A Myth of Creation: The Second Outpouring: Weaving of DNA? . by the Theosophists . with comments by Alice B. Clagett

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This is the third in a four-part series representing a Myth of Creation from the Theosophical school of thought, as stated in Citation: “The Causal Body And The Ego,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, 1928, public domain, “Chapter V. The Kingdoms of Life.”

It is possible the second outpouring refers to the weaving of DNA strands, which in the passage below are termed ‘primary tissues’. Note that Judy Satori has referred to the women of Lyra as ‘weaving’ physical form. See …

Video: “The Song of Lyra,” by Judy Satori … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2l624c6GbE … Some say it may possibly help repair our DNA codes.

I love the analogy to the waterspout near the end of this long passage. It looked like the preceding info was needed to understand the waterspout, but maybe you could intuit it without reading anything but the bolded text.

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“Into the matter vivified by the Third Logos, the second great wave of the divine life descends, coming from the Second Logos or Second Person of the Trinity,: this is usually known as the Second Outpouring….

“Slowly and gradually this resistless flood of life pours down through the various, planes and kingdoms, spending in each of them a period equal in duration, to one entire incarnation of a planetary chain, and covering many millions, of years….

“When it ensouls matter of the lower sub-planes of each plane, i.e., all the sub-planes below the atomic, which consist of molecular matter, it is known as Elemental Essence. This name is borrowed from the writings of mediaeval occultists, it having been bestowed by them on the matter of which the bodies, of nature spirits were composed: for they spoke of these as ‘Elementals’, dividing them into classes belonging to the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

 “When the Outpouring, or wave of the Divine Life – which in some previous aeon, has finished its downward evolution through the buddhic plane—pours down into the highest level of the mental plane, it ensouls great masses of atomic mental matter….

“The Wave of Life, then, having drawn together the matter of the Causal Plane, combines it into what at that level corresponds to substances, and of these substances builds forms which it inhabits. This is called the First Elemental, Kingdom….

“As we are here dealing with the Monadic essence on its downward arc, progress for it means descent into matter instead of as with us, ascent towards, higher planes. Hence this essence, even on the causal plane, is less evolved than we are, not more so: but it would perhaps be more accurate to say that it is less in-volved, as its e-volution, in the strict sense of that term has not yet commenced.

“There are seven subdivisions in the First Elemental Kingdom: the highest corresponds with the first sub-plane; the second, third and fourth correspond with the second sub-plane; the fifth, and sixth and seventh correspond with the third sub-plane.

“After spending a whole chain period evolving through different forms at that level, the wave of life, which is all the time pressing steadily downwards identifies itself so fully with these forms that, instead of occupying them and withdrawing from them periodically, it is able to hold them permanently and make them part of itself. When that stage is reached, it can proceed to the temporary occupation of forms at a still lower level. Accordingly it takes forms on the lower mental , or rupa [form] levels of the mental plane, and is known then as the Second, Elemental Kingdom….

“After spending a whole chain-period at this stage, the continuous downward, pressure has caused the process to repeat itself. Once more the life has identified itself with its forms, and has taken up its residence on the lower mental levels. Then it takes for itself forms of astral matter, and becomes the Third Elemental Kingdom….

“After spending a whole chain-period in the Third Elemental Kingdom, the life again identifies itself with those forms, and so is able to ensoul the etheric part of the mineral kingdom, becoming the life which vivifies that kingdom.

“In the course of the mineral evolution, the downward pressure again causes the life to identify itself with the etheric forms, and from those forms to ensoul, the denser matter of such minerals as are perceptible to our senses.

“What we know as the mineral kingdom includes, of course, not only what are usually called minerals, but also liquids, gases, and many etheric substances, as yet unknown to Western orthodox science….

“When the Outpouring has reached the central point of the mineral kingdom, the downward pressure ceases, and is replaced by an upward tendency. The ‘outbreathing’, has ceased, and the ‘inbreathing’ or indrawing has begun….

“…the Logos sends out a constant succession of waves of life, so that at any given time we find a number of them in operation. Thus we ourselves represent one such wave; the wave that immediately followed our wave now ensouls the animal kingdom; the wave behind that is now in the vegetable kingdom; a fourth is in the mineral stage; whilst a fifth, sixth and seventh are represented by the Three Elemental Kingdoms. All are successive, ripples of the same great Outpouring from the Second Aspect of the Logos.

“The whole scheme tends increasingly towards differentiation, the streams as they descend from kingdom to kingdom dividing and subdividing more and more….

“The process of subdivision continues until, at the end of the first great stage of evolution, it is finally divided into individualities, i.e., into men, each man being a separate and distinct soul, though at first, of course, an undeveloped soul.

“Looking at the work of the Second Life Waves, or Second Outpouring,-as a whole, we may fairly regard its downward sweep as concerned with the making of primary tissues, out of which in due time, subtle and dense bodies will be formed. In certain ancient scriptures this process has been aptly called ‘weaving’.

“The materials which are prepared by the Third Logos, are woven by the Second Logos into threads and fabrics out of which future garments –  i.e., bodies — will be made.

“The Third Logos may be thought of as a Chemist, working as in a laboratory; the Second Logos we may regard as the Weaver, working as in manufactory, Materialistic as are these similes, they are useful as crutches for the understanding.

“The Second Logos thus ‘weaves’ various kinds of cloth, i.e., of material, out of which will later be made the causal and mental bodies of men; out of the cloth of astral matter, of desire stuff, will later be made the astral bodies of men.

“Thus are fashioned the materials of the mechanism of consciousness, the characteristics of each class of material being determined by the nature of the aggregations of particles – texture, colour, density, and so forth.

“All this downward sweep of the life-wave through the planes, giving qualities to the many grades of matter, is a preparation for evolution and is often and more properly, called involution.

“After the lowest stage of immersion in matter is reached both the first and the second outpouring turn upwards and begin their long ascent through the planes: this is evolution properly so called….” –from Citation: “The Causal Body And The Ego,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, 1928, public domain, “Chapter V. The Kingdoms of Life.”


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