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Escaping the Mind Control Techniques of Lock Down, Entrainment, and Psychic Rape . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 19 April 2017 

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … CC BY 3.0

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … CC BY 3.0

    • Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance/Submission
    • Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship
      • Soul Evolution
      • Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation
    • On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’
    • Subconscious ‘Curses’
    • Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient
    • On Overcoming Entrainment
      • Getting Even
      • Transforming and Returning Energy
      • Long-Term Techniques
    • Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal
    • Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to Sexual Molestation of Women and Children
    • On Overcoming Psychic Rape
      • On the Spur of the Moment
      • Longterm Techniques
    • Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Dear Ones,

Here are some mind control techniques and ways to avoid them:


‘Lock down’ is telepathic repetition of a thought by one person that causes fear in another person. Repeating the thought over and over again can lead to generalized anxiety, then a panic attack. Telepaths use this techique to sharpen their telepathic skills and practice ‘one-upmanship’ on each other.

Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance/Submission

Also, a group of telepaths may gang up on one telepath, a ‘newbie’, and implement ‘lock down’ as a form of hazing.

Hazing is a form of ‘one-upmanship’, which expresses the feral drives to ‘pack ordering’ and dominance/submission, which lead to selection of the alpha male which leads, for instance, a wolf pack or ape pack.

These behaviors, both on the verbal and on the physical level, tend to occur because of retreat from the higher brain to the reptilian brain. They tend to take place subconsciously.

Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship

Soul Evolution. If a spiritual adept wishes to act to evolve his own Soul wisdom, it is important to consciously stop hazing our fellow Spiritual adepts in training, whether they be in our own spiritual group or another spiritual group. Now, at the time of the Turning, the whole world is coming together in peace and harmony; shall we, as spiritual adepts, be left behind, and unconsciously practicing these feral drives in the form of “I’m better than you!” ? Surely, not; let us set aside hazing and psychic competition!

Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation. A further caveat: Practicing spiritual superpower one-upmanship, because it expresses feral dominance/submission, will, over time, lead to the practice of sadomasochism and genital mutilation. These are legally actionable, and clearly, undesirable activities in terms of earthly life.

On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’

For the person who is being subjected to ‘lock down’, anti-anxiety measures, including grounding, medications, and talking to other people about what’s happening are good ways to end the ‘lock down’.


‘Entrainment’ is mental suggestion of a telepathic thought by one person, using their throat chakra or third-eye point, and directed at another person’s throat, third-eye, navel point, sacral chakra, genitals, or basal chakra.

Subconscious Curses

This is a more sophisticated technique than psychic rape, which is described below. Often it is practiced subconsciously: The telepathic sender has a subconscious wish regarding someone else, such as “I wish they wouldn’t marry; I want their money” or “I wish they would stay fat; I don’t want them competing with me for a man” or “I hate them; I wish they would die” or (and I hear this on the clair plane surprisingly often, “May you get cancer.”

These bad wishes ( or ‘curses’) are broadcast by the telepathic sender to the energy field of the person he is thinking about (the telepathic recipient); this occurs as unerringly as a short-wave radio broadcast from one ham operator to the other. Unless detected and returned to the sender transformed to light, love and joy, they will have a deleterious effect on the telepathic recipient’s energy field.

Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient

When directed to another person’s throat chakra or third-eye point:

  • It can cause ‘mind mud‘ …slowing or ceasing of doing the intended action, or doing it wrong.
  • It can lead to traffic accidents,
  • Or to oversleeping, or to an intense desire to fall asleep suddenly,
  • Or to developing a disease or physical pain.
  • It is sometimes unethically used to prevail upon people to give their money to the telepathic sender or a cause he or she espouses.
  • Further, it may be used to get a person to join a spiritual group. Though the means may appear to justify the end, this is a form of consequentialism on the part of the telepathic sender; a first step on the long road to Auschwitz and to Soul devolution.

On Overcoming Entrainment

Phases of Entrainment Detection; Rising above Entrainment

Getting Even. As a telepath begins to become aware of other people’s subconscious ‘curses’ of the sort described above, he or she may go through a phase of ‘getting even’. This phase can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, and is not in key with the energy wave of Christ consciousness that has uplifted Earth.

Transforming and Returning Energy. Thus the telepath who realizes he’s receiving curses soon turns to transforming incoming curses to love, light and joy, and returning them to the sender. This has two advantages:

  • It removes negative energy from the telepathic recipient’s energy field, and
  • It helps turn the original telepathic sender’s energy field from negative to positive, thus promoting, through a feeling of goodwill on the part of the original telepathic recipient, the likelihood that the original sender will cease the intent to astral harm.

Long-Term Techniques. To get past susceptibility to ‘entrainment’ long-term you will need to master your mind by eliminating malware, malspeak, and implants, and developing cosmic mind. See my blog categories ‘Soul wounding’ and ‘mastery of mind’.


Telepathic psychic rape techniques affect the repressed emotions of socialized people, who have learned in childhood to repress and sublimate their sex drive. Psychic rape by a person with a very strong vital drive, or by a group of telepaths acting together (as, for instance, in a black magic ritual), is more difficult to counter than the random, unconscious thought of psychic rape by the ordinary man or woman.

Sometimes soldiers of fortune vaunt their ability to perform psychic rape, either as a way to get other people to unconsciously agree with them, as a power play, or else as a way to get money from them.

Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal

For instance, if a criminal or con man wanted to get a lawyer or law enforcement officer on his side, he might hire a psychic rapist to soften up the lawyer or law enforcement officer, who might unwittingly go along with the genital stimulation in a subconscious way, and overlook the peccadillos of the soldier of fortune or the criminal who hired him.

Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to ‘Mark’ Victims for Predation

The same technique is used to have casual sex with women, or part them from their money; and to overcome a child’s innocent will power and sexually molest him or her.

Con-artists, either consciously or unconsciously, or through hiring a soldier of fortune who has psychic abilities to act on their behalf, use psychic rape to soften up those they have ‘marked’ for predation.

On Overcoming Psychic Rape

On the Spur of the Moment. Individual instances of psychic rape can be dealt with by these actions, which immediately strengthen your electromagnetic field:

  • grounding … sitting on the ground.
  • Or sit up straight, preferably in a quiet place, such as your meditation area.
  • If watching TV, a handheld or the internet, stop doing so; this will strengthen your EMF.

For instance,

  • If driving, park the car and stand on the ground, preferably in a quiet place.
  • If sleeping, sit up in your bed and meditate, or go into another room and meditate in a sitting position.
  • If eating or talking with other people, stop these activities and find a place to meditate while sitting up straight.

Longterm Techniques. Longterm, the way to overcome behavioral manipulation through psychic rape is to develop the will power:

  • by practicing affirmations such as these: http://www.freeaffirmations.org/rock-solid-willpower-positive-affirmations
  • by daily practice of yoga exercises that strengthen the navel point … including ‘stretch pose’, breath of fire, and Sat Kriya … continue daily for 40 or 90 days.
  • by daily practice of calisthenics that strengthen the navel point … such as push-ups and situps,
  • and by consciously monitoring our actions and exercising our will power throughout the day.

See “Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose with Anne Novak, by Spirit Voyage, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9J7AcNLdV0 ..

See “Breath of Fire with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V86Xao9bcRI ..

See “How to Do Kundalini Yoga: Sat Kriya with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdMky3lpshg&t=14s ..

Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Psychic rape is illegal but, as many criminals know, difficult to prove in a court of law. However, there have been instances of convictions for psychic rape.

Left unchecked, psychic rapists are likely to begin raping on the physical plane because of the karmic burden they accrue. The reverse is also true: people who rape will begin to develop the samskara of habitual psychic rape. After some time practicing psychic rape, the psychic  will be unable to contain the impulse to physical rape, even though the risk of being caught by law enforcement in a particular instance may be very high.


When we begin to detect the amount of mind control that goes on in the world, there’s a tendency to over-react, and to go into a spiral of upset about it. However, looked at rightly, beginning to detect that we are being mind controlled is a step in the direction of self-realization, and self awakening.

The question is, to take the bit in the hands, and to begin the long and fascinating road to self mastery and mastery of mind. Thus, looked at aright, detection that we are being mind controlled is a gift of increasing awareness from the Divine.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Extreme Shyness and Psychic Superpowers . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 18 April 2016; published on 20 April 2016
Previously titled: Shyness, Repression of Emotions, and Psychic Superpowers

    • Repression of Soul Desires and Soul Purpose So As to Avoid Social Criticism
    • Desire to Hide from Other People Creates Welter of Negative Emotions
    • Gulf Between the Lower Chakras and the Sixth Chakra, in a Person with Great Psychic Abilities
    • The Unethical Nature of the Indian Tradition of Riddhi and Siddhi, and of the Thuggee Cults
    • Could the Very Shy Person Be Lacking in Egoic Identification Because of Concern Regarding Societal Expectations?
    • Lack of Egoic Identification as a Cause of Mind Control by Very Shy People
    • Interrelationship of the Qualities of Extreme Shyness and the Development of Great Psychic Powers
    • Might Paired Opposing Energies Be Building Blocks of Personality?
    • Healing Therapies For People with Extreme Shyness and with Psychic Superpowers
      • Balancing the Chakras May Provide a Solution
      • Addressing Shyness Through Behavioral Therapy or Group Therapy on the Physical Plane

Dear Ones,

This video is about extreme shyness (sometimes termed ‘social anxiety disorder’), which affects about 15 million Americans.

Topics: extreme shyness, repression of emotions due to social anxiety, psychic superpowers, psychic mischief, and ways to ameliorate extreme shyness and balance out psychic superpowers. Also:

  • The ethics of acquiring wealth through psychic abilities, and
  • The possible building blocks of personality …

There is a moderately edited and reorganized Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I would like to talk about shyness; that kind of shyness that is listed in psychology as Social Anxiety Disorder; and the notions of societal expectations and repression of emotions.

Repression of Soul Desires and Soul Purpose So As to Avoid Social Criticism

I feel that shyness is a Soul quality that needs to be carefully cultivated out of existence, right now. And for those that are particularly shy … very, very shy … it is very, very important to do this during the Awakening. The reason for this, to me it seems shyness is caused by oversensitivity to societal expectations … sometimes concomitant with greater clair abilities than most people have.

Greater clair abilities plug us into the astral comments of people regarding our behavior. I have noticed that, when I do something that somebody does not like, they immediately lash out at me on the astral plane; almost invariably. In an unconscious way, they will say things like: Oh, her! I don’t want to have anything to do with her again! … or … Oh, her! She is [this] …She is [that] … Right?

And for the person who is very clair, that can be daunting. You wonder if there is anything you can do right! We have to follow our own hearts, right? … in order to be happy in the world. And the same time, we would like other people to be happy with our being around, which is not always possible, right?

It is an interesting balance that we, as human beings, create in our lives: The balance between following our hearts, and basically kowtowing to the wishes of other people; in other words, to societal expectations.

In order to overcome this concern about that … and concern about brutal force being applied, on the astral plane, with regard to that … sometimes incessantly, if we have lots of friends … what is termed ‘peer pressure’, I think one of the things we need to do, is to develop diplomatic negotiating skills.

I am reminded of Benjamin Franklin … what a diplomat! He always got what he wanted, you know? And yet, he was so clever about it, he really studied that topic. He knew what to do, to get other people to be pleased with him … and still to have what he wanted in the world. So, I am thinking it might be good to develop a Benjamin Franklin kind of attitude towards what other people want: diplomacy, and yet following our heart. I suggest that, for the extraordinarily shy person.

Desire to Hide from Other People Creates Welter of Negative Emotions

Also I would like to speak a little to the extreme instance of a very shy person who represses Soul desires, Soul purpose, and the like, in order to avoid social criticism … and is unable to live a normal life, because they do not want to be around people, because they are worried about all that, you know? It creates, in the unconscious mind, a welter or wailing of negativity, of repressed, negative emotions.

Acting Out of Repressed Emotions on Astral Plane

And in the extreme instance this can be acted out when the person falls asleep, or is on the edge of the dreamtime realm. Suddenly taking over are these repressed emotions, in a state of ‘acting out’, on the astral plane, the things that are upsetting and repressed. Those things might be, for instance, the desire for sex, which expresses as astral rape; the desire for control … which may express as obsessing another individual, and taking over their physical form; and the desire for killing, out of repressed anger.

For the person that has many clair abilities … many psychic superpowers, these two … the desire for sex, and the anger that is repressed, might result in their taking over another person … Their personality is set aside; their mind is set aside for awhile, for this person who is very shy stepping into a role in the world that has been repressed because of concern for societal expectations.

And in that other person’s psyche can be created a real life scene of acting out rape or killing or torture … that kind of thing. That would be a very unusual situation; very unusual indeed. And regaining consciousness, the very shy person might never know that  they had done that thing. [sighs]

So we have four points above …

  • Repressed desire for control, expressed as obsessing (temporary ‘possession’) of another person by temporarily overwhelming their personality and acting out repressed emotions through the other person on the physical plane
  • Repressed desire for sex, expressed as astral rape, or as acting out rape on the physical plane through temporarily obsessing another person
  • Repressed anger and desire for killing out of repressed anger, expressed as psychic torture and psychic murder, or as acting out of torture and murder on the physical plane through temporarily obsessing another person
  • This might be done by the very shy person in a dissociative state, so that they retain no memory of obsessing and causing another person to act out. During this time of Awakening, it’s more likely that the obsessed persons will first gain Awareness of having been obsessed, and with supreme exercise of will power, overcome the tendency to be obsessed.

For the sake of a person so obsessed, I note the difficulty in overcoming the tendency to be obsessed occurs because societal expectations with regard to the feral drives cause a veil of unconsciousness to be pulled over these drives. When the shy obsessor exercises ‘mind control’ to obsess another person, he or she is helped in this by what has been till recent years the overwhelming weight of unconscious noospheric energies constituting the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

Gulf Between the Lower Chakras and the Sixth Chakra, in a Person with Great Psychic Abilities

So, a ‘heads up’ regarding people who are born, for instance, with great psychic abilities and shyness: I think that being born with great psychic abilities indicates an imbalance of the chakras. I have talked about different ways of taking care of that. You can also research online how to balance the chakras. Having great psychic abilities, I think means having a greatly overbalanced third-eye point. In terms of Awareness, the Awareness is probably placed there all the time.

The third-eye point … [points to center of forehead] … is very far, physically, from the sexual chakra. Consequently, imbalance in favor of the third-eye point can result in greatly repressed sexual desires. The same goes for desire to control the world (which has to do with the third chakra negative) and desire to kill (which has to do with the first chakra negative).

The person who is third-eye-point overbalanced may have these negative energy strands in the lower triangle … the gut brain … without knowing it, because Awareness is placed, on the physical plane, so far from that area.

The Unethical Nature of the Indian Tradition of Riddhi and Siddhi, and of the Thuggee Cults

Some cultures really value psychic abilities. I have noticed, for instance, a movement in India recently, with a special symbol … kind of a magic symbol … that is used, based on the legend of the elephant god who had two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi. This has to do with acquiring wealth through psychic abilities.

There has been a thread of energy like that in India all along, all down through the ages. But right now it seems to be on the rise. I personally feel, from my own ethical standpoint, that acquiring wealth through spiritual powers is unethical … highly unethical … and that, as the Awakening continues, others will begin to catch onto all this, and that a stop will be put to it fairly soon … quite soon.

In ancient times, there was a cult called the Thuggee Cult. It comes from the word ‘thug’, I think: The Thuggee Cult in India. And these were people just like that: Highway robbers, brigands, murderers, and so forth, who had psychic abilities. They were famous throughout India, and treated with respect, because everyone was terrified of them, you know?

These people, these thuggees, have gone on to the astral plane after dying, and in the old days they used to walk right into people’s bodies right away, so they did not experience this cleansing process on the astral and mental planes between incarnations … which also involves Soul education for many years.

Instead, they walked straight into other people’s bodies, and displaced their Souls, in the old days, and just continued on with their Thuggee ways. But now, as they pass on, what is happening is there is just no place, and nobody on Earth, that has astral matter suitable for their habitation. And so they are stuck on the astral plane, and slowly, I think, being removed elsewhere … transferred offplanet.

So there is no future in it, for the Riddhi and the Siddhi movement. I can understand it, as an End Times phenomenon, but I cannot understand it as an Awakening phenomenon.

Could the Very Shy Person Be Lacking in Egoic Identification Because of Concern Regarding Societal Expectations?

Might lack of egoic identification be what causes the very shy person to ‘step into’ one or many other people on the psychic plane, sequentially, without Awareness that an egoic boundary held by others to be sacrosanct has been crossed?

What do you know? I have another postscript regarding extreme shyness and societal expectations. I would say that, in the extreme instance of shyness, a person cannot really distinguish between themselves and other people’s expectations of them.

In other words, they have not developed that ‘frontal’ ability, that barrier of the ego against other people’s opinions, And so they may slip into complete identification with someone else very easily. They may step out onto the astral plane, and their whole mind and psyche and emotions may ‘become’, as it were, the mind and psyche and emotions of another person … or of any number of a series of people.

They identify so fully with other people’s opinions of them that it is kind of hard to pin them down; I think the root and source of that problem. Basically, you could say that they are so terrified to be themselves, that they step into other people’s personalities just like that! … and become them.

It is a strange thing, on the astral plane, to hear them say: And now I will be … [this and such a person] … And then suddenly, they are that person’s voice, on the astral plane. And then they segue into their own Soul wounding. And so, in emotional flavor, it becomes like the very shy person, who has great psychic abilities, and who is very, very afraid to be representing themselves. Their repressed emotions, and all that, are showing up, on the astral plane, with the astral voice of the person that they are scooping into, on the Soul plane. It is happening, over and over again, with any number of personalities that they have heard about, or that they know someone who has heard about.

Huh! It is almost like living your life in other people’s plays; becoming other people, and never really being oneself. It is very interesting to me, because it is so very different from the way that I am, you know?

I can understand it, though, having grown up on the East Coast, where social opinion is very important. You know, you get more in tune with the tyranny of societal expectations when you dress in an alternative way. You begin to realize that people judge other people, not on the basis of Soul qualities, but typically on the basis of the make and pattern and color of the clothes they wear. It is that superficial: I like you [or I don’t like you] based on whether you are dressed for success in our group. 

I just wonder about that. I wonder about people. I wonder how they can do that to each other, You know? I just wonder: How are we going to get past that, in order to step into the All. What miracle is God going to accomplish here? [chuckles and waves]

Lack of Egoic Identification as a Cause of Mind Control by Very Shy People

This same lack of egoic identification might cause the very shy person to overcompensate by attempting to mind control other people … so that their minds are blank, and the shy person’s mind is free to express itself without concern for their opinions and expectations.

Interrelationship of the Qualities of Extreme Shyness and the Development of Great Psychic Powers

It is possible, in the shyness syndrome, that extreme shyness and the development of great psychic superpowers are circling around each other, in a kind of a figure eight, where one sustains the other and fuels the other; because, if a person is born very shy, and too timid to communicate with other people, then the development of psychic superpowers would be very important, because it would allow them to get in touch with other people on the psychic plane (on the astral plane).

On the other hand, other people might not be able to get in touch with them. And so might develop a situation that might feel, to other people who are not psychically inclined, that they are being manipulated; that they are being controlled by this other person who is, in fact, super shy.

And say, for those born with psychic superpowers, shyness might be the result; because they might know what other people are thinking, and how other people are judging them. Even as tiny infants, that might put them off from talking to other people.

In that way you might imagine a figure eight, with two little protons circling around, circling around infinitely. Or you might imagine a circle like that, one of the protons being extreme shyness; and the other, psychic superpowers.

It either one of those were to be shortcutted … if, for instance, there is behavioral therapy or group therapy that allows shy people to get more in touch and speak with other people without fears, or if there is chakric balancing that allows the psychic abilities to come into play equally with all the other chakras, then that whole figure eight or circular motion will, I think, be stopped, and the whole thing will settle into a more happily sustainable, heart chakra situation.

Might Paired Opposing Energies Be Building Blocks of Personality?

In the case of extremely shy people with psychic superpowers, could the paired opposing energies of great power and great fear be building blocks of personality? Might these opposing energies be kinks in the armor of our human EMF which constitute ‘Soul wounding’?

So, what do you have, when you have extreme shyness and psychic superpowers together, in one person? It is like a perpetual ‘e-motion’ machine. It is like a circle of energies, each opposed to the other, repelling the other. One is great power, and the other is great fear. That creates a constantly moving circle of opposed forces, in part of the personality.

This may in fact be what makes up personality: opposing pairs of forces such as this. Could these be the elements of personality? … the negatively aspected energy flow that makes up the Duality play? And could these be the elements that are resolving right now? This sort of thing; and may there be many other such pairs, that make up the electromagnetic entanglement of the personal magnetic field and etheric net, the Soul wounding? Time will tell.

Healing Therapies For People with Extreme Shyness and with Psychic Superpowers

Balancing the Chakras May Provide a Solution. In this type of situation, the thing to do is to pay very close attention to balancing out every single chakra, every day, until it becomes second nature for the body to express itself in a balanced way. That is what I think: Do not miss a chakra; balance every single chakra, all the way up the spine, every day.

We get to choose; we get to choose chakric balance, up and down … total chakric balance; or we get to choose imbalance, which will require relocation offplanet or else a very long timeline which brings us back into sync with the Eternal Now where we all really are.

Whatever we choose is ok, I feel. That is really all I have to say about this.

Addressing Shyness Through Behavioral Therapy or Group Therapy on the Physical Plane. I had a thought about this issue of shyness and superpowers. It seems to me that what I was talking about just then only has to do with superpowers and with balancing and rebalancing chakras. And for the shyness aspect of that syndrome, I am thinking that behavioral therapy might be useful. And also, support groups with other shy people in a physical rather than virtual setting might be good. And there may be many other ways to desensitize people to that feeling of shyness in that extreme instance of shyness syndrome. Psychology already knows about all that, I think.

As to healing therapies, in summary, I propose chakric balancing techniques be used to bring the 6th chakra, the third-eye point and seat of psychic superpowers, of the very shy person into alignment with his or her other chakras. The 6th chakra is physically very far from the lower triangle (the gut brain), and so it is not surprising that the sexual chakra may suffer when the third-eye point is overly strong. I feel this may be why extreme shyness usually manifests at the age of puberty. The amelioration technique would be to place special emphasis on rebalancing of the second chakra (the seat of sexuality). My thought is that the first and third chakras (which are also at a far distance, physically, from the third-eye point) might also require special attention with regard to chakric rebalancing.

I also propose behavioral therapy and group therapy in a physical setting to ameliorate social anxiety in the very shy person.


I wish you all the very best. I hope that all of us will proceed into the age of the Great Awakening with the most balanced chakras and the most neutral minds, and the ability to light up the world with our joy and love and peace. [smiles]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “’Chinese Houses’ California Wildflowers,” by Alice B. Clagett, 18 April 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “’Chinese Houses’ California Wildflowers,” by Alice B. Clagett, 18 April 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Southern California Mountain Trail,” by Alice B. Clagett, 18 April 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Southern California Mountain Trail,” by Alice B. Clagett, 18 April 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0


Link: “Shyness … or Social Anxiety Disorder?” by the Social Anxiety Institute … https://socialanxietyinstitute.org/shyness-or-social-anxiety-disorder ..


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