Astral Story: Witchy Woman Soul Wounding 2 . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 22 January 2020; published on 5 August 2020

    • Sidebar: M2C ‘Fatal Attraction
    • Mitigation of Sexual Fear of the Witchy Woman Through M2M Encounters
    • Re-Enactment of the Early Tableau on the Subconscious Plane in Succeeding Decades
    • Did the Storied Man Become His Tableau Rival in His Own Mind?
    • Astral Violence: Astral Rape and Violence Against the Third-Eye Point of the Woman in the Couple When the Storied Man Was Asleep
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here is a continuation of a story of a catastrophic childhood experience I wrote up some while ago. This continuation has my further insights about the storied person’s ‘acting out’ of the adolescent tableau in sexual encounters in his mature years, both on the physical plane and in the dream state, through transmission of astral stories that I heard clairvoyantly over the course of several decades.

This story was a very difficult one for me to clair hear, as it represented a depth of Soul wounding and a way of acting in the world … what I would term sexual perversion or paraphilia … with which I was unfamiliar. That lack of familiarity was the cause of the great length of time it took me to make sense of what I clair heard over the years.


I have an addition to a story that I laid out a long time ago, of Soul wounding in a young Caucasian man who, just at the time when he was learning about sexuality, took up with a very good looking African American lady known in his rural area … a neighbor from a half mile or a mile away … a lady who was known for her ‘evil eye’.

The ‘evil eye’ is something that is spoken of in country parlance. It is spoken of by people who do not know much about the kundalini and the chakras and so forth. It represents a fear that people have of the supernatural, of the psychic realm; a fear based on insufficient understanding. I remember, from my youth in rural Maryland, there were people reputed to have the ‘evil eye’ in the countryside where I lived as well.

To continue with the story: Being in the throes of puberty, the young man was ineluctably drawn to her door, where he for the first time experienced the sex act with a woman, or else the prelude to that.

When he came back the second time, he encountered this woman’s lover, who was also African American. That man was drunk at the time; he grabbed this young boy and mutilated his genitals in some way; I do not know the details.


In his later life, the young man sought to make his third-eye point very strong through spiritual practices. He had a fear of women who had strong third-eye point energy.

Time went by, and the storied man separately met a man and a woman … a couple about his age. I should think it would be difficult for a person with that kind of experience to trust in anyone … man or woman … for sexual intercourse.

Sidebar: M2C ‘Fatal Attraction

In prior years the storied man’s fear of both men and women as sexual partners had led him to choose either sex workers or children as sexual partners. There is a lot in the literature about why men choose children as sexual partners; as I understand it, the fact that a child can be easily overpowered and forced to one’s will is the draw that occurs when a man has a high level of fear of the sex act.

In the case of the man in question, in recent years I intuited that the storied man, just at the time he met the M2F couple, had just had a disastrous M2C affair with a young boy, a child maybe six years of age, who had contracted a fatal sexual disease from him, due to the storied man’s additional association with sex workers.

The disease progressed quickly in the child. The cause of his condition became known to many people, and this caused damage to the reputation of the storied man, and a threat to his livelihood as well.

The child died, in a swirl of controversy, coverup, and lack of disclosure that resulted in repetition of the M2C liaisons over the years, but with the storied man inserting a foreign object into the children whom he ensnared.


Mitigation of Sexual Fear of the Witchy Woman Through M2M Encounters

In that scenario of meeting the couple, where the storied man felt that the woman had the ‘evil eye’ and he was attracted to her, and that the man might cut off his genitals, the storied man had to choose between the man and the woman in the couple as a sexual partner. I gathered from the clairaudient plane it must have been he was more afraid of the woman than the man in that situation.

What the storied man did was to ask the man from the M2F couple to perform acts of oral sex on his knees before him. I seems to me, in that instance, that act represented the sexual fear of that first man, and a ritual of submission required for him to have the assurance to ejaculate in the presence of the man from the M2F couple.

Through the sexual bonding of the storied man and the man in the M2F couple, the M2F couple astral cords were dissolved, and an M2M astral cording took place. More M2M astral cordings took place as the storied man hired male sex workers for oral or insertive rectal sexual encounters over the years.

Re-Enactment of the Early Tableau on the Subconscious Plane in Succeeding Decades

In his subconscious mind … this happens a lot … the storied man began to re-enact the scenario that was repressed Soul wounding from his adolescent days, through these two people he had met, and through other male sexual partners.

Clairaudiently I heard the storied man recreating the adolescent sexual tableau over and over again, in his subconscious mind; that is how I found out the astral tableau was a reference backward to the original Soul wounding of the storied man.

Did the Storied Man Become His Tableau Rival in His Own Mind?

As the tableau developed over subsequent years on the subconscious plane, it seems to me that the storied Caucasian man became, in his own mind, the African American man that he had had to face in childhood. I say that because, when the storied man engaged in the act of sex with his M2M partners, he would say, in his own subconscious mind: Now you will do that Negro thing. By ‘Negro’ I believe he meant something derogatory. I cannot say whether the storied man referred to himself or to the man kneeling before him, as the Negro.

Astral Violence: Astral Rape and Violence Against the Third-Eye Point of the Woman in the Couple When the Storied Man Was Asleep

As to the woman in what had been an M2F couple (and perhaps other women who had relationships with his subsequent M2M partners): Although the storied man had no physical sexual relationship with her, nevertheless, in his mind he formed a connection between himself and her, as if they were lovers.

For a long time … a decade, two decades … when he was asleep his subconscious mind kept repeating the connection between them as being lovers, although in fact they were not even acquaintances. It was as if he were sexually assaulting her, over and over again, while he was asleep.

In addition, the woman with the strong third-eye point energy represented to him a threat that must be subdued by taking away from her, or else ‘binding down’ and ‘cutting up’ her third-eye point energy so that it could not represent a threat to him. That is, in fact, what his subconscious mind did over the years: As he was sleeping, it would attack that woman’s third-eye point energy.


I think this is good example of how an extremely Soul ‘tearing’ or Soul wounding scenario that occurs … especially in very early childhood, or also at the time of puberty, as is often the case … repeats itself (whether or not there are strong similarities with the people encountered) throughout a person’s lifetime, until the time arrives when the person may look at it from the point of view of conscious Awareness, and resolve the emotion-filled thoughts that are binding down and repressing that Soul memory.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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