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Homed Who Live Next to Homeless Encampments in Los Angeles . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 11 September 2019

Dear Ones,

It seems to me there is concern for personal safety among homeowners and their families who live next to homeless encampments in Los Angeles. On mulling over this issue, I came to understand the depth of despair of fathers and husbands who have invested their life savings in providing homes for their families, and whose wives and children can no longer safely leave home at night, because of homeless encampments on their sidewalks or in treed or grassy areas nearby.

It occurred to me that passive defense systems might offer an alternative to taking the law into one’s own hands on behalf of family safety. Along these lines, I thought homeowners might consider installing floodlights that illuminate terrain between them and the homeless encampments at night, so that their families could feel safe to walk out of their houses. I also wonder if high fences around homeowners’ yards might help.

Housing codes regarding the height of property fences can cause trouble with safety in these times, as those who wrote the codes could not have foreseen the current difficulty. Maybe property fencing codes could be got round by using temporary construction fencing in the yard? Maybe it might be sensible to go ahead and put up high fences around the home, with the agreement of one’s neighbors, since getting the codes changed may take some time.

In addition, I thought, it might be possible to install perimeter electronic alarms, that would provide a warning if the yard is trespassed on? Maybe others will come up with passive defense systems for homed families as well.

I know it is not fair to think about putting walls up and protecting our homes. It’s not something we have ever had to do before. Why should we have to do it now? Why should we go to the expense? Why does not the City of Los Angeles just fix the problem? It seems to me that is what folks are wondering, and I have been wondering that too.

Finally it came to me that the City of Los Angeles may not have a solution for us. They may not have the staff, the financial resources, or the flexible problem-solving ability to deal with the question. I say that because the problem has been before LA for 10 years now, and the City has not come up with a solution.

It seems to me that we Los Angeles homeowners must come up with our own solutions. But what will those solutions be? Some feel angry; they feel like hurting the homeless. Others feel afraid; again and again, they ask the Los Angeles Police Department to remove the homeless from their block.

I myself feel that we ought to do my best to find physical deterrents, such as high fences, perimeter alarm systems, and camera surveillance systems to protect our homes from the unhomed, and from roaming felon gangs.

When our homes are as protected as possible, we can feel safe to continue to work with our communities towards good solutions.

I recently went to a meeting of the West Hills Neighborhood Council Committee on Homelessness. It seemed to me they work with the office of the Mayor in a political way. The political approach involves jockeying with the powers that be for application of the City’s very limited financial resources to a problem for which we are lobbying, in our own interests.

Politicking takes time. More than 10 years … that is patently clear. I feel we need to find other grassroots ways to solve this problem.

Right now, I am thinking we could approach West Hills churches, civic groups, clubs, and businesses we belong to or patronize, and ask them what they can do to help. Could be we the people can together find a solution to the problem of West Hills homelessness … a solution that so far has eluded City Hall.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Community Alert: Movie Theatre Restrooms in Matinées . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 15 September 2016


Dear Ones,

A month or so back, I saw something in a movie theatre that worried me. As I recall, it was at AMC Fallbrook 7 in West Hills, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California. It has been a while, but if memory serves, that was the location.

I had just watched a general audience movie that was playing mid-afternoon. The movie was fun. At first I thought the theatre was nearly empty. Then I noticed the theatre was full … I was just one of the few people in the audience whose heads were higher than the back of their chairs. So, it was a very enthusiastic young crowd in attendance.


On my way out of the movie, I paused near the popcorn vending station. I noticed a young mother who looked a little distracted. She had a young son, maybe 8 years old, and a daughter, maybe 5 years old, with her. She was about to shepherd her daughter into the women’s restroom, and pointed her son to the men’s room on the other side of the popcorn counter.

As the mom disappeared into the women’s room, I noticed the look on her son’s face: He had turned white, and he stopped in his tracks, indecisive about going in the men’s room. Seemed to me, paralyzed with fear.

Then I noticed the young man at the popcorn counter … late 20s, early 30s. He had noticed the fearful boy. Through my clair abilities I sensed in this popcorn vendor a rising up of the feral drive to aggression, and a decision to follow the child into the restroom. I have to say, I went ahead and stood there, with a look of disapproval on my face; he looked up, saw my look, and curbed himself from acting.

This was an unhappy tableau, and I hope one that is not often repeated. I am hoping that Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) across the nation will get the word out about keeping children close and well protected in public restrooms, at least for the time being.

Specifically, I feel a parent accompany his or her child into public restrooms until the child reaches the age and stature where they can reasonably defend themselves against sexual predation.


I further feel that outreach to the LGBT communities may be of help in this. People who engage in sexual predation are a minor element in our LGBT communities. These are troublesome to everyone concerned. I feel certain that outreach and working together, with the LGBT community as with all groups, will be the process that takes place, over and over again, during the Awakening.

I do feel we can confidently anticipate a clearing of the lines of communication amongst all humankind, and a  lightening and brightening of group-to-group relations worldwide, in the coming months and year.


One of the features of ‘chaotic nodes’ …

Link: “The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes: A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon,” 2019 … https://tomkenyon.com/the-emergence-of-multiple-chaotic-nodes ..

… such as the one we entered in the beginning of September 2016, is astrogeophysical events such as solar storms, CMEs and CIRs. Another is unusual acts of violence, either to oneself or to others. These are caused by disturbances in our human electromagnetic fields, which are caused by disturbances in Earth’s geomagnetic field, which are caused by the solar events.

We are Earth’s children, and we are changeable, just like our great Mother Earth. Let us take good care of our children, just as our dear Gaia takes care of us.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Male Drive to Territorial Aggression and Mate Acquisition on the Astral Plane . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 22 May 2016; published on 31 May 2016; revised

    • .1. The Case of the Young Father
    • .2. Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Case of the Peeping Tom
    • .3. The Case of the Astral Voyeurs
    • Concluding Remarks
    • Photos by Alice

Dear Ones,


Here is a video describing three instances of the male drive to territorial aggression and mate acquisition, as manifested on the astral plane.

  • Hard drug use on the weekends ratchets up the male drives to territorial aggression and mate acquisition, which are feral instincts generated from the gut brain or ‘lower triangle’.
  • These drives activates when a man is sleeping or drowsy, especially, as mentioned above, when under the influence of hard drugs.
  • Astrally speaking, women want to defend their ‘nest’, but unlike men, don’t want to strike out and defend their territory at a distance.
  • For men: Since 2012, as a result of the Awakening, the male feral drives to territorial aggression and mate acquisition have become much less pronounced. My suggestion: Should you find these drives asserting themselves on the astral plane, talk to your desire elemental and let it know all is well; it need not be too concerned about defending your astral turf or searching out new women astrally.

There are an Outline and an edited Summary after the video …



Here are the three case descriptions, clairly observed …

  1.  The Case of the Young Father: A young father defending his territory from a male perceived as as intruder, at some distance from the father and his family.
  2. The Case of the Peeping Tom: An older gentleman with a samskara of peeping tom, rape of the peeped upon woman before adulthood, and disclosure and ostracism by his church in his early youth. How the samskara, which was characterized by low self-esteem, was reactivated. How this illustrates the male drives to territorial aggression and to mate acquisition.  Importance of our noticing and taking action in the world to avoid being at the effect of people’s reactivated samskaras.
  3. The Case of the Astral Voyeurs: Intrusions of astral bodies of men into my bedroom over the years, illustrative of male drives to territorial aggression and mate acquisition.


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I wanted to talk a little today about the feral male drive to acquire and hold territory, which I have not really discussed per se before. But yet I have run into three instances of it, that we might put into perspective.

First I would like to say that it seems that the Awakening process is bringing these drives to Light. And so they are expressing themselves through the astral plane, amongst men. My intention in putting this forth, in a video, is that men’s minds might be put more at rest about it in case they run into it, and become aware that they are doing it … because I think all men are doing it, to some extent.

1. The Case of the Young Father

One instance that I ran into recently was when I was travelling out to the desert, and I stayed in a room on a weekend. Of course, that is always just a little bit chancy, because the feral drives of the noosphere are ratcheted up Friday and Saturday nights because of the drug use that happens … especially hard drug use, such as vodka, bourbon, and scotch; use of the often illegal recreational drugs that are considered hard, such as opioids (those pills that are sometimes prescribed).

To continue: I stayed in a motel … I believe it was the Mojave Desert Inn on the Mojave-Desert Highway, quite close to the Mojave Air & Space Port … where, next door and around the corner were staying a young couple and their very young, baby child. As the night went on, the couple’s feral drive to sexuality increased, and they acted accordingly, it seems.

At the same time, a person who was far, far away … more than 100 miles away … took an interest in me, on the feral plane, and sent his astral body to within a mile of where I was. There it was intercepted by the man of the couple that were exercising their feral drive to sex.

As to this second male, it was almost like his astral body was bounced and jounced around. The attack I sensed as being not a mortal attack, or life-threatening, but rather, a warning attack. I saw the one attacking male bouncing around the astral form of the other male, who was so shook up by that, that he immediately zoomed back to the place where he lived … back to the body.

So there is an instance of a male defending his territory … especially his spouse … from another intruding male on the astral plane. I found that very interesting, because I do not think I have ever seen a woman do that. Women just do not seem to have that drive to defend their territory at such a distance. They want to defend their own home, their own nest. They do not have that long reach of acquisition in their territorial instincts. So there is that.

2. Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Case of the Peeping Tom

There was another instance, some while back, that was more serious to me. I was staying at a place where I had paid to be for a while … I believe this was a place near Bayfield, Colorado. It was just as I began to stay there. The place was very close … adjacent to … a house where a couple lived. And the place where I was staying had been lived in by the father-in-law, which meant to me that the couple was used to coming over to this place that I rented, and treating it as part of their own territory, you see.

And then the father-in-law passed on. And then they began renting it out. I had rented the place, and I was still not at home in it. One of the problems with the place was there was a downstairs door that opened outward from my apartment or extension, into a work area that was used by the couple. So there was no real way that I could secure that door from my side. And further, in the door was a large dog doorway that could not be secured. So while the work area could be locked from the outside door on the other side of the office, access to my quarters could not be secured for me personally, so that I could be protected from whoever could get into the office.

The very first night that I was there, I noticed, on the clair plane, that the man in the household had drunk quite a bit of vodka. And vodka is one of those hard drugs that immediately short-circuit the Lower Mental Body down to the inferior, low position of the desire elemental, and that activates the feral drives, without the inhibiting instincts of the Lower Mental Body, which sees the practical nature of our activities in the world.

In other words, as people are always saying, drinking vodka short-circuits the brain. And that is what happened that night: According to my clair visions and hearing, the man began to have visions of something that had happened to him in his childhood. He had had a habit of being a peeping tom.

Now, being a peeping tom has two categories to it, in the feral drive category. One is the desire for sex. And the second is the desire for territoriality. So you are intruding on a woman’s territory so as to have sex with her.

So this person had had that quality; and then, apparently, a catastrophic thing had happened to him in his teens. He had intruded on that territory of that female that he was used to doing peeping tom activities with, and had actually raped her. And then he had been caught out, by the community, and had been subject to social opprobrium: Everybody despised him for it.

And so, all his life he was dealing with this low self-esteem that he felt because of an early young person event. And here it came up again: The possibility of being a voyeur, a peeping tom, had come to him.

As it turned out, it rose up … it surged up. The samskara became very active in his consciousness because of the vodka. He had intention, first, to have sex with his wife, which he did. And then later, he had a plan to come and get through that doorway and repeat the early young adulthood Soul wounding that happened to him by raping me, and maybe killing me if I resisted.

Well, this set me on edge, especially since it was my first day there. So I fixed up the door with pots and pans, and things like that, so that, if he should try to open the dog door, or if the door should be opened outward, towards his office, by him, then I would know right away, because it would make a lot of noise. And so it was booby trapped; I could not secure it, but I could make sure that I had an alarm if anything happened. And nothing happened that night … which was great.

The next day I went out, and when I came back, some things were different in my apartment. The first thing was that the door of the closet in the bedroom had been closed. Now I had left the door open so that my cat could have a little place to stay in there, away from everything … sort of a hiding place. So I had fixed it up very nicely for her. And when I came back, the door was closed, so she could not get in.

The second thing that happened is that a steak knife and a sharp fork that I bought the day before … which were the only things I had that might be considered a weapon, in the apartment, were missing. It was very obvious, because I had very few possessions there.

The conclusion I drew was that my territory had been intruded upon, and the ‘weapons’ had been removed, because the man of the couple had intention to assault me that night … or as soon as possible. That was what I thought. In other words, he had a plan, and he had implemented the first part of the plan. And further, I felt he thought that territory was his territory, and that he had a right to come into it anytime and change anything that he wanted to change.

So immediately I gave notice and left. That is the second instance, exacerbated by early childhood catastrophic Soul wounding experience. And that, to my clair understanding, was a more serious case of feral drive to acquire territory by a male.

See also … Link: “Peeping Tom,” drawings by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 14 August 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jwP ..

3. The Case of the Astral Voyeurs

In the neighborhood where I live, since I moved into my house in West Hills, over the last yea so many years, there have been numerous intrusions of astral bodies of men into my bedroom when I was asleep. At first I would take this very personally, because I am a very private person, and I do not like strangers in my bedroom when I am asleep; it bothers me.

But then as time went on, I began to understand about this drive, and about how men’s unconscious astral bodies, their desire elementals, will do this while they are asleep, without their conscious minds being aware of it … being there to check this activity and stop it.

Actually, over the last year or so it has become much less prevalent. It has narrowed down to occasional visits from one person or another person of male gender. So it very rarely happens these days. That is a good sign; it is a sign that men are rising to awareness of the feral drive to acquire property or territory.

Concluding Remarks

And so I just thought I would mention that these things do happen, without our awareness, on both the physical and the astral plane, especially if we are using hard drugs. Or if we are sound asleep they will happen, on the astral plane.

If I were a man right now, I would say that the only thing that I would need to do is: Whenever I was aware that this drive was being exercised, I would talk to my desire elemental, and explain to it that the territory that I have is enough and is sufficient; and how much I appreciate my desire elemental for trying to do the best for me … so that it retains good will and a good relationship to me … and so that my words haul it in with regard to territorial aggression.

That is really all I have to say about it right now. I hope it is taken in the right light. It is intended kindly. It is intended to help with the understanding of the Awakening that is happening right now.

You all take care. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Photos by Alice

Image: “Coast Wallflower (Erysimum ammophilum) and Pine, Frazier Mountain, near Frazier Park, California,” by Alice B. Clagett, 22 May 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Coast Wallflower (Erysimum ammophilum) and Pine, Frazier Mountain, near Frazier Park, California,” by Alice B. Clagett, 22 May 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Oak, Frazier Mountain, near Frazier Park, California,” by Alice B. Clagett, 22 May 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Oak, Frazier Mountain, near Frazier Park, California,” by Alice B. Clagett, 22 May 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0


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