Dangers of Channeling a Black Magician . by William Judge . with comments by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 3 May 2017
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Dear Ones,

Here are some interesting passages on the fate of black magicians in the afterlife, and the dangers they pose to mediums and those participating in seances. This is from the book “The Ocean of Theosophy” by William Judge.

My comments are in blue font, and enclosed in square brackets.


The astral man in kama loka [the ‘desire world of the afterlife, source of the Christian teachings on Purgatory] is a mere shell devoid of soul and mind, [i.e., a ghost or shade] without conscience and also unable to act unless vivified by forces outside of itself. It has that which seems like an animal or automatic consciousness due wholly to the very recent association with the human Ego….

It is possible for the real man—called the spirit by some—to communicate with us immediately after death for a few brief moments, but, those passed, the soul has no more to do with earth until reïncarnated.

“What can and do influence the sensitive and the medium from out of this sphere are the [astral] shells I have described. Soulless and conscienceless, these in no sense are the spirits of our deceased ones. They are the clothing thrown off by the inner man, the brutal earthly portion discarded in the flight to devachan, [the heaven worlds] and so have always been considered by the ancients as devils—our personal devils—because essentially astral, earthly, and passional. It would be strange indeed if this shell, after being for so long the vehicle of the real man on earth, did not retain an automatic memory and consciousness….”

[I call these ‘personal devils’ the ‘shadow of the personality‘ or, in aggregate, our ‘Soul wounding’ or ‘samskaras’. Others call them our ‘karmic miasmic patterning’ or our ‘morphogenetic field distortions’.

These ‘personal devils’ accompany us in earthly life as well, and often fly away from us in our unconscious moments … whether through daydreaming or through the nighttime dream state … to bedevil the thoughts and astral forms of our earthly acquaintances.

The shadow of the personality of each of us is what remains on Earth right now, during this phase of the Ascension process. We are heckling and jeckling each other, bedeviling each other on the astral plane, because of the malware installed in our etheric nets by the demon hordes (known in Christianity as Satan, or as ‘true’ devils). 

Our personal malware is running out of oomph as more and more Light pours into Earth … the last few weeks, and the weeks to come being cases in point … Thus you may find, as have I, the heckling by the ‘personal devils’ of our friends and family (which at first recognition is difficult to ‘grok’) is becoming more and more mild in mannerisms and astral voice.]

“A rough classification of these shells that visit mediums would be as follows: …

“(7) Definite, coherent entities, human souls bereft of the spiritual tie, now tending down to the worst state of all, avitchi, [the lowest level of hell] where annihilation of the personality is the end. They are known as black magicians. Having centred the consciousness in the principle of kama, …”

[‘Kama’ is ‘desire’. In regard to the black magician, ‘desire’ means longing for earthbound things (such as fame, wealth, and worldly power) as the black magician often suborns lust so as to add sparkle to his psychic ‘eye’.

Time after time, I find, the black magician will cast his repressed lust onto his underlings, those who look up to him, framing them, in his mind, as lowly beings undeserving of spiritual splendors. Then as he slips into an unconscious state, either through daydream or through sleep, his own lust and his low opinion of them will leap forth, through his psychic eye, and force his loyal followers to commit heinous, Soul-shattering acts of rape … not only of astral rape, but also of rape on the physical plane of Earth. Thus the importance of vetting the true spiritual value those to whom we entrust our Soul learning.]

“… preserved intellect, divorced themselves from spirit, they are the only damned beings we know. In life they had human bodies and reached their awful state by persistent lives of evil for its own sake; some of such already doomed to become what I have described, are among us on earth to-day.

“These are not ordinary shells, for they have centred all their force in kama, thrown out every spark of good thought or aspiration, and have a complete mastery of the astral sphere. I put them in the classification of shells because they are such in the sense that they are doomed to disintegration consciously as the others are to the same end mechanically only.

They may and do last for many centuries, gratifying their lusts through any sensitive they can lay hold of where bad thought gives them an opening. They preside at nearly all séances, assuming high names and taking the direction so as to keep the control and continue the delusion of the medium, thus enabling themselves to have a convenient channel for their own evil purposes.

“Indeed, with the shells of suicides, of those poor wretches who die at the hand of the law, of drunkards and gluttons, these black magicians living in the astral world hold the field of physical mediumship and are liable to invade the sphere of any medium no matter how good. The door once open, it is open to all.

[That is to say, there are four classes of astral shells that cause trouble when they communicate with mediums at seances: the astral shells …

  • of suicides,
  • of executed criminals,
  • of drunkards and gluttons,
  • and of black magicians.]

“This class of shell [that is, the astral shell of the black magician] has lost higher manas, [the thinking principle] but in the struggle not only after death but as well in life the lower portion of manas which should have been raised up to godlike excellence was torn away from its lord and now gives this entity intelligence which is devoid of spirit but has power to suffer as it will when its final day shall come.”

from Link: “The Ocean of Theosophy,” by William Quan Judge. (1893, 1915). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 3 May 2017 … https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/54268 … Search: Chapter XII, “Kama Loka” … [Paragraphing and bolding are mine. –Alice]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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