Chakric Balance of Men vs Women . Co-Creating the New Reality . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 19 January 2015; republished on 18 December 2017; revised


Dear Ones,

This video is about how differently men and women, on the whole, appear to view reality, and first steps toward co-creation of the new reality on New Earth. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I was just having some thoughts about how our chakra mix … you know, our chakras? … create different sorts of Awareness for us. And everybody has their own chakric mix, or ‘chakra’ mix. But I would be inclined to say that, for men, you might more often than not find the third chakra … which has to do with ego … in other words, one’s face before the world; something very necessary in order for us to get by … and also with will power; the negative aspect of that being control, right?

And so, because of the way the third dimensional world has been working, and because men are very often out there, on the front lines, working in the world, their third chakras tend to be more developed, in energy, than women’s … Of course, it could be completely different, depending on the person. But just as a generality, right now it seems men more often have more emphasis on their third chakra, or navel-point, energy. And also, I think, on their third eye-point energy, on the mental mind, especially the left brain, and also on the brain in general … because they have to be out there, competing and surviving and bringing in money for their families, in many countries … although, in the United States women take on part of that burden these days.

So then you have women: Women have more of a tendency … because they are more often, in the world at large, engaged in child-bearing, child nurturing, child-rearing, and childhood education, their heart chakras are often more open. So that is just a generality … like a stereotype.

How does the chakric mix affect the way that we view reality? Well, you can tell this by finding out what it is that women like to read and men like to read.

I used to find, very often, that men really enjoy watching war movies on television. There is a war movie channel that comes on a lot, you know? And men really enjoy that. And also, sports. They like sports.

And women, on the other hand, tend to watch relationship channels; the family channels … like that.

Then when they read, men are more likely … Now, prove me wrong on this! Men are more likely to accept the headlines that have to do with problems in the world, and like that. Because it is their job to try and fix these things, to keep their families safe.

Women, however, are involved in the family life itself. And they read things like “Woman’s Day,” Magazines like that are very appealing to women.

So my question is … You see, these represent two very different views of reality … completely different … based on the chakric mix and on the roles of people in society.

But yet, if you were to ask a man how realistic he thinks “Woman’s Day” is, he would say: Not at all. Not in the least. And yet, a woman feels that that is actually the way the world works. Is that not something?

If you were to ask a woman about all the terrible things in the headlines, and about the war movies, and about the sports, you would be more likely to find her say: Sports are ok, but war? Unh unh! And all those terrible things in the paper? I don’t know. I depend on my husband to sort that through. 

So, just a thought: That maybe there is a middle ground? … Somewhere between the catastrophes we see in the newspaper, and the happy home life that we see in the women’s magazines, maybe there is a place where there is happiness in our community, and balance in our lives, and all that. Some place that we have not explored, as a couple … as a union of the sexes … before. Some place where we can meet on common ground, and say: This is the reality that I would like to see in the world. And this is the reality that I would like to read about.

That is it for now. You all take care. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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