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Sheets of Light . a poem by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 13 April 2019; published on 14 April 2019

Dear Ones,

Late yesterday afternoon, after Palm Sunday Vigil and communion with the holy congregation, I was driving home, and I wrote this poem …

. . . . .

A Poem by Alice B. Clagett
13 April 2019

Light came down in sheets and folds
. . like cake mix falling into a cake pan
. . like clothes-pinned billows of wet sheets
. . . . .that fold and snap in a wild breeze
. . like Heaven slaloming
. . . . . through the streets.

Now, now is the time.

Dearest of the dear
Nearer than the breath of life
Faster than silver-footed thought

More sure than mother’s love
More curious than cats
More glorious than sunlight
. . caroming past Palm Sunday

Oh my Soul, remember!

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Masked Mummery: What If a Person Wore a Satan Mask While Having Sex? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 4 September 2018; revised and republished on 4 July 2021

Dear Ones,

What has been coming up in the dream world for clearing, for quite some time now, is this dream: There are a group of people, one woman, several men, and a young child, who engage in a sexual rite, a ‘Masked Sexual Mummery’, on the full moon each month.

Everyone wears Devil outfits, even the young child, whose role is to tantalize and also shake down for blackmail, if that child trafficking line is crossed by the adult members of the troupe. In the dream, one person gets to play the head Devil, and wears a pretty bodaciously evil costume.

Why the masks and costumes? Could be the people in the dream just liked to wear these clothes while having sex … Maybe they find it titivating. Too, when people wear masks while having sex, there is less of a possibility of blackmail through surreptitious movie-making.

Let’s say there is one person who sometimes acts in this performance, a person who loves to feel his heart energy while having sex. He is a very important person, a person of power who, in daily life, has to deal with the low life of the world. He encounters all kinds of really bad people. But he himself has the highest ideals. How then may he hold this disparity?

Masked sexual mummery is one way to resolve the issue: He can feel his heart, while transforming the energy of all those of evil inclinations he encounters in daily life, by assuming the garb … taking on the role … pretending to be really evil.

It might be his way of doing what we Lightworkers call Transformation through the Light; and what Christians call the Sacrament of Communion … a way to uplift the Profane through the sacred energy of the human heart. That might be the conscious intent behind the Masked Sexual Mummery, whether it be something acted out in the third dimension (3D), or whether it be simply a recurring sexual fantasy.

Through the dream world, though, I am getting that there may be unintended consequences of such an act. These have to do with the subconscious mind.

Orgasm is one of the most powerful means of upliftment for humankind; contrarily, it can be a powerful tool for the degradation of humankind. Masks have a very powerful impact on the subconscious mind. It could be the person who has this daydream, or else the people involved in the 3D Mummery … as the case may be … And the full moon is the most powerful time of month for transformation, whether for good or for ill.

It could be that the act of orgasm … while wearing a mask symbolizing evil … imprints upon the subconscious mind, month after month, the conviction that the act of sex is evil, and that the person wearing the mask is the personage portrayed by the mask. The subconscious mind of the masked person may begin to feel that it is the Devil, or that it is in league with the Devil, or that it has made a deal with the Devil, or has sold its Soul to the Devil. Like that.

Subconscious minds … being, as they are, the part of the Iceberg of the Human Mind touching the wavelets of the polar seas I term the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World … are all connected. What is beneath one man’s ‘belt’ is beneath my belt as well, and beneath yours, and beneath the belt of every human being on Earth.

Once a man’s subconscious mind becomes convinced it is in league with the Devil, before long, the subconscious mind of everyone on Earth will be as convinced of this fantasy as he is.

He being a powerful man, his colleagues will begin to feel that he is a pretty scary guy; maybe even the Devil himself. Then, deep in their subconscious minds, they will need to make a choice: Will I live in fear, or will I turn to courage and strength of heart?

The subconscious mind does not work in a logical way. It works through symbols, images and metaphor. It attributes a particular emotion to a particular symbol or image … not a thought, but generally speaking, a strong emotion.

Thus when the subconscious minds of the associates of this person visualize him, they ‘see’ the Devil, and they feel fear. Their Soul says: Fear not! This fear that I have is simply a fiction of my subconscious mind. 

So then the subconscious mind says, in that peculiar, short-cut kind of way that is typical of its operation: There is no Devil! If challenged about it, the subconscious mind will say, defensively: Everyone on Earth agrees with me about this.

This is not entirely true. That courage is a better emotion than fear is unarguable. That their associate … who monthly assumes the aspect of Satan … is not the Devil himself, is also  unarguable. That they need not fear the Devil is a given. That the act of sex is a sacred act, through which we may find communion with God, is a Truth I hold to be self-evident; a Truth even greater than the great truths of which Thomas Jefferson (1) once spoke.

Our right to uplift the world through joyful orgasm is the unalienable right of every human being on Earth. This is the fundament of the human being, the great transforming act that which enlivens us, and sets us free, and makes us happy.

If joyful orgasm may bring us to the very feet of God, then what may Satan be? Can we even propose that a being such as Satan exists?

Yes, I feel, Satan does exist. He prowls the waves of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World in the form of a man who wears the mask of a Devil while performing this, God’s most sacred act of Sexual Communion.

Satan is that which calls the act of sex Evil. Satan is that which feels the act of sex to be Profane. Satan is that which must wear a mask before the very throne of God.

Let us remove the masks, and meet God face to face, whether it be in this once monthly act of bliss, in peaceful contemplation, in worship, in celebration of our working life, in communion with the family of man, or in nightly Surrender to the Divine.

Let us set Satan aside, and find God each moment, in the air that enters our lungs, vivifying this human form. Let us find Him in the outreached hand clasping the hand of those we encounter on life’s path; in the eyes of the children that trust in us, and in the words of those like Thomas Jefferson, who know with certain surety that Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are God’s gifts to each of us.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) From the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, and enacted by Congress on 4 July 1776 …

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. ” — from Link: “Declaration of Independence,” in Wikipedia …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Declaration_of_Independence ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Ego 1: Circle of One . I Am the Only Ego in the World . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published 15 August 2016; revised on 7 July 2018

    • The 4-Year-Old Boy Who Burned His Mom and Tasted Her Charred Body
    • People as Chess Pieces; and the ASP the Only Player
    • Comfort Through Sacrifice of the Mother or the Wife-Mother
    • Cannibalism as an ASP ‘Black Communion’
    • The Progress of Humankind from Blood Sacrifice to Bloodless, Symbolic Sacrifice
    • Conclusion
    • Antisocial Personality Disorder
    • Blood Sacrifice
    • Raiding

Dear Ones,

For those not in the know, this blog is not about me; I researched the topic to do with what intuition told me might be a ‘Controller’ who was the head of a ‘killing cult’. I had left the group, and felt at the time (some time ago) that I was in danger of being murdered by members of the group at his behest, and because of his anger towards me at leaving the group as soon as I got a whiff of what was going on there.

This blog is the result of my effort to understand the Weltanschauung of a person I heard about on the astral plane, who purportedly had the catastrophic childhood experience described in the two links below…

Link: “Thoughts on What Causes Antisocial ‘Personality’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 11 May 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5g7 … See the subheading: Catastrophic Childhood Experiences … A Clair Case Study: The Young Boy Who Became a Cannibal

Link: “Serial Killers: Wikipedia vs Astral Stories,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 17 November 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6pR ..

Here is one case of atypical concept of ego, to do with a child’s loss of the mother in early childhood. The person thinks: I am the only ego in the world. Everyone else is just an piece on my chessboard!


The result is what is termed in psychology ‘the antisocial personality’.

The sexual subtheme in the early childhood wounding, in this instance, resulted in sexuality being confused with death and killing, and expressing itself in this context as the child grew up.

Each of these expressions of killing as linked to sexuality can, I feel, be described as atavistic, as expressing themes worked through and generally sublimated in the progress of humankind from savagery to civilization.

In the instance described in the video, I feel this occurred because the shock of loss of the mother in early childhood threw the child back to a time before he began to learn socialization skills. Because the mother was gone, and he was all alone, there was a reorganization of his world view that excluded the mother. So the behaviors he undertook as he grew up excluded the concepts of family and a larger community, although I feel it had some kinship with primitive tribal practices.


For instance, this young person turned to cannibalism as an expression of communion with his mother, and in terms of the subconscious mind, symbolically being nurtured by the mother, who had passed on. This was expressed in ‘blood sacrifice’ of wives in later life.

This ritual sacrifice of the ‘wife’ or ‘mother’ was one of several blood sacrifice themes expressed by this person as he matured. In the video, I’ve described how this theme of blood sacrifice is an atavism, a throw-back to the early history of humankind, one such instance being the ancient Aztec practice of blood sacrifice of human beings to ensure the annual fertility of crops.

This practice may have had to do with subconscious symbolism: Early man may have observed women’s menstrual blood flowing, followed by conception of a child. He may have missed out on the role played by men, and the significance of semen. Thus the subconscious might have made a shortcut like this: Blood must flow, for fertility to occur.

It might also have had to do with early humankind’s experience of fierce predators such as lions and tigers dragging off their tribes people during the night. After such an incident, which must have inspired terror in the tribes people, there would have been a lull of a few days as the predator would be well stocked with food, and this would bring a feeling of relief, of temporary safety. These no doubt recurring incidents might have given the tribe the notion that fears, such as that of starvation through a poor harvest, could be quelled by offering human sacrifice.

As humankind matured, this blood sacrifice was toned down to sacrifice of animals, such as the sacrifice of lambs and goats described in the Bible. Then in more modern times, Christian churches express


Another was to make lone, nightly forays to kill men for a feeling of sexual thrill. Should this raiding have taken place in the context of a small group of companions or underlings, this would be more reminiscent of tribal aggressive expression of a head-man or warlord nature.

These practices have their precedents in ancient human times, as, for instance, in the forays of armed, horsed men such as those of Attila the Hun (434 to 453), the Viking raids of England (8th and 9th century), by modern-day soldiers of fortune, and in many other instances in human history.

There is less of a congruence with modern-day wars, which are sanctioned by governments. Rather, It seems to me that this person’s behavior in regard to killing of men was an atavistic expression of killing individually undertaken.


Another of his means of sexual expression was as follows: Together with another man, he would assault a lone young man; his friend would restrain the young man, and he would lop off the tip of the penis and swallow it. This latter practice, which carries back to ancient days of the human race, expresses the subconscious symbolism of stealing the manhood from another person and consuming it so as to magnify one’s own manhood.


On the astral plane, his sexual expression sometimes contrived as follows: He would arrange for a second man, a friend, to perpetrate a murder on the same day and at the same time as he. The antisocial personality, being clairvoyant and capable of astral travel, would experience the thrill of two murders at the same time … the murder done by his friend, and that done by himself.

Modern-day governments sanction bonding as ‘blood brothers’ through war. Street gangs also do this, to cement membership loyalty. The distinction with the person in the video has to do with the individuality of it: an agreement by two friends, not sanctioned by a government. One is, in this instance, one’s own government. One makes one’s own rules.

Bonding as ‘blood brothers’ among the young today is more often practiced without the murder of others. For instance, I recall from childhood the suggestion of a ritual pricking of fingers, drawing of blood, and touching together and mingling of blood, among young friends. Also, of tasting the blood drawn from a friend’s finger. Here is a stepping down of the ancient ritual, so that the very powerful subconscious symbolism is expressed, but in a way more amenable to societal expectations.


Because of the atavistic nature of the above acts, I feel that the astral story conveying this antisocial personality energy may be clearing through primitive archetypal memories of the human race. I also feel that the person or persons enacting these antisocial personality skits during the great clearing of the Awakening, have expressed Soul agreements to help with the clearing.

Speaking to the arena of law enforcement, in the context of the welfare of the human community, I nevertheless feel that it would be best to restrain antisocial personalities from acting out during the Awakening, insofar as possible.


Lightly edited … text in green font is not in the video …

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

The 4-Year-Old Boy Who Burned His Mom and Tasted Her Charred Body

I have a very interesting story to tell you about a special case of ego, and how ego interacts with the world. But before I do that, I need to go over a story that I told, some years ago, regarding a different kind of ego interaction with the world, where, because of early childhood loss, and a very traumatic event that happens in early childhood, a person turns to a type of ego patterning where their ego, they feel, is actually the only ego in the world. And all other purported people in the world are just like pieces on his chessboard … not real people. Ok?

Then after you hear this earlier story, you will have a good basis for comparing it to the new story that I am going to tell you in another video. So here is the old story, coming up. What it results in, just to let you know, is what they call ‘antisocial personality’ (the ASP). I guess they call it that because the way that the ego is viewed … the worldview of the person who has this notion of ego … results in behaviors that are very much in contrast to the way that most people relate to other people. So here goes …

This is a story about a young person who lived with his family in a very rural, remote area, in his early childhood. And his father had gone off someplace. And he was home, then, with his mother. He was maybe 4 or 5 years old, home with his mother and a new infant that she had.

He wanted to climb in bed with his mother, who had had some liquor to drink. He had a sexual feeling, or she did, and she pushed him out of the bed. And he became angry. And he went and set fire to the house, out in this rural area. And the house burned down, and everybody died.

So then he found the mother’s body, that was charred up. He was all alone, in the middle of nowhere, and hungry. And he tried a tiny taste of the mom.

And that led to a life in which he believed that he was the only ego anywhere. He had a kind of setback. You know, at the age of 2, children begin to learn ‘I’ … No!  I will not! I am different from mom!

And so this young person, unfortunately, was about 4 years old, and the shock of what happened to him … seemingly his own fault, right? … the shock of that was so great that it set him back, to before that marker where we learn the ego is different from the ego of the mother.

People as Chess Pieces; and the ASP the Only Player

And so, because he knew his mother was dead, he became The Only Ego Anywhere. And for him, everyone else that he saw was just a part of his own … like pieces on a chessboard … and that he was the only player.

And so, in his life, he felt he had the perfect right to move these pieces around anywhere he wanted. And that they themselves had no free will. And this attitude that he had … which was very unusual, from the standpoint of ego … allowed him to express his world view by Mind Controlling and hypnotizing everyone else that he had met.

And so, that is one very unusual way of expressing ego in the world of duality; in the third and fourth dimensions. I just say that by way of a flashback to what has been talked about previously, about catastrophic early childhood loss … I think there were a few blogs like that. And how it changes our concept of who we are; of what our ego is, and what the world is, and what all the humans in the world really are. And how unusual that point of view is.

So from that point of view, a person easily turns to antisocial behavior, because it does not make any difference, from their point of view, what happens to other people, as long as they derive pleasure from what happens. Do you see? Pleasure, or comfort, or a sense of being loved. It does not matter whether those people live or die, at all.

Comfort Through Sacrifice of the Mother or the Wife-Mother

And also, because that very young person sampled a piece of the mom’s body, at a time when he experienced loss, and derived comfort or sustenance from that, he came to feel that women existed to provide him with nourishment (like meat). So he became a cannibal … a cannibal of women.

And in that way, he transformed the notion of mother’s milk … which is the typical way of conceiving receiving sustenance from the mother … into the notion of sacrificing the mother; drinking her blood, and eating her flesh … which is a very unconventional way of viewing the mother – child relationship.

Again, it involves feeling that the person that is in the motherly relationship with what they call the ‘antisocial personality’ (the ASP) … that person is an expendable chess piece on the antisocial personality’s … the ‘I Am the Only Ego’ person’s … gameboard of life.

So that person may have numberless substitute mother relationships throughout their life … typically in relationship, feeling that they are wives to him, that he then eventually sacrifices in the same way that the sacrifice of his mother occurred.

Cannibalism as an ASP ‘Black Communion’

And this is a form of blood sacrifice; something like the notion of the catholic church, of sacrificing Christ’s body and blood for transformation of the person. Only, the Church uses a substitute, something very nourishing for that. And it is their way of saying that cannibalism is not the way to go.

The Progress of Humankind from Blood Sacrifice to Bloodless, Symbolic Sacrifice

There were times, in the history of humankind, when blood sacrifice was used … say, the Aztec times … to create in the people a notion that they would receive nourishment from the growing maize and so forth … the growing crops … through blood sacrifice. In a way that’s true; but the more socially acceptable, current-day usage of the notion of sacrifice, is for the mother to give the child milk, or place food on the table every day. And that is the way that most people look at it.

What this person did … what we call ‘cannibalism’ today … this person was thrown back to the ancient memories of humankind, when, in fact, we did have, first blood sacrifice of people, then moving on, to blood sacrifice of animals, as in the Old Testament … lambs, for instance; maybe goats … and then moving on to sharing of the bread and wine, and so forth.


So, that’s Unusual Ego Concepts Number One. And in a separate video, since this one has turned out to be so long, I will discuss the second idea about unusual concepts of ego.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also: Link: “Ego 2: One Ego Encapsulated in Another; Body Co-Tenancy and Soul Evolution,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 17 August 2016, revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-613 ..


Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Blood Sacrifice

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Link: “Attila the Hun,” in Biography… http://www.biography.com/people/attila-the-hun-9191831 ..

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Seeing the Good in Religions . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 9 August 2015; published on 12 August 2015; revised and republished on 17 May 2016

    • Photo by Alice

Dear Ones,

This is a revision of a film first published on 12 August 2015. A portion of the original video has been separated out and published as “How to Know Whether a Star Message Is True.”

The video below is about some questions that have come up on the clair plane as the Light levels up …

  • The good versus the bad in religions; seeing the Light as well as the Dark
    • Religious wars; violence in the name of religion
    • Churches as sanctuary
    • The social good that churches do
    • Holy Communion vs ‘cannibalism’
    • Holy Mass versus Black Mass
    • Good priests versus those who have erred
  • Waking up to the Darkness in 3D-4D groups. Understanding this in the context of the world of Duality – polarity. Seeing the Light in groups, and upholding that.
  • What will become of groups during ascension?
  • Dealing with life situations in times of change
  • The symphony of the Universe

There is an edited Summary after the video …



It’s Alice, Dear Ones; I Am of the Stars.

I had just a few suggestions for you with regard to religious war, and how the great heroism and courage of men of great religious convictions all over Earth is being exploited by the Dark side … the Darkness … to create wars which are said to be for the sake of religion.

You and I both know that war and religion are polar opposites, right? This is Duality … this is polarity, here … and that is very expectable.

People of religion may wish to consider standing for peace, and not for war … not in any circumstances … unless their home turf is invaded, you know? But if we all said that, nothing would ever happen in the way of war. [laughs]

What happens, when people start seeing the Darkness in a group or in a person … because of the way some part of the mind works, they start concentrating on the Darkness. When we say that, because of religious wars, religions are bad or evil, I think we are going a little too far.

I remember the last time I was in Los Angeles, a very big city. I had become more and more sensitive. And Los Angeles was releasing all kinds of mental chaos and emotional chaos last winter, when I was there.

The safest place that I found in my general area was a big church on the edge of the town, a little bit up a hill. So it was less populated there. A lot of people went to that church; and it was perfect. Even if no one was there, I could find sanctuary there. So what I say from that is, there must be something good about churches; you know?

The other thing that comes up is that, in some Christian churches, there is the symbolic act: the eating of the bread and the wine, which symbolize the body and blood of Christ. Of course, it is possible to take that in the context of cannibalism. This is very similar to when the demonically oriented people … the black magic people … used to take a Mass and change the words backwards (or whatever it was that they did). They wanted to court evil, rather than Christ consciousness.

So to say that a sacrament that people take to be a sign that they are willing to walk Christ’s path and that they are willing to rise to Christ consciousness … to say that that sacrament is cannibalism, is sort of like saying the Mass backwards, you know?

These Darknesses do exist in this Duality. Every Light, in the third and fourth dimensions, has a corresponding Dark. But that is not the same thing as saying that the Light is Dark. You know? We have to see the Light; we have to see the Light here, but not the Dark.

For instance, there are many good priests, who would not think of committing child abuse, or anything like that. But there are a few that have. Why should we concentrate on that? Why not concentrate on the wonderful help that the churches do … the outreach that they do to the community, to lift up the poor; to help women; to help children; to help the powerless?

There are many great acts that churches do: To feed the homeless; to comfort to their congregations in times of need; to find people jobs; and in my case, to offer physical sanctuary that is free of the demonic influence, in a place that is releasing all kinds of mental chaos at this time.

That is just my thought; my thought is that we ought to have a tempered approach to everything on Earth, because all these groups are composed of human beings, right? … composed of humanity. And we are all one humankind. We are all ascending together. We can all support each other in this. [sighs]

As to the fate of groups, as ascension occurs, the consciousness will come first, for all the changes on Earth, I feel. The consciousness will change; and because the consciousness of each human changes, then we will find new ways of expressing ourselves as a social memory complex.

There is no use, for instance, worrying and saying: Uh-oh, I am not supposed to eat meat any more! … you know? and … What will become of my cattle ranch? … This is a valid concern.

Or: Oh my gosh, it would be better to be outdoors than working in an office … and here I am, stuck in an office!There is no use for all these concerns we have about how things are changing; because as our consciousness changes, it will become clear to us, what the next step is. And we, as humankind, do not know, yet, what the changes will be, because our consciousness is not there yet.

It will all become clear, little by little. It strikes me that a great symphony is taking place; I can hear it! A great symphony of the Universe is taking place! And our piccolo [laughs] blends with the cosmic sound so beautifully, you know?

If only we knew how beautiful we are; how harmonic with all that is! If only we knew how easy it is, to rise to that understanding, we would have no concerns at all. There would be no discomfort in this process.

I know this to be true with my heart. Sometimes I falter. I understand; sometimes I do falter.

I wish you sureness in your steps, and a sure path forward. God bless you all. Bye-bye.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

NOTE: A portion of the original blog and video has been separated out and published as … Link: “How to Know Whether a Star Message Is True,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 12 August 2015; revised on 17 May 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5hn ..

Photo by Alice

Image: “Echinacea 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Echinacea 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Holy Communion . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 19 May 2015; revised on 30 October 2018

Dear Ones,

This video is about Holy Communion, Christ Consciousness, and faith. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I found out something interesting today at church. It has to do with the Angelic Realm. So I will give you the background and I will tell you what happened. Two days ago I was in church.  The habit is, in this church, to stand at your place in the pew, after you take Holy Communion, until the priest sits down. And then everyone sits down.

And so, I was surprised to see that, after the gentleman who sat next to me had taken Holy Communion, instead of standing with everyone else, he knelt, and was deep in devotional prayer and communion with God.

That got me thinking. And so today, when everyone was there and took Holy Communion, I thought I would give it a try too. There is something I should explain about Holy Communion, for those not familiar …

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is like this phase that we are in, on Earth … this phase of Regeneration and New Creation … What it is, is an understanding, and a promise, and a physical symbol … or understanding in the physical realm … that we have that ability to be in the physical realm … and be God Consciousness … be Christ consciousness.

And that is the meaning of Holy Communion: We remember that we can be like Christ while in our own physical bodies on Earth. It is a good thought, and a good ceremony, for those that are used to this kind of ceremony, during this transitional phase into New Creation.

With that as an aside … Just now I went up and took Holy Communion … this is like taking Christ conscioiusness into your own body … and then I went and knelt directly afterwards, instead of standing, with the rest of the congregation, till the priest sat down … which, from the standpoint of societal expectations, is kind of a hard thing to do, because there is that expectation to do like everyone else does.

So, in the interest of my mystical leanings, I tried kneeling. And … what do you know … it felt very comfortable to be kneeling while everyone else was standing. As well, I felt, in the Angelic Realm, a descent of angels, as if they immediately recognized something. The Angels descended, and they were all around me, The space around me became so sacred, so sweet, so new, and so beautiful!

It was quite an experience. It was quite a comfortable experience experience … that of disregarding societal expectations when my heart tells me that some other physical action is more appropriate for regenesis and renewal of my Soul. A small test case … yes … but a springboard for further discoveries.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Link: “Send Us Your Spirit By David Haas,” by Agnes Choo, 27 June 2014 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOWRxnz97ms… I think this is a hymn that was sung at the church service that day.


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