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Black Magicker II : Fable about a Black Magician . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 4 September 2016; published on 5 September 2016; transcribed on 1 December 2018

    • Story of a Black Magician
    • How God’s Cause Is Always Served
    • How a Black Magician May Attempt to Foil the Saints’ Intention to Help Souls Evolve
    • More on the Story of the Black Magician
    • The Concerns of the Black Magician’s Followers
    • The Death of the Black Magician
    • His Dying Wish: To Seek Vengeance on His Followers
    • The Black Magician After Death
    • What Happens When the Followers Call Upon a Deceased Black Magician for Help
    • The Troubles that the Astral Shell of a Black Magician Can Cause, If a Demon Gets Into It
    • How the Black Magician’s Dying Wish of Vengeance Created Schisms Amongst the Followers
    • A Prayer That Brings Peace to a Black Magician and His Followers
      • Prayer for the Black Magician and His Followers, channeled by Alice B. Clagett
    • Prayer in Case of Disagreements Amongst Family and Friends, channeled by Alice B. Clagett

Image: “Justice and Divine Vengeance Are Pursuing the Criminal Murderer,” by Pierre Paul Prud’hon, 1808 … from Wikimedia Commons … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre-Paul_Prud%27hon#/media/File:Pierre-Paul_Prud’hon_-_Justice_and_Divine_Vengeance_Pursuing_Crime.JPG … public domain

Image: “Justice and Divine Vengeance Are Pursuing the Criminal Murderer,” by Pierre Paul Prud’hon, 1808 … from Wikimedia Commons … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre-Paul_Prud%27hon#/media/File:Pierre-Paul_Prud’hon_-_Justice_and_Divine_Vengeance_Pursuing_Crime.JPG … public domain

Dear Ones,

Do you remember Aesop’s fables … short stories, each intending to teach a moral? (1) Here us a fable about a black magician … an astral story, not a true reality, but nevertheless helpful because of the wisdom it imparts.

Beneath the video is an edited Transcription, and beneath that is an earlier Outline of the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a story to tell you today … an astral story … It has a good lesson, though. I am pretty sure it is a fable; but in my parlance, you could say that it is a timeline that is not expressing itself as an Awareness timeline for the people involved. The fable goes like this …

Story of a Black Magician

There was once a black magician who had great charismatic appeal. And he was responsible, through his psychic powers, and the powers that he harnessed from the many followers that he had … so the story goes … he was responsible for the psychic death of a person who was very rich.

The reason that this death occurred was for potential financial gain for this black magician and for his followers. Then later … the story goes … with the desire to express his psychic powers as power in the world of man, he chose to use his powers to cause the psychic death of a very great Soul who was in a position to guide his people in a very Christ-like way, through many difficulties.

My position is that all things come from God, and all things that happen are God’s. And so there is nothing that can happen … whether it might seem to us to be because of the powers of the black magician, or whether it might seem to be through God’s blessing … all the things that can happen, that we observe during our lifetime, are God’s things. They are God’s phenomena manifesting in the world.

And so, while I do not hold with the notions that a black magician can cause terrible calamity in the world, or chaos, or change for the worse … yet, a black magician does believe that. And often, phenomena occur in the world that seem to support the notion of the black magician.

How God’s Cause Is Always Served

But God’s cause is always served. Always. And so the end result is always God’s. You see what I mean? But, to get back to this fable …

How a Black Magician May Attempt to Foil the Saints’ Intention to Help Souls Evolve

The reason that the black magician arranged for the ‘psychic death’ of this very great person in the world was that the Soul qualities of this great person would have led many, many people in the direction of Soul evolution and betterment … which was in contrast to the goals of the black magician. That was the reason given, in this astral story, for this killing.

More on the Story of the Black Magician

Then, in addition, it was said that this black magician had caused people who had a lot of money to gravitate to him … to give their money to him … And that he had caused some physical harm to some of his followers … And that he had unorthodox tastes in sexuality … and that the followers of this black magician were concerned because, like him, they had an interest in worldly power attained through psychic powers, in worldly goals … in money, in sexuality, and in holding positions of power behind the power of people in the world … positions of power that could not be brought to account; that would be so hidden, through the power of black magic, that no one would ever know the harm that was done to humankind because the manifestations of black magic were involved.

The Concerns of the Black Magician’s Followers

So, the astral story goes, these followers had a concern that the practices in the world … in the physical world of this black magician which were unorthodox …  were not according to societal expectations … might cause them embarrassment; might cause them loss of personal power and prestige; and ‘social weight’, I guess you would say.

So there was that undercurrent of concern of the followers. And then there was the apparently massive psychic ability of the black magician.

The Death of the Black Magician

After many years of consolidating his position of power in the world, there came a time when the black magician was a little older. His health was, perhaps, not quite as good as before. And there came a time, on a public occasion, when it seemed to his followers that he was about to manifest this tendency towards sexual behavior that was considered socially unacceptable.

Now he had taught his followers the power of psychic heart attack … which is something I have discussed in other blogs. He had taught them that; and threat of that … or actually carrying out that … is one way that they had amassed a financial position in the world.

So his followers in those days … no longer supported on New Earth today … but in those days, long, long ago, they knew how to sit together and cause psychic heart attack. Since they all were sitting, and since they all were concerned about the social acceptability of the behavior they felt was about to take place, they, through psychic means, caused the black magician to have a heart attack.

His Dying Wish: To Seek Vengeance on His Followers

He fell dead, right then and there. But at the moment of this passing … so the fable goes … he said to his followers: I will see you all in hell! For he knew what had happened. He understood. And his Soul left his body in a state of desiring to seek vengeance.

The Black Magician After Death

From my readings on the topic, in the arcane texts, it seems to me that what happens when a black magician leaves his physical body, and is unable to walk back into another physical body, is that the astral form of the black magician … which has become very coarse … the matter of the astral form of the black magician has become very, very coarse and dense, through the practices that he performed on Earth in that incarnation, and perhaps, many prior incarnations.

For this astral matter to degrade, and dissolve into its atomic particles, takes a very long time. And until that astral form degrades and dissipates, the mental body is trapped inside that astral form. When it is finally cast off, the mental body can go on to Soul learning in the higher realms.

So we are talking about a very long time, as this astral form degrades.

What Happens When the Followers Call Upon a Deceased Black Magician for Help

At first, if the followers continue on, after the passing of the black magician, and if they call upon him for help when his mental body is still trapped within the astral form, they will hear telepathically, from the astral plane, a voice more like reason … more like what he was once, long ago, before his passing … before his decline in health. They will hear what they feel to be that very person, advising them.

As they offer devotion to him, the astral form of the deceased but still astrally lively black magician … that is surrounded by a thick, coarse shell of astral matter … will gain in vitality. And so, it will become harder for the black magician’s mental body … and harder for the Soul itself … to be freed of the astral body.

The Troubles that the Astral Shell of a Black Magician Can Cause, If a Demon Gets Into It

Finally, there comes a time when the mental body frees itself from this astral cage or prison. And what is left, as the mental body ascends towards the heaven worlds, is what is termed an astral shell, or shade, or ghost.

This shell has an appearance of vitality, if it is walked into by, say, a negative astral entity such as a demon or a devil. It contains the Soul signature astral voice of the black magicker, and the Soul wounding of the energy field of the emotions of the black magicker, and the intention towards utter evil of the demon that is carrying that astral shell. And yet that shell answers when the devotees of the black magicker call. So it seems, for a while, to be him.

As time goes on, and as the astral shell continues to disintegrate, it becomes less and less so; and more and more clear become the qualities of the demon that is seemingly vitalizing the empty astral shell.

If the followers of the black magician continue to call upon him and offer devotion to him, then the demon that is in the shell will gain more and more power over them.

How the Black Magician’s Dying Wish of Vengeance Created Schisms Amongst the Followers

Let us go back to the last words of the black magician: I will see you all in hell! What does that mean, for this group of followers? It means that, as long as they follow and offer devotion to the black magician who has passed on, he himself … or perhaps, after he leaves, the demon that finds its way into his astral shell, and tricks the followers into believing it is still him … will arrange for a series of worldly events where followers are pitted, in hatred, against other followers.

In other words, followers will be turned towards hatred against each other. This is because he, the deceased but greatly revered the leader of that group, feels hatred towards his followers. So the followers themselves are filled with hatred that emanates down from the astral form of the deceased black magicker, into their astral forms.

Now let us say that someone in the group feels great devotion to this black magician: The black magician’s goals are his goals. The black magician’s life is his ideal in his own life.

And he may not know that he is dealing with a black magician. He may be bedazzled by the allure of the psychic powers involved, and think that these indicate that the black magician is the most wonderful person on Earth to follow.

Very often this is the case; this is why people make contracts, for instance, with the demon realm. It is why they make contracts with the jinn and the ifrit. It is why they get involved with many powerful beings that know very well how to trick humankind into contracts that are not to their own advantage.

So let us say that this follower does his or her very best to follow in the footsteps of the black magician; perhaps bedazzled and tricked into thinking that this would lead to Soul advancement. Then the personality of the black magician will slip into the Soul field of this follower who yearns to be like him. And this follower will be turned against all of the black magician’s followers. And in the same way, this follower will feel absolute hatred towards the other followers, and will wish to see all of them in hell … or will visualize them as already being in hell.

Here we have, essentially, a Cain and Abel scenario, where those people, all of a kind, find themselves hating each other.

A Prayer That Brings Peace to a Black Magician and His Followers

What is the solution to this thing? This is a very difficult problem, because the people there are bound together out of love and admiration for a leader who wants to see them in hell.

Now you may be thinking: Is this not often the case, in the third-dimensional reality? Is it not often the case, that we feel great love and devotion to someone who may not have our best interests in mind? Very frequently this is found, in the third dimension, is it not?

So the solution that I propose for the black magicker and his followers, also applies in all the situations where we find that we have given our heart to someone who does not feel, so much, their heart, in dealing with us. And it goes like this …

In the case of the black magician, if you are speaking for his followers … or for any spiritual leader, or for the leader of any group … you can say: May this leader be blessed with unconditional love for his followers! May his followers be blessed with unconditional love for each other!

Then in the case of family and friends, you can say: May that person be blessed with unconditional love for me, and may I be blessed with unconditional love for them!

. . . . .

Prayer for the Black Magician and His Followers
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
4 September 2016

May this leader be blessed
with unconditional love for his followers!
May his followers be blessed
with unconditional love for each other!

. . . . .

Prayer in Case of Disagreements Amongst Family and Friends
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
4 September 2016

May that person be blessed
with unconditional love for me,
and may I be blessed
with unconditional love for them!

. . . . .

Pretty cool, huh? Pretty easy … but not immediately apparent!

God bless you all and keep you, in unconditional love, and peace, and Light, and joy.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Black Magicker: The Series,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 23 April 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-hHq ..

Link: “Catastrophic Childhood Experiences – Compendium: Black Magicker,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 12 August 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jtG ..


(1) See Link: “Aesop’s Fables” … http://www.aesopfables.com/aesopsel.html ..


  • Story of a black magician
  • How God’s cause is always served, even when someone acts in the world with the notion that he or she is acting ‘against’ God
  • How a black magician may attempt to foil the intention of Saints to help many Souls evolve, and why he may wish to do so.
  • More on the story of a black magician
  • Psychic powers of a black magician and his followers (such as mind control, psychic heart attack, astral rape, curses and spells) 
  • Continuing with the story, how he killed many through his psychic powers, how, in the end, his followers caused his death through psychic means, and how, with his dying breath, he cursed them with these words: “I will see you all in hell!”
  • The black magician’s desire to seek vengeance turned him, on the astral plane, against his followers. He could still communicate with them on the clair plane, and through his telepathy with them, he attempted to fulfill his desire for vengeance against them.
  • The astral form of a black magician is very coarse, and takes a long time to dissolve after he passes on.
  • The devotion poured forth by the black magician’s followers will increase the vitality of his astral form, the result being that it will take longer for his astral form to be cast off (at which time his mental body can go on to the lengthy period of Soul learning that is part of the education of all humans after they pass on)
  • When the black magician is finally able to cast off his coarse astral shell (or ‘shade’ or ‘ghost’), it may be taken up and inhabited by a negative astral entity, such as a demon or devil. How this evil entity can, while inhabiting the astral shell, mimic the Soul signature of the black magician. Thus, through telepathy, he can trick his followers into fulfilling its evil wishes.
  • Continuing with the astral story: The black magician wrought vengeance on his followers, turning one against the other, goading each to seek to drag the other down to hell.
  • Then when he left his astral shell behind, a series of negative astral beings, such as demons and devils, took up tenancy in it.
  • Through their evil astral powers, these negative astral entities persuaded his followers to carry out commands detrimental to their Soul evolution.
  • The awesome psychic powers of the black magician, even after death, can bedazzle followers into believing that he is the most wonderful teacher on Earth.
  • This bedazzlement with psychic powers also leads people into contracts with demons and devils and so forth … contracts where the fine print invariably causes Soul wounding.
  • The problem of giving our heart to someone who does not feel, so much, his or her heart in dealing with us.
  • In praying for the leader of a spiritual group, whether or not he or she is a black magician, you can say:
    • “May this leader be blessed with unconditional love. May his followers be blessed
      with unconditional love for each other!
  • In praying for someone you are in relationship with, whether that relationship be casual or close, you can say:
    • “May [this person] be blessed with unconditional love for me.”
    • And “May I be blessed with unconditional love for [this person].”


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On Existing in Harmony with Other Beings on and Beyond Earth . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 21 August 2016

    • Elephants, Dolphins, and Whales
    • Trees
    • A Call to Reach Out Telepathically
    • Devas and Nature Spirits
    • Jinn and Afrits
      • A Final Word About the Jinn
      • Afrits
    • Dragons
    • Demons, Devils, Satan, Fallen Angels
    • Pleiadian Raiders
    • Astral Thuggees or Elementaries
    • Novice Ascended Masters
      • Aspirants of Novice Ascended Masters
    • Ghosts and Shades
    • Beings of Light: Our Star Brethren
    • The Angelic Realm
    • God-Awareness
    • Invocation Beyond Time and Space
    • The Great Invocation of Djwhal Khul

Dear Ones,

As worldwide telepathy is set in place as a result of the Awakening, more and more human beings are beginning to become empathic. They are feeling the hearts of other humans, and of other beings on Earth, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant these beings are.

We begin to talk, not only with all humankind everywhere, but also with our pets, wild animals, flowers, and trees. We begin to know and respect the many beings on the astral plane. We begin to communicate with the beings of Light that undertake Earth’s care, and with the angels, the devi, and the nature spirits of Earth.

And so, as our senses reach out and make ‘first contact’ with the many other beings who have, all this time, been sharing this great Earth with us, we can feel their hearts just as if they were our own hearts. We humankind are beginning to understand what it is like to live in harmony with other beings here on Earth.


All beings everywhere express the Light and love, the Divine intelligence of God. And so, all beings are worthy of respect and care. On both the physical and the astral plane, there are beings of two types: sentient beings and nonsentient beings.

Sentient beings are aware that they exist. Nonsentient beings exist in joy, without knowledge of themselves as other than everything in God’s great creation.


Elephants, Dolphins and Whales

Humankind is pretty much onto the need to respect other sentient beings on the physical plane, such as elephants, dolphins, and whales. Laws are being set in place to protect these sentient species.


Last week, I began talking with the spirits of trees (not the nature spirits protecting them, but the trees themselves). Trees are also sentient beings, living right amongst us. Our lives depend on their ability to produce oxygen for us to breathe. Efforts are being made to preserve the life of trees, to plant new trees in cities and reforest where fires and lumbering have diminished their numbers.

Still, senseless decisions are made by urban forestry crews in cities such as Santa Monica, to cut down our beautiful old trees, and plant, by whim or fancy, other trees. Were our foresters to know the agony they cause by these killings, their hands and their killing weapons would no doubt be stayed forever. I pray that our urban foresters, and our lumberjacks, will soon develop the telepathic skills to communicate with trees, and to understand what needs to be done to co-exist in harmony with this great, wise, and loving group of sentient beings, the trees of Earth.

A Call to Reach Out Telepathically

As worldwide telepathy is set in place, let those of us so called, reach out telepathically to these sentient physical species in love and Light and peace. This reaching out, in itself, will provide the avenue for the unfoldment of harmony with other sentient beings on physical Earth.


I have read that there are many, many species of astral beings, just as there are, counted to date, 8.7 million species of animals and plants on Earth. I would just like to approach some broad categories here.

Devas and Nature Spirits

Still with us on Earth, and co-creating the physical realm through their astral weavings, are the great Devas, members of the Angelic Realm, and the joyful throng whose work they lovingly supervise: nature spirits, faeries, elves, brownies, gnomes, elementals, and so on. I have written a lot about these in past; please see the blog category: Devas – nature spirits – nature elementals

Jinn and Afrits

Islam has known of these beings for centuries, yet they are almost unknown in Western culture. They are family oriented, power loving, and possessed of powers with regard to the Plane of Forces greatly superior to those of humankind.

The Jinn and Afrits love dry, sandy places. We humans have been testing atomic weapons and waging war in their homelands. Let our military forces, and those of all nations, consider the rights of the Jinn and Afrit to live in peaceful harmony with humankind. Let us set aside the deserts of Earth as their respected dwelling places.

Here is a warning: Let them be to themselves. Looking to history, to see what attempting to ally with them can bring about, we have the example of King David, who formed an alliance with them. True, he was able, through genocide of foreign tribes (50,000 men, women and children were slain), to gain control of the regions round about where he lived. But through karmic involution, this act of genocide brought about the dark times of the Holocaust, during which millions of Jews died.

A further result is unending war in the Middle East, where the Jews and the Arabs are encroaching on the desert homelands of the Jinn and Afrits. It is the Jinn and Afrits that can cause Jews and Arabs to war on each other, by ratcheting up their aggressive instincts. Why would they do this? Because both Jews and Arabs are invading their homelands, and giving birth to more children that take more of the territory belonging to the Jinn and Afrits. This human territorial expansion into the deserts threatens the children of the Jinn and Afrits.

The Jinn and Afrits have inhabited Earth far longer than has humankind, and they have equal rights to live here.  They are worthy of respect. Let our intentions toward them be respectful and peaceful.  Let us no longer unwittingly wage war on their homelands.

As to what will happen during the Awakening, their aspect is of power and respect for power, reveling in the powers of the natural world. This energy strand may be best suited to a long sleep, during the Age of Light, though it is entirely suitable to the 10,000-year Ages of Darkness on Earth. They may choose to live quietly during this Age of Light or to enjoy life on a dry planet elsewhere during this Age of Light. They are, however, quite fond of Earth. It is their homeland, just as it is ours. Discussions are underway with the Galactic Council regarding their options. I am certain that their great wisdom will see them through to the proper interim path.

A final word or two regarding the Jinn: The Jinn are quite something to communicate with. You may wish to affirm that they are a very resplendent people (very bright, full of Light and wisdom and power). You may wish to affirm: I am humbled by your wisdom, noble Sir!

For more on discourse with them, go to my blog … LInk: “Dealing with the Disincarnate Gods,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 May 2016 … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-5g1 … Search for the word Vyasa, and read the following text. It is clear to me, from that text, that the Disincarnate Gods (whom I term “Novice Ascended Masters”) work with the Jinn, as the conversation described is couched in terms used by the Jinn cultures. For more on the fate of the Novice Ascended Masters during this time of transition, see below in the current blog.

Afrits. Note that these beings are variously termed Ifrit, efreet, efrite, ifreet, afreet, afrite and afrit.

I have never run across an Afrit, but I have heard they are pretty fearsome; they may delight, for instance, in causing murder, auto accidents, and other calamities for humankind. I feel their attitude towards humans is hostile, as is the attitude of some supervisory nature spirits (not Devas, but those who do their work on a lower level), who have been driven half mad by human disregard for the natural world.

I cannot advise as to diplomacy regarding the Afrits. Avoiding them might be best, till more is known about them.

Dragons. As far as I know, the last astral dragon, which was sequestered deep underground, and had been ‘waiting it out’ in a brooding, mildly malevolent manner for a long, long time, left Earth by intentional dissolution just as the Shift occurred. I had the privilege of being on uneasy telepathic truce terms with it. It was glimmering green-scaled, and its eyes were wondrous piercingly glowering knowing, in a way that only the longest-lived of beings may be. I greatly respected its ancient store of wisdom, and felt with great poignancy its fierce courage and its dissolution.

Image: “Fantasy Dragon Girl Child HD Wallpaper 2560×1600,” in WallpaperCart … https://wallpapercart.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Fantasy-Dragon-Girl-Child-HD-Wallpaper-2560×1600.jpg … DESCRIPTION: Huge green dragon with golden eyes looking at a little girl standing on a tree stump … 

Though humans are far inferior to dragons in mental power and in longevity, there is something about humans that dragons superiorly enjoy … to do with our spunk and unpredictability, our courage and hope and faith, despite our short life span and the life challenges that each of us inevitably faces.

On other worlds, dragons still walk and fly and roam about, but not here, not now, not during the Age of Light that has now enveloped our beloved planet. Those that wish to know more of dragons must go off-planet, or wait it out about 2,000 years, till the next Age of Darkness makes Earth a more attractive habitat for them.

Demons, Devils, Satan, Fallen Angels

Demons are dark and ugly in appearance; to me, they look like dark, ominous clouds hovering round, and sometimes enveloping, human beings. As of a few weeks ago, the last demons have left the great cities of Earth. There may be a spare demon or two, here or there, hiding out in a dark anomaly or bubble. If so, these will soon be gone off-world, or else through transformation to their God nature.

Devils are astral animals. They used to appear to me to be red and fiery. They could change their size at will, but back in the day (before December 2012), so as to do their work on their human ‘cattle’, they would often appear to be 2 to 3 feet long. Often 5 or 6 would ‘mine’ the electromagnetic fields of one human being at night, turning heart energy to Darkness fit for their own nourishment.

This was before the Shift in December 2012. After that date, they found it harder and harder to turn our energy fields to the Dark. They began to turn on one another, consuming each other. Now there are none left at all on Earth, as far as I can tell.

Satan used to be a living, walking, and flying force in the noospheric plane of Earth. I did not like him at all; one must be brusque with such sorts, and unequivocally aligned with the Light. Only the Angelic Realm can counter the powers of Satan on Earth during the Age of Darkness. Only very recently, he was ferried off-world, to a place where the there are plenty of other such beings.

The Fallen Angels were Archangel Michael fractals that agreed to stay with Earth during the recent 10,000 year Age of Darkness. As Earth transformed to greater Dark, according to their prior agreement to oversee the Age of Darkness, the Fallen Angels also change … became what we term ‘fallen’. As civilization advanced, the great cities of Earth became their fiefdoms. Various among us have ‘read them their rights’ so that the Galactic Council can assign them to rehab to get their great fields of Light back in tiptop shape. From their off-world transformational light baths, they will be reassigned as their own free will carries them, to Earth or to other galaxies. There are plenty of positions awaiting their care.

Pleiadian Raiders

Those humans of Pleiadian Raider descent, including the antisocial personalities and serial killers, who may number 200 to 500 in form in the world today, will be removed off-world as they leave form during this, the moment of Earth’s Awakening. This is because Earth, for the next 2,000 years, will be too bright for them to reincarnate into.

There are a few planets, far from here, that are good habitats for the Pleiadian Raiders. In past, while the Fallen Angels (who were fractals of Archangel Michael) still walked the Earth and flew through her skies, they would ferry these Souls to their new off-world homes after they passed from form.

The experiment with the Pleiadian Raiders (who are ‘service to self’) here on Earth during the Age of Darkness, was to find common grounds for these beings with those beings who are in ‘service to others’, in a temporary ‘playground’ or habitat where both could meet and intermingle. There is still a great deal of mystery on both sides … Pleiadian Raider versus Being of Light … and further experiments are likely to take place in the next Age of Darkness.

The solution, I feel, will lie in humankind developing neutral mind, along the lines of the Buddhist teachings, and also respect for all life everywhere. These teachings of neutral mind and of respect for free will and the All are also set forth in  “The Law of One” … https://www.lawofone.info/ ..

From the point of view of the Raiders, primary social values are: Being respected, gaining power over others, and accruing wealth. As their stance is one of ‘supreme ego’, they tend to coalesce around humans seeking enlightenment; by amping up a person’s own ego, they present the ascending human with the phenomenon of the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ … the last test, the glass ceiling that must be transcended in order to reach the level of Christed and Buddhic consciousness. Because of their presence here on Earth during the Ages of Darkness, this state is much harder to achieve during these times, when the Raiders stand as the Hounds of the Barrier, as described by Thoth in “The Emerald Tablets” as translated by Doreal …

Link: “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth,” translated by Doreal, in Crystalinks … https://www.crystalinks.com/emerald.html ..

Astral Thuggees or Elementaries

Astral thuggees or elementaries are the astral forms of humans who used their psychic abilities to their own advantage, while disregarding the notion of right and wrong. They can no longer find human incarnation suitable to the coarseness of their astral matter. They were until recently crowding round and interfering with the heart energy of all psychic humans currently in incarnation, as they have a sense that heart energy interferes with the Soul choices that got them into this fix.

Link: “Astral Thuggees,” a drawing by Alice B. Clagett, drawn and published on 9 January 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lbt ..

The entire astral realm is being transformed through the Light, and these very dark beings are also being transformed. For instance, they are no longer crowding round and interfering with the transfer of heart energy by Lightworkers; this new thing has happened within the last month.

Novice Ascended Masters

Like all beings on Earth, humans who chose the Ascended Master path have a learning curve to go through. The first step on this path, that of the station I term Novice Ascended Master, is no doubt the hardest.

In that station, the spiritual aspirant gains all the psychic powers, but has not yet transcended ego. At this stage, the Novice Ascended Master becomes, on the astral plane, a god of Death or a Force of Nature, and his embodied followers will be seen to be carrying out his wishes in this regard. From this station he will eventually be released, and much more quickly during this time of great Incoming Light.

In these days, the thousand-year journey of beingness as a god of Death or a Force of Nature must take place in a year or two. Consequently, the Novice Ascended Masters have been having a hard go of it since about the year 2,000.

Aspirants of Novice Ascended Masters. Those who look up to the Novice Ascended Masters as their gurus and spiritual guides were much better off, during these times, turning to one of the great fully Ascended Masters, perhaps the Master to whom their own beloved Novice Ascended Master turned for inspiration. Or these aspirants may wish to turn to the Angelic Realm, or to God and God alone.

Be they determined to cling to their own Novice Ascended Master, who himself is going through great suffering in clearing through his own ego, and the mistakes in terms of ‘power over’ he made during his last incarnation, cannot expect succor from him. But rather, they will see exponential multiplication of their own suffering, especially if they find themselves driven to worship of those dark astral entities, such as Satan, the demons, and the devils who have now left Earth. In such circumstance, they will find themselves serving no power still honored or capable of maintaining a stronghold on Awakening Earth.

If the error made by their guru had to do with using his psychic powers for the advancement of his group, rather than for the good of all humankind, while disregarding the issue of morality … along the lines of ‘any means to suit this noble end’ … then clinging to their guru during the Shift will lead them to express this error in 3D, with possible physical law-enforcement ramifications for themselves.

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Disincarnate god-hood is the trying stage that Novice Ascended Masters reach where they are, on the astral plane, gods of Death or Forces of Nature.

Ghosts and Shades

Ghosts or shades are the kama rupa or desire elemental (Lower Mental Body) of human beings who have passed on. As the New Light comes in, they are clearing toward joy and love and Light. If you run across one roving round, you can direct it to a hospital, where it may be of service to the children being born.

Those ghosts of humans who have died suddenly, as through accident or suicide, have a harder time clearing as the New Light comes in; but I am confident that they will clear, maybe taking a little bit longer, or having a bit tougher go of it, as the influxes of Light change their very essence.


Beings of Light: Our Star Brethren

Beings of Light, our sisters and brothers of the stars, are now able to communicate with humans without distortions of the Light. Those of us humans who are developing telepathy: Let us join with our Ascension Team, including our dear families of Light, to help Earth through this transition in love and peace and joy. Know that communications you receive in English are distortions of the Light: these beings communicate through Light Language and through the Sounds of Light.

Angelic Realm

The angels have ever been at the ready, able to cut through the black magic spells of the beings that roam Earth during the great Ages of Darkness. And now too, during this great Awakening of Earth, they are ready to be of service to humankind and Earth. All we need do is ask for their help. But here is the hitch: Ask we must, or that Angelic aid may not be granted.


Direct alignment with God in will, in heart, and in mind, is much more readily at hand during the Awakening, as the Incoming Light is destroying misunderstandings caused by distortion of the Light during the recent Great Age of Darkness. Now, we can all rise to a state of Christed and Buddhic Consciousness, of satori, enlightenment, illumination, and God-Awareness, if we set our hearts and Souls to this end.

Invocation Beyond Time and Space

So as to avail ourselves of all the help now available to us from sentient beings beyond the astral realm, may I suggest this invocation? …

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines and dimensions!
For the All, through Free Will! 

The Great Invocation of Djwhal Khul

For Alignment with God and God alone, may I suggest “The Great Invocation” of Djwhal Khul? Here I have channeled the prayer …

Video: “‘The Great Invocation’ by Djwhal Khul,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2014, published on 3 July 2014 … https://youtu.be/IrE4QJg_Ai0 ..

And here are the words to the prayer … Link: “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey, in Theosophy Wiki … https://theosophy.wiki/en/Great_Invocation ..


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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