Balancing the Vital Body . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 16 August 2013; published on 17 August 2013; transcribed on 17 July 2018
Previous title: Balancing the Vital Body – Heart, Navel Point, Sacrum – White Tara’s Chant of Compassion

    • The Chakras from the Heart to the Base of the Body
      • Sri Aurobindo’s Definition of the Vital Body
    • Chakras 2-4: Frontal Funnel, Back Funnel, and Null Point Between
    • How Thoughts Glom to the Front or ‘Social’ Funnels of Chakras 2-4, and Pull Them Off-Center
    • Singing a Sacred Chant While Walking Allowed Awareness to Center on the Null Point of Chakras 2-4



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have been sitting here in the shade, after walking along the Los Pinos River. And I happened to find a very nice porch here. [shows grassy riverbank, and line of trees on the other side of the river. The river itself cannot be seen from the porch.] … The river is right down along the treeline there … And this porch [that I was sitting on while filming] is remarkably bug-free, and very shady. It belongs to the senior center where I have been hanging out, off and on. [pans camera around to the right side of the porch] … You can see it is gigantic, and it is very little used, so it is a nice place to sit and meditate.

And I had a few thoughts for you, about my walk. [pans to left side of the porch] … See, it goes on? This is one big porch … one huge porch … and very quiet here.

So, I have some thoughts, about my walk today, and I thought I would explain about it. Let’s see what I can do here … [turns camera to face] … Howdy! Oh, let’s see if I can fix this … [zooms out] … Ok. Nice and windy here.

The Chakras from the Heart to the Base of the Body

Today, during the walk, I was concentrating on balancing out my vital body chakras. And I have written a little bit about this on the blog. [looks to left] … That is the senior center people; they are just heading off to a wild dinner in Durango.

Anyway, the chakras that are in the vital body … that is from the neck down to the bottom of the torso … just an overview: It includes the heart [points to heart]; and the navel point, right about the middle of the torso, which is the center of will [points to navel point]; and then a couple of inches below that is the sacral chakra … that is sexuality [points to sacral chakra]; … and I don’t know how well you’re going to see this … and then at the bottom of your body is your base chakra … your basal chakra … and so there are four main chakras [involved in the vital body], at least in the old system.

Sri Aurobindo’s Definition of the Vital Body. My idea of the vital body differs here from that of Sri Aurobindo. He refers to the heart, the navel point, and a point above the sexual chakra. I work with chakras 1-4, old style.

Chakras 2-4: Frontal Funnel, Back Funnel, and Null Point Between

And these chakras, they are shaped like a double funnel. There is a funnel that goes out from the front of you … that is for the heart, the navel point, and the sacral chakra … and then there is an energetic funnel that goes out behind your spine [opposite each front funnel].

And in the middle there is a point that I call the Null Point, and that is the point … if you concentrate your attention on it, and your awareness on it … that is the point where you can contact infinite flow; the infinite flow of energy.

I am going to talk about the basal chakra a little bit later, because it is a little bit different.

How Thoughts Glom to the Front or ‘Social’ Funnels of Chakras 2-4, and Pull Them Off-Center

Most of the time most of us spend, relating to the funnels that are in front of the null point. This is the part of the chakras of the vital body that allows us to relate to the world. Ok? What you might call the frontal aspect of the vital body chakras.

The trouble is, we spend our time out there, and our chakras of our vital body are not well balanced. So we cannot access the Divine energy that is our birthright.

Now so, during my walk today, I was walking along, and I was noticing how my thoughts were pulling the energy of these chakras out into the front … into the world. And so, my thoughts would not allow me to center my energy in the vital body.

Singing a Sacred Chant While Walking Allowed Awareness to Center on the Null Point of Chakras 2-4

So then I started singing a Sanskrit chant. Probably any holy chant would do, but I tried this chant, and it seemed to work pretty well, in allowing me to access the Divine part of these chakras … not just the social part. You might want to try it sometime too, and see if it works for you! …

Or what really resonates with you; what chant, or what song. If it is something about the Divine, it is probably a good thing. And it will bring in that Divine energy.

[I had to remove the White Tara chant I did here, to avoid copyright infringement, but you can search for a similar chant online, using the search term: Om Tare Tuttare

Well, that’s my blessing for today: A chance to relate to the Divine, as our protector and mother. And we can do that through all our chakras; not just the heart, but through all our chakras. And so.

I will talk to you about the basal chakra in another get-together. Meantime, have a wonderful day. Love you all. Bye bye.


This chant to White Tara asks her for abundance and happiness, joy and long life …

Video: Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche – The Mantra of White Tara.” by zambala21, 19 November 2009 … ..

I also feel that the above video is about balancing the vital body chakras … heart, navel point, and another center located between the navel point and the sexual (second) chakra … at the null point to access Infinite energy flow. White Tara’s Chant of Compassion, Om Tare Tutare, is a good tool, but any Divine chant or song that calls to you will no doubt be fine.

It could be something simple, like the thought “I Am I Am” or the phrase “All for One and One for All.” The vital body, I’m finding, loves drama, so a dramatic song or chant would do just fine.


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