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School of Theosophy on Nature Spirits . compiled by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 26 April 2020


Dear Ones,

I have found very interesting information on nature spirits amongst the writings of the School of Theosophy. For some of this, one must go to the source, as it is still under copyright. As well, I have found a good source of information, from C.W. Leadbeater of the School of Theosophy, regarding the nature spirits, that is in the public domain. In the below excerpt, I have bolded what seemed more important from my own perspective …


3. Nature-Spirits of all Kinds.

“So many and so varied are the subdivisions of this class that to do them anything like justice one would need to devote a separate treatise to this subject alone. Some characteristics, however, they all have in common, and it will be sufficient here to try to give some idea of those.

“To begin with, we have to realize that we are here dealing with entities which differ radically from all that we have hitherto considered.

“Though we may rightly classify the elemental essence and the animal Kâmarûpa as non-human, the monadic essence which manifests itself through them will, nevertheless, in the fullness of time, evolve to the level of manifesting itself through some future humanity comparable to our own, and if we were able to look back through countless ages on our own evolution in previous manvantaras, we should find that that which is now ourselves has passed on its upward path through similar stages.

“That, however, is not the case with the vast kingdom of nature-spirits; they neither have been, nor ever will be, members of a humanity such as ours; their line of evolution is entirely different, and their [p. 58] only connection with us consists in our temporary occupancy of the same planet.

“Of course since we are neighbours for the time being we owe neighbourly kindness to one another when we happen to meet, but our lines of development differ so widely that each can do but little for the other.

“Many writers have included these spirits among the elementals, and indeed they are the elementals (or perhaps, to speak more accurately, the animals) of a higher evolution.

“Though much more highly developed than our elemental essence, they have yet certain characteristics in common with it; for example, they also are divided into seven great classes, inhabiting respectively the same seven states of matter already mentioned as permeated by the corresponding varieties of the essence.

“Thus, to take those which are most readily comprehensible to us, there are spirits of the earth, water, air, and fire (or ether)—definite intelligent astral entities residing and functioning in each of those media.

“It may be asked how it is possible for any kind of creature to inhabit the solid substance of a rock, or of the crust of the earth. The answer is that since the nature-spirits are formed of astral matter, the substance of the rock is no hindrance to their motion or their vision, and furthermore physical matter in its solid state is their natural element—the only one to which they are accustomed and in which they feel at home.

“The same is of course true of those who live in water, air or ether. In medieval literature, these earth-spirits are often called gnomes, while the water-spirits are spoken of as ûndinés, the air-spirits as sylphs, and the ether-spirits as salamanders.

“In popular language they are known by many names—fairies, pixies, elves, brownies, peris, djinns [jinns], trolls, satyrs, fauns, kobolds, imps, goblins, good people, etc.—some of these titles being applied only to one variety … [p 59] and others indiscriminately to all.

Their forms are many and various, but most frequently human in shape and somewhat diminutive in size. Like almost all inhabitants of the astral plane, they are able to assume any appearance at will, but they undoubtedly have definite forms of their own, or perhaps we should rather say favourite forms, which they wear when they have no special object in taking any other. Of course under ordinary conditions they are not visible to physical sight at all, but they have the power of making themselves so by materialization when they wish to be seen.

“There are an immense number of subdivisions or races among them, and individuals of these subdivisions differ in intelligence and disposition precisely as human beings do.

“The great majority of them apparently prefer to avoid man altogether; his habits and emanations are distasteful to them, and the constant rush of astral currents set up by his restless, ill-regulated desires disturbs and annoys them.

“On the other hand instances are not wanting in which nature-spirits have as it were made friends with human beings and offered them such assistance as lay in their power, as in the well-known stories told of the Scotch brownies or of the fire-lighting fairies mentioned in spiritualistic literature.

“This helpful attitude, however, is comparatively rare, and in most cases when they come in contact with man they either show indifference or dislike, or else take an impish delight in deceiving him and playing childish tricks upon him.

“Many a story illustrative of this curious characteristic may be found among the village gossip of the peasantry in almost any lonely mountainous district, and any one who has been in the habit of attending séances for physical phenomena will recollect instances of practical joking and silly though usually good-natured horseplay, which always indicate the presence of … [p 60] some of the lower orders of the nature-spirits.

“They are greatly assisted in their tricks by the wonderful power which they possess of casting a glamour over [that is, hypnosis or mesmerization of] those who yield themselves to their influence, so that such victims for the time see and hear only what these fairies impress upon them, exactly as the mesmerized subject sees, hears, feels and believes whatever the magnetizer wishes.

“The nature-spirits, however, have not the mesmerizer’s power of dominating the human will, except in the case of quite unusually weak-minded people, or of those who allow themselves to fall into such a condition of helpless terror that their will is temporarily in abeyance; they cannot go beyond deception of the senses, but of that art they are undoubted masters, and cases are not wanting in which they have cast their glamour over a considerable number of people at once. It is by invoking their aid in the exercise of this peculiar power that some of the most wonderful feats of the Indian jugglers are performed—the entire audience being in fact hallucinated and made to imagine that they see and hear a whole series of events which have not really taken place at all.

“We might almost look upon the nature-spirits as a kind of astral humanity, but for the fact that none of them—not even the highest possess a permanent reincarnating individuality.

“Apparently therefore one point in which their line of evolution differs from ours is that a much greater proportion of intelligence is developed before permanent individualization takes place; but of the stages through which they have passed, and those through which they have yet to pass, we can know little.

“The life-periods of the different subdivisions vary greatly, some being quite short, others much longer than our human lifetime. We stand so entirely outside such a life as theirs that it is impossible for us to understand much about its conditions; but it appears on … [p 61] the whole to be a simple, joyous, irresponsible kind of existence, much such as a party of happy children might lead among exceptionally favourable physical surroundings.

“Though tricky and mischievous, they are rarely malicious unless provoked by some unwarrantable intrusion or annoyance; but as a body they also partake to some extent of the universal feeling of distrust for man, and they generally seem inclined to resent somewhat the first appearance of a neophyte on the astral plane, so that he usually makes their acquaintance under some unpleasant or terrifying form. If, however, he declines to be frightened by any of their freaks, they soon accept him as a necessary evil and take no further notice of him, while some among them may even after a time become friendly and manifest pleasure on meeting him.

Some among the many subdivisions of this class are much less childlike and more dignified than those we have been describing, and it is from these sections that the entities who have sometimes been reverenced under the name of wood-gods, or local village-gods, have been drawn. Such entities would be quite sensible of the flattery involved in the reverence shown to them, would enjoy it, and would no doubt be quite ready to do any small service they could in return. (The village-god is also often an artificial entity, but that variety will be considered in its appropriate place.)

The Adept knows how to make use of the services of the nature-spirits when he requires them, but the ordinary magician can obtain their assistance only by processes either of invocation or evocation—that is, either by attracting their attention as a suppliant and making some kind of bargain with them, or by endeavouring to set in motion influences which would compel their obedience.

“Both methods are extremely undesirable, and the latter is also excessively dangerous, as the operator would arouse a determined hostility … [p 62] which might prove fatal to him. Needless to say, no one studying occultism under a qualified Master would ever be permitted to attempt anything of the kind at all.”

–from Link: “The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena,” by C.W. Leadbeater.  (2007). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 10 June 2018 …  https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/21080 … [Paragraphing and bolding are mine. –Alice B. Clagett]


There is more comprehensive information regarding astral entities, drawn mostly from the above source, in this book, a compilation by Arthur Powell from the School of Theosophy …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL. Copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965 … “Chapter XX: Astral Entities: Non-Human,” section “3. Nature Spirits of All Kinds,” pp. 179-184.

However, the book is under copyright, so I cannot offer quotes here. I suggest reading the chapter. See especially the description of the sylphs as having human-like intelligence. Apparently, they can individualize through loving the astral angels.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Note: This blog was originally part of another blog, from which it has been extracted. Originally it was in … Link: “Baptismal Sylph,” a story by Alice B. Clagett, written on 21 April 2013; revised and published on 10 June 2018; revised on 26 April 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5UH ..


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Nature Spirits: Dude of the Mirror . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 28 July 2019; published on 9 September 2019


Dear Ones,

A story about a nature spirit … maybe an imp … that likes to look out of a mirror at a person. There is a Summary after the video …



I was just standing by the mirror, and all of a sudden I had the feeling that the mirror was watching me. I get this feeling quite frequently.

And then I heard a voice say: That’s the dude of the mirror there!

So I said: Dude! Dude of the mirror! Would you turn away?

And I heard the dude of the mirror say: Sure!

… And it turned away!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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The Iwo Jima Leap of a Soul Wounding Experience . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 14 June 2017


Dear Ones,


There is a notion in the astral chatter that we must allow antisocial personalities to do the Team Dark ‘smash and grab’ thing (aka the ‘Dark Attack’) in order to save ourselves from hostile out-group peoples. Sometimes the story goes that the antisocial personalities are working for the security of our nation, and that the threat comes from abroad … from other nations. That we must allow these fake ‘government agents’ to kill and rape and maim and plunder in our home towns because the highest levels of government have authorized them to do so.

I am here to say: No way! This story is just a Hollywood movie line created by antisocial personalities to trick us into overlooking the mayhem they are wreaking on our towns and cities, all over Earth.

I have a few thoughts regarding why this unlikely astral story even exists. The first is a clue I got from Wikipedia, some while back, about antisocial personalities. It said that they frequently ideate a grand role for themselves, such as that of a prophet, or king, or Secret Service agent, or a being from outer space with incredible psychic abilities.

Back in the day, and without much fanfare, these used to be termed ‘delusions of grandeur.’ So there is that.


In addition, I have my own theory, as follows: Antisocial personalities, I feel, have massive Soul wounding … the bruising and dark mottling from misadventures in this and prior lifetimes must cover much of their body of Light. It will also be reflected in all their other subtle bodies, and often results in illness or congenital malformations in the physical body.


Now Soul wounding consists of inclusions of anomalous darkness within our body of Light. These inclusions are held in place by bands or strictures or bubbles of deeply unconscious astral matter. One might think of these ‘restraint devices’ or ‘containment pods’ as ‘antimatter’ … although that is only a word connoting their great deviation from the normal composition of astral matter, which tends toward and yearns for sentience, by its nature.


These ‘containment pods’ in which are stored Soul wounding experiences may be tended by astral ‘imps’ or nature spirits who have been bewitched by the Dark into this dark activity, either through threat to their own selves, or through misinformation by the Dark about the nature of the service they are doing. For instance, they may be convinced by the Dark that they are doing a good thing. It happens that nature spirits fall under the sway of the Dark especially in urban areas, where their Deva guardians cannot enter to instruct and save them from bewitchment.

I feel that the nature of the containment pods … their composition being deep unconscious astral matter … is the true cause of the much vaunted ‘mind control’ abilities of the Dark; I will develop this notion below …


I will give an example. Some long while ago, I was in a very nice church; there were clairly gifted people in it, who could see on the astral plane, and who were familiar with astral beings, both those of the Dark … such as demons and devils and imps … and those of the Light, such as beings of Light, star brethren, ascended masters, and angels.

During the service, I was listening to the sermon. All of a sudden, I passed to a subconscious state; then I heard a commanding astral voice coming, apparently from a man near the front of the church …

Be gone, Satan!

I suddenly awoke to full consciousness, as it seemed an evil being bounded off of the left side of me and over to a person sitting about six feet from me, to my left. Then I remembered the same thing had happened the previous week. Then I astrally requested a ‘rollback’ (a timeline loop) …

Rollback, please!

And as is usually the case, I got an instant replay. Just before my sudden lapse into a subconscious, dreamlike state, an astral figure about four feet high had sprung out of the gentleman seated to my left, and lept onto me savagely. I call it the ‘Iwo Jima’ thing, because the leap reminded me of The Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia …

Image: “The Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va., can be seen prior to the Sunset Parade June 4, 2013. Sunset Parades are held every Tuesday during the summer months,” author Adrian R. Rowan, Public domain photograph from defenseimagery.mil, http://www.dimoc.mil/ ..

Image: “The Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va., can be seen prior to the Sunset Parade June 4, 2013. Sunset Parades are held every Tuesday during the summer months,” author Adrian R. Rowan, Public domain photograph from defenseimagery.mil, http://www.dimoc.mil/ ..

The astral action that took place was a leap out of the person sitting 6 feet to my left, through the air, and then a springing down on me … as if the statue were a time lapse of the astral event.

However, the statue represents an action of patriotic heroism, and the flavor of the astral event was one of utmost cruel intent. I discussed this on the astral plane with the gentleman who had spotted the attack, the one who called out astrally: Be gone, Satan!

Here are two images that offer the emotional tenor of the event, but not the time-lapse effect …

Image: “Pilgrim’s Progress: Escape,” by DouglasRamsey on DeviantArt … https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/2b/17/cd/2b17cd75de9cb6d679e56e7241a173c0.jpg ... This is an image of a young man with a big burden on his back, getting up from a kneeling position just as a giant gnarly demon is leaping on him from the sky. Very nice artistic rendition; but in the event described above, it was me, a woman seated, and the ‘demon’ was not half so large … although this artists captures very well the emotional feeling.

Image: “Christian Fights Apollyon: Illustration No. 309 to ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’,” by  William Strang, 1894 …  https://www.nationalgalleries.org/sites/default/files/styles/postcard/public/externals/118983.jpg?itok=xAi-Dt2r … This is a drawing of a pilgrim with a devil perched on his left shoulder. The pilgrim looks wide awake though, and is reaching for his sword. He has also a shield over his head, between him and the devil.

To me, it seemed that what had happened was not the attack of a Dark entity, but rather the sudden release of the containment pod of a Soul wounding incident that had been suffered by the man to my left. Clearly this act of violence, perhaps inflicted by the gentleman himself in wartime, or perhaps viewed by him, had been repressed beneath a layer of unconscious energy, for that would account for my sudden passing into a subconscious state.

As the Soul wounding experience was released from the man’s aura or energy field, I was first hit by the unconscious energies in the containment field, and then the stored audiovisual file, the memory of the event held in the Soul field of the man, sprang forth as well.

While this appeared to the man in the front of the church as an attack of the Dark, in actuality, I feel it was the beginning of a Soul healing event for the man to my left. I feel he is now in the process of allowing this traumatic experience to surface into his conscious Awareness, and thus resolving and healing the memory of the incident. That cathartic release may happen for him one day soon, if it has not already done so.


I have often paused to wonder: If antisocial personalities represent 1 to 4 percent of the population, and if by definition they commit acts of atrocity all the time, then why is it that they are so seldom apprehended by law enforcement? And when apprehended, is it true that they are able (as is oft stated in the astral airs) to obfuscate the psychologists and psychiatrists that interview them, elude their captors, and escape from imprisonment?

Do antisocial personalities in fact have awesome powers of mind control?

This Iwo Jima incident that I experienced some while ago makes clear the mechanism of mind control of antisocial personalities such as killing cult leader Charles Manson, killing commune leader Daniel Perez (aka Lou Castro), and the cannibalistic literary figure Hannibal Lecter of the movie “Silence of the Lambs.”

What apparently happens in their presence is a leaping forth of the unconscious astral matter of their Soul wounding containment fields. It must be that this ‘springing forth’ puts their captors and interrogators into a kind of daydream state, a state of subconsciousness, as it did me.

So then, the conclusion would be, not that antisocial personalities have awesome powers of mind control … although I judge from a youtube interview of Charles Manson that I saw, that antisocial personalities do feel that they have these powers. It seems to them that this is so, as they see people fall into a stupor in their presence.


However, a truer way of looking at the event is to see the massiveness of the Soul wounding of antisocial personalities. It is this Soul wounding leaping forth, asking to reach the Light of Awareness and to be healed, that is causing the lapses of consciousness of the people with whom antisocial personalities come in contact. It would also account for the failure of our communities to apprehend them and allot them such placement as will prevent further injury to the social fabric of our communities.

How can we apprehend the antisocial personality? How can he be healed? We must ask our Ascension teams for new Ascension skills … armor, as it were … to withstand sudden onslaught of unconscious astral matter, so that we may remain wide awake when hit with their Soul wounding containment fields. When we are able at this skill, then we will be able to clair hold the audiovisual clips of their Soul wounding up to conscious Light, so that it may be transformed, by their own Souls, to Light and love.

This is good news: Whereas in past there has been no hope for rehabilitation of the antisocial personality into the mainstream, now there is a direction, a potential treatment, and hope of healing.


It occurs to me also that all forms of injurious addiction … whether to alcohol, or to drugs, or to obsessive compulsive behaviors … may indicate a similar unconscious containment field mechanism. Perhaps the addict has had Soul wounding experiences, in this or a prior lifetime.

During the course of the day, an emotion surfaces in the emotional body that begins to bring up the memory of the Soul wounding. The habitual act represented by the addiction is under control of the unconscious mind, and by instinct the person reaches for that act, which brings down a container of unconscious energy that represses the Soul wounding memory back into a dark, dense occlusion in the body of Light.

If this be true, then treatment might be attempted in a manner similar to that described above for the antisocial personality.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Astral Imp ‘Football Plays’ with Humans . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 6 August 2014; revised

    • On Clair Listening and Speaking with the Throat Chakra
    • The ‘Roll Back’ Command to Loop to a Recent Past Event
    • An Imp ‘Football Play’ Inside the Aura
      • Why Do Imps Call Themselves ‘Mike’?
    • On Putting the Game on Pause
    • How the Imp Football Game Creates Unconsciousness in the Aura
    • Codicil
      • How Imps Are Tricked into the Game
      • Are Imps Nature Spirits?
      • Nature Spirits Do Good Things Too
      • On the Dreamtime Realm
      • Humankind is Journeying Through 4D to 5D Now
      • When We’re in 5D, Nature Spirits Will Be in 6D
    • Postscript to the Codicil
      • Description of Another Imp Game
      • How the Energy of the Heart Chakra Is When Anxiety Is Felt
      • Awareness and Rest Lessen Anxiety
    • My First Attempt to Explain Demonic Astral Football
    • Second Chakra Devilish Play
    • Navel Point Devilish Play
    • Third-Eye Point Angelic Recovery Play

Dear Ones,

Here is new info on how ‘imps’ (could these be nature spirits? or maybe ‘body elementals?) do ‘football plays’ with us humans as the football field. Understanding of the mechanics of unconscious human telepathy, and of generation and augmentation of unconscious unwanted feelings may help us raise these activities to awareness. Thus may we attain greater mastery of mind …


In the video there is also a little about ‘rolling back’ thoughts that have escaped me, so that I can hear them consciously a second time… A little about how imps can augment a feeling of generalized anxiety.


Also, information on how nature spirits can help us be healthy, and can help fulfill our wishes. And about how good relations with the dreamtime world (4D), and the nature spirits, can create a much brighter 3D world for us. And there’s information about the importance of this working relationship as humans ascend into 5D and nature spirits into 6D.


Text not in the video is in green font.

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I was going to talk to you in the shade of the porch, but I ended up over here by the river, which is quite a pretty sight, don’t you think? I hope you can hear me over the sound of the river. I’ll speak up, just in case …

On Clair Listening and Speaking with the Throat Chakra

I was travelling just now, in the car, and I was thinking about the sequence of events that leads to constant clairaudient communication. And so, I was paying very close attention to my physical body and my aura. So what I’ve been noticing for a long time is a scratchiness in my throat, as if my throat chakra were being overused, because of this constant telepathic chatter I’ve been hearing.

Incoming, it seems to come into my throat. When I hear something, I hear it through my throat chakra. And so then I noticed that, when I heard something, almost immediately there was a response that I gave, without actually thinking it through … an unconscious response.

And then the cycle would continue: The incoming thing that was clairly heard, then a visual ‘jiggle’, and then my own thought would come out through my throat chakra and go out to other people … like a constant, unconscious cycle.

The ‘Roll Back’ Command to Loop to a Recent Past Event

I don’t know if you all like this trick or not, or whether it would appeal to you, but when I miss something … when I unconsciously slide by something that happens in my mind … I find that, for me, it works to just say:

Please roll that back!

An Imp ‘Football Play’ Inside the Aura

I don’t know exactly whom I’m talking to, but it works every time: The sentence, or the thought that I missed, comes back and rolls back through my mind. So, because I noticed this cycling was an unconscious thing, I did that: I rolled it back. And what I heard was little imps (or could it be nature spirits?) around my aura.

And what were they saying?

Mike will jiggle this! (I think that was it.)

Why Do Imps Call Themselves ‘Mike’? ‘Mike’ is their name for themselves. I think it comes from ‘Archangel Michael’ and it’s a diminutive. A splitting off during the process of creating duality many aeons ago. They call themselves, and it’s as if Archangel Michael were donating some of his goodness to this duality show.

And I’ve heard this voice before. In fact, I’m going to try and find another blog where a different ‘football play’ was being employed and I figured that one out. [For that, search imp football in my blog.] And it has taken me forever to figure this one out. Here’s how it goes:

There’s an imp here, an imp there, around our … I don’t know: Our Soul, our aura … something like that. So up above my head there might be an imp.

He says: Mike will jiggle this!

And somehow, that creates a jiggle in the aura, and in the visual field, and in the mental field. And a thought kind of just spills out unconsciously. It’s the strangest thing! And that thought is processed through the throat chakra.

Then apparently, the same thing is happening on the other end (to another person), wherever that is. And the other end sends something back.

On Putting the Game on Pause

So what we can do, when that happens, is we can talk to that voice, and we can tell it that it’s not for our own good that this is happening. Because I think that what we call ‘imps’ are merely nature spirits that have been played by Darkness into believing that what they’re doing is for our own good (or that they must act in this way or be punished). So if you explain that this is not the case, they usually stop.

Now sometimes they’re under the spell of black magic, and they can’t stop; in which case you can just keep telling them not to do that.

Or, basically, you become aware of the football play that’s happening, and this awareness actually destroys that game.

How the Imp Football Game Creates Unconsciousness in the Aura

I bid you good luck with this, in case it’s happening to you. It happens, actually, all over our aura. Anywhere we find unconsciousness we will find some kind of little game going on amongst imps in the fourth dimension, a game that’s creating this unconsciousness, usually building off of prior unconscious thoughts.

So that’s my unusual thought for today. I wish you all the very best in love and light and laughter. Take care …


I just had a quick codicil to add about all this. Where I’m sitting right now, there are grasshoppers everywhere. For all I know, one might land on my nose before I finish here.

How Imps Are Tricked into the Game. You know, the very nature spirits that are responsible for what I call football plays that perpetuate what you’d call Dark strategies in our physical form … in our body of light and in our aura … I think it’s the whole thing together, all our bodies and our Soul … the whole bailiwick … these ‘football plays’ that are taught to the nature spirits that I call imps by the Dark … and often under threat of death (they’re frightened to death, and so they do what naturally they wouldn’t do with the devas instructing them. Or else they’re lied to by the Dark, and they don’t know. They have to be told, as we discussed before.

Are Imps Nature Spirits? So I call them imps, and in the past I’ve unfortunately called them harsher names, due to the fact I was just discovering the nature of the natural world. I didn’t know that what we call imps that do things we feel to be damaging to us may well be really good nature spirits that have been greatly mislead.

Nature Spirits Do Good Things Too. Not only do nature spirits cause psychological damage and pain, sometimes, when they’re mislead, but they’re also responsible for our great good health and getting our wishes fulfilled, and all kinds of wonderful things. And these nature spirits are part of the dreamtime world. They’re part of the dimension that we go to when we’re asleep … say, 8 hours a day.

On the Dreamtime Realm. Eight hours a day we’re in a higher dimension: the fourth dimension. And that is the dimension from which the physical realm proceeds. It creates the physical realm. And good relations with what the aborigines call the dreamtime world … good relations with the nature spirits … create a much brighter 3D world for us … a much brighter realm. So it’s important to remember that the dreamtime is what creates the physical, and not the other way around.

And in fact, one more thing to keep in mind is that, right now, as everybody has been saying, 4D has an element of darkness in it. Which makes it difficult, in the manifestation here in the 3D world.

Humankind is Journeying Through 4D to 5D Now. We’re moving through the fourth dimension, the dreamtime. We’re recognizing the elementals now. We’re finding out about exactly how the nature spirits have been tricked by Darkness, so that we can create our own good relationship with the nature spirits.

When We’re in 5D, Nature Spirits Will Be in 6D. And as we do so, as we rise through the fourth dimension, we are in expectation of getting to the fifth dimension, where it’s very easy because there is no Darkness. So our relationship with the nature spirits that we’re developing now, as nature spirits rise to the sixth dimension, and as we rise to the fifth dimension, is very important. And will be very important in the future …

Postscript to the Codicil

Description of Another Imp Game. I was home just now. I was hanging around outside, and I noticed a slowly ratcheting up increase in a feeling of generalized anxiety, or very mild dread, or something like that. So, having found out about the mechanics of that other stuff today, I thought: I’ll listen for a little, impish voice. And I listened, and heard:

Let me hit her there!   (x2)

How the Energy of the Heart Chakra Is When Anxiety Is Felt. It was going along in that cadence. And what I felt was, the energy in my back, behind my heart, in the back cone of the heart chakra area … you know how there’s a front energetic cone, and then there’s the center of the heart chakra in the center of the chest, and then there’s a cone that goes out the back part? … What I felt was an insistent, slow tapping on the back of my heart. And so apparently, that little imp (or whatever it was; nature spirit, something!) was trying to create that emotion or ratchet up that emotion by touching the back of the heart cone.

Awareness and Rest Lessen Anxiety. The mechanics of it are interesting to me. I don’t have the answer about what to do about it right now, except to notice it;

  • notice what’s happening in a physical sense,
  • and maybe take a nap,
  • or just sit out in the sun, or something like that for a while, until the impish behavior desists.


My suggestion, along the lines of mastery of mind, is to try our best to concentrate on physical feelings rather than emotions when negative emotions come up. That way we may be able to avoid augmenting the emotions. You may have other ideas, and if so, I’d be delighted to know about them!


I looked up the other football play mentioned in the video … from a previous blog … and here it is. I note I was calling them ‘devils’ back then, but now I think they’re just imps, or maybe nature spirits, or maybe ‘body elementals’:

“My First Attempt to Explain Demonic Astral Football

“But actually, it all comes down to this: It’s just a tiny little devil, playing a fun game of football with the human electric field. This includes the Higher Mental Body and the Lower Mental Body (the lower triangle). The games can get pretty outlandish. By way of illustration, here’s something that happened to me a few days ago, while I meditated:

“Second Chakra Devilish Play. One tiny, tiny devil at my second chakra said:

 “Mike will woo you. (4)

“This immediately put me to sleep, as there is still unconsciousness in my body in the area of my second chakra. Of course, the destiny of my lower body is for all the cells to be upgraded to Christ consciousness. But at that moment, there were unconscious occlusions there … areas of unawareness. That’s why I fell into an unaware state.

“Navel Point Devilish Play. Taking advantage of this unawareness, a tiny devil at my navel point said:

“You will double up!

“The navel point is the seat of will power, and clearly, I can see there is work to be done there in clearing areas of unconscious energy.

“But ‘work’ is an elusive term. In 3D parlance, it can mean a lot of careful planning, a lot of time and effort, and the prospect of either success or, Heaven forfend, failure. But in 5D, the work can take place, literally, in the flash of an eye, with the help of our ascension teams.

“Third-Eye Point Angelic Recovery Play. To continue, then at my third-eye point, with a popping flash of light, like a little firecracker but brilliant white, one of my Angels woke me up! It was a little embarrassing … there I was, doubling up over and over again, experiencing a subconscious three-hand play, all in the twinkling of an eye, and popping back into awareness, grasping for straws of understanding! What is this all about? What’s happening?

“As this happened again and again during group meditations, I eventually came to an initial understanding of what was going on. The devils were playing with my energy, the Angel was doing his oh so wonderful job, and my celestial ascension team was bringing me into the light of awareness.”  –adapted from Link: “Hobnobbing with Demons and Devils – Oh, My!,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 23 October 2013; revised … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-7ix ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Compendium: Psychic Murder – Bow Down to Me! Psychic Swoon,” published on 17 July 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jc6 ..


Image: “Pink Rose,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 August 2014, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Pink Rose,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 August 2014, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Lilac-Colored Flowers,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 August 2014, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Lilac-Colored Flowers,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 August 2014, CC BY-SA 4.0


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