Cleansing Cellular Memories . Ascension Pass-Fail Fears . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 25 June 2014; published on 28 December 2017

    • 11-27 June 2014 Gateway
    • Fear of Flunking Ascension
    • Fear of Being Left Behind on Planet B
    • Fear of Apocalypse
    • Killer X-Flare Fear

Dear Ones,


This is about some fears I felt during the recent (11-27 June 2014) heightened incoming Light, about cleansing our auras, and about how we are all going to make it just fine through the Ascension process.

I had some doubts about posting this video, but finally I decided to post it, even though I am admitting to silly fears in it, because it seemed to me that others may be in the process of hearing their minds propound fearful stories, and needing to deal with these stories.

My best thought about fear is, to rely on Divine guidance, to rely on Christ consciousness, which is flowing through everything, and to create in my mind a new story, a story of love, hope, peace, and joy for myself and all mankind.

So when a fearful story comes up in my mind, I just tell myself firmly that the story is false, and then I tell myself, in detail, the story of a loving New Earth instead.

There is a Summary after the video …



11-27 June 2014 Gateway

Hello, Dear Ones,

I thought I would mention something about a fear I had, from time to time, in recent months, because others may be experiencing the same fear, and coming to the same conclusions about it.

Fear of Flunking Ascension

Sometimes I would think that I am coming along too slowly. And everybody else is doing ok with Ascension, and with reintegrating Soul fragments, and healing Soul wounding, and feeling pure love all the time.

And then I would fear that I was falling behind, and that I might not make the grade … Pass-fail system, you know?

And so, every time I ask the Divine about that, the answer I would get was that there was just enough time for each of us; that it was all planned out for each of us. And that I need have no fears along those lines, because my path was my path, and the time table has been carefully set, and there are those who will help me to achieve it … and like that. So then, that fear would be laid to rest, right?

Fear of Being Left Behind on Planet B

And then I had another fear. It was: Oh my God! I’ve spun off into an alternate Universe! And it’s not going to make the grade. The whole Universe is not going to make the grade. And then I’m going: How did I get this kind of luck?

I thought about it for a while, and the reason it came up, is because I was going through all kinds of nightmare scenarios, and mental stories were just flooding past me … as if they were coming from the whole world, through my heart, and through my mind, and out … into outer space someplace … and just, like, dissolving.

And I was thinking: This is not like New Earth! This is a lot different! And it got on my nerves after a while. It was like one fear coming up and dissipating, and another terrible scenario fear dissipating, and finally I thought: You know, it i never going to end.

And finally, I just hauled myself up by my boot straps and said: I don’t care if I’m living in Planet B or not. Somewhere in the Universe there’s a New Earth, and the people there are going to make a wonderful go of it. It will uplift the whole Universe, what our human beings are doing there.

And if my line peters out, and if I go directly to Source … that’s the thing that every extraterrestrial … every advanced being … really wants to do. So, what’s the big deal here? I did my part … I’m sure of that!

And the strange thing was, the minute I said that … the minute I admitted I had this terrible fear, and I had done the wrong thing, and I was going the wrong way … and everybody with me … The minute I did that, I ‘dimed’ up … ‘multidimed’ up  [moved multidimensionally up] … and into a feeling of love consciousness.

Fear of Apocalypse

Interesting, these time, huh? I have heard people say: Maybe the world will end in a terrible solar blast … or a nuclear war, or something … everything will end, and that will be that. And the reason we feel that way sometimes … you know, we have those concerns and those fears … is because we are processing a lot of deep, cellular fears. So we come up with these notions of catastrophe.

Killer X-Flare Fear

Now so, along the lines of a solar flare … like the kind of solar flare that wipes out life on Earth; that kind of solar flare, I would like to say that the guidance that I get, the intuition that I have, is that these solar flares are very carefully timed … to the nanosecond. And all of the incoming energy is timed, for our benefit, by the Divine.

Maybe it is stepped down through intermediaries, like they say … you know, ETs, or like that … Christed ETs, we are talking about, without bodies … higher than us. And it could be they are all out there helping us too, as agents of the Divine, of the Divine, Christ love and Light.

I cannot say for sure, but a lot of people do say that. But I do know that the Divine itself is taking care of all that. And so, we need not fear some senseless act of violence on the part of the Divine. The Divine is taking care of each Soul, each one of us, as if it were the Divine itself.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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