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Odd Telepathic Events During Mercury Retrograde . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 15 April 2018; published on 23 April 2020

    • ‘The Overlord’ on Mercury Retrograde
    • Martian Bacterial Colonists, Negative Astral Beings, and Mercury Retrograde
    • Crystalline Entity Near Left Top of Head
    • Crystalline Entity Near Right Top of Head
    • Gaseous Entity: ‘Astral Matter’?
    • Does ‘the Overlord’ Regulate Global Telepathy to Its Own Ends?
    • Big Telepathic Event: Demon Roaring!
    • ‘Big Bads’ . Too Big to Tangle With
    • Superior Fire Power: Angels, Beings of Light, Nature Spirits and Devas

Dear Ones,

This is a video about a very weird series of telepathic events during the recent Mercury retrograde. Mostly, questions without answers here. An edited Summary follows the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, it’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I ran into some strange stuff last night. I think it had to do with Mercury retrograde, which is maybe starting to clear up this morning.

‘The Overlord’ on Mercury Retrograde

I was dealing with the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth, and I came in contact, one more time, with someone they call the Overlord. And I had some questions about Mercury retrograde. And the answer that I got from the ‘Overlord’ was : Need to know.

So I know there is something going on with the planet Mercury (1).

Martian Bacterial Colonists, Negative Astral Beings, and Mercury Retrograde

A few years back, I ran into something about the microbes (at that time, I did not know they were the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth) and the demon realm … the negative astral beings.

And I kind of discounted that, because I have not run into it much lately. But during Mercury retrograde, yesterday and last night, I did run into it again. So, there may be some of that going on, during times that we would consider to be astrologically adverse to us.

So, the question I had about Mercury being retrograde … the only response I actually got: Mercury is far away, they said.

I do not know what that means … during retrograde? … Then, at that time, the Martian bacterial colonists kind of ‘lose it’ … They kind of ‘freak out’. And they come up with all kinds of emotional ‘neg speak’, apparently, from time to time, during a retrograde like that.

The question in my mind is: Why is that? What is it about the planet Mercury that helps the Martian bacterial colonists to cope, on an even keel, with life on Earth?

Crystalline Entity Near Left Top of Head

That brings me in mind of something else that I came into contact with last night. First it started with the crystalline entity in the … what do you call it? … the little areas of … Inside the brain there are little areas that are filled with fluid. They do not have brain cells in them. They are just filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

[I checked the terms: ventricle … fontanelle … gyrus  … and …  sulcus. These do not seem to apply to what I have sensed. I do not know what to say about that, right now.]

On the left, top part of my head, I noticed one, from time to time, where there is an entity that I call the crystalline entity. (Apparently, the term ‘crystalline’ refers to hydroxyapatite crystals found in bone.)

It is so sweet; it is a very high-pitched voice, and goes on about things. However, last night it was saying: You know, we can’t be like this forever. We have to expand outward, in ever greater expansion.

And finally I got it, that I was talking to an immature bone cell, an osteoblast, in there … because they flatten out, and they get very large and long and flat, when they turn into bone, you know?

So I asked to talk to the bone cells themselves, and, in a very calm, quiet voice, they said: We don’t talk much.

I said: Why is that?

And they said: Well, we’ve grown up now, and settled down.

… or something like that; words to that effect.

And here was a young one that was just going on and on.

Crystalline Entity Near Right Top of Head

And so I asked … since there are different, fluid-filled cavities in the brain, I asked if there were other crystalline entities … crystalline would be what bone is made of; it is made of a kind of crystal … hydroxyapatite crystals … so it would be a crystalline entity, a very young crystalline entity, that I have been talking to off and on. I am relieved to say, human … part of the human system … unless the human bones are, maybe, a different kind of organism? Is that possible? But they all come from the same DNA, right? So … not possible!

Anyway, over on the right side, there is apparently another fluid-filled cavity, but with a slightly lower voice.

And I said: Why is your voice lower?

And it said: I’m a little older.

Like that! I do not know what to make of it; I am just reporting it. It is weird, but that is what I heard.

Gaseous Entity: ‘Astral Matter’?

Then it segued into an entity …

I said: What kind of entity are you?

And it said: That would be hard to describe.

I said (this was intuition): Are you gaseous? Are you made of gas?

And it said: Yes.

And so, first I thought: Maybe this is the ‘astral matter’ that the Theosophists talk about?

I said: What do you do?

And it said: We control everything.

My interpretation of this would be: Maybe it is what provides the natural order of things. And then I began to wonder if there is a relationship between that gas … which is ‘everywhere’, it says … and Mercury retrograde. But I do not have an answer for you about it. These are just preliminary leads in a new, ongoing investigation.

Does ‘the Overlord’ Regulate Global Telepathy to Its Own Ends?

There was one other thing that happened this morning. It had to do with what the Martian bacterial colonists call … in hushed tones … ‘the Overlord’. I noticed, today, that it is apparently responsible for regulating telepathy … global telepathy … right now.

And I think that because, last night, I started talking to some other people about the Martian bacterial colonists, and their alliance with the demon realm, on the global internet … the ‘astral airs’. And suddenly, ‘the Overlord’ issued a command to the Martian bacterial colonists in my gut, to cut off the telepathy. And then I could not hear anything at all, on the astral plane.

The Overlord, in my case, was entering my energy field through the top right side of my head. I do not know if that just has to do with my particular energy field, or if it is universally true that that happens.

So I think the thing to do, is to tell that demon that you do not want to buy into global telepathy, at times when things feel odd. Because the thing is, when you buy into that, then it starts ratcheting up the primal resonance of the Martian bacterial population in the gut. And it uses that telepathy for its own ends.

It is better to be silent, and to not be involved in this telepathy … especially since these negative astral beings, whenever possible … whenever astrological conditions permit … are messing up the works, up there.

I think there will come the day when it is fine. But right now, especially during a Mercury retrograde, or at times when there is big solar activity, and a lot of stuff going on in the atmosphere, it is better to avoid that. It is better to do our grounding work, I feel. Otherwise, there is just too much … as they say … ‘hell to pay’.

Big Telepathic Event: Demon Roaring!

Yesterday there was a big event … and that is part proof of this idea that I have, that it is better not to do this. Early in the day, there was a big telepathic event, in which somebody claimed that they were in jail. Then suddenly, they were obsessed by a demon, and there was this giant, roaring thing going on, reminiscent of the best television horror movies!

A lot of people saw it. I did not see. I do not usually see scary things; I see good things. But a lot of people … it was men … saw that scary thing; and the good thing is, they now have an understanding that it is really not possible to control the demon realm.

‘Big Bads’ Too Big to Tangle With

Sometimes men enter into black magic agreements, or Satanic agreements, or Satanic rites, with the notion: I’m a big guy. I’m going to control the demon realm!

Then there are the Big Bads. They control the small demons, the astral rascals that people generally see at the outset. And those astral rascals will come around. Especially as the black magicker, or sorcerer, or shaman, gets older, if he has been cutting deals with the Satan world … with the negative alien agenda … and his ki, or chi, or life force, starts naturally to be less and less as he gets older, then that is an opportunity for the negative astral beings to swoop in, and steal into his body, and subvert his will power to their own ends.

Superior Fire Power: Angels, Beings of Light, Nature Spirits and Devas

It is always good to know your enemy; and not to assume that you can control them all the time. Instead, look for the superior force. Look for the Angel Realm. Look for the beings of Light and Christed Love that are available to thwart these enemies of humankind.

Then there are all the nature spirits and devas of the natural world, which will joyously swoop down. If you can find yourself in nature, it is an incredible display: They just go chasing after the demons, and swoop them right out of the forests, and out of the fields, and back into the cities.

Well, so, enough stories for today. I will talk to you all later. I hope you all survived Mercury retrograde.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


According to Wikipedia, the Roman god Mercury “is the god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages, communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he also serves as the guide of souls to the underworld.” – from “Mercury (mythology),” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_(mythology) ..


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Opening the Heart Wide: Astral Heart Bots and Space Debris . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 11 August 2015; video revised revised and republished on 9 May 2016; transcribed 11 December 2018

    • Astral Heart Bots
    • Earth’s Space Debris and the Debris in Our Human Electromagnetic Fields
    • Transformation of Astral Heart Bots Through Light and Love
    • On 5D Negative
    • Creator Breath

Dear Ones,

This video is about opening the heart chakra wide, and obstacles to this, including astral negative entities, astral heart bots and Earth space debris, projected body elementals. Also: yoga, jogging, Sandra Walter’s “Creator Breath,” and the human unity field. There is an edited Summary after the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a quick discussion regarding keeping the heart open, and opening it wider …

Astral Heart Bots

The first thing that happens, when we try to open the heart wide, is we encounter resistance. And the reason that we encounter this is that the implants that have been placed in the heart, generally for the fourth dimensional negative entities … those implants would be rendered nonfunctional, and transformed into love, if the heart energy is amped up.

So there are programs in place that create a sense of dismay and consternation in us, if we try to open our hearts wide. If we persist on, through one of the many spiritual practices that allow the heart to flower and open wide, then what happens is: That clairaudient sound of those contrivances or implants that are influencing our nervous system to prevent the opening of the heart … that sound increases to a crescendo, and then goes away completely.

What it means, when it goes away, is that those implants have been rendered useless. Just to let you know, if you hear intelligent but limited discussions about this, from what appears to be other personalities in your Soul field, these are most likely astral bots, and not beings.

Beings have the sense to get out when something like that happens; but astral bots cannot do anything … They are just there to serve the 4D negatives (the negative astral beings). or the 5D negatives (fifth dimensional negative beings specializing in mind control).

Link: “Ascension Glossary” … https://ascensionglossary.com … Search the term: NAA  … or … Negative Alien Agenda

So astral bots are like machines. They do have an intelligence, and they do have a sense of self-preservation. You could think of them as body elementals sent to us by some other being. And anything within our Soul field, we have the right to transform.

Earth’s Space Debris and the Debris in Our Human Electromagnetic Fields

They will not be any the worse for that. The energy that was there, that was in them, will be greatly enhanced when it is transformed to love. I know this sounds kind of cruel and heartless, but the thing of it is, we human beings are kind of like Earth right now. If you have ever gone to Google images and searched the term: space debris … you will see how very much space debris there is in the electromagnetic field of Earth …


Image: “Space Junk,” by NASA, from Wikipedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Space_debris#/media/File:Debris-GEO1280.jpg … public domain

Image: “Space Junk,” by NASA, from Wikipedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Space_debris#/media/File:Debris-GEO1280.jpg … public domain

And the same is true for us right now. We are mirror images of Earth. And all that trash in Earth’s electromagnetic field … floating around from satellites, or whatever it is … that same kind of trash we have in our astral field; the same kind as Earth has in its astral field.

Transformation of Astral Heart Bots Through Light and Love

These things are being converted to pure Light and pure love. It is hard for us, as magnificent, sentient beings, to end even the limited intelligence of a bot-like contrivance that speaks to us. And believe me, 4D negative knows that!

But you and I are here! You are listening to this video, and I am speaking right now, because we are here to open our hearts completely and transform this creation … and our holograms … with love.

So we just have to persevere through this mind speak … even know and believe that what we hear is just some programming in our own Soul field, that is not for our own highest interest or highest good. So it is us, speaking to us, and contradicting what we really need to do … what our Soul mission is. That might be a way for a person with a big heart to look at all that.

On to what to do about it. For those that have not practiced yoga, and do not like long distance running, may I suggest, very simply, the Creator Breath? Sandra Walter has talked about it. It is very simple. It is very quick, and it works really well …

Link: “Ascension Path Meditation: Divine Neutrality.” by Ascension Path with Sandra Walter, 15 May 2015 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXxnX4xWg8AThe Creator Breath is described therein.

Because it is so simple and so quick, the interference that you feel from the things that are like space debris in your heart … your torus field … will immediately assert themselves. So it requires strength of will.

God bless you all, and keep you with open hearts and open minds.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Incoming Light: Golden Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 11 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Incoming Light: Golden Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 11 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0


On 5D Negative. Note that I derived the 5D negative information from “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … https://www.lawofone.info/ … See the search “fifth-density negative” … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=%22fifth-density+negative%22 ..

Creator Breath. For the “Creator Breath” by Sandra Walter, as mentioned in the video, see:

Video: “Ascension Path Meditation: Divine Neutrality”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXxnX4xWg8A ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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