Grouping vs the All: The Molokai Mental Filter . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 12 January 2016; published on 6 April 2016

  1. Introduction
    • Eighth Chakra and Astral Stories
    • Co-creating Reality
    • Kama-Manas and Duality
    • Third Dimensional Grouping versus the All
  2. Ingrouping
    • Grouping by Religion, Country or Demographics
    • Censure or Ostracism of Those Who Are Different
    • Polyamory Groupings
    • Country Demarcation Lines
    • Christian Denominations
  3. Outgroups
    • The Molokoi Mental Filter: Outgrouping Because of Disease
    • The Mentally Ill
    • “Stories by Alice: Those Who Cross the Law,” by Alice B. Clagett, Soundtrack and Words
    • The Terminally Ill
  4. Ways to Flow with the All
    • Dealing with Astral Story Directors Who Are Mentally Ill
    • Dealing with Astral Story Directors Who Are Criminals
    • No One Is Immune from Those Who Are Socially Ostracized
    • On Assisting the Terminally Ill
    • Ivory Tower Folks: Researchers, Doctors: How to Hold the Notion of the All?
    • Young People as Eighth Chakra Directors
    • The Very Rich and Powerful as Eighth Chakra Directors
      • The Importance of Strengthening the Personal Electromagnetic Field (EMF) to Protect Ourselves
    • Buddhist Metta Prayer for All Beings
    • Valuing and Finding Help for Those of Each Group
    • Clearing the Eighth Chakra, Developing the Heart, and Clearing the Personal EMF Field

Dear Ones,

This video is a sequel to one on directing our own astral stories … Link: “On Directing Our Own Astral Stories,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 10 January 2016 … ..

At first I had three possible titles for the sequel. These were …

  • Grouping vs the All
  • Controlling the Controllers
  • The Molokai Mental Filter

It is feast or famine, titlewise, I guess! After the video is an edited Summary …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

1. Introduction

Eighth Chakra and Astral Stories. This is a bit of a continuing discussion on the topic I was mentioning the day before yesterday. It had to do with the eighth chakra, up above the head, and the directorship of the astral stories. I had started to talk about it in the other video …

Link: “On Directing Our Own Astral Stories,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 10 January 2016 … ..

Co-creating Reality. But today I thought I would continue that discussion, so that we could get a better handle on those astral stories, and start to co-create very positive astral stories for humankind. And this is because, once a number of us … a flock of Souls … agrees on a particular astral story, it will start to change everything in the Universe … everything.

Kama-Manas and Duality. The only thing is, this being the turning point, and what you might say the ‘nadir’ … the turning point into the Light … it is hard to get the consensus together. A number of great Lightworkers have been doing great work in visualizing. But so far we are not getting a tremendous amount of consensus at the same moment in time, and in the same timeline … so as to put the umph … what the Theosophical Society used to call kama-manas … desire and thought together … so as to co-create that reality in a physical sense. (According to Theosophical Society lore, kama-manas is considered to guide what is known as the ‘lower mind’ … or the Lower Mental Body … of a human being.)

Third Dimensional Grouping versus the All. So the thing that has been in the painful process of leaving … it seems like an age that this has been happening … for the last year and a half or so … is that the notion of grouping is changing. Now there are a lot of aspects to this.

People, in their current state of duality, of Dark-and-Lightness … by Dark-and-Lightness I mean lack of Awareness, combined with Awareness, or segregated, in some way, from Awareness, as the subconscious mind … in this current state, they are not recognizing the fundamental value that the notion of the All represents in this Solar System, and in this Universe.

2. Ingrouping

What grouping really is, is the fragmenting of the notion of the All into tiny little bits and pieces, each little bit being a group of Souls that feels that it is the All.

Grouping by Religion, Country or Demographics. Now they go by various names; it may be the name of a religion or a country. It might be the name of a certain demographic segment of society. We have incredible imaginations at the idea of forming groups.

Censure or Ostracism of Those Who Are Different. In the past, until 2012, what has been happening is that people have formed these groups, and censured or outcast or ostracized people that do not fit the norm for that group. And they form a consensus, on the astral plane, as to what truth is.

Polyamory Groupings. In a group that practices polyamory, qualifications for being in the group might be being a straight couple that enjoys polyamory … what is known, in Western terminology, as ‘swinging’. And so a person who is single … whether a man or a woman … who attempts entry into a polyamory group will most likely be solidly rejected and cast out, because they do not fit the important guidelines, or norms, for being in that group. That is just one example, from my personal experience on the ‘out of the loop’ side of a group equation.

Another outgroup standing I have experienced was when I seemed to be the only ‘straight’ member of a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) group. Many in the group espoused polyamory, but I hold for myself the goal of faithfulness between two straight partners. While I have goals in common with the group, the broad conditions for membership in the group represent an ‘entrance bar’ that has not been breached, over the years. For others of the group, who more closely match the overall demographic, it looks to me that the possibility exists for closer bonding with the group as a whole.

Country Demarcation Lines. I was just down at the border of the United States and Mexico, the day before yesterday. And I could see, all along the way, there are these cities where half of the city is in Mexico, and called by one name; and the other half of the city is in the United States, and called by a completely different name.

I was at one such city. When I looked down the street, what I could see was this long fence, and the houses on the other side. The feeling was incredibly intense there … There were quite a lot of border patrol going around everywhere. As to the people, some spoke excellent Spanish, some spoke excellent English, and some were excellently bilingual.

The feeling was that we, in America, were a particular group, and those people on the other side of that fence were a group of people that were completely different from us. Now is that not peculiar? That is grouping … country grouping.

At that location I could feel a scar, deep into the Earth, of Gaia’s longing to return to the All. That is country grouping for you. You know? And it gives rise to all kinds of noospheric tensions, along the line of the border, and for maybe twenty to twenty-five miles on this side … probably on the other side too.

Christian Denominations. So then you have … here is a good example: Christianity. I really love Christ as an example of the way to live my life. But I do not have a lot of beliefs around my feeling … my love of Christ … that separate me into a particular group of Christians.

But in the subconscious noosphere … in the shadow side of the noosphere of Christianity … there are an incredible number of beliefs like that … just incredible … that pit one Christian against the next Christian, one pastor against the next pastor, and so one. That is an example of the dissonance to which the noosphere is subjected by the grouping that is leaving Earth.

3. Outgroups

One of the characteristics of the All is that, as our Awareness as humankind expands into the astral plane, we become aware of the astral chatter of everybody on Earth … all humankind.

The human practice of separating out certain segments of humankind into ostracized groups … into groups that are considered to be unworthy of socializing with the mainstream of the world, or who are considered to be for some reason like Molokai, for instance … the feeling of that leper colony in Hawaii.

The Molokai Mental Filter: Outgrouping Because of Disease. You know, Hawaii is a beautiful place … a beautiful island. But there was a problem, a while back, with the disease of leprosy (aka Hansen’s disease). And they did not have a cure. And so the minute they knew that people had leprosy, they would put them on the island of Molokai, the leper colony, and leave them without any means of going any place else. So the notion was that these people were physically separated from the rest of humankind.

Great advances have been made in the treatment of leprosy; now, there is quite a simple cure; whereas before, it was a fatal disease.

The Mentally Ill. And that is, in a way, true for the groups of people that are treated as if they were lepers today. And among these we have the emotionally imbalanced people and the mentally imbalanced people that are segmented away, in institutions, all over the world.

We have also the criminal element … the ‘criminal mind’, as they say; people who have been left in correctional facilities.

. . . . .

“Stories by Alice: Those Who Cross the Law”
by Alice B. Clagett
Soundtrack and Words
12 January 2016


When I was growing up back home, in the backwoods of Maryland, there was, as the crow flies, a jail not too far away, in the nearest small town, Upper Marlboro, which was the county seat. Security at the jail was not so good; more often than I can remember, in my childhood, there were jailbreaks. There was no road that went directly to that jail; but as the crow flies, it was not so many miles … just seven miles … from where we lived.

When inmates would break out of that jail, they had an alarm system … a siren … that they sounded. And you could hear it all the way to our house … through the woods, over the cow pastures, everywhere … You could when there was a jailbreak. 

I remember what my mom used to say; she would say: Now, you children, come on inside, and you stay here until they catch that criminal. [laughs]

Sooner or later, they usually caught them.

And so, there was that segment of society … what you would call the inmates of a correctional facility … that was segregated from the rest of humankind because of the way that they behaved, and how it clashed with the behavior of other people, that was considered to be the right way of interacting with society. You see?

. . . . .

The Terminally Ill. So there you have mental institutions and correctional institutions. To this I would add … not in the same vein, but nevertheless as a segregational issue … institutions such as hospices that house the terminally ill. I think, because it is such a sad event, when people are passing on, here in the United States (unlike some other countries) people who are terminally ill often get tucked away into these institutions, and hidden from the public eye.

4. Ways to Flow with the All

So what happens, when the clair chatter of everyone, all over the world, can be heard, just by me? And I might not necessarily have the ability to block this kind of chatter? This takes us back to the discussion of the eighth chakra above the head.

Dealing with Astral Story Directors Who Are Mentally Ill. If we are aware of this eighth chakra … if we are aware of who is directing the astral stories that we are hearing during the day, then we will know if the person directing them is from a mental institution, or maybe an outpatient with an imbalanced emotional body. We will be able to direct that person to those of us on the astral chatter channels who have training in dealing with this kind of thing … such as psychologists and psychiatrists, spiritual counselors, and so forth. People with those kinds of imbalances are going to need special care; and it is important for them not to direct other people’s astral stories at these times.

Dealing with Astral Story Directors Who Are Criminals. And in addition, we have had a number of instances of people housed in correctional facilities, who have quite a diverse inventory of arrest records and so forth, and who have taken over, up here [points three inches above head] from time to time. The astral stories that play out when that happens are kind of shocking and overwhelming to people with normal notions of criminality.

And so we need to refer these people who are taking over up here [points above head] and who have the personality traits of what they call the ‘criminal mind’ … we need to refer them to people who can deal with them. And that, in my experience, will very often be to the wardens of correctional facilities.

You know, there are a lot of stories out there about wardens, and how tough they have to be. But there are also quite a few good stories about wardens. I think they are much better trained today, than they were in the past, in dealing with people whose behavioral patterns do not match the norm for society. And they are much more able to ‘roll with the punches’, as it were, because that kind of toughness that you sometimes encounter at a correctional facility needs a particular kind of behavioral counseling.

My idea is that when we run into that, we can ask for help from the wardens of these institutions where these inmates stay.

No One Is Immune from Those Who Are Socially Ostracized. So the whole idea is to get help from people that are trained to help these particular segments of society because we are not immune to these people anymore. We and our children … even from one year of age and on up, are affected by these astral stories. And it can be very detrimental, if they go on in a negative vein. It can be detrimental to the child’s understanding of this physical reality.

So I am asking that, instead of treating people badly, just because they seem to be what you may say ‘misbehaving’ on the astral plane, is not going to help much, because we are all members of the All now, you see? And so we have to find help for them. That is the whole thing.

Help is available. We just have to figure out who is able, and who is willing.

On Assisting the Terminally Ill. The same thing is true of the terminally ill.

You know, in the past I have participated in a number of astral stories where people were passing on, into the astral plane, and leaving their physical bodies behind. And I do my best, under those circumstances, having read what I could of the teachings of the School of Theosophy and the notions of the astral realm, such as are found in Arthur Powell’s compilations, especially his book “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena” …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL. Copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965.

I have learned enough to be able to help some with an understanding of what is to come, for people who are passing from form, into the astral, finer form. But I am not really an expert, you know? And it kind of tears me up, to be dealing with people who are terminally ill. I suffer with them … instead of offering the kind of dispassionate advice that would be most helpful, I offer advice that kind of hurts my heart because as an empath I feel their feeling exactly, you know?

I am not neutral enough. And yet there are many people who are that neutral. And so, if we are dealing with that kind of story, we need to ask, on the astral plane, for the experts. That is what I think.

Ivory Tower Folks: Researchers, Doctors: How to Hold the Notion of the All? I would like to talk, too, a little about the ivory tower folks … the researchers and the doctors, and so forth … the people that hold power, but not necessarily the physical kind of power. They hold intellectual power, and intellectual schemes, in their minds, that are used to help model social behavior, and also to develop the body of knowledge of humankind.

These people are used to a kind of power. And part of it is financial, because they are paid more than those of us who are day laborers, and so forth. And yet, they also are part of the All. And in the deepest sense, every human Soul, in the All, is worth just as much as every human Soul, and contributes just as much to the body of knowledge we call the noosphere, and to its clearing.

This is going to take some understanding. This is going to take some readjustment, I feel … because those with power and status along those lines, are used to holding court and having sway over the minds and hearts of other people.

We are no longer ‘holding sway’. ‘Holding sway’ has no longer any meaning. We are all great and beautiful hearts within the All … each contributing, according to its own passion, its gifts to humankind.

For those that are used to the kind of strength and power that the ivory tower gives, it may seem like we are losing something, by acknowledging the All. Yes? But we are not. We will find that the reality that we co-create is so much richer, and more abundant, for all humankind … so much more beautiful and fulfilling, for our own selves and our own careers … that it will be well worth it.

That moment of insecurity, that moment of wondering what is going to happen next … will it be as good as it was before? … will be overcome in the understanding of what is before us … of the wonders that are before us. This is honestly the case, I feel.

Yet I understand that those who are, in terms of status, above other people, would have that moment of wondering: Would I have that nice of a house? Will my wife still love me? Will I have that wonderful a career? Will people look up to me, when others also rise to their own sense of personal power?

That is the question: What will it be like? And from that question … from that wondering … we can turn to the possibilities and the answers that have been, until now, beyond conception.

Young People as Eighth Chakra Directors. I have more to say! … This has to do with the young people. The young people are getting into the conversation. And sometimes we recognize what you might call immature emotions and immature evaluations going on. [Points above head.] And they are directing the play! … Very young people might be directing the play.

They might be taking on sexual characteristics which are just like rote programming that they have picked up from their parents. And so, they can confuse us about what is going on, in the ‘astral airs’.

So what we have to do is ask. We hear the astral story, and we ask: How old are you? … And when we get the answer that we are talking to young people … children less than the age of young adults … then we can refer them to their teachers at school (if they are at school) … or to their parents (if the children are at home).

In other words, if we refer them to the people that can help them with their schooling and their understanding of the astral plane, through the physical interaction that they have with them … by talking to them.

The Very Rich and Powerful as Eighth Chakra Directors. So there is that: The young people. And there are many other categories. Let us take the very rich, the very powerful. There are some people like that, who are used to getting their way no matter what.

It is not really true, because they are living their lives; and they are going to pass on, just like everyone else. They experience many of the hardships that everyone else does … heartbreak, the ups and downs of life, poor health, and eventual death. But in their mental filter … in their understanding of who they are … they see themselves as invincible. And they enjoy the notion of always getting their own way.

The Importance of Strengthening the Personal Electromagnetic Field (EMF) to Protect Ourselves. I think the thing to do, in this instance, is to keep one’s own electromagnetic field always as strong and as beautiful as possible. When our electromagnetic field is strong … through the practice of yoga, and so forth; when it is strong, because we are living less stressful lives, we are eating as well as we can, we are getting plenty of rest, and so forth; when we take good care of ourselves, and listen to our own hearts, then people just naturally like us. You know?

People just naturally do not want to cause us any harm and to get their own way by injuring us. But if they do, I think the thing to do is just to compliment them, and tell them that they are very much appreciated, and very much cared for, and so on … All Souls long for that: They long for nurturing and loving kindness.

Buddhist Metta Prayer for All Beings. Along those lines, the Buddhist metta prayer is a very helpful prayer to say, on behalf of everyone on Earth …

May all beings have plenty to eat.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings have a good place to stay.
May all beings be healthy. 
 [and so on]

Basically, we, as a mainstream society … as we become used to the astral chatter … especially if we place our Awareness above the head, at the eighth chakra … we are beginning to understand the nuances of the socially outcast; of those that we have compartmentalized and segmented away from the mainstream.

Valuing and Finding Help for Those of Each Group. We are beginning to understand that they are part of us; they are part of humanity. And we are beginning to treat them not as outcasts … not as ostracized people … but as part of the All, as a valued part of the All; an important part of the All, with something to contribute, that we will find out about. You know? And we are beginning to find, for each human being, the kind of help that is needed for them to ascend.

Clearing the Eighth Chakra, Developing the Heart, and Clearing the Personal EMF Field. As they say: Souls ascend one by one. And so the clearing of our own personal electromagnetic field above the head, concentrating on the heart chakra, and developing the magnetic field are really the answer to all the worries and fears and concerns that people begin to experience as they expand outward into the astral plane, and to familiarize themselves once more with the concept of the All.


Long talk! You all take care. Love you lots! You are the greatest! Till next we meet …

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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