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Written and published on 6 October 2017

    • Apple Cider Vinegar
      • Health Benefits
      • For Mental and Emotional Balance
    • Acid Reflux
    • Arthritis and Calcium Crystals
      • Heat
      • Saturation
    • Dissolution of Painful Crystals
    • Endurance
    • Gallbladder
    • Gout
    • Liquid Kidney Product and Stress?
    • For Seniors, Pregnant Women, and Athletes: Liquid for Leg Cramps
    • For Men: Liquid for Prostate
    • Urinary Tract: Chanca Piedra Concentrate
    • Anti Anxiety
    • Weight Management

Dear Ones,

Lately, I’ve been very impressed with Complete Natural Products, ..

If you go to the tab ‘Shop’ you will see tuneup products for the organs in the viscera. Here are some standouts:


Under Liquid Solutions, if you ‘mouse down’ you will find these …

Apple Cider Vinegar

This looks like a very good choice of vinegar for those who are health conscious, being unfiltered, organic, and raw.

Health Benefits. Apple Cider Vinegar is considered by many to be a health tonic to maintain an alkaline pH, for weight loss, to regulate blood sugar and lower blood pressure, to promote heart health, to cleanse the liver, to prevent overgrowth of Candida yeast in the body, for digestive difficulties, for help prevent osteoporosis, to slow the aging process, and to regulate the body’s formation of free radicals.

Link: “11 Reasons To Drink A Tbsp Of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily + More Uses, by Sierra Bright, on 6 July 2017, in Natural Living Ideas, ..

For Mental and Emotional Balance. Also, to settle the mind and emotions, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, or during geostorms, apple cider vinegar is very helpful as an ingredient of lower gastrointestinal tract enema.

Link: “Vinegar and Water Enema,” ..

Acid Reflux

While I’m not a person who gets acid reflux, I couldn’t help but notice, on perusal of the products at my local drug store, that there was half an aisle devoted to acid reflux remedies.

Surely the safer course would be products, such as this, that promote stomach health before the fact.

Arthritis and Calcium Crystals

Some forms of arthritis are caused by deposits of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate in the joints. Years ago, in chemistry class, I learned that deposition of crystals out of a solution depended on several straightforward factors:

Heat. One was heat. The warmer the solution, the less likely were crystals to form, because the warmer solution allowed more crystals to dissolve in it.

Saturation. The other was the amount of ‘solute’ there is in the ‘solvent’ … In the case of arthritis, the ‘solute’ would be the substances in the blood or lymph that might precipitate out as calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystals and create pain in the joints. The ‘solvent’ would be the blood or lymph.

In the case of gout, above, the ‘solute’ would be the substances in the blood or lymph that might precipitate out as urate crystals.

Dissolution of Painful Crystals

The dissolution of painful crystals, whether in the case of gout or in certain cases of arthritis, is a straightforward matter: The amount of ‘solute’ (uric acid or calcium) in the ‘solvent’ (blood or lymph) must be decreased, so that these solvents don’t become over-saturated. Should they reach the saturation point, painful crystal deposits begin to occur.

With proper diet, there will be less of the pain-causing substances circulating in the blood and lymph, and crystals will begin to dissolve back into these solvents.

Heat, clearly, can help this process, although this will be a temporary solution. Heat might be applied externally, through warm compresses or hot baths, or externally, through exercise, which warms the body.

For more on the reversible process of crystallization, see …

Link: “Science Activity #4: Growing Crystals,” by Howard Debeck Elementary School, Richmond, BC, Canada, ..


For me, personally, the liquid gallbladder item had exceptional zip and zing. The gallbladder, being so small, and hidden, as it is, beneath the liver, is often overlooked. When problems arise, modern medicine tends to excise it and substitute a food supplement.

Personally, I am horrified at this approach. The very first thing I would suggest for this oft overlooked organ is preventive maintenance such as cleanses and fortifying supplements such as that offered by Complete Natural Products.


I haven’t tried this product yet, but expect it might be quite useful for athletes, and also for those of us who are intent on improving our conditioning.

Tiredness is one of the oft-reported ascension symptoms as well; I wonder whether this product might help alleviate ascension symptom fatigue.


The liquid product that is an adjunct to gout treatment looks like a good, all-round tonic. Gout, I feel, may be under-diagnosed in the Western world today; here is how to self-diagnose this condition:

Link: Symptoms of gout, from the Mayo Clinic: ..

As gout is apparently caused by urate crystals (uric acid crystals), and these crystals are caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood or lymph, and this excess is caused by eating certain foods, there ought to be a very good success rate in treating this condition through diet. See …

Link: “A concise history of gout and hyperuricemia and their treatment, by George Nuki and Peter A. Simkin, in Arthritis Res Ther. 2006; 8(Suppl 1): S1. Published online 2006 Apr 12. doi: 10.1186/ar1906 PMCID: PMC3226106 … ..

Liquid Kidney Product and Stress?

I wonder if the liquid kidney product might help with stress that affects the adrenal glands, since the adrenals are located on top of the kidneys?

For Seniors, Pregnant Women, and Athletes: Liquid for Leg Cramps

I see there is a liquid for leg cramps, and expect this may be of use to seniors. to pregnant women, and to athletes.

For Men: Liquid for Prostate 

For men, I noticed the liquid prostate product. Because of the relatively high incidence of prostate conditions in men, preventive health care would make good sense. Were I a man, even in the best of health, I would give this product a try.

Urinary Tract: Chanca Piedra Concentrate

Under urinary tract, I notice and tried Chanca Piedra Concentrate … which is for kidney, gallbladder, and liver issues. “Chanca Piedra” means “the stone breaker.”

I liked the taste, and have a very good feeling about this product.


Under Super Food Power, I found the following enticing entries:

Anti Anxiety

I wondered, right away, if Anti Anxiety might help for those who are EMF hypersensitive, and for those who experience fight or flight syndrome, panic attacks, or generalized anxiety during geostorms.

Weight Management

For me, Weight Management was a standout, and I’m about to add it, as an experiment, to Judy Satori’s most excellent “Recommended Fifth Dimensional Eating Plan,” which may be searched for at …

Link: “Ascension Library” … … Search the terms: Eating Plan for Fifth Dimensional Life … and … Eating Plan for Fifth Dimensional Life … Judy Satori’s website has seen quite a changeup; I am not sure whether this information still might be found there, but if not, maybe you could contact her to find out if it is available.


To get back to Complete Natural Products, here’s something amazing:

If you go to the tab ‘Shop’ and then look under Home Testing you will see they have an inexpensive home test to determine which of the internal organs need a tuneup.


So far, I’ve tried many of the liquid products, and found them unique and inviting. I recommend trying first, the Home Testing, and then choosing a product based on your test.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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