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Community Alert: Preparing for Solar and Gateway Event EMF Hypersensitivity . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written on 19 February 2015; revised
Originally entitled “How to Be Prepared for Mental Turmoil during Solar Winds”


Dear Ones,


In 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the increasing incidence of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). WHO referenced a survey of medical centers. Prevalence of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity was then felt to be just a few folks per million. They, however, found higher estimates among self-help groups …

Link: “Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity,” by WHO (World Health Organization), December 2005 … http://www.who.int/peh-emf/publications/facts/fs296/en/ ..

As the Awakening continues, this EMF hypersensitivity is affecting more and more people; but fortunately less severely than described in the WHO paper.

Many people visualize that Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity manifests through human interface with man-made EMF fields, such as electronics, electrical appliances, electric and cable wiring in homes, and electric lines and towers in cities, and through-the-air broadcasting signals.

However, the overarching cause of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is Solar Events such as solar flares, CMEs, and CIRs, and Gateway Events caused by the alignment of celestial bodies.  From an Earth-centric perspective, these gateways include solstices and equinoxes, for instance. However, the alignment of celestial bodies other than Earth and our Sun also affect the human experience of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. (See my blog categories: Astrogeophysics – EMF – hologram  …  and …  Almanac: solstice – equinox – moon cycles )

These Solar and Gateway Events heighten our awareness of discordant or misaligned energy in our personal EMF fields. While it is true that the effect of these events on the human EMF is beneficial, as these events are clearing our EMF, the difficulty is that the clearing sometimes causes activation of people’s ‘fight or flight’ response …

Link: “Fight or Flight Response and Ascension,” by Alice B. Clagett, 28 August 2014 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7Jc ..

This may result in anxiety, ‘cognitive dissonance’ (i.e., mental turmoil), or ‘acting out’ behaviors …

Link: “Geomagnetic Score (Kp Index) . by Space Weather News . with comments by Alice B. Clagett,” published on 11 May 2017… http://wp.me/p2Rkym-7bI ..

And so, I offer the following Community Guidelines …


For warnings about solar and gateway events which may trigger anxiety, you can subscribe to SpaceWeather Text or phone alerts …

Link: “Space Weather” … http://www.spaceweather.com/ … and at ‘Subscribe’ click: Go!

For up-to-date online information, see the above “Space Weather” link, which is updated daily … and Link: “Suspicious0bservers” … https://www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers .. Both are updated daily.

For notifications about upcoming gateways, see the “Light Intel” blogs by Sandra Walter …

LInk: “Creative Evolution,” by Sandra Walter … http://www.sandrawalter.com/ … Search the term: Light Intel Articles


Solar and Gateway Events can cause heightened anxiety. If no medications are on hand, the anxiety can escalate into panic attack, which can last for weeks. This is way not so cool … very wearing on the emotions … and completely avoidable.

As near as I can tell, everyone, every human being, will eventually begin to experience some generalized anxiety, and in some cases possibly also panic episodes as we become sensitive to Solar and Gateway Events in the process of Ascension.

Yet many, many people have … to date, in this lifetime … never had a high level of generalized anxiety. They have never experienced a panic attack. So when it happens they may think: I’ll just tough it out … Like I did. Or if a person sees that their spouse is having a panic attack, they may underestimate its severity.

Having read up on the topic, I am here to explain that panic attack is a serious event; for instance, it can lead to intense emotional suffering, as explained in this video …

Link: “Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attack,” by DARE, 8 June 2009 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32K-rEIbBgE ..

If panic attacks escalate day after day, I have read there can be a sense of surreality so intense that a person has thoughts of suicide or murder.

The situation is more complicated for those with psychic abilities, and who are expressing the ‘fight’ form of anxiety, as this can lead to attempts at murder on the astral plane. While accomplishment of this intent depends on God and God alone, attempts along this line are way not cool. Those of us who are psychic must take care not to feel we are ‘above it all’. More than anyone else, we must take the necessary precautions.


If you know you are sensitive to Solar and Gateway Events, the prep work would be to see your medical doctor, and also possibly to go to your alternative medicine practitioner for remedies.

For anxiety, some medical doctors, for instance, will recommend the prescription drug klonopin (Clonazepam).  I think it is usually prescribed by a psychiatrist; or possibly a physician could prescribe it. I suggest very short-term use of this drug, and only in emergency situations, as there are notable side effects of withdrawal, especially, apparently, withdrawal from long-term use … including some side effects that may persist for a long time, even if withdrawal is very gradual.

Some alternative medicine practitioners suggest homeopathic or natural remedies for anxiety; for instance …

The Hyland’s homeopathic remedies ‘Calms’ and ‘Kali phos’ are said to relieve stress, nervous tension, and sleeplessness. For other Hyland’s homeopathic remedies for stress, go to …

Link: Hylands … http://www.hylands.com/ … and search Products for the term: Stress & Sleep

Celery juice has been recommended by some to soothe the nerves; the juice of an apple, and a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg, can be added for flavor.

Some folks recommend Passion Flower pills for anxiety …

Link: “Five Herbs to Calm Anxiety (Without Being Drowsy),” from Renegade Health, 30 March 2014 … http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/5-herbs-to-calm-anxiety-without-being-drowsy ..

Then there are calming teas, such as Yogi ‘Relaxed Mind’ and ‘Kava Stress Relief’ …

Link: Yogi … https://www.yogiproducts.com/ ..

Music by Mozart, chamber music, or the calming music at the youtube channel “illume in essence” … https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs46S_Dy3L95X2qKrL-uRfA … may help.

Binaural Beats has many good videos on youtube. Their music only works effectively when used with stereo headphones, because it offers different sound tracks for each ear (and each side of the brain) …

Video: “Binaural Beats Anxiety – Powerful Calm Mind and Racing Thoughts,” by MendTheMind, 16 May 2014 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sySw8n_Yuc ..

There is also a yogic exercise to tranquilize the mind, and to help it be peaceful; this can be used as an adjunct to traditional medical remedies …

Link: “3-Minute Meditation to Tranquilize the Mind,” by Yogi Bhajan … referral by Alice B. Clagett, 7 October 2014 … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6ik ..

Here is a yogic exercise to help prevent freaking out …

Link: “Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out,” Taught by Yogi Bhajan on 6/7/76, in Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization … https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/pranayam/meditation-prevent-freaking-out ..

You must find out what is best for you.

If your tendency is to ‘act out’ impulsive behaviors, or even to experience recurrent fantasies of ‘acting out’ during Solar and Gateway Events, then ask your doctor what drug will be best for you. It is possible that the anxiety remedies may be less effective for you than other sorts of remedies.


Also, very good prep work is to read up on panic attacks. Here is some of the standard kind of info on panic attacks …

Link: “Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder: Symptoms, Treatment and Self-Help Tips,” at HelpGuide … http://www.helpguide.org/articles/anxiety/panic-attacks-and-panic-disorders.htm ..

I feel that schools and churches would be a good place to educate the public about panic attacks, maybe with videos like those linked to in this blog, or maybe through personal sharing among the audience.

A wonderful event like that was held through the Lifetree Cafe … https://lifetreecafe.com/start-lifetree-cafe/ … offered at the Presbyterian Church I attended in Colorado in the summers for a while. My feeling was, I learned quite a lot from the presentation, and grew closer to the congregation as a result of the group sharing that followed. The whole thing took only an hour.


Also, it is important to remove all weapons from your personal environment. There is a special consideration for the military, for armed security personnel, and for law enforcement officers, who must have weapons on hand to protect the public. They must learn the symptoms that herald the onset of panic attack, so that they may turn over their weapons to another officer before the panic attack takes place.

Because anxieties sweep through our unconscious minds and on to the minds of those who are in our thoughts, anxieties tend to sweep through families and work groups, all at the same time. That is something to keep in mind when planning prevention of emotion-based decision-making among armed security personnel. In the extreme instance, this can cause ‘acting out’ and what is known as ‘mass hysteria’.

The recent Jade Helm military exercises, which labeled California, Utah, Texas, Arizona and Colorado as potential ‘hostile territories’, seem to me to be examples of the need for all military personnel, including supervisory personnel, to have as much time off as ‘wellness time’ as they feel they need, during these times of great and joyous change.

Another example from a while back was the rash of killings of black men by police officers in Santa Monica and other places, followed by that May 2015 march on Washington, DC, by folks concerned about what went on. In other words, those who are in charge of the safety of us all need to take special care to be sure that their own state of mind is peaceful and well relaxed, so that they can help add to the calmness of those they are helping.

In a way, Gandhi might be a good role model for people supervisory personnel during these times. I saw a good example of this kind of behavior the other day, in the Bayfield, Colorado, parking lot where I have been doing my wash. Much out of the ordinary, there was a police car pulled up in the parking lot, right in my path to the front door of the laundromat. There was a medium-aged, physically fit man, handcuffed, standing in the parking lot with two police officers on either side of him. He was hurling abuse, over and over, at the police officers. As shocking as this incident was to me, I was nevertheless greatly comforted by the easygoing, courteous, gently humoring attitude of the police officers. I feel we are greatly blessed to have such good officers on our police force.

For more on this see Link: “Ascension Cautions 4: Guidelines for Those in Authority,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 30 January 2017 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6YF ..


Another important effect of Solar and Gateway Events is ‘mind mud’ or ‘peanut butter brain’ or ‘silly putty sensibility’, as some call it. Others call it cognitive diminution. Tom Kenyon calls it cognitive dissonance. You can read more about it here …

Link: “Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements,” from the Hathors through Tom Kenyon … http://tomkenyon.com/chaotic-nodes-and-dimensional-attunements ..

Link: “Cognitive and Emotional Challenges during Chaotic Nodes,” a Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon … http://tomkenyon.com/cognitive-and-emotional-challenges-during-chaotic-nodes ..

Link: “The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes,” a Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon … http://tomkenyon.com/the-emergence-of-multiple-chaotic-nodes ..


If you are at home, stay there. Home is usually a pretty safe place to be, no matter what the mind may be telling us to the contrary.

If you own a weapon, lock it in a cabinet, put the key to the cabinet in a self-addressed envelope, and put the envelope in the nearest mailbox.

If you are with someone who you feel may become violent, then find a safe place for yourself, as close by as possible. Sometimes that is in a separate room, with the door locked. Sometimes it is going over to a neighbor’s.

If you are in a car, pull over onto a quiet street, stop the car, recline the seat, and wait it out for as long as it takes, till the mental turmoil recedes. When you drive home, take the surface streets, and drive with great care and attentiveness.

If you are on a freeway … this is one of the most dangerous scenarios. So first, call on your Divine protection. Then, very carefully, pull into the righthand lane, exit the freeway, then onto a quiet street, and proceed as above.

If you are at the office or at school, and the mental turmoil makes it difficult to work or study, then excuse yourself with a medical excuse, and go someplace nearby and quiet to wait it out. Right now is a difficult time for this, workwise and schoolwise, as work and school rules are very rigid, and most employers do not yet know the long and the short of the Ascension situation. I expect this will be changing pretty soon, and highly flexible flex time will be one of a number of strategies offered as a solution.

So now you know the long and the short of it.

Take care, be safe,

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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