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Archons – Pre and Post-Shift . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 8 January 2013


Dear Ones,

Here is a writeup on the archons.


Let’s say your subconscious mind is pursuing a negative train of thought. Pre-Shift, archons were the ‘firemen’ or ‘stokers’ who shoveled coal into the engine of that train. Could be several acting together, and the coal they shoveled consisted of the traumas of our early childhood. These traumas they lit with the fire of our primary urges. These urges, as described in ancient Indian texts, are for food, sleep, sex and self-preservation.

So, for example, the trauma of early childhood rape might be stoked by the primary urge for sex, resulting in sexual arousal and a negative emotion of fear or anger (negative because of the childhood trauma). It was this negative spin that the archons needed to as energetic food.

As another example, the trauma of remembering when, as a child, we first witnessed death might be stoked by the primary urge for self-preservation, resulting in fear of dying. Our suppression of the emotion of dismay we felt at that time would give the urge for self-preservation the requisite negative spin.

For almost all of us, in our early childhood there was some event I term the”lynchpin” (1) event of the personality. In adult terms, it might be nothing at all. It might be – as in one case I discovered – that an aunt put a little child over her knee and smacked him with a hairbrush. No big deal, you may say! But for the little child that person once was, this lynchpin event was devastating. It roused his primitive sexual urge for the first time, and linked it with punishment. The emotion the little child experienced was so strong that he placed a stricture (like a pressurized bubble wrapped round with no! no! no! on it in his subconscious mind. The emotion itself is often tied to a chakra – in this case, the sexual chakra, distorting its energy flow. Many ropes bind the emotion down, ever so tightly, and the subconscious stricture prevents it’s being experienced and released.

To make matters more grim, a child might derive a set of postulates from such a lynchpin event: The sex act has to involve pain. Mother figures are sexual in nature. I can’t feel sexual towards a mother figure. I can’t love women. I can, however, be involved in S and M with a woman. It goes on and on – there’s no rhyme or reason to it. And this is only one example. So whenever a sexual urge is felt, the mind hops to that hidden memory, then rebounds from the subconscious stricture and begins flies from one false postulate to the next one. All in the blink of an eye. This may happen many times every day, and we may dream of it at night, but we still could not discover the seed of the falsehood.

Unfortunately, the archons knew all about these lynchpin events. It was as if they had a personality map of each of us — all the images and subconsciously trauma they could use to stir up negativity in us.

Archons might also latch onto repetitive thoughts generated by the subconscious mind. These repetitive thoughts take place in the left brain. They are the basis of habits, both good and bad. The archons were only interested in the bad habits, though. Thoughts like, “No one in the world loves me.” Or, “There’s never enough time!” Or, “I never have enough money.” You know – the kind of thoughts that wreck our infinite dreams on the shoals of the finite.


Of course, pre-Shift as well as post-Shift, we have our Celestial Teams to whom we can relate – Ascended Masters, Christed ETs, archangels, and so on. The great importance of calling on our Celestial Teams is this – they can mitigate the influence of the archons, and the negative programming the archons have placed in our subconscious minds.

Further, post-Shift, the story is quite different. During The Shift, just as they anticipated with immense angst and furor, the archons lost their power over the human mind. Great news for humankind, very bad news for the archons. Why did this happen? I don’t know, for sure. But I can point to a couple of interesting theories, in hopes that someone else will connect the dots:

The Sabian Symbols (2), created or discovered in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones with the assistance of the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler, offer interpretations for each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. These symbols are widely used throughout the astrological world. According to oracle Laura of The Oracle Report, they are a programming language used by the archons and the illuminati as well. For instance, a war might be instigated if the Sabian Symbols are propitious. In her 2013 New Years Audio Report (3) – she mentioned that the Sabian Symbols are 15 minutes off now, so they don’t work as well for the archons. So that’s one line of inquiry.

Another thought: In a 31 December 2012 youtube video (4), Bill Ballard observed that, on the previous night, his compass readings showed magnetic north to be 18-20 degrees off, when compared to the North Star to which he had aligned his compass…. Could a wandering of magnetic north away from true north have something to do with the waning of archonic power?


Post-Shift, the subconscious minds of everyone on Earth — whether or not they’re aware of it – are getting scrubbed cleaner than a whistle. The engines of our subconscious trains of thought, sans the stoking action of the archons, are slowly running out of steam. As our subconscious minds slow down, we’re starting to recognize and eliminate the repeating thoughts that have previously given us so much grief. We’re starting to uncover the childhood traumas, release suppressed emotion around them, and turn away from fear, anger, and other negative emotions. Even more happily, each of us may experience that miraculous moment when one of the subconscious strictures tying down our the terrible lynchpin event of our childhood suddenly snaps! – and all the many ropes that bind our emotional body because of the lynchpin event unravel, leaving us free beyond belief. Beyond our wildest imagining.

As our hearts clear, they begin to shine with the emotions of gratitude, love and joy. But the changes are so gradual that we need to make a conscious effort to understand all the clearing that has taken place in the last few months. We are changed beings. We have turned toward the light!

In light and love,
I Am of the Stars


(1) A lynchpin is something that holds the various elements of a complicated structure together. I use the alternate spelling “lynchpin” rather than “linchpin” because these traumatic events really constrict our heart energy until they are cleared.

(2) See … Book Citation: “360 Degrees of Wisdom,” by Lynda Hill, 2004.

(3) “The Oracle Report” by Laura Walker is at … I do not see the referenced audio, but there is an amazing amount of good information at that website.

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Link: “Alien Dreaming: The Enigma of Archons,” by John Lash … ..

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