Astral Stories about Latent Homosexuality . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed 17 May 2017; published on 30 June 2017; revised on 19 July 2017

    • Astral Stories about Straight Men Drinking and Shooting Suspected Homosexuals
    • Law Enforcement Officers Raping Male Prisoners to Preserve Law and Order in Prisons
    • Conscious Astral Expression of Latent Homosexual Urges by Straight Men
    • Astral Rape Stories in the Past
    • Current Astral Rape Stories: M2M Pack Ordering (aka Rank Ordering)
    • Current Astral Rape Stories: M2F Gang Bang
    • Segue into Pack Kill Dream Sequence

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on astral stories regarding latent homosexuality. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

There are a couple of things that are coming up in the astral stories in the noosphere right now, that I do not have answers to. But I would like to describe them, in case there are others that do have ideas what to do about them.

Astral Stories about Straight Men Drinking and Shooting Suspected Homosexuals

There is probably news to support this from time to time, in the media: There is an astral story about men who gather in small groups; friends who gather in small groups … On the weekends they get together and drink beer, and go raiding around and shoot men that they suspect may be homosexuals.

I think that, technically, this is called latent homosexuality. In other words, the assumption is sometimes made that people who do this … who crowd, or gang bang, or kill homosexuals, and claim they are doing it ‘because they deserve it’, are really expressing their own fear of feelings that they have of homosexuality, or of male-to-male sexual bonding. I think that is it.

Law Enforcement Officers Raping Male Prisoners to Preserve Law and Order in Prisons

So but then, there are other stories circulating around, about law enforcement in prisons, raping male prisoners to ‘bring them down a notch’, and cause them to behave appropriately or submissively as part of the prison population.

In the astral stories, they are said to do it to preserve peace in the jail. From a psychological perspective, this might be viewed as acting out latent homosexual desires, without the conscious mind admitting that is what is happening. I have not read any literature on that one, so I do not know whether others support my interpretation.

I expect the issue of controlling what must be a very violent group of prison is a very difficult one. In the long run, though, I do feel this practice of anal rape in prisons, whether amongst prisoners, or, no doubt in the very rare instance, by guards, may lead the exiting prison population to prey upon the community by way of retaliation for having been raped.

Overall, I feel the concepts of restorative justice hold a great deal of promise as regards controlling and reforming prison populations. Perhaps allowing prisoners to have monthly overnight visits from wives and girlfriends, as a way of stemming prison violence, might also be of use.

Conscious Astral Expression of Latent Homosexual Urges by Straight Men

And then there is another situation where latent homosexual urges, suppressed in the subconscious mind, are rising into the conscious awareness of straight men. And then they are acting out on the astral plane, in groups, in a friendly context, scenes similar to those that other people are acting out in reality.

Astral Rape Stories in the Past

The astral rape stories seem to be, right now, mostly men descending on women and raping them; so that would not be pertinent. In years past, sometimes they descended on a man to cause heart attack; but that is not happening right now.

Current Astral Rape Stories: M2M Pack Ordering (aka Rank Ordering)

Now it seems to be that men are doing group bonding on the astral plane by visualizing M2M sex acts, which is a subconscious image relating to primate and other feral drives to do with pack ordering. So the males in a primate pack do that to establish who is the leader, and who is the loyal follower. So it is sort of a symbolic homosexual act … not acted out, but occurring on the astral plane …

Current Astral Rape Stories: M2F Gang Bang

Astral rape, M2F, seems to be mostly uncomfortable for women … because it morphs into the male pack astrally raping women … and I do not really know what to say about that.

Segue into Pack Kill Dream Sequence

It also morphs into violent fantasies of men killing … one representing the pack and killing. I guess you would say, a primate instinct or wolf pact instinct to take down the prey animal … It moves into that territory where the pack pulls down an animal and they all eat the animal. And the noospheric feeling is rather like that.

There is the feeling that one man visualizes killing; that is what it is. And the rest of the pack, that has been practicing symbolic acts of M2M sexuality follows him with their mind. They glom to him and crowd after him; astrally crowd onto the victim as if they were all killing at the same time in their minds.

Image: Velociraptors attacking a man in the “Jurassic Park” movie … ..

And that is sort of the way that wolf packs operate too: Quite frequently, the whole pack is involved in a kill …

Image: Wolf pack attacking buffalo … ..

So what I am wondering is, how we can mitigate this recurrent fantasy that is flowing round through the noosphere right now, to do with the feral drives of male pack ordering, and pulling down of the prey.

I am asking for answers, and in the meantime, I wish you all well. God speed in peacefully and joyfully experiencing the amazing noospheric changes of these

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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