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Thoughts on Curing HIV-AIDS, and on Modern Medical Healing . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 31 March 2016

    • Family and Friends and the Shadow Mind
    • Medical Doctors and the Shadow Mind

Dear Ones,


I had an insight into the nature of HIV-AIDS the other day. On the astral plane, I feel that the HIV-AIDS thought form is created through negatively aspected second chakra astral matter. Specifically, the emotional energies of hatred, fear, anger, or despair become attached to thought forms related to the second, or sexual, chakra.

Very strong negative energies attached to sexual thought forms are a form of kama-manas (desire-mind) that, after gathering sufficient density, can distill from the astral plane into the physical plan as sexual diseases such as HIV-AIDS.


Today, in this new Age of Light, as the beautiful light of Alcyone’s photon belt once more touches and transforms Earth and all her beings, the clearing of samskaric tendencies from past and present lifetimes on Earth is proceeding apace.

Welling up into our consciousness are all the instances of negatively aspected sexual thought forms from the many lifetimes we experienced in the recent 10,000-year Age of Darkness. As our personal timelines continue to merge, and our dimensional Awareness continues to expand, we may experience upsurges of negative sexual feelings.

On the physical plane, these upsurges can lead to ‘acting out’, which can give rise to the spread of STDs … which is why, intuitively speaking, I notice much turmoil on the clair plane regarding discovery and resolution of issues around STDs. Intuitively speaking, it seems to me that this applies to all countries, all cultures, and all age brackets, worldwide.


The solution to this upwelling and manifestation on the physical plane, is to rebalance, harmonize and perfect the functioning of the second chakra. Chakric rebalancing methods are available online and also in person, through many wonderful healers.

When the chakras are in perfect alignment, physical diseases will disappear and the body will come into perfect physical health. This applies even to diseases such as HIV-AIDS, which hold such a load of despair and sadness.


We may be perfectly cured through chakric healing, yet if we were previously diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ physical disease, after the cure we may experience  ‘popping up’ of samskaras, or misaligned thought forms, which are distortions of our own subtle bodies, to do with past learning about the inevitability of disease and death.

It is important to clear through these negative thought forms; positive affirmations may be helpful, or laughter as a healing technique, or one may continue to work with alternative healing, such as clearing through the sacred languages of light and sound.

Family and Friends and the Shadow Mind

After a spontaneous cure, family and friends will most likely continue to believe that we are incurably ill. And their thought forms, sent to us through the ‘astral air’, may negatively impact our health. This is a difficult question, which must be addressed on a case by case basis, through their education on the true nature of disease. It may be helpful to absent oneself physically from family and friends, and curtail communication with them, for a while after the spontaneous cure, as the notion that this miracle has in fact manifested is accepted by their minds and hearts.

Medical Doctors and the Shadow Mind

Our doctors, the Shadow of whose minds depend on income from illness for their own financial well-being, may also refuse to accept that our bodies are back in balance and no longer manifest these diseases.

Everybody knows that even such serious diseases as HIV-AIDS can go into remission. Even a diagnosis of liver cancer can inexplicably go into ‘remission’. The facts of remission, I feel, are ignored by the medical profession because they conflict with their beliefs on the nature of disease and healing. Yet in instance after instance, such spontaneous cures take place. The answer, I feel, will be an upgrading of the modern medical mental filters, so that the facts of remission will better fit into the modern medical Weltanshauung.


Long years ago, I heard of the barefoot doctors of China, who accepted payment only for the physical health of their patients … as I recall, in the form of eggs or vegetables from the people of the villages where they offered medical care. The villagers would not pay the doctors if they fell ill, yet they expected medical attention then, with the notion that the doctors had momentarily failed in their mission of maintaining a villager’s health and well-being.

This notion makes perfect sense to me, as, in my thinking, what villager could afford to give away eggs and vegetables while he or she lay ill? Yet the healthy person could easily offer sustenance to the travelling barefoot doctor.

I ask, for the sake of your consideration, would this not be a better model of payment for the modern medical community? Great ills, such as a specialist’s misdiagnosis of disease for the sake of remuneration entailed by an operation, or the specialist’s shadow side wishful thinking that a person be subject to the specialist’s illness (which wishful thinking, in aggregate, can distill down into the physical reality), might be avoided by simply changing the payment model for the modern medical profession.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Overcoming Power Over and Stepping into Fractal Awareness . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 30 January 2015; revised on 15 July 2020

    • In the Fourth Dimension
    • In the Third Dimension
    • Drawbacks of Group Red Tantra
    • Group Black Tantra M2M Yogic Meditation Array
    • Group Black Tantra M2F Yogic Meditation Array
    • Severe Drawbacks of Group Black Tantra
    • First Electron Energy State (n=1)
    • Second Electron Energy State (n=2)
    • The Concept of Nested, Fractal Realities
      • Individual Human EMF, n=1
      • Electron Orbital, n=1
      • Twin Flame EMF, n-2
      • Electron Orbital, n=2
      • Power-Over Twin Flame EMF, n=2, 2s atomic orbital
      • On Escaping from the Power-Over Twin Flame EMF
      • n=1. Individuality
      • n=2, 2p (donut shaped orbitals). Red Tantra
      • n=3, s3. Group Tantra
      • s3 Orbital State
      • On Group Members Ceding Power to a Group Leader
      • On Group Scapegoating
      • Visualization to Neutralize Group Scapegoating
      • Nighttime Meditation on a Candle Flame, channeled by Alice B. Clagett
      • ‘I’m Not That’ Meditation, channeled by Alice B. Clagett
      • Advanced Advaita Meditation, channeled by Alice B. Clagett

Image: Eye-gazing couple meditation …  https://www.wisemindbody.com/content/uploads/sites/8/2014/03/Eye-gazing-couple-meditation-300×180.jpg ..

Dear Ones,


Looks don’t kill! In fact, unblinking eye-to-eye contact is the first step in White Tantra. (1,2)

Folks get confused about White Tantra. What is it, anyway? White Tantra utilizes the Contiguous Energy Field of couples in a group setting so as to clear unconscious blocks.

Unlike Red Tantra and Black Tantra, White Tantra does not involve the act of sex. This is a good thing. Because the sexual drive is so strong, these two latter forms of Tantra often lead to attachment to sensual experience, a lack of flow of awareness.

Whereas White Tantra increases the flow of awareness, by increasing our awareness that the energy of the tantric partner, and indeed, the energy of the entire tantric group, is the energy of Divine Grace and Divine Love.

Image: Couples dressed in white, sitting facing each other, in rows, during a White Tantra exercise … http://www.centrobene.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/hswhitetantriccourselrg-300×199.jpg ..

And now on to the long-time contenders for the Title of Love: Red Tantra and Black Tantra.


Red Tantra is a way of relating to God during the act of sex. Ancient India ‘wrote the book’ on Red Tantra. The book is the Kama Sutra (3). Red Tantra can also be found in the Buddhist teachings (4).

Image: Tantric Buddha, showing a dark-aspected man sitting cross-legged, with a white-aspected woman on his lap … http://www.chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com/en/images/thumb/f/f0/Tantric-buddha.jpg/375px-Tantric-buddha.jpg .. 

As the Awakening proceeds, Red Tantra has been taking place in the fourth dimension. When two lovers are willing, and when they unite with each other through the Divine that they feel to be, each in the other, then Red Tantra in 4D has been helpful in allowing humanity to come to a realization that they are greater than they once thought themselves to be.

Trouble comes when a couple performs Red Tantra in 4D, and then the subconscious mind of one or both partners becomes fixed on the other person.

So Red Tantra in 4D has led to the perception of a Twin Flame mental filter. That I and my partner, our joined electromagnetic field, are one ‘thing’ in 4D. This is purely a mental filter that arises through the practice of Red Tantra. Not a Truth.

The fifth dimension, 5D, which is a truer reality, is not like this. Fractal reality is ever flowing. Never fixed.


Black Tantra occurs within the context of the Twin Flame mental filter when one partner does not want to be involved in the 4D act of sex, and the act of sex appears to be taking place anyway, because, mind-to-mind, the unwilling person ‘hears’ that the other partner is imagining having sex with them AND the unwilling person feels sexual stimulation.

So therefore, the perception is of power over in the attached person, and of powerlessness in the person who would prefer not to be attached. This is the energy sometimes termed V—  D— in the clair realm.

The mental filter of Power Over and Powerlessness ALWAYS leads the astral body to the lower realms of 4D, the demon realms. Simply because this mental filter is far from the Truth and Majesty of the energy of our hearts.

It’s easy to know when our thoughts are far from the Truth. Whenever the Heart feels fear, anger, rage, jealousy, the lack of flow known as ‘control’ (which stems from the notion “I need your love”), and other fourth chakra negative emotions, then we are far from truth. Whatever we’re hearing or seeing on the clair plane, if we’re experiencing these emotions, then what we hear and what we see is not true.


In the Fourth Dimension

As the Awakening process unfolds, Red and Black Tantra have been taking place in a group setting in both 3D and 4D.

You may recall in a recent video (5) a description of the Group mental filter as an umbrella. The pointy spine at the top of the umbrella is the group leader. The pointy tips along the bottom of the umbrella are the group members.

The group leader offers protection and spiritual guidance to the group. He protects them from the Awakening process by offering them a static blue sky vision. In return, they cede power to him. In his own mind, he ‘is’ the group, and the members are all part of him. Literally.

Image: Open umbrella, with blue sky and white clouds on the underside …  http://qpbs.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPBS3-15630380reg.jpg ..

So in 4D this extraordinary, but commonplace, Group mental filter has been manifesting as the male leaders of groups engaging in Red Tantra with female members. Or else, in the case of unwilling men and women that he perceives as group members, Black Tantra. This is not for naught … through Divine Grace, it is helping clear both pleasant and unpleasant Harem memories from the collective consciousness.  (6) However, the consequences in terms of consciousness for those practicing Group Red Tantra or Group Black Tantra can be uncomfortable to unfortunate, as described below.

In the Third Dimension

In times past, spiritual adept groups sometimes used Black Tantra or Red Tantra in a group setting as a means of speeding the process of kundalini rising. Even today I feel it likely that such practices are taking place.

Drawbacks of Group Red Tantra

I recall there is or was a group of yogic men and women some years back who practiced Group Red Tantra; the difficulties with this form of tantra being, I have heard, the tendencies of the lower triangle to jealousy and attachment. These emotions can cause currents of negative energy in Red Tantric Groups, I have heard.

Group Black Tantra M2M Yogic Meditation Array

As to Group Black Tantra, I saw a photo online once an M2M yoga meditation array in which male couples were placed with one man in an acute angle of downward facing dog, hands palms down on the ground close to the feet; and the other man just behind him with fingertips placed lightly on the sides of the other man’s buttocks.

The array was square, with couples in rows facing forward. Behind them was the yogic meditation leader, back center of the array. In the photo I saw, all the men were nude, but there was no sexual contact.

Group Black Tantra M2F Yogic Meditation Array

I saw a more recent photo of a similar Black Magic yogic meditation array in which the people were similarly placed, but the group consisted of M2F couples, with the woman, as I recall, in an acute angle of downward facing dog, hands palms down on the ground close to the feet, and the male partner just behind her with fingertips placed lightly on the sides of the woman’s buttocks. In that photo everyone was clothed.

Severe Drawbacks of Group Black Tantra

Were this form of yoga to be consummated through rectal intercourse, on either the astral plane or the physical plane, then the result might be unfortunate. Apparently, Group Black Tantra can cause energy drain in … even vampirism of … the receptive rectal partner through reversal of the kundalini energy. The eventual result for both partners is thought to be Soul devolution; in the case of the receptive rectal partner, because of injury to and blockage in his or her basal chakra; and in the case of the insertive partner, Soul devolution because of the karma incurred through taking pleasure in injuring another person. There is more on this here …

Link: “Can People Who Practice Rectal Intercourse Attain Enlightenment?” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 20 June 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-iQn ..


There is another form of Black Tantra going round 4D lately. This is fueled by the notion that One Woman (or One Man), of demon origin, is forcing folks to have sex on the astral plane. It is the old incubus – succubus (7) legend surfacing in and disbursing from the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

I just gave myself a start by searching Google Images for succubus, so my advice is: Don’t go there. However, I did find this painting, which conveys the archetypal image without being so very scary:

Image: “The Nightmare,” by Henry Fuseli … https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/56/John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare.JPG ..


A truer form of Tantra is that of our own incarnate Self, with our own Spirit. It is through this form of tantra that we begin to experience the fifth dimension, 5D, the fractal reality. Last night, a group of us were doing this form of tantra clairaudiently, and moving dimensionally (‘diming’) back and forth from 4D (causal reality) to 5D (synchronous, fractal reality). It was a lot of fun, and for me, it resolved a lot of the fears and misconceptions I had been experiencing in recent days.


I’m going to try, as best I can remember, to describe the discovery process we went through last night, by comparing changes in the configuration of the human EMF to changes or bump-ups in electron orbital states.

First, you may recall a recent discussion about electrons ‘jumping’ from one state to another, more highly energized orbital pattern when they are hit by a photon (8). Here’s some info adapted from that:

First Electron Energy State (n=1)

Here is a picture that shows some of the possible energy states of an electron. Note that each state consists of a cloud of possible orbits, rather than a set path. Also, for each energy jump, the cloud of possible orbits changes in shape.

Image: electron orbital states; the state with the least energy is the red sphere on the top row. For each bump-up in energy, there are a greater number of possible configurations …  https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-359efc530fcf8c6cd37a70d72137bf8a-c?convert_to_webp=true ..

The first row, the red sphere, shows the configuration for the least energetic state the electron, n=1

What causes the changes in energy states of the electron? The change occurs when it’s hit by a photon. As in, the new Incoming Light….

Second Electron Energy State (n=2)

The orbit for the second state of excitation of the electron (n=2) can look like one of the yellow donut shapes in the above image, or it can also look like a sphere within a sphere, This latter is known as the 2s orbital.

The Concept of Nested, Fractal Realities

Keeping in mind that a Truer Reality is a fractal reality, we might imagine a nesting of fractals proceeding from the atomic level (electrons – photons – nucleus of an atom), and on to DNA, and from there to the human electromagnetic field (EMF), from thence to the Earth’s EMF, from thence to the EMF of the solar system, then galactic, then our Universe, then the Multiverse. A fractal ‘nesting’ effect, like Russian dolls, only not really with one smaller than the next. Actually all intermingled in the Now. Each without size, or the ‘same size’.

Image: Matryoshka Russian dolls … http://legomenon.com/images/russian-matryoshka-stacking-babushka-wooden-dolls-meaning.jpg ..

Most pertinent at this moment being the notion of fractalness for a jump in electron orbit shape and a jump in the shape of the human EMF.

Individual Human EMF, n=1. So, here’s a depiction of the human EMF at n=1:

Image: A person surrounded by an EMF torus … https://jsherwinblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/emotions-human-body1.jpg?w=479 ..

Electron Orbital, n=1. Note this is roughly similar to the spherical orbital shape for electron state n=1:

Image: Electron orbital state n=1 … http://images.slideplayer.com/12/3368699/slides/slide_30.jpg ..

Twin Flame EMF, n-2. And here’s a picture of the Twin Flame EMF, which also occurs in normal, day-to-day relationships. The difference being that in Twin Flame mental filters, there is an issue of mental attachment, whereas in normal day to day relationships, we feel the twin field for a moment or two, and then snap back into n=1. (9)

Image: Two people relating through the energy of their hearts … https://i.ytimg.com/vi/sSRwuO8SxqM/maxresdefault.jpg ..

Electron Orbital, n=2. See how the Twin Flame EMF resembles the shape of the donut-shaped 2p configurations for the n=2 electron orbital state?  …

Image: Configurations for the first bumped-up energetic state of the electron orbit, n=2 … http://www2.chemistry.msu.edu/faculty/reusch/VirtTxtJml/Images/atom2orb.gif ..

In the figure above, the last three configurations are 2p configurations (aka ‘atomic orbitals’).

The first configuration in the above image, which looks like a sphere, is really a sphere within a sphere, known as the 2s atomic orbital. Here is a better depiction:

Image: 2s Orbital …  http://www.grandinetti.org/resources/Teaching/Chem121/Lectures/OrbitalShapes/2sOrbital.gif ..

Power-Over Twin Flame EMF, n=2, 2s atomic orbital. Now as to the shape of the other n=2 electron orbits, which are dumb bell shaped, these remind me of an energetic configuration I was mulling over a few days ago. This was an energy state I felt in the middle of the night. The clairaudient chatter that accompanied it was to the effect that one person, who identified with the role of spiritual group leader, had ‘taken over’ my electromagnetic field, and was speaking to other group members through my own heart chakra.

So in the picture above, my first perception of the EMF event (on awakening from deep sleep), was that this group leader had formed an EMF around me that totally engulfed my own. In the n=2, 2s image above, that would be the larger sphere (him) encompassing the smaller sphere (me).

On Escaping from the Power-Over Twin Flame EMF. At that juncture, I was frightened. Then I remembered the advice of spiritual counselor Daniella Breen (10) to identify, not with my incarnate bodies (physical body, astral body, mental body, and so on) but with the majesty of my Soul. And the advice of spiritual counsellor Peggy Black (11) to rely on the help of my Celestial Team. So I did both, and did one of my usual Hathor activations of light:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!
I Am in Service to Others!

This worked like a charm! I moved from a 3D-4D space of feeling powerless, to a 5D space of empowerment, just like that. So then that experience of personally shifting dimensions in that way led to a better understanding of the EMF field changes I’ve been experiencing… Or you might say, a truer sense of tantra.


n=1. Individuality. When I place awareness on my heart, after a while I can feel my spherical EMF. That’s one energy state, I feel, that most people can easily arrive at  … I am I. I am One. I am a unique, beautiful human heart.

n=2, 2p (donut shaped orbitals). Red Tantra. When I experience a Contiguous Energy Field, whether with a casual friend, a stranger, or a person perceived as ‘Twin Flame’, I can change dimensions (‘dime up’) to an experience of oneness.

Remember how the donut-shaped electron orbitals in n=2 … look like the Twin Flame EMF? Yet this is only ONE electron, whose energy field is twined. In the same way, the perception of a twined energy field we mentally experience as ‘Twin Flame’ is really a twined configuration of our own, personal EMF. Solely.

And in the same way, our Twin Flame’s experience of a twined configuration is his awareness of his own, personal EMF. Solely. In the n=2 excitation state.

To understand that the perception of a twined state is REALLY the perception of our own personal energy state, and not that of two people, is a very good thing. At the point where we reach this understanding, we’ve moved to a Truer Perception of Reality.

n=2, 2s. Black Tantra. Now on to the perception that another person can engulf our EMF. and have tantric sex with us against our will. Or, can simply engulf our EMF and become us. If this mis-perception arises, imagine that you are that person (the outer sphere), as well as yourself (the inner sphere).

You are this entire EMF configuration, both the inner and the outer sphere. You are all that.

n=3, s3. Group Tantra. I described the Group Tantra mental filter above as the group umbrella, with the leader of the group being the central spine or tip, the group members being the tips of the ribs of the umbrella, and the umbrella itself being the group structure or mind set:

Image: Open umbrella with sky and white clouds painted on the underside … http://blog.forbestravelguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/31587-resized5.jpg ..

s3 Orbital State. In feeling, though not in form, this Group Tantra mental filter is like the s3 orbital state for the second bump-up in electron energy (n=3, s3), which is the farthest right-hand picture here:

Image: S orbitals … https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/S_orbitals.png .. 

This state may be likened to three spherical shells, one enclosing the next. The leader, in this energy state, would be the outer shell, the one containing all the others. One might posit s to the nth degree, that being the number of people in the group, in hierarchical order; the leader being the outer shell.

On Group Members Ceding Power to a Group Leader. These days some pretty odd things are happening. In my recent experience on the clair plane I’ve sometimes had the odd sensation that meditation groups are ceding their will power to the group leader. As if he were the entire ‘umbrella’.

On Group Scapegoating. This can be a daunting experience for an ‘out-grouper’, as in a deep unconscious way, in-groups consider out-groupers to be a threat to them. The Enemy, as it were.

It’s a scapegoat kind of thing. Any trouble of the group can be attributed to the out-grouper, a pariah. That’s safe. It can divert attention from the troubles of the group indefinitely, and so keep the power structure in place. In the same way, nations instigate wars with foreign countries to divert the public awareness from trouble on the home front…

Visualization to Neutralize Group Scapegoating. So let’s say a spiritual leader unconsciously is leaning on this out-group mental dynamic, and I … uncomfortable to say … find myself in the role of ‘out-grouper’. What to do? The entire great umbrella is against me!

In this case I simply visualize I am the sky around the umbrella. And the sunshine, the rain, Mother Earth. AND the umbrella. I am all that.

In terms of 3s orbitals, I become, in my visualization, the outer sphere.


As they say on the path of Advaita (which means ‘not-two’ in Sanskrit), the true Self, which is pure consciousness, is the highest Reality, Brahman, also pure consciousness (12). The truth about the illusion of the world of Duality, about Tantra, is the knowing that there is no ‘two’. There is only Awareness. I am That. I am I.

Here are three meditations to increase Awareness of Advaita …

. . . . .

Nighttime Meditation on a Candle Flame
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
30 January 2015

Image: “Candle Flame,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2 April 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Candle Flame,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2 April 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

For this meditation you will need a candle, matches, and something to snuff the candle with.
Sit in a dark room. Spine straight. Relax your body.
Light the candle, and place it in front of you, on a table or on the floor.
Inhale and exhale deeply three times.
Watch the candle flame for 1 minute.
Then snuff it out.
Sit in the Darkness, and watch the Darkness for 1 minute.
Then lIght the candle again, watch for a minute, snuff it, and sit in the the Dark another minute.
Continue a total of 5 times.
At the end of your meditation, before you get up,
Inhale and exhale deeply three times.

. . . . .

‘I’m Not That’ Meditation
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
30 January 2015

Sit in a quiet place. Spine straight. Relax your body.
Inhale and exhale deeply three times.
Think of a word that describes who you are. Then say to yourself: I’m not that!
Think of another such word. Say, I’m not that!
And so on, till you’ve run out of thoughts about who you are.
Then just sit, with that empty mind.
At the end of your meditation, before you get up,
Inhale and exhale deeply three times.

. . . . .

Advanced Advaita Meditation
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
30 January 2015

Sit in a quiet place. Think of nothing …
Do this daily, until you can do it at ease.
Then carry this practice of the Quiet Mind into your daily life.

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Taoist Stillness Practices: Slowing the Whirly-gig of the Mind,” by Tom Kenyon … http://tomkenyon.com/taoiststillness ..

The above three meditations have been excerpted to this blog … Link: “Three Advaita Meditations,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, excerpted and adapted on 2 April 2020 from a blog written on 30 January 2015 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-hgN ..

See also … Link: “Tantric Yoga, Marriage, and Demonic Interference,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 10 August 2015; video published 13 August 2015; blog published on 22 April 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5aG ..


(1) See Link: “Eye Gazing – Couple Meditation,” by Josh Wise …  https://www.mindfulcouples.com/2014/03/14/couples-meditation-eye-gazing/ ..

(2) If you would like to learn White Tantra, I recommend 3HO’s white tantric yoga events. There is really nothing like hands on experience. For more info, see White Tantric Yoga Courses, at Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization (3HO) …  https://www.3ho.org/events/white-tantric-yoga-courses ..

A less intense version of White Tantra are the Venus Kriyas, also known as Couples Yoga. See Link: “Sacred Union (with 3 Venus Kriyas for Couples),” by Jivan Joti Kaur, at Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization (3HO) … https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/authentic-relationships/sacred-union-3-venus-kriyas-couples ..

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(4) See also Tantric Buddhism … http://www.trimondi.de/SDLE/Part-1-02.htm ..

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(6) Link: “Forty-First Concubine . and Activation of Light to Annul Old Marriages,” by the Hathors through Alice, published on 25 July 2013 … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6hO ..

(7) From Wikipedia:
Incubus: a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women
Succubus: a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men

(8) Link: “Human Energy Flow,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 27 January 2015 …  http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6hD ..

(9) Here is the HeartMath video from which the image of the twin flame heart energy most likely derivew … https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=85114404&x-yt-ts=1422579428&v=QdneZ4fIIHE ..

(10) Daniella Breen … https://daniellambreen.com/ ..

(11) Peggy Black … www.peggyblack.com ..

(12) See Link: “Advaita Vedanta” in Wikipedia … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advaita_Vedanta ..


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Human Energy Flow . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 27 January 2015

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    • Concentrating on Upward Flow Causes Lack of Grounding
    • On Feeling a Solid Tube of Energy
    • On the ‘Pranic Column’ as Opposed to Pranic Energy

Dear Ones,

As you most likely know, the heart is the center of the energy flow of the human body. In past, several interesting flow systems have been proposed for the human body.


Years ago I studied the kundalini energy — Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. Swami Jnaneshvara says: “The two energies of Ida and Pingala flow along the spine (meru danda) of the subtle body. Ida flows along the left side, and Pingala flows along the right. Sushumna nadi flows directly upwards and downwards, between Ida and Pingala, coursing through the chakras.” (1)

After the kundalini is awakened … as explained in footnote (1) … then mostly a person feels the coursing of energy upward and downward along the spine.


Then there are the five pranas (also known as the five vital forces or vayus) that course through the body. I know a good deal about the kundalini energy, but very little about these vayus.  I see from the picture below that the typical understanding of the directional flow of prana and apana is quite the opposite of the way I’ve described it in previous blogs.

Image: Five Currents of prana: http://sequencewiz.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/PanchaVayuImage.png ..

Erratum. I’ve been characterizing prana as downward coursing energy, and apana as upward coursing energy. It looks like the usual way of describing these two energies is the exact opposite. Apparently, it is prana that courses upward from the heart, and apana that courses downward from the navel point area. Please accept my deepest apologies in this.

For more on the pranas, surf to “Kundalini Awakening” by Swami Jnaneshvara … http://swamij.com/kundalini-awakening-1.htm …  and then scroll down to the section “Prana divides itself into five Vayus”

See also Link: “Prana-Vayu: Five Vital Forces” … http://sacred-earth.typepad.com/yoga/2008/07/prana-vayu-five-vital-forces.html … for a comprehensive description of the pranas.

Regarding prana and apana, I have read elsewhere a description of apana as flowing from the point between the eyebrows to the tailbone. And of prana as flowing from tailbone to the point between the eyebrows.

It seems to me there is some confusions, amongst various proponents, regarding the definition of these terms. I guess the thing to do is to speak to the person whose works are being studied, to find out what these terms mean to him or her, specifically.


I have read that the Bhagavad Gita implies a preference for the upward-coursing energy (‘prana’?) over the downward-coursing energy (‘apana’?). This I consider to be a mistake.

Concentrating on Upward Flow Causes Lack of Grounding. Devotees of yoga who practice a preference for the upward flow will experience lack of grounding, a tendency to float out into the astral realms, and difficulty in maintaining personal relationships.

On Feeling a Solid Tube of Energy. In recent years I have had some difficulty with both these energy systems, the kundalini and the pranic energy, as they contradict my current experience. What I mostly feel now is a solid tube of energy along my spine. And a breathless (no breathing) state when I meditate.


I read today in Swami Jnaneshvara’s website a very interesting description of a yogic technique for reversing the flow of prana and apana so as to cause the kundalini to awaken. To read this, go to Link: “Kundalini Awakening” by Swami Jnaneshvara … http://swamij.com/kundalini-awakening-1.htm … and then scroll down to the section “Reversing Prana and Apana Vayu.”

And then, Swami Jnaneshvara refers us to a page on which we can learn how to reverse the energy flows: Link: “Yoga Sutras 2.49-2/53: Pranayama and Breath Control, Rung #4 of 8,” by Swamij, http://swamij.com/yoga-sutras-24953.htm ..


On that page is mentioned a state of absence of breath awareness, and that is the state in which I experience the solid pranic column energy. And I also experience extension of this energy far out from the human body. Some say, as high as the Central Sun (very high indeed!) and as low as the crystal core of New Earth. And at the least, I feel energy a foot or so beyond my physical body.

On the ‘Pranic Column’ as Opposed to Pranic Energy

The terms ‘pranic column’ and pranic tube’, however, seem to have been generalized from the pranic energy that circulates from the nostrils down to the lungs, and back again, and used in modern day (with some ensuing confusion) to mean the energy that courses up and down the spine, aka the kundalini, central vertical power current, antahkarana, silver cord, or silver thread.


And then the other night, in the middle of the night, I felt an electromagnetic energy field like this torus, but very, very large and wavering:

Image: Human electromagnetic field, including the torus and the kundalini … http://mindbodyscienceworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/electro-mag-of-heart-300×191.jpg ..

I have read a pretty interesting description of the flow of this torus energy here …

Link: “The Torus, the Zero Point Energy Field = Creation Story – page 17: The Torus and How the Universe Was Created,” by Rita Marr … http://haradimension.blogspot.com/p/the-hara-line-and-torus.html ..

The above-referenced page describes the torus shape of the energy field around the human body, as if we were inside a doughnut of energy. It describes the bidirectional flow of this toric energy as taking place sequentially rather than simultaneously. (I have a feeling this is incorrect … that the perception of tidal flow, first one and then the other, is merely a constriction imposed by the third dimension.) It also explains that wave and particle relationships, as described in quantum physics and string theory, are embedded in this toric flow.

The energy of the human EMF torus is constantly coursing both upward and downward. Here is a video depiction …

Link: “Torus: Clip from Thrive,” by John Hagstrand, 26 December 2011 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTrQWg8KnNU ..

Could it be that this constant upward and downward coursing energy is giving rise to the feeling of solid pranic column energy? And might that also account for the fact that I feel the central energy column, the pranic tube, the ‘central vertical power current’, extending far above and below my body? I do not know.


Many years ago, in high school, I read about how electrons circling around a nucleus could jump in energy from one energy state to a higher energy state. I wonder if this has to do with the jumps in awareness from a body sense to a sensation of being all planet Earth, and so on? Or from a body sensation, to the fourth dimension, fifth dimension, and so one?

I saw a pretty good visual depiction of these electron jumps here (2) …

LInk: “Quantum Mechanics Chapter 3 of 4,” 28 September 2012 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAO8FVBfRks ..

Here is a picture of possible energy states of an electron …

Link: “Figure 1: The 1s orbital (red), the 2p orbitals (yellow), the 3d orbitals (blue) and the 4f orbitals (green) are contrasted,” in Chemistry LibreTexts … https://files.mtstatic.com/site_4334/8855/0?Expires=1538569319&Signature=lA-BEkAIcMOsmzOJzI4qFRmFdXBY0KY5yQm118rVSl79Fbd0fapQ5EO7hiOPiD7j2~XRZb~imMpRzbvQhxvDmgS0aZk3BmTlV8IJQRHL5v0sw4oiYBOYl9XdwM-fiJSBh~~QKFZCYsNNy2C9Wn3CcbgZ6KjXr-rPqR42DaG3YeA_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJ5Y6AV4GI7A555NA ..

Note that each state consists of a cloud of possible orbits, rather than a set path. Also, for each energy jump, the cloud of possible orbits changes in shape. They are not all spherical. However, the first state, 1s or n=1, is spherical.

What causes the changes in energy states of the electron? The change occurs when it is hit by a photon … as in, the new Incoming Light….


The first bump-up electron orbital state, n=2, has significance with regard to Twin Soul EMF states. The orbit for this second state of excitation of the electron can look like a sphere within a sphere (labeled 2s in the image below) or like a donut (the 2p shapes in the image below) …

Link: Electron Orbitals … http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/vchemlib/course/mo_theory/orbit3.gif ..

Both of these remind me of Twin-Souled electromagnetic fields I have experienced. The 2p shapes reminds me of the Contiguous Twin Soul field, and on the right, of the Merged Twin Soul field.


I wish I could come up with a comprehensive theory on this, but I guess now is not the time. I welcome your comments, especially with regard to hands-on, personal experience.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See … Link: “Kundalini Awakening,” an explication of Patanjali’s Aphorisms by Swami Jnaneshvara … http://swamij.com/kundalini-awakening.htm ..


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