Blessing Our Ancestors and Helping Ghosts Move On . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 14 March 2014; revised on 22 December 2018

    • Lower Levels of the Fourth Dimension Are Clarifying
    • 3D Humans Are Said Now to Be Moving Through 4D, Toward 5D
    • How Our Ancestors May Be Hovering Around Us Still
    • How Helping Ghosts Find Rest Can Help Heal Our Own Soul Wounding
  • HOW MY FATHER’S GHOST FOUND REST, A Story by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,


A while back … I think it was the middle of last year … I had a counseling session with Jeffrey Allen …

Link:  “Jeffrey Allen, Energy Healer and Teacher,” ..

Lower Levels of the Fourth Dimension Are Clarifying. He mentioned that the 4th dimension (the astral realm) … where our ancestors who have not yet reincarnated, as well as being where unborn Souls and nonhuman astral entities, dwell … is changing. The impression I got is that the lower levels of the 4th dimension might be clarifying … Old, heavy energies there might be lightening up as Earth energies change with the Incoming Light of which we have spoken from time to time.

3D Humans Are Said Now to Be Moving Through 4D, Toward 5D. In addition, we previously 3D humans, who have incarnated here on Earth, are said to be moving through the 4th dimension right now, on our way to the 5th dimension. That has to be creating a stir in the astral realm, amongst our ancestors and other beings there.

How Our Ancestors May Be Hovering Around Us Still. Often we think of our deceased family members and ancestors as having left us, or gone away from us. But my feeling about this is, as often as not, they are actually still hovering around us, only on the astral plane. This is especially true if they passed on before resolving a difficult trauma or Soul wounding that they had incarnated in order to heal.

So especially in the case of deceased family members and close friends (or, for that matter, close enemies), Souls may be hovering around quite near our own physical selves, in a somnambulant, unconscious state, interacting with our own deep unconscious minds and re-enacting, moment after moment, the Soul wounding they had hoped to resolve with us.

How Helping Ghosts Find Rest Can Help Heal Our Own Soul Wounding. Of course, when this happens, they are also stimulating our own Soul wounding moment after moment. Painful as this may be, the true purpose of this interaction is for all of us to become aware of our Soul woundings and to allow healing to take place.

. . . . .

A Story by Alice B. Clagett
14 March 2014

During my session with Jeffrey Allen …

Link:  “Jeffrey Allen, Energy Healer and Teacher” … ..

… he mentioned that my dad, who passed away decades ago, was hovering near me. Jeffrey Allen asked his guides to ask my dad’s guides to ask my dad (complicated!) how long it would take him to pack up his things and be ready to leave. The answer came back, about 3 days. But Jeffrey Allen said not to be surprised if it took longer, because time is not the same on the astral plane. Then he told me how to help my dad move on.

After the counseling session, I tried as he had advised. I said to my dad: Wake up, wake up! All is well! Then I waited to see what … if anything … would happen.

To my surprise, after a little while, clairaudiently I began to hear him waking up. At first he sounded very groggy …  very very sleepy, like someone waking up from anesthesia; the dreaming was that deep. Then he started to wake up a little; I could hear him talking.

So then, kindly but firmly, I said, as Jeffrey Allen had prompted me: The work we had together is ended. All that needed to be done has been done. It is all right for you to leave now.

it did not take that long at all. Within a day after the session, my father resolved to depart. He turned around and saw his beautiful, bright spirit guides waiting patiently for him all these years. (Though it may not have seemed that long to them, if, as Jeffrey Allen says, time is different on the astral plane.)

Then they took him by the hand, and led him on his Soul’s way. I was very happy for him. I was happy for myself as well, for we cannot clear old wounding with those who have passed away. Wounding cannot be cleared on the astral plane. It can only be cleared on the physical plane, through the grace of the Incoming Light and the blessing of Mother Earth. That is the blessing of New Earth, the 5th dimension.

. . . . .

Because of this experience I recently had with my dad, I became more aware of my ancestors. From time to time I say this prayer for them …

. . . . .

by Alice B. Clagett
14 March 2014

I wish you Soul’s healing,
a clear path to the unfoldment
of your Soul purpose,
the bliss of the Highest understanding,
heart’s ease,
and all light and love
on your Soul’s journey.

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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