Escape the Clutches of Virtual Hate Groups! . by Alice B. Clagett


Dear Ones,

This is about escaping the clutches of virtual hate groups. These are instances from my own life. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

The topic today is love and hate. On the psychic plane this morning I was talking to a spiritual teacher and his daughter about whether we should be sweet and soft-hearted to people who hate us.

He and his daughter have a very live-and-let-live attitude towards things, and they have a way of turning people around from hatred to neutrality with regard to them … which is admirable.

I do not have that ability. So what I try to do is: I try to stay away from people whose samskaras lead them in the direction of hatred. That is because, if I associate with them, then their hatred seems to overflow into my own energy field and injure my heart.

I try to associate with people who are neutral towards me, or who like me.

Sometimes lightworkers, for instance, are too sensitive to do other than that. We cannot remain neutral or positive towards other people if we are associating with hate groups.

I know, in the past, I associated with some groups which were spiritual and which required adulation of the teacher. The teacher, on the other hand, was disdainful of the students, and cruel to them.

At the time I had not learned how important it is to balance the heart chakra, and to exchange the energy of loving people for the energy of being loved by people, and for loving myself and caring for my own heart. Do you know what I mean? There needs to be a balance there, I feel.

In other words, I contradict the theory that one must crucify oneself in order to live on Earth and be a spiritual teacher. I contradict it completely!

Ok, so … What had happened for me was that, for a few years, someone had hacked into my online address book with Microsoft … someone who hated me … and had been issuing global emails of a low sort … to do with lust and hatred and desire for domination over other people …. desire to murder, desire to steal … awful things like that.

They had been somehow disseminating through global emails these issues to all the people on my address book, with the notion that they could turn them to the Dark and create in them the same samskaras that they had.

I would say that effort of theirs succeeded in alienating all the people I had ever known from me.

I just found out about it, and I have deleted my online contact list … all of the online address book … and since last night, everything has stopped … all that hate campaign, the hate club, the hate group stuff that was pouring into my house from the psychic plane has stopped.

So if you are running into that kind of thing … if you are a Lightworker, and you are being inundated with a vibe of hatred, you might remove your address book from online and see if that helps.

And see if there are other loopholes in the modern system of virtual communication that are causing this.

In fact, I think that the mall incident in Los Angeles last week … the 1,000-student brawl at Del Amo Fashion Center on 27 August 2023 … may have had to do with virtual email groups, and a gathering of hatred-oriented people together.

We have to be very careful what we do on the internet, because every little thing can attract hatred … and we need to attract love.

You know, in years past I was told by one of my spiritual teachers to use Fragonia flower essence, which is supposed to open up the heart. I remember, in those years … in the last solar cycle … when the heart energy was flowing forward all the time … it had partly to do with those cults that I tried out, that turned out very badly for me, because I need to be loved, in addition to loving. In addition to selfless service I need to receive love, or at least to give myself love.

Fragonia flower essence is only sold one place online … at Stillpoint Aromatics … … So if you want to try out flowing-out love, you could try this essence …

… and remove your address book from online, if necessary.

Then there is also to look at: your Facebook friends. Are they oriented towards hatred, or criticism? Do they leap upon one person and make them a scapegoat? Those are the types of friends to avoid, I fee.

It is so much easier to be inundated by negative emotions if we live a virtual existence, do you not think? Because here on my street … here in my house … there is nothing but quietness and happiness.

But when I go to the internet, there is a lot of turmoil online.

Recently I tried to put some of my images on Wikimedia Commons, which is an organization to which I have donated tiny amounts of money over the years, because I think that they are doing great work.

The person who reviewed the images was extremely negative towards them … really cruel to me, and extremely insulting. She took all 50 images offline, and told me she was about to delete my account forever from Wikimedia Commons … and may have done so! … despite the fact that my website “Awakening with Planet Earth” is a Creative Commons website … and that Creative Commons license has to do with Wikimedia Commons.

And so, if I spoke a word she told me she would remove my name forever from Wikimedia Commons. And that is another form of ‘diss’ or hatred that has become very popular on the internet. I have noticed that!

There many reviewers on Wikimedia Commons who are doing that are doing that (and most likely this is happening on many social sites) … spending their time spewing forth hatred on other people.

Maybe this is the answer, I hope: Fragonia would be a good answer if, in fact, it works.

But part of it has to do with self-esteem, and not wanting to be around people who are mean to us, and cruel to us, do you not think?

So … just for my own sake, I beg to differ. I do think it is good to develop the ability to work our way through the negativity of other people and to arrive at a peaceful resolution. And I do not think there are many people more capable of that than this spiritual teacher and his daughter this morning. I learn from them all the time how I ought to be. But I am not there right now.

So for my own sake I feel … especially when people are trying to murder me, or to rob me … to steal from me … or to hurt me … to throw me to the ground … or to pretend that I am a lewd woman, by putting other people’s naked images on the internet and pretending that the images are of me … those kinds of things, which I am sure you probably have been subjected to as well … I think it is important to back off and to protect ourselves … and if we have to do so, to go to the police department in our town, or to Victim’s Rights.

That is what I think … We must stand up for ourselves. We must be our own selves. No doubt I will have comments from my readers to the contrary. But I myself believe in self-preservation, as well as in doing what we can for the common good … and in loving all that we can, in this world, during the Ascension process, which is currently in quite a bit of turmoil. Ok, everybody!

God bless you all,
And keep you safe,
And let me know
How you feel today.

In love, light and joy,
This is Alice B. Clagett.
I Am of the Stars.

See you next time.

Filmed and published on 31 August 2023

“Escape the Clutches of Virtual Hate Groups!”
by Alice B. Clagett
Filmed on 31 August 2023
Location: San Fernando Valley, CA

Produced by Shoes on 31 August 2023
CC BY-SA 4.0 International

Music by Music_Unlimited from Pixabay
“Dreamy Ambient Background Music” – Pixabay License

 Escape the Clutches of Virtual Hate Groups!

Drawing: “Cannibal Man,” color drawing by Alice B. Clagett, 25 January 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

Drawing: “Cannibal Man,” color drawing by Alice B. Clagett, 25 January 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..


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