Nature Spirits: About the Lesser Dwarves . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 7 August 2019

    • “What to Say When the Dwarves Start to Threaten Us,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett,
      Soundtrack and Words

Image: “Dwarf,” by User: Rotox, 7 August 2006, from Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Dwarf,” by User: Rotox, 7 August 2006, from Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Dear Ones,

I channeled a little from the Kingdom of the Dwarves this morning. I am pretty sure it is the Lesser Dwarves rather than the High Dwarves. There is also a little about elves in the video. An edited Summary follows the video.

WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE … FOR ADULT VIEWING ONLY. This video has foul language in it, due to the speech of the beings that were channeled.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I was speaking to the dwarves today; and I have some information for you about the race of dwarves on Earth. More than anything else, the dwarves want gold. And they pester humankind to get their gold from them.

The dwarves are responsible for the notion of capitalism, and the notion of one-upmanship. It is they who have sponsored the noospheric thread of energy that sounds to me like phrases using the quaint term ‘bu–e hole’.

Last year or so, the phrase was used in a very aggressive manner … what you would think of as hostile takeover, in business terms … intention to injure human beings … to take from them their health, their wealth, their homes, their pets, their family … anything that could be taken … if that could be turned into gold.

Then the elves stepped in. Now the elves apparently have an uneasy alliance with the dwarves. I talked with some elves about it yesterday … a small troupe that are living nearby … and asked them what was the state of agreement between the dwarves and the elves. And the elves said that they get along pretty well, unless the elves get angry about something. That was what they said. Elves are pretty easygoing; it would take a lot, I feel, to get them riled.

Apparently the elves have offered a mitigating energy with regard to this ‘bud– hole’ thing that has been going on, in the noosphere, in recent years. They have a sense of delight and mischief, and so the energy of that statement by the dwarves has changed to something much more playful, much more fun. That is a good thing for the noosphere. Now to get down to this morning’s channeling …

“What to Say When the Dwarves Start to Threaten Us”
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
Soundtrack and Words
7 August 2019

One thing to say, when the dwarves start to threaten us is this; you say it to the dwarves …


You can only have
What you have,
And no more.

Say it in a firm but unemotional voice.

You can only have
What you have,
And no more.

Like that. I tried that this morning, after trying many other things that did not work. And then I heard … far off, or maybe subterranean, deep down … a tally going on. They were trying to figure out how to increase in me a sense of insecurity in my basal chakra.

That ‘bud– hole’ thing that they were talking about is an attempt to weaken our basal chakra, which is responsible for abundance, and retaining wealth, and that kind of thing: Retaining our possessions, retaining our health, good luck in the world … like that.

it is their idea that they can snatch our luck and snatch our goods. And it is our idea that we want to keep our stuff, right? We are entitled to what we have. [laughs]

So anyway, when I made that statement this morning: You can only have what you have, and no more … stern but unemotional … it stopped them. And then I heard this tally of things that they use, like hooks, to engage our first chakra in a kind of an upset, or malware programs that they use. They latch onto these things. This was the tally …

  • They said: A sense of abandonment
  • I use their words now: A sense of ‘fu– up’ … as in: My life is a ‘fu– up’
  • The Jesus Christ syndrome … By that I feel they mean self-sacrifice outweighing concern for one’s own good
  • They said: She does not get her newspaper out in the morning, and ‘V-k-r’ is in charge of that … I guess that reading our newspaper in the morning increases our sense of lack of safety in the world.
  • Then they said: No heat wave … I think by that they mean that they might be able to manipulate sexual desire to their own ends.
  • And the very last thing on the list that I heard this morning was: No ‘motherf—-r’ concept … I hesitate to use these words. These are dwarf words; they are not personal words in my vocabulary. It is something on their list. And I guess that means something like one-upmanship or desire to injure other human beings.

So you know that, if you can clear your basal chakra of these types of issues, you are safe from the dwarves.

Ok, that is it for now. You all take care.

Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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