Merging Polarities: The Shadow, Gender Roles, ‘Evil Twin Flame’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 20 June 2015; published on 26 June 2015; final draft on 5 November 2018

    • For Each Soul, the Polarity Experiment Consists of 3D-4D Fractalization
    • Transformation of Our Shadow Side
    • Transformation of Shadow Gender Roles
    • Opportunities for Soul Clearing Through the ‘Evil Twin Flame’ Relationship
    • Multiple ‘Twined Flames’: Dealing with Complications of ‘Grouping’
    • How to Circumvent Complications of Twining and Grouping
    • To Sum Up …

Dear Ones,


This video is about merging our 3D and 4D polarities as we expand into 5D consciousness. It offers a fresh look at the concept of the demon realm, so prevalent as an archetypal symbol in many cultures, and how it might be considered an unconscious depiction of our ‘shadow’ side.

After the video there is a FINAL DRAFT OF THE VIDEO.

The topic of the video is described somewhat differently and more completely in the COMMENTS that follow the Final Draft. For those so motivated, I would suggest reading both the Final Draft and the Comments …

At the end of the blog, there is an edited TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO (which I am going to offer as a transcript for the Youtube video),



For Each Soul, the Polarity Experiment Consists of 3D-4D Fractalization

New theory: When we beings of light decide to experience greater polarity, greater density, our awareness descends from 5D to 3D-4D, In these dimension we encounter negative emotions such as fear, terror, anger, lust, greed … emotions that are never encountered in 5D. These negative emotions allow us to fashion creations on the astral and physical plane that are much more diverse than those found in the higher dimensions. And that is the intention: to garner wisdom from experience of polarity.

So then, how does this polarity experiment take place? My theory is that, at the moment of descent in awareness from the fifth dimension, there may be fractalization into ‘good’ and ‘evil’ qualities of Soul, and these polarized qualities of Soul may exist separately but simultaneously in 3D (physical existence) and 4D (dreamtime realm).

Perhaps the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’ is the mechanism that has till now allowed us to continue this polarity experiment.  What causes the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’? Is it societal expectations, as previously discussed? (1) Does the ego play a role? These questions await future clarification.

As humankind expands its awareness from 3D into 4D, the Veil is being dissolved. Societal expectations are giving way to awareness of a truer reality. And so, we intrepid Souls are beginning to encounter our opposite polarity in the previously hidden-from-us realm of 4D, the dreamtime realm.

Transformation of Our Shadow Side

For those of us who identify as lightworkers, I posit we may encounter our ‘evil alter ego’ in the dreamtime realm. We may come face to face with our Dark Shadow. This shadow we must meet with Love, and transform with Love, so as to return to 5D.

And too, as ‘good’, or societally responsive, 3D people, we do sometimes ‘act out’ in the physical world our 4D shadow side, which has in it repressed, socially unacceptable, emotions and thought forms. The agency of repression might be conceived of as a ‘bubble of forgetfulness’ … a class of energy that is but one small part of the great Veil of Forgetfulness.

Then there are Souls that are experiencing the Genghis Khan (‘Corporate Raider’) mental filter. From a societal standpoint, their stance in 3D may be considered ‘evil’ … that is, ‘antisocial’, adverse to the mores of civilization. This is pretty much so … I mean, how many Genghis Khan types could there be in the world? Civilization as we know it would fall if everyone pursued the ‘master plan’ of dominating humankind.

So but anyway, in the world today, there are a handful of Souls that are acting out the ‘evil’ Genghis Khan mental filter in 3D. For them, I posit, the Light and Good aspects of their beingness are sequestered in their 4D, or dreamtime, fractal. As the Incoming Light steadily levels up, these Souls are tasked with integrating their own ‘good’ 4D aspect. It seems to me a difficult task, especially if ‘power over’ is held high as a standard, so I’m trusting in God to help them through this process. I have no doubt but what, for all Souls on Earth today, the 3D-4D merge is entirely possible.

Transformation of Shadow Gender Roles

I posit, similarly, that just as each of us has left-brain and right-brain aspects, each of us has both masculine and feminine aspects, and that these are expressed, from incarnation to incarnation, as sometimes a male incarnation, and sometimes a female incarnation. Over the history of our incarnations on Earth, each of our own Soul’s gender aspects has taken on samskaric distortions.

We express a certain gender in this incarnation in the physical realm. I posit that our opposite gender exists in Shadow aspect in 4D, and that each of us is now encountering this opposite-gender shadow as the Veil dissolves. As with the ‘good’ versus the ‘evil’ shadow, the positive gender aspect and the shadow opposite gender aspect must be met with Love, and transformed with Love.

There is most likely also hanging out in the astral plane as well, possibly as ‘bubbles of forgetfulness’, the shadow aspect of our current gender, also needing to be resolved.

[End of Video]


Opportunities for Soul Clearing Through the ‘Evil Twin Flame’ Relationship

Then there is the experience of meeting a Twin Flame in 3D, the experience of ‘Other’ (someone else’s ego) as ‘I’ (my own ego). When my ego flips back to an understanding that my ‘Twin Flame’ is really another person, not me at all, then the experience may become that of the much talked about ‘Evil Twin Flame.’ Physically, the Twin Flame relationship most likely ends at this point, and so 3D-3D interaction ceases.

But because each person in the Twin Flame relationship, putatively, expresses their gender shadow in 4D, and because psychic cords and emotional-mental resonances continue after the return of our egos to our normal state of ‘I-Other’ discrimination, there ensues a complex relationship of:

  • my own good gender aspects (3D),
  • my own bad opposite gender aspects (4D, beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness),
  • my own hidden bad same gender aspects (4D bubbles of forgetfulness),
  • and also in 4D, on the astral plane, the Other’s bad opposite gender aspects.

When the Other’s ‘bad’ opposite gender aspects clairly present themselves to us on the astral plane, then we may experience some egoic upset, some existential angst … perhaps the sudden realization that the ego is a pretty weak construct that artificially separates us from Other, from the Unknown, from the great All That Is.

At which point, I am thinking, it might be good to take a big deep breath, or maybe practice the ‘Creator Breath’ described by Sandra Walter of Creative Evolution (2). And then, carefully observe our physical reality, our physical surroundings, the comforting presence of our own body, the sunlight, or the walls of our own house … like that. Here we are, right here, right now. And that is that.

The ‘Evil Twin Flame’ experience can be pretty intense, but it does have its good side. The Twin Flame – Evil Twin Flame experience represents two Souls’ decisions, preincarnationally, to help each other dissolve, in this incarnation, all their multi-incarnational gender shadows, irrespective of gender. In other words, two souls preincarnationally decide to get through the 3D-4D transformation in what appears to be the most efficient way, from a timeline perspective.

Of course, we do not need to have the Twin Flame – Evil Twin Flame experience in order to expand our Awareness into the fifth dimension. This is just one of many options. So, having decided mid-stride, as it were, that Evil Twin Flameness is a bit too intense, we can change the astral scenery anytime. (For this, see “How to Circumvent Complications of Twining and Grouping,” below.)

Multiple ‘Twined Flames’: Dealing with Complications of ‘Grouping’

It can get more complicated than this, as when three or more or more Souls preincarnationally decide to experience, in one lifetime, Multiple Twined Flame awareness. Basically, the potential complications in relationship of each additional twined flame to those already involved is logarithmic.

This is the difficulty in the concept of Grouping. Not only are the opportunities for transformation to Love logarithmically increased, but also the possibility of mutual Soul wounding is logarithmically increased.

How to Circumvent Complications of Twining and Grouping

As the Incoming Light intensifies these next 4 months, the twining and grouping experience can become too intense. In that case, the thing to do is to create physical distance from other folks EMFs.

A couple, for example, may find it too intense for both to always be under the same roof. One might feel more comfortable pitching a tent in the yard. Or both might decide to spend time outside, where grounding to Earth allows energy to go through the personal EMF vertically, rather than pinging horizontally between family members’ EMF distortions.

In the case of the simple notion that ‘I am a member of this or that group,’ when this idea of horizontal connection becomes too intense, simply visualize your own EMF, your own pranic column energy. This type of vertical imaging thankfully insulates the Soul from horizontal clair experiences.

Another way of dealing with group EMF distortion pinging is to optimize timelines, using this activation of light to back out of astral entanglement with the Twin or the Group:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

What happens to me when I do this activation under these circumstances, is that the clair impact of the Twining Soul(s) immediately diminishes, or else simply goes away. This gives me time to optimize my EMF without astral distraction.

To Sum Up …

In this time of intense Incoming Light, so it is with every polarity that we meet: Greet with Love, transform with Love. If the experience gets too intense, then ignore the horizontal (person to person) clair experience, ground to Earth, optimize physical distance from others’ EMFs, visualize pranic column energy, and/or optimize timelines to insulate the personal EMF.

When the work of transformation is done, the Veil of Forgetfulness will be completely dissolved. At that point, we will be free to experience the Void from which has always flowed our Soul’s power to co-create Reality, in alignment with the Power of God.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See …

Link: “Sleepiness, Societal Taboos, and the Veil of Forgetfulness,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 12 June 2015; published on 23 June 2015 … ..

(2) Creator Breath is beautifully described here …

Link: “Ascension Path Meditation: Divine Neutrality,” by Sandra Walter … ..


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have an alternate theory regarding the Demon Realm that I have discussed on many past occasions. I am trying to get a handle on the Demon Realm.

I have an alternate theory that places more emphasis on our personal power in the world, as human beings. And it goes like this …

The fourth dimension and the third dimension are very unusual, because of the relative extremes of polarity involved. The Universe is made of love; but in the fourth dimensoin and the third dimension, all kinds of amazing things happen … Scenarios that have more to do with fear, terror, anger, lust, and greed … those kinds of emotions that are not even encountered in the fifth dimension.

The question for the creator mind was: How can these polarities be experienced?

Here is the hypothesis that I have been mulling over for quite some time now: Maybe you will see what you think about it, when you think about it one your own. If you do a search of Google images under the topic of Demons  … or … Devils … you will find pages and pages of pictures of the most gnarly, scary creatures that you can imagine.

From that I gather two possibilities …

One is that this is a kind of a beneath the table reality that is in the popular mind of many different people; and it bears remarkable similarity from people to people, from nation to nation, from religion to religion. and from culture to culture. It is amazing, the widespread nature of this, what you would call Terran cultural myth, or archetypal image, or archetypal moving picture show. So that is one idea: That of an archetypal image that is very widespread in the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

And the other idea I have is that people in this day of science, and of the left brain, are logging into something, in their dream world, that actually exists … not as a corporeal reality … not in the physical world … but in the fourth dimension.

It is the latter theory that I am going to talk about a little bit more. I consider it possible that, when a being of Light … such as you or me … decides to enter the lower densities, that it will agree to separate itself into two separate entities, one of whom remains in the fourth dimension, and could be termed the Shadow side, or the Demon world. And the other of which represents a generally relatively socialized being in the third dimension.

And the reason for that is, antisocial personalities and mass murderers and all kinds of people like that … who used to be greatly admired in the world, in the early days of civilization … people in whom was implanted the Genghis Khan mental filter … the conquerer of everything … today would be considered just not very viable in the civilization.

So there are not many Genghis Khan mental filter individuals around … not many antisocial personalities at all, these days. Some, but not many. Those that are here today … what you could say is that the Shadow side of their infinite beauty as beings of Light, and of the magnificence of their Soul … the Shadow side of this, that is engaging in these two, lower densities … is portrayed in physical form. But for these beings, there is an entity on the astral plane that is as beautiful and as full of love as the corporeal being on Earth is full of bloodlust, and raping, and all these bad things.

That is not usually the norm; usually it is the other way around, these days. And the corporeal entity … the physical me … has all the wonderful tendencies of the Soul … all the good tendencies of the Soul.

And the being that is affined with me … the portion of me that is the Shadow side … is on the astral plane, and taking up what you might call the role of the Demon or Devil … my Demon in me, compared to the Angel in me.

Of course, as ‘good’, or societally responsive, 3D people, we do sometimes ‘act out’ in the physical world our 4D shadow side, which has in it repressed, socially unacceptable, emotions and thought forms. The agency of repression might be conceived of as a bubble of forgetfulness … a class of energy that is but one small part of the great Veil of Forgetfulness.

This notion would account for a reality that does not involve overcoming any other class of beings here on Earth. In other words, by assumption, when I … the goodness of my heart … merges with all the negative polarities in my Shadow side, or Demon entity, in the fourth dimension, then third and fourth dimensions will cease to exist, and I will be in a state of unconditional love in the fifth dimension or higher once more.

So in that case there is nothing to overcome … no Satan to overcome … no Beelzebub or Lucifer … no Fallen Angels to be battling with … or at least not in the main. In the main it is a question of overcoming the polarities and merging the polarities of my own Soul once more back into the Light.

So, that is the theory, and I am going to go with that. I have some more propositions for you …

Suppose, when we come to Earth … that is, incarnate in physical form … a decision is made as to the gender that we will have … like, in my case, I am a woman. And suppose that, in the main, the Shadow side … the other side of us … is the opposite gender; this is the being on the astral plane that bedevils us with the samskaras and negative tendencies and habits of thought and emotion that we have accumulated over our lifetimes on Earth.

So we have left-brain, right-brain … Sacred Masculine, Sacred Feminine … already existing in us … already there. The only problem is, they are in two separate dimensions.

[laughs] … It is so dry here! This is New Mexico, and it is so dry! I am sitting under a big pine tree. It is wonderfully shady here, and there is a deep carpet of pine needles here that is like being on a feather bed, it is so comfortable! I feel like I am in heaven! But to get back to the point …

So there we are in a ‘setup’ here on Earth … Divine Feminine, in my case, seeking the Divine Masculine, which happens to embody all of my bad traits. So what that involves, here in the Ascension process, is forgiving all the things in the Masculine that I do not like at all, right? … Because there they are, on the astral plane, vying with me, and making my life dense, and polar.

So the thought of a merge of the third dimension with the fourth dimension, in my case, involves the feeling of love welling up in my heart, and meeting the negative tendencies of the heart of the Sacred Masculine that is also me on the astral plane. And the resolution of these polarities will result in the fifth dimensional experience.

So now, just hypothesis that, for people who incarnate as men on the physical plane, no doubt the astral Shadow is a woman … and has in it all the negative qualities that they just do not like about women in this dense polarity here (3D). All their lives they are ‘bedeviled’, as it were, by these negative concepts of the feminine … which include all the past lifetimes that they have had, here on Earth, which were feminine and which developed samskaric tendencies as well.

It is kind of an interesting play, is it not? It is kind of an interesting thought. There is a lot of humor there. God is pretty interesting … because, in reality, there is no such thing as ‘I’ and ‘Other’. And the stance of the Ego, in the physical world, is one of constant terror. Why? Because it is always facing the Unknown … which is God … and intending to keep the known … which is very frail and nonexistent. So how could an ego be anything but very upset? … [laughs] … And very defensive; always towards the ‘Other’.

But think of an Ego that is clarified, purified, distilled, as it were … like one of those skullcaps … a yarmulke … that changes color, and becomes transparent and porous and light as air. And so that then becomes the Ego. And when that happens … when the Ego is very transparent … why then, there is no barrier between the third dimension and the fourth dimensional experience. And that is probably pretty cool. That is my idea.


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