LISA RENEE: “Anti-HG Technology” — Dreaming With Dolphins . referral by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

For years now, on the astral plane, I have been noticing the malware that attempts to infect Sacred Sexuality. Lisa Renee speaks about this in the below-referenced blog as well. I am leaving it to her to standardize the lingo.

Lisa Renee is amazingly intuitive. I am deeply grateful for her presence on Earth.


“Anti-HG Technology is short for Anti-Hierogamic Technology which is a gender splitter weapon that has been identified by gridworkers which note that it has impacts upon the Lightbody and is a form of targeting individuals with assorted Electronic harassment designed for Mind Control. This technology targets Starseed or Indigo groups that are embodying sacred marriage […] LISA RENEE: “Anti-HG Technology” — Dreaming With Dolphins

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