New Optimize Timelines and Dimensions video . by Alice B. Clagett

Optimize Timelines and Dimensions


Dear Ones,

I just added a video on the Hathor activation of Light to optimize timelines and dimensions. Here it is, in case you would like to take a peek …

Link: “Activation of Light to Optimize Timelines and Dimensions,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 8 January 2023; revised on 21 February 2023; revised with video on 22 February 2023 … ..

In love, Light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Please excuse any typos; typing is quite a challenging activity for me during solar event impacts. I dream of a day when every typo in each of my blogs may be corrected.

Written and published on 22 February 2023

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