection of them not you. They have given away their power. – We have been conditioned to defend ourselves when there is no defense to be had because it is not about us.

“Yes the world is an illusion. It is created to teach, it is a ‘school house’. We leave our families to ‘attended school’ that only the very best & brightest souls are allowed to go to. Earth.

“See we are souls, not bodies. We are immortal beings of light. What does that mean? We don’t know. Light exists, only light exists as it can be measured. Darkness is an illusion, it is only a lack of light. So to learn what we are we choose to experience what we are not ‘darkness’ which is something that doesn’t exist out side of the illusion as flame casts no shadows. but the threads of the veil casts shadows over the Earth. So we can ‘see’ both light and the illusion of darkness.

“Does that answer your question?”


TC, thanks for your ideas. Because of what you said, about us choosing to experience ‘darkness’ in Earth school, I got to thinking about human relationships … how insufficient they are compared to 5D loving relationships … how Earthly relationships tend to emphasize Soul wounding. I’m thinking, maybe as a way to clear soul wounding? … but what is so hard to see in Earthly relationships is the pure power of Love that shines forth from another person’s Soul … the Unfathomable beauty of that Love expressed through the Other’s heart … and the courage of us Beings of Light who have agreed to express Unfathomable Love to kindred side by side with unspeakable Soul wounding!

I Am so very glad we are emerging from this experiment, and back to the beauty and Magnificence of our Souls! It is wonderful to welcome back the memories of our ancient friendships, and our true Soul relationships!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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