Oh My Gosh, He Left Me! . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 19 June 2017; published on 29 June 2017; revised and republished on 9 March 2020


Dear Ones,

Here is a talk on personal empowerment in the areas of romance, marriage, child rearing, joining the military, and choices with regard to education. There is an edited Summary after the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a bit of information on empowerment that I found out just last night. It was highly transformational for me, and I hope it will be of help for you as well, in achieving a sense of empowerment in life, and transforming negative experiences into positive.

This has to do with relationships with other people. I know that sometimes we feel at the effect of things that happen in relationships. For instance, we may deeply love somebody, and that person may decide to leave us. And we may feel at the effect of their decision. For instance, we may feel …

Oh my gosh, he left me!

That feeling, that notion that someone else had the power to make us unhappy, is very disempowering. And it is something that can fly under the radar too.

There is another situation, that is true of young people, I think. The parents of young people may convince them to do something with regard to their career or their education that’s really not what they want to do.

But because their parents are so strong and powerful in their eyes, and they may, for instance, hold the key to finances and so forth when children are young, then children may feel that they must go along with what their parents say. And this, also, is disempowering.

I will give you an example: A child may feel that he or she has to attend a particular school that they do not want to attend. And they may feel forced by their parents to do that. And then in later life they may say …

Oh my gosh, I’ve had to leave all my friends, and to go to this school. And I didn’t like it there. And my parents forced me to do it. They made me unhappy.

And this sometimes happens with young people when they join the military: Either their parents may have been very successful in the military, and want their children to follow in their footsteps; or their parents may not have had the opportunity to join the military … say they had some kind of draft exemption, or like that. And their parents want their children to fulfill that dream that they had, that they were unable to fulfill.

So the child may feel impelled to join the military, even though it is not his desire to do so. And he may find his temperament (or her temperament) is not compatible with military lifestyle, which is at one end of the continuum with independence and interrelationship with other people, that of dependence on other people’s will power.

So the child may not be compatible with the military way of thinking, and he or she may suffer greatly in that situation. And he or she may blame the parents for forcing them into that situation …

I was forced to be unhappy by a decision that someone else made!

This is also sometimes true of young people and marriage. Sometimes it seems to them that their parents force them to marry someone that they do not want to marry, because of social standing, or one-upmanship, or that kind of thing.

Sometimes it is the opposite: Their parents force them not to marry someone that they love; maybe for the same reasons. And then the child feels …

My life has been destroyed! My happiness has forever flown away, because of a decision that someone else made. They’ve ruined my happiness.

You get the idea … This is also true of later life. A person may say …

As a senior citizen, I’m unable to find anyone to love. This or that circumstance in my life causes me not to follow my dreams or my heart. 

All of these things can be solved in this way … and this is what I found out last night. It goes like this … In a relationship, you say …

This person and I decided together to do that thing.

You say it with your whole heart, your whole being. And you change the past. You change the whole tenor of the situation, and all that followed. You say:

This person and I, we decided to do that thing. 

And what happens then … at least, what happened to me … is that I suddenly felt greatly empowered in the situation … Like I had made that choice; I had made that decision. And that the consequences were my own. And that the future was my own.

That I could then be free to create whatever I want, as of right now. So!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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