Fractal Dissemination: Groups May Act Out Leader Soul Wounding . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 8 February 2016; published on 13 February 2016


Dear Ones,

Here is a video about how groups sometimes ‘act out’ their leader’s Soul wounding. This has to do with group leaders’ 8th chakra bow-tie knot effect … see my blog category: bow-tie knot

There is an edited Summary after the video, and after that, an Outline of the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, it’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Something came up today that, with a group, that corroborated my experiences for the last few years with another group which partly glommed to this group today. And that has to do with the leadership role, and the ‘bow-tie’ … You remember the ‘bow-tie’ up above the head, at the level of the eighth chakra? That is created by the leader of a group, and comes from the subconscious mind … the shadow of the personality of the leader … right now, and filters down into the subconscious minds of all the members of the group.

This is not such a pleasant process, because right now the thing to do is to ungroup, and to let groups go, so that we can clear personally. As Daniella Breen … … says, Souls ascend one by one. There is no other way to do it. When Souls glom in groups, then what happens is, the Soul wounding of the leader ratchets back and forth to all the members of the group, and causes acting out.

That is really something to look out for, because it can turn into physical violence and all kinds of threatening things, not only for other people, but also for the members of the group. So whenever you feel that your energy is glomming to that of a group, whether or not you attend the group, the thing to do is to go off in the desert, or high in the mountains, or out by the ocean, and unglom … no matter how long it takes: Meditate, walk, be serene, and unglom.

What I found out in this group today, has to do with how quickly the Soul wounding of the leader of a group can fractalize out to everyone in the group. Instantaneously, they can be playing out the very skit that is the one sticking point of a spiritual leader, for instance.

If, for instance, the sticking point has to do with the thought that mom said something bad about the way that they … when they were very young … were feeling their sexual urge, and she had something negative to say, at that very young age, as early as one or two; then that can result in massive Soul wounding … unintentional, but massive. And that can be instantaneously played out with all the members of a group.

Another thing that can happen is: That circumstance, that happened in early, early youth for the leader … that created that big samskara, that big Soul wounding; whatever it was … say, mom found a young boy feeling sexual, and acting sexual … whatever it was … and suddenly said something bad about it, then whenever that leader thinks about that situation, he can reflect that whole astral play into the beingness of every member of the group.

And if a member of the group has some similar Soul wounding … or some thread of consonance with that dissonance … some small sticking point that jars in the same way that the leader does, then that member of the group … and in many cases, many members of the group … will begin to act out the same scenario, on the adult level, that the childhood persona of the leader acted out.

It is what you might call ‘astral story projection’ or ‘amplification’ … the way in which astral stories glom and spread through the noosphere.

Interestingly enough, the leader may have no notion that he is doing this, because he is doing it from the subconscious plane.

He may see his members behaving in some way that involves hatred, for instance of women … or of other men, or of children … it could involve any kind of skit that happened before. And he does not understand why they have all suddenly begun this violent acting out process.

The truth of the matter is: He should look within, and find what he needs to clear. That is the source of acting out in group members: The source is the leader. And if I am a member of a group, the thing to do is to leave the group, and go off in solitude, and solve my own Soul wounding.

Then at that point it may be possible to be a loosely affiliated with a group; it is hard to say. I personally have not arrived at that, and I see more and more, every day, the many advantages of ungrouping.

Today what I saw was just like that; it was some Soul wounding that the leader of a group had received many, many years past, as a result of being restricted to societal expectations regarding sexuality. And then that had moved off into a very large group of other people who, before, had not felt that way. But they began to feel that constriction of energy involving that societal negatory stricture. And they began to act out against it too … suddenly, as if it were their own.

It is very interesting. I expect that fractal dissemination in a positive fashion will take place in the same way. So this is just a preview of the good things that are going to be coming to New Earth, I feel.


Importance of ‘unglomming’ from groups: Go to the desert, or the mountains, or the ocean. Sit, meditate, walk, and ‘unglom’.

Fictional example of a leader’s ‘sticking point’, or instance of Soul wounding, can fractalize out to members of the group. This might be termed astral story ‘projection’ or ‘amplification’… the manner in which astral stories glom and spread through the noosphere.

Example of group leader’s sexual chakra wounding … this means not just such obvious issues as alternative lifestyles but also simple issues of dress, manner, gesture, one’s way of smiling, whether or when one smiles, and that sort of thing.

It is the early childhood, unconsciously learned negative emotion (to do with the strictures of societal expectation) coupled with the powerful energy of the human sex drive, that often kicks groups into negatory fractal dissemination.

The good news is, that when the sexual chakras are cleared, this same group leader energy will lead to fractal dissemination of the tremendous creative potential of the second chakra, which members of the group may choose to ‘fractalize to’ … which is to say, they may consciously choose to reflect this positive energy in their own hologram.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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