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Black Magic Tricks and How to Counter Them . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 4 April 2016; published on 13 April 2017; revised 14 April 2017, revised
Previously titled: Black Magic Tricks and How to Counter Them, April 2016

    • Black Magic Goes Against the Principles of Life On Earth
    • Black Magic Trick: ‘Reversal’
    • How the Satanically Created City Domes and City Fiefdoms of Earth Have Fallen
    • Other Negative Astral Beings May Still Exist on Earth
    • Black Magickers Who Still Believe Their Craft Has Power
    • Black Magic Trick: Soul Signature ‘Dipping’ or ‘Skinny Dipping’
    • Satan: The Father of Lies . The Deceiver of the World
    • More Black Magic Tricks: Strong Negative Emotion and Projection
    • Afterlife of the Black Magicker
    • Law-Breaking Tendency of the Black Magicker
    • Black Magic Trick: Calling of a Name
    • Black Magic Trick: I Am Satan!?
    • Countering the Name Trick: Satan Is Not Us!
    • Countering Another Name Trick: Baal Is Labh!
    • Black Magic Depends on the Negative Energies of the ‘Lower Triangle’
      • First Chakra Negative
        • Greed
      • Second Chakra Negative
        • Lust
        • Androphobia
        • Gynohobia or Jock
        • Nympho and Satyr
        • Philophobia
      • Third Chakra Negative
        • Power Over Others, ‘Masterplan’, ‘World Domination’
        • Patriarchal Domination
          • Misogyny
          • Women Turning Against Other Women
          • Alpha Male
          • Sex Object
      • Negatively Versus Positively Aspected Lower Chakras
    • Esoteric Numbering of Hellworlds, Versus Numbering of Chakras
      • Hellworld Numbering
      • Chakric Numbering
      • Table: Level of Hell … Chakra
      • Erratum

Dear Ones,

Here are a few things I picked up about black magic through clair hearing.

Another way of looking at black magic would be that the tricks described are mechanisms of the subconscious mind … what might be termed ‘subconscious hardwiring’ … such as scapegoating, blame, and guilt projection, and attribution of magical qualities to names.

Black magickers might be thought of as psychics or spiritual adepts who utilize our subconscious hardwiring to their own ends through mind control of other human beings.

My own stance is that mastery of our own minds … rather than the minds of others … is an uplifting and worthy goal of Earthly life.

An edited Summary follows the video. Blue, italicized font in the Summary indicated outline points, some of which are not in the video. If in a bind for time, I feel you could get the gist of the video by reading the headings and the blue font alone.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I am here at a beautiful natural sanctuary in the Santa Monica Mountains. You can hear the birds, and I will show you some photos. There are horses here, at a private place, and right next to it beautiful flowers and grass and trees. I will show you …

Now we are going to look at the horses … [shows horses in shaded pasture] … Look at that! Wow … beautiful horses! And over here … [shows oak tree] … see, they are under the valley oak tree … a really good-looking valley oak. The leaves are coming out because it is springtime. And over here, beautiful flowers … [shows yellow flowers]. A very nice place, my gosh! Trees over there .. [shows trees] … Wow!

Black Magic Goes Against the Principles of Life On Earth

The principles of life on Earth are the All (‘One for All and All for One’) and on free will. Black magic is based on the One (that is, the strongest One) and subjugation of the All to the One (that is, the subjugation of all beings’ free will except for that of the ‘One’). And so, for black magic to happen on Earth, we free will beings must be tricked out of our notions of the All and of Free Will.

I have a short story to tell. I was coming back down the mountain after a hike with a group that I know, and I started hearing a lot of clair ‘patter’ or chatter with regard to black magic. Black magic is something of which I am not a fan … not at all.

I was listening, and I have caught onto a few things, over the years, about black magic. I know that it is based on trickery. This is a free will planet, and the intention of black magic is power over other people. If other people knew that was the intention, they would not succumb to black magic or practice it. But they do not know it. That is pertinent to what is about to be explained right now.

I read a little, and I heard, over the years, that the demon realm uses loopholes and trickery with regard to the laws of this planet … which are free will and the All … and comes up with ways to trick the human mind into agreeing to the Satanic stuff.

Black Magic Trick: ‘Reversal’

One such trick: Reversal of the words of a good chant or prayer, such as reversal of the wording of the Mass to the Black Mass. This can be annoying, it is true, but it is more of a nuisance factor than a true hindrance, I feel. To counter this, I would just continue with my good chant or prayer; that would be my personal contribution to Earth’s noosphere. I also take care that the energy I project reflects love and Light and joy, rather than upset at the attempted ‘reversal’. For the turning of our own energy from Love to Hatred is the main work of the black magicker, or so I feel.

One of the tools that black magickers use is reversal. There is a famous instance of the Catholic … it used to be simply Christian, before the Protestant movement … Mass, which brought great good to the world. And those who practiced black magic … the worshipers of the god Baal and of Satan … used to reverse the words of the Mass … or used some way they thought would reverse the good influence of the Mass. And so that is called ‘reversal’. And that is pertinent to Satan worship practices today as well.

I cannot speak to whether it works or not. The problem is, they think it works. And so they think they are accomplishing evil things in the world. So that accounts for something; our intentions count for something.

The result is that their pain and suffering increases. And that is right up the alley of the demon realm: They want suffering and pain in humankind to increase, and do all kinds of tricky things in order for that to happen.

How the Satanically Created City Domes and City Fiefdoms of Earth Have Fallen

How the city fiefholders have been prevailed upon by the Lightworkers, through the intercession of their celestial Ascension teams, the Angelic Realm, and God himself, to leave Earth.

I have recounted recently that it seems to me as if the fall of the City Dome of Los Angeles, and other City Domes all around the world … all around Gaia … and also that the city fiefdoms had been lifted, and that the beings that were in charge of the city fiefdoms and the various geographic fiefdoms have been asked by Lightworkers (in conjunction with their Celestial Ascension Teams, and with the Angelic Realm, and with God Himself) to leave Earth.

All that is finished up now. Our atmosphere is much more clear than it used to be, in terms of the astral realm.

Other Negative Astral Beings May Still Exist on Earth

There are quite a few beings on the astral plane, I hear, both good and bad beings from the human standpoint, so it could be that some beings of each type remain.

I read someplace, some time ago that there were … oh, I forget, a hundred fifty? … different kinds of beings in the astral realm … some good, some bad. I would not be surprised if there were not quite a few other entities around that are not quite our cup of tea, from the point of view of Christ consciousness, besides those that have already been asked to leave this Solar System … or at least, this Alternate World.

So I am talking about things that used to be the case in the past.

Black Magickers Who Still Believe Their Craft Has Power

For sure there are memories of black magic still leaving Earth, as well as people who before the 2012 Shift practiced black magic to some effect, but who are finding today that it does not work efficiently. This is because the matter on the astral plane of Earth is being refined by the Incoming Light, and no longer responds to the dense vibrations of black magic.

There are still practitioners of black magic who believe things are still the same as they used to be. I am talking about some people today who are still practicing black magic rituals, and participating in clair chatter on the astral plane. They put on their special ‘Satan hat’, right? I hope I have explained that sufficiently.

Black Magic Trick: Soul Signature ‘Dipping’ or ‘Skinny Dipping’

Soul signature ‘dipping’ is calling down a person’s vocal signature on the clair plane. For instance, a black magicker might dip into the Soul signature of someone you know … friend or family member, and try to convince you that they are that person. However, the black magicker’s own emotion will be behind the astral story that develops, as well as their own recurrent themes of past Soul wounding experiences.

To uncover and understand who is doing this, check the emotion behind the words, and recurrent themes of Soul wounding experiences. Then you will be able to match the emotion and Soul wounding to a particular personality, known or unknown, even though the clair voice may sound like a friend or family member.

Another way to check on who is really talking with you on the astral plane is to check up on the physical plane with the friend or family member that it sounds like. If they sound different on the physical plane, then there are two possibilities:

You may have connected with their ‘lost children of the Soul’ … that is, their own past Soul wounding memories, which are in the process of resolving in the Incoming Light.

You may have connected with the Soul wounding of the black magicker … which they may be projecting either consciously or unconsciously … and which is in the process of clearing.

Note that black magickers sometimes align together for teamwork, and this can be more difficult to counter.

One of the people apparently has developed an ability to confuse the human mind by telling stories and calling down ‘Soul signatures’ of different people. It is called ‘dipping’ or ‘Soul signature dipping’. For more on this, see my blog category: Skinny dipping (Soul signature dipping) ..

On the astral plane, a black magicker will call down the vocal signature of an acquaintance of a second person. And so this second person is convinced that they are hearing their acquaintance. But in fact, it devolves into a Satanic communication carrying the energy of the Soul wounding of the person who is the black magicker. That same theme, to do with the Soul wounding of the black magicker, will be heard over and over again by the mind of the second person, as the black magicker ‘skinny dips’ into the astral form of one after another of the second person’s acquaintances.

Satan: The Father of Lies . The Deceiver of the World

All this reminds me of Biblical and other descriptions of Satan and devils. For instance, you know how Satan is described in the Bible as Father of Lies …

“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.” –John 8:44 (KJV, public domain)

… and the Deceiver of the World?

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” –Revelation 12:9 (KJV, public domain)

… and talking in voices, I think … [I could not find this one. Maybe I got the idea from the popular phrase ‘silver-tongued devil’. –Alice] … There were a list of quite a few things. The Bible kind of has Satan down. It described all the qualities …

Satan is …

  • accusor
  • deceiver
  • imitator
  • liar
  • murderer
  • oppressor
  • perverter
  • sinner
  • tempter

Our weapons against Satan are …

  • truth
  • righteousness
  • readiness
  • faith
  • salvation (God’s help)
  • God’s word

More Black Magic Tricks: Strong Negative Emotion and Projection

Stronger emotion makes a stronger thought form. Black magickers may engage in their techniques after ratcheting up repressed lust, rage and anger, for instance. The result is increased pain and suffering welling up and building up in the heart of the black magicker, which the black magicker may project outward at a perceived ‘other‘.

To return to the topic of the black magicker: There are people in the world today who are adhering to these precepts that seem to be working for them on the physical plane. As mentioned above, there is a black magicker who is a woman, and who has the power to ‘Soul signature dip’, and begin a conversation that is her own conversation; but she pretends that she is several other people. She does a skit in that way, to confuse the mind, which then stops thinking about God consciousness or Christ consciousness.

So I caught the gist of that black magic trick! Yea! I even caught the person that it is. Then her husband came on. He is much more soft-spoken. This woman … her image that she presents on the astral airs is that of a black panther.

Then there is another person that comes on, and tries to ratchet up her sexual instincts. There is some Soul wounding there that causes her to hurt other people with her sexuality, I guess. The stronger the emotion, for a black magicker, the more powerful they will seem to be. The emotions that really ratchet up black magic … at least, in the past this was true … are repressed rage and anger.

So the fruits of that ratcheting up are that this aggression is turned outward … or projected outward … towards what are perceived to be other beings in the world. The result of that kind of projection of anger is increased pain and suffering. It is welling up and building up in the heart of the person that is the black magicker … more and more so, as the black magic is practiced.

Afterlife of the Black Magicker

Pain and suffering cause a ‘denseness’ in the heart of the black magicker. It is this denseness that, after their death and passing onto the astral plane, causes them to sink down into the lower astral plane negative. This is pertinent to the legend of the Egyptian goddess Ma’at; the myth goes like this: Ma’at’s feather is balanced against the weight of the human heart to determine the astral realm they will inhabit on death.

Denseness of heart also restricts the size of the human electromagnetic field. As the heart ‘lightens up’ with positive emotions such as gratitude and love, the EMF field expands, and encompasses the new transpersonal chakras above the head, as well as the new chakras below the feet.

To counter the black magickers’ practice of projecting pain and suffering outward, we can ratchet up the emotions of appreciation, gratitude, faith and hope in our daily lives.

By the time the black magicker passes away, and goes on to the astral plane, the Soul wounding of the heart has become very dense. And so they sink down into the realms of suffering, the hellworlds.

Law-Breaking Tendency of the Black Magicker

The practice of developing denseness of heart can also prompt the black magicker to ‘run sideways of the law’ during physical incarnation. 

Typically the attitude of the black magicker is ‘live for the moment’ … ‘live for today’ … live the life of a libertine: Gain all pleasures, despite all human laws to the contrary. Anything that gives them pleasure is likely to be something that is against the law. That is because laws are to protect other human beings; and the black magicker is wounded in the Lower Triangle, typically, and the wounding is projected outward into wounding of humankind. And so quite frequently the black magicker ‘runs sideways to the law’ in their lives.

To get back to the thing about which I was about to talk: The woman came on, and she presented a skit. Then I realized that the skit was just ‘Soul signature dipping’. The minute I realized it, the female black magicker came back to my mind, and I knew that it was she.

The minute you recognize it is someone who is practicing black magic … or attempting to do so … then their power is lost.

Then her husband came on; and he sent a clair image of putting on his ‘ceremonial hat’. I am not frightened or concerned about this anymore, because I know how greatly the density of Earth has diminished since the year 2012.

The spells are not working right anymore, but Soul wounding is so dense amongst the black magickers in general that it will take some time to reverse it, I feel. So I am waiting for the Light to tranform them.

Black Magic Trick: Calling of a Name

Black magickers feel they gain power over a person by knowing their name. Since they believe this strongly, if you can figure out a black magicker’s name, then they may feel they have lost their power. If you don’t know their name, try catching them off guard and asking them ‘What is your true name?’ This may work; you may get the words or a visual; in which case, Name them. If you can’t figure this out and they call your name, just say your name is something else. They’ve got the wrong person.

Black Magic Trick: I Am Satan!?

A black magicker may tell you, ‘I am Satan.’ This is patently untrue … Satan isn’t a human being. But this trick is intended to allow the black magicker to gain power over you. For this, just use ‘reversal’ like this: say, ‘Satan is nat-as, Satan is nat-as’. In other words, reversal of Satan’s name is a phonetic way of saying ‘Satan is not us.’ He is not us human beings. No human being is Satan. And this Reversal will take the power out of this trick.

To get back to the topic, her husband came on to the ‘clair chat’. He put on his ‘ceremonial’ hat, and he said: I am Satan.

Countering the Name Trick: Satan Is Not Us!

Well, this is an untrue statement. Satan … wherever he is now … is a being that is not human. I am definite on that. So this was an untruth. I immediately got to thinking about the trick of reversal that is used amongst the black magickers.

Sometimes it is used by spelling a name backwards. So I thought through how to spell Satan’s name backwards. It goes like this: N – A – T – A – S. Phonetically, that sounds like: Not us.

So what I got from that is this chant: Satan is not us!   (x3)

We humans are a different race. You know? Completely different from Satan! Satan is ‘in it’ for Satan’s sake … not for human beings’ sake. That is definite!

The minute I started that chant, all that black magic crew .. maybe six people … went back into the background of my clairaudient Awareness and just disappeared. Maybe you can use it; maybe it is a tool for the minute and the hour: Satan is not us!

That would be using the black magickers’ own ‘reversal’ tool on behalf of Christ consciousness: Satan is not us! We are Christ consciousness beings. We walk hand in hand with Christ and the angels.

Countering Another Name Trick: Baal Is Labh!

Another trick: Baal. If they say, ‘I am Baal,’ then use this Reversal: ‘Baal is laab. Baal is laab’. The word ‘laab’ is phonetically close to the word ‘labh’ … which signifies ‘profit’ in Hindi. The meaning of the phrase ‘Baal is laab’ is thus:’ Those who worship Baal will be dragged down into the world of greed, into desire for material things.’

I have a postscript with regard to reversal of Satan names: There is the word ‘Baal’, which, I have read, was the name of the god that preceded Yahweh in that area of the world where Jerusalem is, and up above there, around the ‘breadbasket’ where they say civilization was born.

I read that the god Baal was a carpenter god. If true this would be interesting, as Christ’s occupation was also carpentry.  [Ooops, looks like I was thinking of the Babylonian god Nin-Ildu. It looks like Baal was a god of weather (lightning, wind and rain) and fertility.]

Then King David came along and committed genocide against all the people up north of him … all the tribes up there that worshipped Baal. After that, because they wanted to consolidate the state religion, Baal got a bad rap .. undeservedly bad.

That remains the case today: Baal is in a class with Satan as far as denseness and Darkness and hatred and very dense energy of the heart is concerned.

So some black magickers, just to have a changeup, may, instead of worshipping Satan, may worship the god Baal.

I just did a reversal on the word ‘Baal’, and what do you know, it comes out: L – A – A – B. Interestingly enough, in Hindi the word ‘labh’ means ‘profit’.  So when we use the phrase: Baal is labh … what we mean is: Baal is profit. 

Thus worshipping Baal weighs one down into the density of what the Ferenghi represented on ‘Star Trek’ … into the world of profit … the world of ‘things’ … the substitution of ‘things’ for the importance of the spirit, in such a way that we are anchored to the material world.

So this is the thing to say to worshippers of Baal: Baal is labh.

They may take it the wrong way; they may take it that they are getting just what they want. But in fact, what they are getting is density … denseness in their heart chakra, that pulls them down, on the astral plane, into the hellworlds.

Black Magic Depends on the Negative Energies of the ‘Lower Triangle’

Black magic depends on the negative energies of the ‘lower triangle’ … the first through third chakras, old-style (that is, pre-Shift). These energies are turned negative by Soul wounding.

First Chakra Negative. Greed, as described above, is related to the first chakra negative.

Second Chakra Negative. Black magickers sometimes also ratchet up lust as well, so as to make their spells more effective. Lust is related to the second chakra negative. Other manifestations of 2N …

  • Androphobia: fear of men, women relating only to women
  • Gynophobia or Jock: fear of women, men relating only to men
  • Nympho and Satyr: Addiction to the second chakra.
  • Philophobia: fear of falling in love, fear of intimacy. As these threads clear from Earth, the truth of the principle of free will shall once more become apparent to humankind. It will then once more be possible for humankind to use the power of the second chakra positive to co-create reality so as to bring forth New Life on New Earth. 

Third Chakra Negative. Power over others, sometimes unconsciously monikered ‘the Masterplan‘ or ‘world domination‘, is associated with the third chakra negative.

A variant of the ‘power over others’ 3N theme is ‘Patriarchal domination‘, which is a mental filter being cleared from Earth right now. This has to do with …

    • Misogyny: men setting themselves against women
    • Women turning against other women, whom they see as competitors
    • Alpha Male: There is a congruent energy thread of alpha males mutilating and murdering other males, whom they perceive as competitors.
    • Sex Object: People seeing their sexual partners as object rather than spirit. As these threads clear from Earth, the truth of the All shall once more become apparent to humankind. 

This section has to do with the emotion of lust, and ratcheting up of that emotion during the practice of black magic. And it has a little more on the negative astral planes; a few more descriptions of the hellworlds …

It is the energy of the second chakra old-style that the black magickers use as fuel for their black magic. Instead of using the second chakra to co-create New Life on New Earth, they are using it as lust, to increase the power of the third chakra negative.

The third chakra has to do with will power, and so what they want is power over others; power over other people in the world. That is how that engine … the third chakra … works.

Negatively Versus Positively Aspected Lower Chakras

Of course, when the engine of the third chakra is hooked to the heart energy, in Christ consciousness, it is greatly enhanced, and can be used to co-create the reality of New Life on New Earth … instead of creating what might be termed ‘living hell’.

That is interesting as well: Those lower chakras, when they are negatively aspected, turn into the hellworlds on the astral plane … keeping in mind that the astral plane is always with us … not just after we pass over. Especially now, after the Great Awakening, the astral plane provides a means of creation to those of us who are still in human form … and who at the same time experience life in many other dimensions.

Esoteric Numbering of Hellworlds, Versus Numbering of Chakras

Numbering of the astral planes is opposite of chakra numbering …

Hellworld numbering: Hellworlds on the astral plane start with 7th plane negative (7N), and go on up to 1N in the old-style, pre-Shift numbering system.

Chakric numbering, old-style, starts with the first chakra at the base of the spine, and go on up to the first chakra, at the crown of the head …

Level of HellChakra
7  ……………………….  1
6  ……………………….  2
5  ……………………….  3
4  ……………………….  4
3  ……………………….  5
2  ……………………….  6
1  ……………………….  7

Erratum: In some of my prior blogs, I have erroneously termed the third chakra negative hellworld ‘3N’ (according to the chakric numbering system) when in fact it should be termed ‘5N’ according to the hellworld numbering systems referenced in Arthur E. Powell’s “The Astral Plane and Other Phenomena” (available on amazon.com ). Please accept my apologies for this.

There is one other thing I meant to mention: That has to do with the ordering, or the numbering, of the hellworlds. According to the book “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, published 1927, Quest Book edition 1973, copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965

the numbering of the hellworlds starts at the seventh level of hell, which is located at the first chakra negative. Then the second chakra negative … the sexual chakra negative … would be the sixth level of hell. It is kind of tricky, huh? And then the third chakra … the navel point, the will power … would be the fifth level of hell. I have mistakenly called that the third level of hell when speaking about the third chakra sometimes in the past; please forgive me for that. It should be 5N … the fifth level of hell negative. Arcane!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Here’s what Satan’s voice sounds like, according to St. Ignatius Loyola,” by Aleteia … https://aleteia.org/2018/07/08/heres-what-satans-voice-sounds-like-according-to-st-ignatius-loyola/ ..

Link: “The Characteristics of Satan,” by David Buck, 7 May 2010, in Study God …  http://studygodorg.blogspot.com/2011/04/characteristics-of-satan-by-david-buck.html ..


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Black Magic and Reverse Black Magic . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 November 2015

    • Psychic Terrorism Against ISIS

Dear Ones,


This song hints at how, in the fourth dimension, the sexual urge of a black magic ‘victim’ can be used to bind their minds down to the Satan world …

Video: “Arlen / Mercer / Sarah Vaughan: ‘That Old Black Magic’,” by davidhertzberg, 31 March 2013 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82r9VQuet_k ..

People whose sexual drive is naturally low, as well as those who have carefully nurtured and brought up their desire elementals to right action in the world, cannot be bound down in this way. Further, those whose sexual organs are purified with feelings of love, Light and joy can never be so bound down.


When the fourth dimension was created, a strong undercurrent of Satanic energy was introduced to Earth. According to Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist texts, this is the energy of another kind of being that inhabited Earth, the class of astral negative beings referred to as demons and devils. (1) Though I have read elsewhere that there are many more sorts of astral negative beings.

Be that as it may, even today, in these days of Ascension, there are astral negative beings that retain toeholds in the ‘bubble’ atmosphere of the large cities, because of the insalubrious nature of life in these nature-spirit-unfriendly environments. Since there is no geography in 4D, no distances to be traversed, these beings can reach out from the city bubbles … to which they are, effectively, confined in these days of glorious Incoming Light.


Though they are confined, they can instantaneously ‘reach out and touch someone’ …  anyone, anywhere on Earth … with the subliminal command ‘my mind to your mind’, or the like. Before we go farther in this tall yarn that is the Duality experiment, let me remind you of the counter to the command ‘my mind to your mind‘ … Just say, ‘Your mind to the mind of God.’ And then, after aligning black magicker with God, relax your own heart, and your chest muscles … Feel faith and trust in God. Know that whatever spells the black magicker makes, are now synchronous events with your own Soul evolution.

If you feel sensations in your body and electromagnetic field (EMF) as the black magicker says his spells, know that for him or her, they are witchcraft. But for you, synchronously, they are healing events taking place in your own axiatonal lines of Light, through which the feeder lines of Light of the Universe transmit love and Light and joy to your own hologram. In this alignment with God, this physically expressed feeling of faith and hope, lies your own ability to reverse black magic.


Interestingly, one of the techniques the black magickers use is Reversal. For instance, they will use a ‘Black Mass’ parody of the Catholic Mass … retooled, as it were … with prayers to Satan or curses against God … the idea being to counter an energy of faith and trust with a reverse energy.

In the same way, the act of astral mind control by a black magicker or black magicker group is an act of Reversal. Mind control reverses our free will, indeed our very existence as mirrors of Divine love and Light, occluding these truths with delusions of pain, sorrow, suffering, fear, hatred, and so on.

Just around 9 p.m. last night I was awakened by an incredible mind control gambit involving a group of people being led by a mind control man. They were out for blood … ho hum … the ordinary for the black magic set. Control the world, mind by mind. The leader, with that ‘my mind to your mind’ line, was actually moving his consciousness into the brains of his adherents, one by one. Then, on the astral plane, it would sound like one of them talking, but would actually be him talking through their bodies.

I thought: Well here is a chance for his followers to do an experiment, if they are not too deeply into that ‘voodoo me’ night of the living dead thing!

So, on the clair plane, I suggested they urge their leader to speak out loud, simultaneously with a member of the group, only on a different topic …

So then his wife, or possibly his paramour, started clair talking, but he stopped.

No, no, I said! Let both talk at the same time, but with different thoughts! So then the leader started talking again, but his wife stopped.

No, no, I said! He got aggravated … thinking, How can I control each of them, get into their brains, and still be in my own? Silly woman! Cannot be done! He tried the mind meld with another member of the group … started talking through them … but once more stopped clair talking through his own brain.

Acid test results: Not one member of the group, at that moment, had a mind of their own. And a corollary: Apparently, black magic is confined to person-to-person mini-noospheric (brain) thought transfer. It is not like the process of prayer, where we can visualize the entire Earth imbued with the feeling of love, Light and joy. On the contrary, black magic depends on manipulation of individual ego, individual primal urges. In that sense, it is cumbersome, antiquated, and short-sighted.

O my gosh, during that clair session yesterday evening, I fielded just a gadzillion curses from this mind-controlled group and its mind-controlling leader. Yet through faith and hope … the axiatonal healing technique described above … each curse was turned to a beautiful Incoming Light event in my own hologram. And so, it became an amazing Light upgrade celebration for me.



Image: “A painting from the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, from Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5 … DESCRIPTION: There are three frames: The first shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by an angel. The second shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by a devil; her angel is standing to one side with a worried expression, In the third frame there are people on a road, and a cart pulled by two white cows. there are devils cavorting about in the air. The inscription for the third frame adjures folks to avoid magicians and healers, who are said to be servants of the devils.

Image: “A painting from the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, from Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5 …

DESCRIPTION: There are three frames: The first shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by an angel. The second shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by a devil; her angel is standing to one side with a worried expression, In the third frame there are people on a road, and a cart pulled by two white cows. there are devils cavorting about in the air. The inscription for the third frame adjures folks to avoid magicians and healers, who are said to be servants of the devils.

I cannot blame folks for falling to the black magic routines of the Satan world. After all, we intrepid Souls signed on for the Duality experiment. And that experiment could not take place without the presence of astral negative entities who pull the wool over our eyes through black magic. It is these entities who hoodwinked last night’s group leader into using mind control on his group.

Where did he get that Black Magic Book? The folks he got it from were themselves hoodwinked into the work of the Satan realm.

Where did they get the Book from? Those folks were also hoodwinked by the Satan realm.

And so, who is to blame for any of this? We all came to Earth. We all agreed to let out a portion of our minds to the Dark, to the unconscious, to fear of the Unknown, to the power-over astral crowd. And now, we humans are all rediscovering the Light … uncovering the Unknown in us … knowing it for what it is: A spark of the Divine, not the territory of the Satanic (ho hum!) overlord of Earth….


Another thing that black magickers do is called Redirection. This requires several of them, in coalition, working toward the downfall of another person’s Soul. For instance, the leader of a black magic group might be enacting clair skits on death, destruction, despair, fear, anger, and so on. Another person in the group might be simultaneously saying: May he/she [intending the victim] hear [and then a clair picture of a person the victim knows].

This concerted effort results in the leader’s skit sounding like it is coming from a person the ‘victim’ knows … maybe a family member, a friend, a work acquaintance, and so on.


The purpose of redirection is to create in the ‘victim’ feelings of hatred, fear, despair, and so on, without reaping the karmic result. The ‘victim’ takes the redirected astral scenario to be true, and so vents his or her negative emotion on the redirect group … This black magic notion of karmic dodge underscores the egoic underpinnings of black magic practice.

The corollaries of black magic proceed from the notion that there is no God overseeing the play of lila. Instead, the black magic practitioner works for the aggrandizement of his or her own ego: I’m in it for me and me alone! Let me run roughshod over everyone! I want it! Who cares what everybody else wants! … Sammy Davis Jr states this egoic standpoint engagingly in the song “I gotta be me” …

Video: “Sammy David Jr. – I’ve Gotta Be Me – With On-Screen Lyrics,” by Charly, 11 March 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB0ndRzaz2o ..

In overlooking the Divine plan, the redirecting black magicker neglects to take into account the karmic catchup that occurs after death. He or she most likely has not considered the concepts of after-death astral hellworlds, or reincarnation, or Soul purpose. Instead, the black magicker concentrates on the short-term gain, the slice of the material pie, the instinct to overpower, the ‘master plan’ to control us puny earthlings.

I call it the Mini-Overlord Satanic Subroutine. Gosh, how intriguing the notion of getting caught in this subroutine, and then facing a mythical Lord of Death (2) after passing on! What an O. Henry short story ending that would be!


The way to redirect astral acts of Redirection is to name the originators of the skit. If you know their names, name them on the astral plane. There will often be several layers of naming. For instance, a person named Dwane [this is a made-up name] in real life, who might be right-hand-man to an occult leader, might refer, one layer back, to a person named Dwane in another occult group. A person named Clyde [another made-up name] in one occult group might refer back to a person named Clyde in another occult group. And back again to another Clyde. In this way, through the incantation of Names, Satanic gloms occur, reassemble, and recur all over Earth.


There is a precept in the Satan world that naming a true name nulls a person’s or group’s black magic energy. Maybe the precept is true, or maybe it is just conceived to be true; but for sure, I can say, through personal discovery on the astral plane, that finding the true name of a black magic person or group immediately nulls their spells.

It is not that easy to name true names, though. How to go about it? First, it is important to know that both 3D and 4D are sustained by the networks of Dark and Light. The glom is everywhere, both of the Dark and of the Light, during this Winter Solstice 2015.



Image: “Her shadow cast upon the ground,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Her shadow cast upon the ground,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

All humans, when they place their Awareness in these dimensions, are involved in the play of Light and Dark. Their Souls pursue the path of Light. Their shadows (as the psychological term goes) … their Soul wounding, their samskaras, their morphogenetic field distortions, their karmic miasmic patterning, their lost inner children … pursue the path of the Dark.

Our very best friends have a path of Dark and a path of Light, co-existing and intertwining, in the third and fourth dimensions. Why is this so? Why do we meet betrayal after betrayal in these dimensions?

God has arranged these amazingly complicated, incredibly intense skits for our own Soul learning. So that we children of Divine may learn discrimination, right action, alignment with the Divine Will rather than with the little will of man.

And so, the true name in the Satanic skit we are viewing on the astral plane may be the name of our best friend, or our most respected mentor. Or someone they know or look up to or do business with … even on up to the highest names in the spiritual hierarchy of humanity today. Yes, that is the nature of the third and fourth dimensions.

This past week, because of the influx of Winter Solstice Light, true name after true name in the Dark Tangles I have been hearing for years are being disclosed. What fun! I wake up in the morning, and I know the true name. I then call the name on the astral plane, and the energy dissolves in Love. It reminds me of that old Alka-Seltzer commercial …

Video: “Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz (1976),” by navigide, 4 May 2014, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iENQXIQ8wH0 ..


I have just a little to say about what is called in astral black magic parlance ‘the war effort’. For instance, what I have heard black magic groups say over and over again on the astral plane: “We support the war effort.” What does this mean?

Apparently this is not, as I originally assumed, about ISIS. Rather, in the Satan realm, the term refers to something that is the opposite of our government’s War on Drugs. In 4D, the term ‘the war effort’ means the war to enslave humanity’s higher consciousness through hard drug (3) use.

Psychic Terrorism Against ISIS. The ISIS media coverage is apparently intended, by the Dark, as a dodge to cover up the real issue … In fact, last year I heard the Satan crowd, in one of the North American large cities, mind controlling and attempting to incite small groups of fervent Muslims in the Middle East to acts of violence. For me, this was an appalling clair experience. However, there is a lot to be learned from it … the most important thing being, it did not work; and three more things as well …

  • First, apparently, black magic finds fuel for burning mainly in the large cities right now. This is because of the concentration of crime, drugs, and poor living conditions there (and the lack of nature spirits, who are the natural astral enemies of astral negative entities).
  • Second, clearly the astral realm has no geography, or black magic spells could not reach from North America to the Middle East, all in a trice.
  • Third, people who feel faith in God must be on constant guard against egoic black magic incursions. Let us never succumb to the laws of cause and effect. Let us never fall to the concept that the ends justify the means, a la the dictators of history. Let us never be compelled to the emotions of hatred or revenge. Rather, let us exist in the synchrony of love and Light.

What an astral dodge is this! Hatred and sleepytime dreams … ISIS and hard drugs … If we fall for it, down we will go to the Underworld, to the very densest regions of the molten core of Earth. At least, the Dark Ones would finagle it thus, but for the dazzling healing effect of the Incoming Light of Winter Solstice 2015.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Image: “Pythagoras Emerging from the Underworld,” a painting by Salvator Rosa, from Wikimedia … public domain

Image: “Pythagoras Emerging from the Underworld,” a painting by Salvator Rosa, from Wikimedia … public domain


(1) The notion that there exists an ‘enemy of the system’ is found in many religions. This is a being who challenges the way things are, or the supreme ruler … a being who calls the supreme being a hypocrite, and who causes mankind not to be subservient to that being. These religions may call the world ‘Satan’. 

Of course, many cultures do not have a central being that is evil. Yet in various places, and by various paths, the notion of such a being has developed. In Christianity we have the being called Satan or the Devil. In Islam there is Iblis or Shaitan. In Buddhism there is the ‘bringer of death’, Mara. All these beings represent materialism rather than Spirit. Or you might say, they ask us to embrace life in the ‘real world’, the fourth dimension, and they reject ‘wishful thinking’ about the higher dimensions. From the viewpoint of philosophical naturalism, Satan is the beneficent protagonist of the play of Maya, of Illusion. [This is the point of view of the black magicker. –Alice] — adapted from Link: “Satan and the Devil in World Religions,” by Vexen Crabtree, 2014 … http://www.humanreligions.info/satan.html ..

(2) Lord of Death … Link: “Yama,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yama ..

(3) “Hard drugs are drugs that lead to physical addiction. Many countries do not allow people to make, sell or use some of them, other than for medical purposes. Examples of such drugs are opiates (heroin, hydrocodone (Vicodin), morphine), methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, alcohol, GHB, and nicotine.” –from Link: “Hard and Soft Drugs,” Wikipedia … https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_and_soft_drugs … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported and GFDL ..


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