Birth Abnormalities and Reincarnation . Healing the Brain and the Heart . Gene Repair . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 25 September 2014; revised and republished on 18 June 2017
Previously titled: Birth Abnormalities — Healing the Heart — Gene Repair

    • Past Incarnation Head Injuries to Do with War
    • On Healing Morphogenetic Field Distortions
    • Past Incarnation Heart Injuries through Physical Damage by People We Loved
    • How Genetic Abnormalities … Even Fatal Abnormalities … May be Viewed as a Gift from God: A Gift of Remembering
    • The Ascension Skill of DNA Repair

Dear Ones,

This is a video about birth abnormalities, healing the brain and the heart, and the ascension skill of genetic repair. After the video is an edited Summary. The text in blue font has been added to the anthology “Incarnational Memories”.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

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I thought I would talk just a tiny bit about the unusual physical qualities we may be born with … what they call abnormal … and the cause of them. And I will use myself as an example, because I know more about my past incarnations than I know about anybody else’s.  I was born with a couple of not-too-important, but interesting, physical abnormalities.

  • One is in my brain; it is a blood vessel that is somewhat enlarged; larger than it should be.
  • One is in my heart; one of the valves does not close completely.

Those two things have not caused me any trouble in life. They are not ‘dooming me’ to anything … They are just unusual physical things. Each one of those has to do with past incarnations.

Past Incarnation Head Injuries to Do with War

The problem in my head has to do with an incarnation in which I was actually bashed in the head and killed. I was in a lot of wars, over the incarnations, and it may have been then. And so, I carried through various incarnations … not the physical injury, but the cellular memory of pain. And this cellular memory of pain attracted more pain from incarnation to incarnation; physical things, probably. And also astral body things, that caused emotional body distortion in my etheric field. So eventually, it got to the point where it came into the physical, in this incarnation, as a slightly abnormal blood vessel in my brain.

On Healing Morphogenetic Field Distortions

It is good to know about things like this, because then we can go into the healing of the morphogenetic field distortion that caused it … Say, with light language work which Judy Satori has. Or with Soul wounding clearing work, like Daniella Breen … … has. Or any number of other healing modalities that we use to clear ourselves and heal ourselves. The ascension process makes this much easier, because of the Incoming Light being so fine and so rare.

Past Incarnation Heart Injuries through Physical Damage by People We Loved

So now I would like to just talk about one more example, which has to do with what I mentioned about my heart. I can remember several incarnations … well, actually, quite a few incarnations … in which my heart received great damage through loving people that injured me physically. And you have to remember that, back in the old days on Earth, it was not all like wine and roses. There was a lot of warring. There was a lot of uncivilized behavior. There was a lot of stuff that went on … and still is.

So this abnormality in my heart, while it does not affect my physical stamina or my longevity, it nevertheless reminds me of what went before. Every time I go to the doctor, they say: Did you know? One of your heart valves does not close properly … And so I say: Yes, I know. Thank you! 

And so, then I am reminded one more time that it is very important for me, in this lifetime, to heal the wounding in my heart … To make my heart chakra whole again. And to come back into total relation with the love that I am.

How Genetic Abnormalities … Even Fatal Abnormalities … May be Viewed as a Gift from God: A Gift of Remembering.

So that is the important thing to think about: Genetic changes that make us different from other people; even in the case of those that involve early death … shortening of our lifetime, or suffering during life. They are usually an indication of Soul wounding that needs to be healed. And so, in that way, they’re a gift from God. Because they remind us to heal.

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The Ascension Skill of DNA Repair

And keep in mind that, as we go through the ascension process, and return to the full majesty of our Soul, and our greatness as beings of Light, we will remember the process of healing ourselves of all genetic problems, of all diseases. We can be able to actually notice and do DNA repair. And that is something wonderful to look forward to and do, at the end of this long process.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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