Astral Commotion . Sacred Masculine and Feminine . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 8 March 2015; published on 10 March 2015; revised

    • Transparent Shapes Moving in a Room
    • Shape Shifter and Obsessed Cat
    • A Little Demon Lying on My Stomach?
      • Black Tourmaline for Protection
    • Do Solar Flares Cause Astral Phenomena?
    • Changeup from the Atlantean Age to the Spirit of the Sacred Masculine
    • Sacred Feminine: Wisdom Among Women
    • Postlude: Garden Bench and Mourning Doves

Dear Ones,

This is about a recent astral commotion I experienced to do, I feel, with solar flare activity.
Then there are thoughts on urban noise and country quiet; the end of the Atlantean Age, and a new age of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine; and the qualities of wisdom, spiritual teaching, power, self-esteem, prophecy, and knowingness.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



[Images of fence lizard on log]

Hello, Dear Ones. It’s Alice.

Transparent Shapes Moving in a Room

I woke up this morning, early in the morning, before daylight, and it was the strangest thing. I turned on the light, and I could see shapes in the room. Transparent shapes, like the water spirits that you see rippling in the water, the 4D spirits that invigorate the water in little streams and like that? But it was in the air of the room.

I could see shapes; I thought they might be astral forms of people. And they were packed in so solidly, it was like sardines in a can. Except the can was my room, and the astral forms were alive and moving around, jumbling all together. Like in a subway, when the subway is crammed full, and one more person tries to get in, and they say: Please just let me get in here! And they all get stuck together in the middle. You know? Standing room only. It was like that.

Shape Shifter and Obsessed Cat

And that was not the only thing. My cat was acting really peculiar. And after a while I got the feeling there was a shape shifter in the room. I don’t know much about shape shifting, but it seemed like somebody had shifted into the shape of my cat. Or my cat was ‘inhabited’ by something. And so, I took my cat gently out into the living room and put her on the couch.

A Little Demon Lying on My Stomach?

So then I thought: I’ll lie down. I’ll get a little more shut eye. And then I could feel this astral being, nonhuman; it was like a little demon or something. And it was lying on my stomach … the least respected portion of my anatomy.

Black Tourmaline for Protection. And then I thought: I will go out and get some black tourmaline (which protects against demons, negative energies, and destructive forces) that I had out, and that I had put it out for a sun bath the previous day, and so it was chock full of good, clarifying energy for the aura. So I got some; I put it in a plastic bag on my tummy; and then I heard a voice from this same little being saying: No, no, I’ll go here.

And then it lay down on my chest. So I thought: Maybe this is a good time to get up and meditate!

So I sat up to meditate.

Let us see what else happened … There were the people. There was the shape shifter. There was a little demon dude … did not seem real scary; but an unwelcome guest, you know? So then I sat up, and I was meditating. I thought: Gosh, I had better just get up.

Do Solar Flares Cause Astral Phenomena?

I do not know what to make of all this, you know? It comes on the heels of the M9 solar flare that happened last night. And I just think there is a lot of astral commotion, like ghosts jostling around, and all the astral beings helter skelter flying about.

And as to seeing transparent people in astral form at night: After people fall asleep, it could be that their bodies are very uneasy because of these changes that happen with the solar flares, the coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and the co-rotating interaction regions (CIRs), and I think that may lead to unconscious astral travel at night.

I do not really know the answer to this thing. It is a new experience for me. So I just thought I would pass it on in case anybody else has experienced any things that unusual.

Changeup from the Atlantean Age to the Spirit of the Sacred Masculine

I had one other thing to talk about, to do with the Sacred Masculine. Because it seems to me like now is the time … [airplane noise] … I am reminded how much noise there is in the city. It is like there are always cars going by, and planes going overhead, and people walking by while talking. It is kind of hard to imagine how quiet it is in the country, compared to the city. It is kind of hard to know how much background noise we are putting up with in the city, until we go out and try life in the country. In the desert and the mountains it is really different. Really much more relaxed for the Soul.

So now, with regard to the Sacred Masculine, it seems to me like the time is finally arriving, on Earth, when men are in the position to deal with the concept of change from the Atlantean Age ideals of masculinity to the Sacred Masculine. And I foresee that this is their journey, not a journey that women can help them with. They solely, individually, and as small groups and large groups, will determine the outcome.

I have my prayers for them, because I foresee the great differences between the two ways of being. But I have the utmost confidence, that with the help of the Incoming Light, and their own Higher Selves, they will come to wonderful realizations about expanded ways of being. And that, very soon, very shortly.

Sacred Feminine: Wisdom Among Women

So now, to put the shoe on a different foot, I would like to talk a little bit about Sacred Feminine. One of the things that is falling right now is the notion that the ability to teach … the quality of wisdom … belongs to men alone.

Now back in the Lemurian Age, it went a little too far to the other end, I hear. There were women who were very respected and very wise, and heads of their communities, who assumed positions of power and who aced men out of the position-of-power situation.

Now it seems the exact opposite has happened … mostly men in control of everything. And an expectation that men will rule, and that men will be looked up to for wisdom and power.

And I am here to say that the new age that is dawning will be a cooperative relationship between men and women. Between the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.

And I am also here to say that I, as a woman and a spiritual teacher, am as great a human being and a spiritual teacher, as any man on Earth. And that all women are as I am.

We all have that quality of wisdom, of spirituality, of sacredness. That is my thought for today; that it is a quality that every Soul has. And no matter what you may hear to the contrary, ladies, it is our quality as well as that of men.

And I look forward to what men decide, as to their own Soul qualities. As to the expansiveness of their higher selves. It is going to be an interesting journey, this upcoming Equinox and this Solstice.

Everybody take care. I wish you the very best. God speed in your own self-realization. God speed to the ladies in self-esteem and wisdom, and knowingness, prophecy, and in the spiritual upliftment of humankind.

Postlude: Garden Bench and Mourning Doves

[Short videoclips of garden bench and mourning doves. Images of green forest plants and an oak tree.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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