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Call to Action: Psychic Crime and Self-Mortification by Spiritual Adepts . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 19 June 2018
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Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.




I have a Call to Action. I heard this on the psychic plane. While extremely unlikely, it is problematic if, in fact, it could be true. I heard that there are a few people who went to see that Indian Festival movie some years ago. It may have been a movie made at the Mahakumbh Mela at Allahabad in 2001. I heard the people saw at the movie an Indian Sadhu, or wonder worker, who was tying his penis in a knot, as a way of expressing his asceticism. On the psychic plane, I heard that these movie viewers decided to try that out, and that they have been employing this abominable technique ever since, for the purpose of increasing their psychic powers … specifically, so that they can send their astral forms out of body to obsess or possess someone else, so as to coerce them into doing the evil deeds for which they themselves would not wish to be responsible.

If this is true, the clear explanation for it would be that the astral form of a person who is voluntarily torturing themself in this way would, no doubt, rather fly into someone else’s physical presence, than be present in their own body and subjected to the physical pain of that kind of torture.

I would like to request that law enforcement, if it runs across people who are doing the practice, take into consideration the ramifications in terms of criminal activity. It is time we took into account the issue of psychic crime.

As far as the people who, putatively, are practicing this technique are concerned, my consideration would be that prolonged infliction of pain in this manner would make it eventually impossible for the penis to perform the functions it is intended to perform. It might lead to urogenital problems; it might lead to erectile dysfunction, and so forth.

I ask you, if it is worth it to you, to risk these outcomes simply for financial gain, and that in a criminal manner.

I have a hunch, too that this practice may lead to child molestation or worse; that is an issue I hope psychology / psychiatry will look into. I offer as a putative mechanism repression of the sex drive, perhaps to do with sexually restrictive … possibly or religiously rigid early childhood learning experiences. In other words, when the knot is untied, and the sex act attempted, then memories of childhood nay saying may flood in, leading the spiritual adept to choose, as a sexual partner, a child.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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The Physical Form Heresy . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 17 May 2017; revised on 11 October 2017 … new text is in green font

    • Introduction
    • Sexual Excess, Castration, and Metamorphosis of the ‘In and Out’ Metaphor
      • On the Act of Eating a Severed Penis to Create an Erection
    • Astral Story: Pacemaker to Slow Incidence of Serial Murder
    • Astral Story: Man Eats a Woman’s Heart to Cure Antisocial Personality
    • Astral Story: House Arrest Bracelets and Intentional Self-Mutilation
    • More on the Pacemaker as a Physical Restraint against Murder
    • On the Habitual Offender Acclimating to the Notion That There Is More Than the Physical
    • Transgender Operation to Make a Felon More Motherly
    • The Benefits of Studying about the Subtle Bodies

Dear Ones,

This is about manifestations in 3D of the Physical Form Heresy, especially with regard to spiritual teachers and spiritual students …




I want to try and explain something about a way of thinking that results in wrong action. Sometimes people look at the very external, most obvious part of reality, which has to do with the physical body. They want to improve a behavior, and so they make a change in the physical body. And they think that change in the physical body will result in change in behavior.

It might be a very radical physical change. I’ll give three instances that I’ve come up with before in various blogs. For instance:

Suppose their spiritual teacher, has a mistaken notion … I call it a ‘heresy’ … I’m into ‘heresies’ these days) … a heresy of the physical form. We have many other forms besides the physical. We have the subtle bodies. In energy stature, we go all the way up to the monad, which is gigantic, as I understand it. So there’s that understanding, as spiritual teacher, that we strive to attain.

But sometimes, on the spiritual path, a spiritual teacher will look to the obvious, the very obvious … the physical form of his students. When that happens, these kinds of things might result:

Sexual Excess, Castration, and Metamorphosis of the ‘In and Out’ Metaphor

He might have a student who he feels is too active sexually to pursue the spiritual path. And if that student is all the time doing that ‘Don Juan’ thing, satyriasis, or in the case of a woman, nymphomania, then after a time, this spiritual teacher who abides in the heresy of which I speak … the Physical Form Heresy … might decide that the thing to do is to cut off the genitals, to mutilate the genitals of the person involved.

In terms of subconscious metaphor, you could think of it as the ‘in and out’ metaphor. The student was acting out the ‘in and out’ metaphor over and over again, and then the teacher arranges to have the genitals castrated, and expects that the behavior will change. But what, in fact, apparently happens, judging from the astral stories, is that the subconscious metaphor of ‘in and out’ translates itself to ‘the man with the knife’ who goes out and, instead of having sex, presses the knife in and out of a person, symbolically representing the act of sex, but killing the person instead.

So the outcome anticipated by the spiritual teacher is quite the opposite of what he expects. The outcome is far worse rather than far better.

On the Act of Eating a Severed Penis to Create an Erection. An elaboration on the above theme, in one of the astral stories circulating a few years ago, was that the teacher was experiencing erectile dysfunction, and cut off and ate the student’s penis, so that he could achieve an erection. This is a very physical way of thinking, that eating a part of a person can build up that part in the cannibal; it shows complete ignorance of human biology and biochemistry. My feeling is, this is another expression of the Physical Form Heresy. For a similar story, see the subheading “Astral Story: Man Eats a Woman’s Heart to Cure Antisocial Personality” below.

Astral Story: Pacemaker to Slow Incidence of Serial Murder

That’s one example. Here’s another:

There was a spiritual teacher I heard about in an astral story; this teacher had a spiritual student who was into killing. It might be that same person described in the above section; maybe that mistake about castration had happened. Or it might be another person who was very into serial killing. And the teacher thought: Well this is a bad thing. This is bad for the spiritual development of the student. What can I do about it?

And in looking at the physical form of the student he decides that what causes the act of murder is an increase in the heart rate of the student. He thinks that because the student’s heart rate accelerates when he is about to commit the act of murder.

So the teacher thinks the thing to do is to install a pacemaker in the heart of the student, so that the student’s heart rate can’t go up high enough to allow him to commit murder. And so, in that case … at least, in my astral story … what happened was that the student had the pacemaker inserted by his wife, in a home operation, with the spiritual teacher standing at his head. After the pacemaker was installed, she offered too much narcotics as a painkiller, and the student went out of body and passed on. Or else, went unconscious because of the operation. That’s how the story went.

As to whether he then continued to kill, if he retained form, perhaps it was helpful, in this instance, to use the pacemaker as a form of physical restraint.

Astral Story: Man Eats a Woman’s Heart to Cure His Antisocial Personality

Here’s a new astral story: A man with a history of raping, serial killing, and cannibalism was diagnosed as an antisocial personality. He had cult followers; and they became aware of his diagnosis and history.

His solution: On the psychic plane, he had two of his followers capture another member of his group. This was a grandmother, but young and statuesque in form. She had $50,000 in savings, or thereabouts, which was her retirement money. She camped out and slept in the woods, out of preference, so it was easy for the man’s followers to capture her.

They peeled the skin off her face, so the people in a local Satan cult wouldn’t recognize her as a local, respected woman. They drugged her, so that she couldn’t communicate with anyone. And they set up a Black Magic gathering one night, where she was to be sacrificed, as the highlight of the ceremony.

The followers of the antisocial personality gave out to the Satan group that the woman to be sacrificed was a prostitute on drugs, with children, and that she had agreed to be sacrificed because the followers had provided money to keep her children well cared for, as she was unable to provide for them.

Present at the ceremony were the antisocial personality and his wife, and they reserved to themselves the honor of ripping out the woman’s still beating heart, and eating it.

The purpose that the cult leader had in this, was to strengthen the energy of his own heart, so that he would no longer be perceived as a ‘heartless’ antisocial personality. He had his wife participate, so that she would be complicit in this crime, which he knew would carry heavy legal penalties, if discovered by law enforcement.

He arranged for complicity, once removed, of law enforcement and the local legal system, through participation of relatives of local law and legal people. In the confidence racket, this is termed the ‘tie up’ … or so I hear on the astral plane.

When the woman died, he had her skinned; he had two of his followers dry the skin in a fruit dehydrator, sliced it up into cords and made it into wristbands. These he distributed to his followers, both local and far-flung, with the intention that this would ‘consolidate the ranks’. By the by, it made all his followers, throughout the United States, complicit in this act of cannibalism.

Then as to the woman’s $50,000 savings, he had this transferred as a paydown on the home mortgage of a couple who were his followers. As he considered all the real property of all the followers to be his own, their lives to be in his hands, and their bodies for his sexual gratification, this movement of the money to his follower’s mortgage had two purposes:

  • First, it made his followers solidly complicit in the act of cannibalism; his hope here would be that blame for the act be shifted to them, should the act be discovered by the law.
  • Second, as to his mind, the couple’s house belonged to him, it was, in his mind, really ‘his’ money paying down his own mortgage. And in fact, this may be so, as, according to the astral story, houses owned by other cult members were held in trust … my guess is … if the story be true … held in trust for his organization, when the cult members passed on. Then, on the astral plane, in 2013 and 2014, there were massed up stories of his wife, her sister, and her parents having been murdered, the West Coast and East Coast female leaders being raped and/or murdered, and their homes being taken over by other members of the group, in most cases without a death notice appearing in the newspapers. This may or may not be true … it’s only a series of astral stories, but it does explain the way of thinking of a killing cult leader, to the effect that all lives and all property of his followers really belong to him, and that he can do as he will with them.

Following that, according to this wild astral story … the wildest so far, really … the husband of the couple stole the $50,000 from the mortgage paydown. According to recent astral stories, the money then drifted to another follower, who started a local illegal business … which, so the astral story goes, recently went bankrupt. Crime doesn’t pay, I guess, especially if you’re the follower of a murder-and-cannibalism cult leader!

But anyway, my purpose in describing the above really has to do with the Physical Form Heresy: The cult leader felt, that by eating another person’s physical heart … which by any lights would be termed the most antisocial of acts … he could develop the quality of compassion, and so escape the social opprobrium of his followers.

Astral Story: House Arrest Bracelets and Intentional Self-Mutilation

In law enforcement these days, if someone is convicted of sexual molestation, or various other crimes, they put a physical restraint on the person … a ‘house arrest’ bracelet, which looks a little like a very large wristwatch placed round an ankle. I gather this anklet indicates where a person is. At certain times, maybe on the weekends, they’re supposed to be at home (under ‘house arrest’) and this allows them to be released from prison.

And so this kind of physical restraint is used by law enforcement to mitigate the antisocial behavior of some people that been shown to be habitual offenders in the sexual molestation realm. I think that has had some success, and it certainly saves the state money, but I’ve also heard, on the astral plane, of people who shave off their ankle bone so that they can slip that off, and get away from the detection system. Those people who do that … If I were in law enforcement, I would ask about them, what mental tangles they may have that would allow them to mutilate their body in this way, so as to continue with this habit that is antisocial and detrimental to their welfare in the long run.

More on the Pacemaker as a Physical Restraint against Murder

Maybe that’s where the pacemaker idea (described above) came from … from an idea about physical restraint systems used by law enforcement. It would be another method of physical restraint, provided the patient didn’t die during the operation. If the patient did die during the operation, then that would indicate to me that his need to kill was more important to him than being alive. That if he were to be restrained from it, he would feel that he had no purpose in living.

On the Habitual Offender Acclimating to the Notion That There Is More Than the Physical

In the case of the person who shaves down the ankle so as to get loose of the law enforcement restraint system, I’d say that the desire to perform that antisocial action was more important to them than their physical form.

So you begin to get the notion that there is something other than the physical form at play here. There are the emotions, for instance. And the habitual thoughts of the person in question. These are two of the subtle bodies … the emotional body (or astral form), and the higher mental body.

So even the habitual offender knows, in a way, that there’s more to him than the physical. And in this way he leaps beyond the heretical thought of the spiritual teacher.

Transgender Operation to Make a Felon More Motherly

I have another instance for you. This instance has to do with the spiritual teacher who has as his students felons … who have in their rap sheet clear evidence of a life of crime … the life of a career criminal. It might be all kinds of crime; drug runner, sex worker, armed burglary … all the different things that people do when they don’t think too much about the consequences of their actions.

And so this spiritual teacher has in his care, under his aegis, felons. And he is working under the assumption that the physical form is the important thing.

Let’s say all these felons are men. And he thinks to himself: Women have a maternal drive, and they would never do these kinds of crimes generally. Almost always it’s men that seem to get caught with these kinds of risk-taking behaviors … maybe 10 percent are women and 90 percent are men, or along those lines.

And so, this spiritual teacher thinks: Well, if they were only women! Consequent on that line of heretical thought, he performs on them transgender operations.

I have spoken of this several times in the past, because it’s very important to understand it. It’s important for the welfare of society and also of the people involved.

The result of that is that, if they are unable to achieve orgasm after an operation, then they will ratchet up on serial killing; maybe once a week, maybe more often. And this is very detrimental to their Soul clearing, and also to the welfare of the community in which they do this.

Under transgender circumstances they look like women. They have the physical form of women. But in their emotional and lower mental bodies they still retain the very violent samskaras (habitual subconscious thought forms) they had before. And they also have a lifetime of being male rather than female that must be overcome.

The Benefits of Studying about the Subtle Bodies

I hope that each of you can undertake a study of the subtle bodies so as to understand more thoroughly the miracle of the beingness that you really are. And proceed down from the spirit, from nous, from the highest, from the monad, down into the physical. And in that way, the decisions you make about clearing your Soul will be more effective.

The same goes for spiritual teachers, and their help for their spiritual students, I feel.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For another instance of the physical form heresy, see Link: “Subconscious Symbolism: She Tore My Heart Out,” by Alice B. Clagett, Written and published on 22 January 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-g8Y ..


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“Law of One” on Sexual Energy Transfer . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 8 June 2017


For books and audio on the “Law of One,” see the L/L Research Online Store …  https://bring4th.org/store/ ..

Dear Ones,

I have been reading about sexual energy transfer … the act of releasing sexual energy, whether solitary or paired … in the “Law of One: The Ra Material,” at http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?c=Sexual+Energy+Transfer and also here: http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=87#18 … and … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=homosexual ..

From that reading I have several Question-Answers (Q-A) in particular to point out right now. My editorial comments are in blue font, in brackets.

May I suggest reading each Q-A (by clicking on the link) as well as my commentary? If find the original text of the “Law of One” absolutely intriguing. I feel it to be one of the Keys to Remembering …

Q-A 87.27 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=87#27 … and Q-A 84.13 and 84.14 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=84#13 ..

The mind/body/spirit complexes of men and women are different. In a sexual energy transfer between a man and a woman, the man transfers to the woman physical vitality, and the woman transfers to the man mental and emotional energy, which provides to him upliftment, healing, and grace or blessing.

Sexual energy transfer is a release of the difference in potential between two people; [a balancing of their energies]. This transfer occurs optimally when both the man and the woman attain orgasm simultaneously; however, it can also occur if only one of the two has an orgasm, and can occur in non-orgasmic sexual union, as in red or white tantric meditations.

Q-A 32.2 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=32#2 ..

When the energy of the second or sexual chakra predominates in a person, that person may be perceived as an orange-ray person. [That is because the color of the second chakra is orange. (1)]

Orange ray people have a feeling of individual power. Thus they treat other people as slaves or objects, rather than as beings like themselves. This is known as ‘power over’: Orange ray people wish to exert power over other people.

[The yellow ray has to do with the will power, the navel point chakra just above the sexual chakra.] When people are yellow-ray, their action through societies and groups has to do with warlike activities. [In other words, their actions have to do with hostile takeovers of one group by another, wars of conquest, and the like.] And so, yellow-ray people who group together attempt to exert power over other groups of people, the intention being to enslave them.

The “Law of One” speaks about the ‘negative path’. This path utilizes the energies of the orange and yellow rays. When sexual transfer occurs between two people who are orange or yellow ray, there is typically a blockage of energy, followed by “insatiable hunger” for the act.

The act of sex, in this case, is sadomasochistic in nature: One person enjoys dominating and humiliating the other person, who takes pleasure in being dominated and humiliated.

Q-A 31.14 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=31#14 ..

If people are strongly polarized to the orange ray (the second, or sexual chakra), then they will experience desire for ‘power over’. Putting other people to death would be ultimate power over. Thus we have the Third Reich phenomenon of sexual arousal of Hitler’s gas chamber attendants when they put groups of people to death.

Q-A 31.15 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=31#15 ..

Choices by humans to do with war and greed of ownership have caused them to manifest orange ray blocks.

[This then, caused the sexual energy transfer phenomena popularly termed sadomasochism and snuff, described above.]

The Orion Crusaders [what I have been calling the demon realm] have “influenced and intensified” the free-will choices of people regarding war and greed of ownership.

Q-A 84.22 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=84#22 ..

The Logoi had the intention to increase our beings’ polarization [to the negative or positive path, as polarization accelerates Soul evolution]. They found that mating promotes polarization, and thus their bias, and that of beings in higher densities. However, everyone has free will, to enact the means of sexual energy transfer they prefer.

87.18 – 87.21 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=87#18 ..

Before the Veil, beings were always able to achieve sexual energy transfer. These days, on Earth, there are many who cannot achieve this. The cause is lack of love for the person with whom the sexual energy exchange is taking place.

http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=homosexual ..

If a person has had many incarnations, as both a woman and a man, they will experience many distortions. [Distortions are of free will, love or Light; see 15.21 …  http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=15#21 ]

There will be a tendency toward homosexuality if …

  • a person has had a bias towards incarnation … say, approximately a 65% bias … toward incarnation in a gender opposite the current one,
  • and if the person is subject to the auric infringement of a densely populated urban environment.

Then in that case, the quality of service to other, the green ray, can be nurtured in the person by nonsexual love of other. This nonsexual service to others will lessen the distortions of this sexual impairment.

[I gather from this that the difficulty of homosexual bias may be lack of promotion of the green ray, unconditional love, which might lead to a choice of the positive path. However, choice of the negative path will also lead to the experience of higher and higher densities. At a certain point, retracement and relearning will occur, along with a flip of polarities fro the negative to the positive.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See Link: “Why Are Chakra Colors So Important And What Do They Mean?” at MindValley, 20 May 2017… http://www.mindvalleyacademy.com/blog/spirit/chakra-colors ..


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Group Leadership and the Woes Caused by Placing Blame on Others . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 22 April 2017

    • Placing Blame Is Characteristic of the Criminal Mind and the Antisocial Personality
    • The Extreme Instance of Placing Blame in the Context of Cults that Kill and Outlaw Gangs
    • How Sex Worker Samskaras Are Reflected in a Spiritual Group
      • Group Energies of Psychic Rape
    • Consider Stepping Out of Group Activities for Now
    • Footnote: Astral Story about Genital Mutilation to ‘Steal Back Manhood’

Dear Ones,

I would like to talk a little about the woes caused by belief in causality … especially the notion that our woes, and our mis-steps, and our ‘trespasses’ are caused by other people. The discussion is in the context of group leadership. After the video is a Summary …



I would like to talk a little about the woes caused by belief in causality … especially the notion that our woes, and our mis-steps, and our ‘trespasses’ are caused by other people.

Placing Blame Is Characteristic of the Criminal Mind and the Antisocial Personality

In the reading that I have done, I have found that the notion that what I do is caused by other people is characteristic of the criminal mind and of the antisocial personality. That got me to thinking about why this is so. And the answer is that, when we take sole responsibility for our actions, then that presupposes that we have equal ability to change our actions. We have free will.

So it is very beneficial to us … to our freedom to act in the world, and to work out our karmas, and to liberate our Souls … to believe that we are the cause of our actions. And in that way we separate ourselves from the energy streams of the criminal mind and and the antisocial personality.

The notion that someone else is responsible for our actions leads to all kinds of complications. For instance, say I am the head of a spiritual group (which I am not). And I say that the reason I have a certain energy pattern is that one of my students has that energy pattern, and transferred it to me. And so I say to my group: If we get rid of that person, then that energy pattern will be gone.

Sidebar: Astral Story about Genital Mutilation to ‘Steal Back Manhood’

I have heard an astral story that illustrates this theme, to do with a spiritual teacher who went through a time of erectile dysfunction (ED), possibly because of a stage in the Ascension process. Then according to the story, he placed the blame for his physical difficulty on one of his students, who was virile, the notion being that it was the student’s fault that the teacher had ED. This might be interpreted, in a subconscious context, as the magical thought that the virile student had ‘stolen’ the teacher’s manhood.

So then, according to the astral story, the teacher got another student to help him cut off the tip of the ‘scapegoat’ man’s penis, which the teacher swallowed; the magical notion being that the teacher was stealing his manhood back from the student whom he genitally mutilated. Here is another astral example of blaming someone else for an energetic issue that might better be self-directed.


The Extreme Instance of Placing Blame in the Context of Cults that Kill and Outlaw Gangs

In the very extreme case of cults that kill and outlaw gangs …

Link: “Community Health: Cults That Kill and Outlaw Gangs,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 December 2015; revised … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-4pb ..

Link: “More on Killing Cults and Outlaw Gangs,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 13 August 2016; revised on 24 February 2019 and 3 March 2019 … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-61D ..

… in the very extreme case of a Charles Manson type of cult, then the leader of the cult or gang says to his members: Kill that person! Then everything will be ok, because they’re the cause of our problems. Something happens:

  • Either there’s an accident, through mental suggestion … say, a fatal traffic accident,
  • Or someone actually goes out and kills that person, and so that person is gone.

But within a week, the energy pattern reasserts itself, through the person who is the spiritual teacher or guru of the killing group … a person like Charles Manson. For instance, a pattern of psychic rape is happening. So then he says: No, it wasn’t that person; it’s another person. And another person is sacrificed for the sake of the group. So this leads to extreme suffering for the people in the group.

Were the leader to look at the situation aright, he would look for that pattern of energy in himself that’s causing him to attract the energies of the group to do with psychic rape.

How Sex Worker Samskaras Are Reflected in a Spiritual Group

For instance, a teacher that frequents sex workers, and has done so all his life, what does that mean to his spiritual group? It means that all the samskaras of all of the johns of all the sex workers that he frequents become a part of the samskaras of the group.

And so, very naturally, there will be strong energies of deviant sexual behaviors happening in that group; for instance, psychic rape, physical rape, sadomasochism (S&M). There will be problems with snuff: with murdering people for a sexual thrill. There will be all kinds of problems because the people that he frequents, and mixes his energy field (his astral matter) with, will have encountered people like that. Thus, like catching the flu, they would have those samskaras in their own auras.

Group Energies of Psychic Rape. So, if that unusual circumstance were to occur, that a group was experiencing and transmitting energies of psychic rape, and broadcasting them in the noosphere, then I would ask that teacher to look at his own behavior, purify and sanctify that which he is. And then the energy of the group will be changed and uplifted.

If he has in his group sex workers, he can expect the energy of the group to express that profession. If he has in his group con artists, he can expect the energy of the group to include the samskaras that people accumulate when they find themselves in prison. These are many, and very deep and heavy samskaras.

Consider Stepping Out of Group Activities for Now

So I ask, please think about whom you’re associating with. If you’re a member of such a group, why not step out, and breathe the wholesome, natural air of the mountains, or the seashore, or the desert? And forget about groups for now. Because it’s only by being with God, and God alone, that we will purify and sanctify and uplift our own energy fields right now, at this time of glorious renewal and awakening.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Hellworld Scenes and Amazing Astral Stories . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 24 May 2016, revised

    • The astral story about men who want to have intercourse, but have no sex organs
    • “My life has no quality”
    • “You have no personality”
    • “You are one big ego”
    • The astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money
    • Hidden microphones and cameras: Total lack of privacy

Dear Ones,


The astral stories I have been hearing lately bear some striking resemblances to hellworld scenes …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, published 1927, Quest Book edition 1973, copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965especially, see “Chapter XIV. The After-Death Life: Particulars,” and “Chapter XV. The After-Death Life: Special Cases.”

… and would make sense, since we are expanding from the physical into the astral plane as the Awakening process continues.

Thus, with our clair senses we are encountering the hellworld scenes that are clearing off Earth. It is almost like we are bumping into careening screen sets, or actors who are performing flying skits are swooping by.

Knowing that this is so is quite a big relief … there is nothing that needs to be changed about this unhappy energy, and no need to be concerned about it … it is simply leaving … clearing off Earth. All we need do is give it our blessing and wave farewell.


There are other ways of looking at this … for instance, one might visualize Tom Kenyon’s “Sphere of All Possibilities” …

Link: “The Sphere of All Possibilities: A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon,” … http://tomkenyon.com/the-sphere-of-all-possibilities ..

As he says, we make a choice of one possibility. When we choose that possibility, we move into Awareness of this wished-for reality.

But what about the other possibilities? My feeling is, each of these possibilities spins off into an alternate reality. This was a handy way to construct the third dimension in order for Free Will to be granted us.

Until the Awakening, when we wished for a new possibility, we might fall into one of our concurrently running alternate realities. Or we might create a new one. I could be wrong about this, but it seems to me that both choices existed before the Awakening … that of picking up a previously spun-off possibility, as well as that of creating a new one. There is also the trick of pulling time forward or back … of flowing our Awareness into the future or back into the past.


When a non-selected possibility is spun off, it exists as one of our many time-space continuums, but does not exist in our Awareness …. unless we multidime (experience multiple dimensions or ‘multidimensionality’) or multitime (experience multiple timelines or ‘multitemporality’).

Multidiming and multitiming are to hold several alternate realities in our Awareness at the same time, either with regard to alternate dimensions or with regard to alternate timelines. This is a choice being taken more and more by humankind as the Awakening unfolds.


When we hold several realities in our Awareness simultaneously, then the reality with lesser Light merges into the reality with greater Light. Which is what could be conceived as happening with the hellworlds right now … we could envision that we are clair-witnessing these negatively aspected alternate astral realities, and allowing them to merge with our positively aspected Awareness reality.


Here are a few of the skits that I found upsetting before I got a clear notion that hellworlds are drifting by and clearing, and which I am not bothered by now …

The astral story about men who want to have intercourse, but have no sex organs

There is a very clear parallel’s with C.W. Leadbeater’s letters “Life after Death” …

Link: “Life after Death,” by C.W. Leadbeater, 1912, pp 21-23 … http://www.anandgholap.net/Life_After_Death-CWL.htm ..

… and C.W. Leadbeater’s “The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena” …

Link: “The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena” by C.W. Leadbeater, 1895, pp 38-40 … http://blavatskyarchives.com/theosophypdfs/leadbeater_the_astral_plane_its_scenery_inhabitants_1895.pdf ..

… which describe that people who are profligate while in body, and who then pass on to the astral plane, continue to have the craving for a very sensual, sexual life, but are unable to satisfy the craving on the astral plane.

They can gather round houses of ill repute, with a savage longing fueled by the samskara of sensual desire developed during Earthly life. At such places they can see people engaged in the act of sex, but they themselves cannot participate. They can pack together enough astral matter almost to be felt by couples so engaged. But they themselves cannot perform this act …

“My life has no quality”

I hear this so frequently in the clair stories. Could this be a purgatory scene floating by … the choice of someone to avoid joy in the moment?

“You have no personality”

I hear this too. Is this a hellworld scene in which we feel we are judged for seeking enlightenment, for rising above personality to the plane of the Divine?

“You are one big ego”

Is this a hellworld scene in which we hear, over and over again, someone else’s demand that we kowtow to them? Someone else’s demand that we may not live our truth, with high self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth, as this may be judged egoic by others?

The astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money

The astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money, also bear remarkable parallels to hellworld scenes. As do the astral stories about how we will be shunned if we speak our mind, or our website will be shut down, and so on.

For there is no United States Constitution in the hellworlds. No private property.  And no freedom of speech. Astral bodies flit hither and thither, without regard to any property lines. We might find 10 astral bodies of complete strangers in our meditation room or our church at any time. There is, in fact, no geography at all on the astral plane. A simple thought takes us wherever we want to be.

Hidden microphones and cameras: Total lack of privacy

The same goes for privacy of speech … if we want to hear what someone else is saying, all we have to do is place that intention. So there is no privacy of speech on the astral plane. There are no secrets. Disclosure is perfect … all our most private ‘stuff’ is now placed before the public view.


But the question is, what will become of it … will we stand with Christ and forgive everyone on Earth of every secret they may have? Or will we condemn them and punish them, bind ourselves up in karma with them, and so delay the clearing of their hellworld scenes, as well as our own? The choice is ours.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


I later came across an understanding that some of the above phrases attach to life cycle activities of or cultural difference among our commensal organisms.

For instance, It seems the repeating phrase “My life has no quality” has to do with lowered blood sugar; it may be a lament of the yeast cells that inhabit the human body.

The repeating phrase “You have no personality” is apparently a comment of the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon; it may have to do with prejudice against the yeasts, which are quite a bit more simplistic in their language and thought forms than are the Martians.

The repeating phrase “You are one big ego” is apparently a comment of the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon; it may have to do with Higher Mental Body functions, as our Martians have a greater influence on the Lower Mental Body, where they live, than on the Higher Mental Body.

Astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money may have to do with our body cells and the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon recoiling in horror at the attacks of viruses.

Hidden microphones and cameras: Total lack of privacy: This may have to do adjustment by our Martian bacterial colonists of the colon to the awakening of human telepathy globally. The Elder Race, the Martians, are far more telepathic than we, and in fact it was through their expertise in DNA manipulation that most of Earth species came into being. More about this in my blog category: Mars – Martians – the Elder Race 

More on this topic of commensal microorganisms and repeating subconscious or astral phrases here … Link: “Repeating Astral Phrases as a Feature of Our Commensal Organisms,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 28 July 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-dKN ..

–Alice B. Clagett, 28 July 2019


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The Ascension Process: Crossing Over to Awareness of the Astral Plane . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 29 April 2016, revised
Previously titled: The Impending Astral Crossover

    • Astral Matter
    • Elemental Essence … Desire Elemental
    • My Thoughts on the Lower Mental Body and the Desire Elemental
    • Kama, Manas, and the Lower Mental Body
    • Astral Stories as Expression of the Current Clearing
    • Christ’s Life
    • Multitemporality and Balance of Light and Dark
    • Balance of Light and Dark as Opposing Beings Within One Timeline
    • Manhood Mental Filter
    • Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter
      • How to Deal with Repetitive Astral ‘Acting Out’?
    • Global Awakening Mental Filter
    • Christ’s Advice on Forgiveness
    • On Loving Our Enemies
    • Christ: On the Light and the Darkness

Dear Ones,


At this moment on Earth, as almost everyone has awakened to the Astral Plane, the fourth dimension, there are ever so many questions flying around in the noosphere. People are wondering why they are hearing the astral chatter, for instance. Why are they suddenly telepathic? How may they feel safe, even though everything they once felt to be true, seems to be slipping away? What is going on, anyway?

The Ascension process, that we are now in the midst of, has caused everything to change on Earth. Another way to put it would be: Because of the 2012 Shift, everything has shifted (and is continuing to shift). Though these are not the End Times, they are times of New Beginning … of coming to many new understandings of who we are and what humankind is in the process of becoming.

Many people in the world today are becoming aware that they are more than mere physical form. They are beginning to develop new sensitivities, new clair abilities, and new understandings of the physical realm and of realms that lie beyond it.

it is becoming clear to many people that we have other bodies (that is, energy fields). In esoteric circles, these are known as the ‘subtle bodies’ because we must develop our clair senses before we can perceive them.

it is becoming clear to many people that we have other bodies (that is, energy fields). In esoteric circles, these are known as the ‘subtle bodies’ because we must develop our clair senses before we can perceive them.

For instance, many people are beginning to discover our subtle energy form known as the astral body. Their Awareness is beginning to expand from the physical plane into the astral plane.

I intuit that all humankind is crossing through a barrier that for aeons concealed our eyes from the astral realms. Some forerunners of our peoples have already ‘crossed over’ to astral Awareness while still in physical form. Others are crossing that bridge even as you read this blog. And many more will do so in the coming decade.

I have done some research on this crossing over into Awareness of the astral plane that humankind is experiencing, and will try to throw a little light on the topic.


According to the esoteric lore of the School of Theosophy, a person’s astral body consists of ‘astral matter’ and additionally sometimes of a ‘desire elemental’ comprising  ‘elemental essence’, as follows …

Astral Matter

According to the School of Theosophy, of astral matter there are 7 grades, and 7 subgrades within each grade, consisting of energies ranging from coarse to very fine, or of dense to very lacking in density.

The relative coarseness of one’s astral matter determines what one experiences on the astral plane … whether one dwells, for instance, in the hellworlds or the heavenworlds, or in the purgatory worlds that lie between them.

I feel that the density of a person’s astral matter depends on the emotions they choose with their will power to create in their astral body. This, I feel, is the reason why the Ascension teachers unanimously agree on the importance of creating the positive emotions of gratitude, appreciation, joy, peacefulness, and love in one’s life. For the experience of these emotions will allow the astral body to awaken to the heaven worlds, while still in physical form.

Elemental Essence … Desire Elemental

The School of Theosophy describes a ‘desire elemental’ that may, in some cases, vivify the human subtle body known as the emotional body. As a person’s astral body is composed of ‘astral matter’, so the desire elemental’s body is composed of ‘elemental essence’.

Theosophy warns about giving in to the earthy desires of that portion of our astral bodies known as the desire elemental, and suggests carefully training the desire elemental to support one’s Soul purpose during an incarnation.

Let us first consider the concept of the desire elemental in and of itself. I can see reason to believe that there might be such a being, as the popular belief, oft expressed in popular literature, is that the gut has a mind of its own.

Were it to be true that the desire elemental might be an independent being in our gut, then we might look at the pros as well as the cons of the situation.

One might propose that the properly trained desire elemental has very good work to do in service to humankind. Through arousing in us earthly desires, it lifts us up from what might otherwise be utmost despair at the gruelingly painful experiences of the physical life on Earth.

It grounds us, keeps our physical bodies safe, and provides us with emotional exclamation points known as ‘physical orgasm’. The act of orgasm, although celebrated in popular literature, I feel to be unjustifiably deprecated in the spiritual world. For the spiritual adept who wishes to be a benefactor to humankind, I feel this ‘physical’ act to be capable of re-terraforming the astral plane in the swiftest lightning strokes of joy and compassion for all beings everywhere.

We might also surmise that the desire elemental, through its work with the third personal chakra, the navel point energy, gives us the opportunity to co-create with God a plan of action for New Life on New Earth.

My Thoughts on the Lower Mental Body and the Desire Elemental

As nearly as I can tell, in my own recent writings the ‘desire elemental’ of the School of Theosophy corresponds to the Lower Mental Body, which speaks to the world telepathically through a portion of the enteric (or ‘intrinsic’) nervous system, the neurons of the colon (which is about 5 feet long, and has an absorptive surface area the size of a tennis court, as I understand).

As the enteric nervous system is a portion of the autonomic nervous system, which is largely unconscious, it would follow that the Lower Mental Body represents a portion of the subconscious and unconscious human mind.

From my own clair experience, I gather that the thoughts and feelings of the Lower Mental Body of a human being are greatly ramped up by the sympathetic reaction of commensal organisms of the colon. As I understand it, these outnumber the human cells of the colon ten to one, and so this ‘ramping up’ effect ought not be underestimated, especially on the telepathic plane.

Kama, Manas, and the Lower Mental Body

You may have heard of the words kama and manas? In the School of Theosophy, kama means ‘desire’ and manas means ‘thought’. I feel that the Lower Mental Body is a combination of kama and manas, of desire (or emotion) and thought. These two (along with the astral body, I feel) create the human personality.

I intuit that, on every level of the astral plane, kama and manas will express as both astral negative scenes and astral positive scenes … scenes from the hellworlds and from the heavenworlds. Until the 2012 Shift, though, it seemed to me that the astral negative had more to do with the lowest three levels of the astral plane and with the Lower Mental Body.

This would make sense, in that the Lower Mental Body is largely subconscious or unconscious in nature; thus subconscious or unconscious repressed, socially unacceptable thoughts might be presumed to gravitate to it.


Right now, the Lower Mental Body … the ‘gut brain’ of humankind … is undergoing change due to the Shift that occurred in 2012, and the Ascension process that continues even today. This process will very soon allow most of humankind to sense the Lower Mental Body, which heretofore has ‘flown beneath the radar’ of Awareness, presumably because it has carried the negative emotions each of us has repressed in order to conform to societal expectations.

Our Awareness is expanding into the astral plane, which acts as a bridge between the Lower Mental Body and the Higher Mental Body … the intellect, and the functions of the human brain, such as the capacity for abstract thought, and the discriminative faculty, for instance. Thus, with our Higher Mental Bodies, we are becoming aware of what has heretofore been repressed in our Lower Mental Bodies.

According to Ascension lore, in 2012, the Light of the Pleiades’ Photon Belt has been coming in to Earth. This Light, I feel, is uplifting and transforming the Light of our Sun, which then transmits to new Light to Earth and all her beings through those coronal mass ejections that impact Earth’s magnetosphere (especially during Solar Maximums).

When this uplifting and transforming Light touches the energy fields of human beings, the knots and tangles of negativity in their Lower Mental Bodies  begin to untangle, and their Lower Mental Bodies begin to clear.

As the Lower Mental Bodies of humankind comprise a portion of the unconscious thought cloud of the world, the collective unconscious of humankind is becoming more and more conscious, and more and more full of the qualities of love, Light, and joy. According to Ascension lore, this transformative effect will continue to occur for the next 2,000 years, as Earth will be bathed in the Light of the Pleiades’ Photon Belt for that length of time.


It is the ‘binding down’ effect of the act of repression of our socially unacceptable emotions that has until now created the human contribution to the hypnotic, ‘fall-asleep’ quality of the unconscious thought cloud of the world … the collective unconscious and the collective subconscious … and has allowed the interplay of Light and Dark forces and of Light and Dark astral entities, through white and black magic, with our own Lower Mental Bodies, our ‘gut brains’.

I posit that the human subtle body known as the etheric body funnels collective unconscious thoughts from the subtle body known as the astral body into the physical body, where their density causes them to settle mainly in the neurons lining the physical colon. If not cleared, I feel they may create physical disease.


If this be true, then conversely, the clearing of the unconscious thought cloud of the world through the Ascension process will lead to healthier and healthier colons (and to increased health for our commensal organisms of the gut, such as the Martian bacterial colonists of the colon that I have discussed at length in my blog category: Mars – Martians – the Elder Race …

It is the repressed, unconscious quality of the shadow side of our astral matter till now, that has made of our astral bodies negative aspect what might be thought of in psychology as the Shadow of the Personality. It is the shadow side of our subtle bodies that has caused humankind to spiral down into a state of low consciousness, the nature of which can clearly be surmised through perusal of the mass media.

Astral Stories as Expression of the Current Clearing

I intuit that the nightmare-like astral stories we have been hearing on the astral plane since 2012 are in fact the unconscious shadow plays that have created the misqualified energies circling around and through Earth’s noosphere today.

Through the Incoming Light, each person’s shadow has been changing. Thus in aggregate, the astral stories are becoming lighter and brighter in quality.


The astral chatter that I have been hearing in the last few years appears to be talk that is going on in the astral negative realm amongst our astral bodies, to do with emotions repressed in the Lower Mental Body, and unbeknownst to our Higher Mental Body. The cause of this gap in consciousness is the ‘shadow’ or negative, nature of the energies of the Lower Mental Body.

Apparently, the two energies … conscious and unconscious … or one might say, positive and negative … innately repel each other. As to why this is, I cannot say, as, in the world of magnetism, positive and negative attract. I surmise there must be some barrier between conscious and unconscious, between positive and negative mental energies; it must be this barrier that prevents the two from joining and clearing.

The very mechanism of repression of emotions lies in the fact that our will creates a barrier between our Higher Mental Body and our Lower Mental Body. The Higher Mental Body contains thoughts and emotions that support our social mask. The Lower Mental Body contains thoughts and emotions that do not support that mask … which are relegated to our deep unconscious minds, and hidden from us on the astral negative plane.


In the early 2000s, before the great Ascension clearing got well underway, I experienced other people’s astral forms as very menacing, dark figures bent on rape, torture, mutilation, and killing. This was especially angstifying for me because I recognized these rampaging shadows of the personality as fueled by the repressed emotions of family and friends.

  • Every night, family and friends were releasing pent-up hostilities by venturing out in astral form and giving each other life-threatening illnesses on the astral negative plane, in the form of curses and black magic spells.
  • Every night, and all day long too through daydreams, my spiritual acquaintances, who strive to adhere to the strictest guidelines of saintly life, were astrally leaping out of their chaste physical forms and raping the random stranger on the astral negative plane … This applied to celibate spiritual men and women much more than to the average householder.
  • The more spiritual the physical life of a person on Earth, I saw with utmost concern, the more antisocially their daydreaming and night-dreaming astral negative body would behave.

I came to see this was the way with life in the third dimension … for many people, in the human energy field, there is equal Light and Dark. Where there is great Light in the physical body and in the Lower Mental Body, there may be great Dark in the astral body … and vice versa.


Conversely, Light and Dark may express through portions of a person’s incarnation: There may be great Light in the energy field during a portion of their life, and great Dark in another portion of their life.

Christ’s Life

In the rare case … like that of Christ … where the physical and all the personal subtle bodies expressed the Light of the Soul, then that must needs be compensated for by a tragedy and shadow as great as his Crucifixion. So that in regard to Christ’s earthly life …

  • the Light has stood for 2000 years as a guidepost for humankind,
  • and the Crucifixion as an explanation of the nature of the third dimension.
  • And Christ’s Ascension forecast for us this very time that is upon us … the time of our own triumph over the shadow play.

Multitemporality and Balance of Light and Dark

For those familiar with timeline theory, this expression of balanced Light and Dark may take place through a Soul’s choice of one Dark timeline counterbalanced through a Light timeline.

Balance of Light and Dark as Opposing Beings Within One Timeline

Within a timeline in which the Soul expresses itself as a very Dark or a very Light incarnation, there may be counterbalance of another Soul expressing very Light for your Dark; or very Dark for your Light. In these many ways Duality and balance of Light and Dark express God’s play on Earth.


Aside from the question of balance of Light and Dark in the realm of Duality, there is also the question of the evolution of the Universe to greater Awareness of God; in other words, to greater and greater Light. In physical terms, this might be envisioned as a spiral of energy upward, into the Light, with dips in each circular motion of the spiral representing an Age of Darkness, and upswings representing an Age of Light.


If the spiral model of evolution of the Universe be true, then humankind may now be seen to be in an Age of Light greater than any experienced till now. The ‘astral airs’ bear this out; for now, in 2016, going on four years after the December 2012 Shift, the landscape of the astral reality is greatly changed …

  • The archons are gone.
  • The great devils and demons are few and far between.
  • Satan himself seems to be out of a gig, as black magic and mind control have lost sway on this our planet.
  • The rulers of the City fiefdoms have been read their rights and received their plights.
  • The City Domes have recently gone down, allowing the Devas back into the Cities of Earth
  • And the astral bodies of all I encounter on the astral plane have lost their deep shadowiness. Few and far between are the forays into astral mischief. Concomitant with the lightening and brightening of Earth through the Incoming Light, the physical and subtle bodies of every human have lightened up an amazing amount.
  • And in the months to come, more and more Light will be streaming into our beloved Planet, and will be made freely available for the transformation of all her children.


Right now, in 2016, I have several times, to my very great mortification, experienced my astral body express itself as negatively aspected clair chat and vision when I repress an emotion in public.

I look forward to the prospect of less and less negative astral ‘acting out’ as soon as my Lower Mental Body feels safe to express emotions that are socially unacceptable in a constructive context.


Thankfully, at this moment my astral personality is mostly pretty lighthearted and upbeat, but also very uninhibited, with no concern for societal expectations, and mercurial in temperament. She can waltz from delight to upset in a nanosecond.

Because of her uninhibited, naive aspect, she is attracting the attention of men on the astral plane. The tenor of the conversation of the men is very different from hers; it proceeds from logic, within the framework of cause and effect, and with regard for the concerns of worldly life, including sexuality, politics, economics, the legal system, the world of business, the ecosystem, and so on.

The main mental filters I see in place for male members of humankind right now, and for these men who are conversing with my astral body, are the Manhood Mental Filter, the Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter, and the Global Awakening Mental Filter.

Manhood Mental Filter

What this means, from a practical standpoint, is that men’s ability to achieve orgasm whenever they want to, and to daydream of having sex all day, till now has been a fundament of the expression of their Lower Mental bodies on the ‘astral airs’. Without this notion, the Lower Mental Body may express a feeling that life would be worth nothing.

That may be why I often clair sense men saying, on the astral plane, “My life has no quality” and “My life is not worth living.” I believe these feelings have to do with the Manhood Mental Filter, with inability to express oneself sexually, most likely in the workaday world, because of societal expectations.

I am guessing, too, that it is this mental filter that makes erectile dysfunction issues so difficult for men to deal with from an emotional standpoint.

To me, the Manhood Mental Filter consists of an unthinking, unconscious ‘going with’ the principles of the Lower Mental Body. As the Incoming Light provides upgrades to the astral body, I feel men’s Higher Mental Bodies will begin to discard this tenet all over Earth, and they will begin to throw serious effort into the clearing and upliftment of their Lower Mental Bodies.

This work, I note, can be accomplished all in a nonce, as the Lower Mental Body (aka the desire elemental or the ‘inner child’) is eager to please and quick to learn. Here is the technique; it is as if I am talking to a young child, before the age of reason …

I say to my inner child: I love you, I love you, I love you!

If it objects, I say, with enthusiasm: I hear you!

Then I repeat: I love you, I love you, I love you! … with joyful enthusiasm, until it is convinced of my sincerity.

Then I say: Here’s what I want you to do ….  and I come up with a very short plan of action… keeping in mind that the inner child, while exceedingly enthusiastic, can only remember one instruction, or at the very most, two instructions. I reinforce this instruction from time to time. And change up any time I like.

Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter

In 2016, in my astral ken, the Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter expressed itself  as the astral forms of the men trying to boss my astral form around. The last time this happened … in a group gathering, to my mortification … my astral form got into a shoving and kicking match with the astral form of a man who was also at the gathering … it was like two 2-year-olds in a sandbox; totally mortifying, from the standpoint of my childhood learning experiences regarding societal expectations and repression of negative emotions in a social setting.

How to Deal with Repetitive Astral ‘Acting Out’? Happily, since then, there have been few instances of this; I say happily, as I am not certain how to address these sorts of astral skits, especially in a public place. Ought one approach, in physical form, the other astral actor? What would one say, if one did approach them? This, for me, represents quite a conundrum.

Yet if I do not act in the physical realm, might not the astral show repeat itself, in a way similar to repetitive performances of astral rape in public places, apparently by people who express themselves in the physical realm through serial rape?

In truth, I have not yet found a means of dealing with repetitive astral ‘acting out’.

Global Awakening Mental Filter

This is the notion, most prevalent among men, and to a lesser extent among women, that action in the world to right the very evident wrongs of politics, economics, the legal system, the world of business, the ecosystem, and so on, takes precedence over our own need to clear and transform our own subtle bodies. In truth, all of the changes in terms of social justice and righting the world that are so desperately needed for Gaia will take place when … and only when … our own personal Awakening has been accomplished.

To look to the world and say: This corporation must be chastised … or … That legislator must be convinced to change his policy … or even …  Contrails are ruining our skies … these thoughts cause in our astral bodies negative feelings that drag us down into the hellworlds and make it impossible for the work of clearing and transformation to take place. They are a way of projecting onto other people the state of our own astral matter which, when we have these thoughts, is bound to be dense and murky.

Keeping in mind that the state of matter on the astral plane filters down into and creates our physical reality, it will be clear that any thought that causes us worry and suffering must be avoided. The thing to do is to gravitate toward those activities, thoughts, and emotions that bring joy and satisfaction into our lives.


I mentioned above the personality characteristics my astral body is currently expressing, and how it appears to be gaining Awareness, most likely in the context of my Lower Mental Body becoming more and more conscious.  Here is more on my recent clair experience of my astral body …

Today I have been experiencing my astral body’s conversations as slight rhythmic modulations in the electromagnetic field of my crown chakra.

But when I am in an expanded state of consciousness in a group meditation, as was the case with the astral scuffle described under “Patriarchal Mental Filter” above, I experience a field of Awareness about 50 feet in radius, filled with golden Light, and I experience the astral body as a being 1 foot to 6 feet high, and 20 to 50 feet above and beyond my physical self.

Sometimes my astral body speaks without my Awareness, and this I consider to be astral energies of an unconscious, desire-elemental nature. If I listen, I can hear her, and in this way I can throw conscious astral matter into my desire-elemental matter. Already, she has become very sentient, compared to years gone by.

I can, by dint of will power, force her to say what I want, but this makes her very unhappy. From this I gather that the astral body clearing taking place during the Awakening has its own timing and sequence of milestone events, and that I must wait for the proper time, and the proper message from the Incoming Light, for total integration of my astral body and my Lower Mental Body to occur.


As I have noticed misqualified energies playing out in transpersonal chakras 8 through 10, I gather that I am currently clearing the superconscious astral matter in my astral body. This feels to me like incursions of the male mental filters mentioned above, into the transpersonal chakras.

My feeling is, I myself will download the appropriate upgrades to counter my own conditioning regarding the Manhood Mental Filter and the Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter,  keeping in mind that these mental filters are not just something that men have, and bother women with. The unconscious agreement of women to these mental filters has a lot to do with their perpetuation.


The short answer is: No. The astral body is composed of a different kind of energy from the physical body and the Lower Mental Body. Further, the astral realm is currently in the process of clearing on Earth, as are our astral bodies. Still now today, there is much shadow of the personality in our astral bodies, as there is unconscious elemental essence on the astral plane. The unconscious thought cloud of the world still galumphs along through Earth’s noosphere.

What this means is, our clair experiences can be a greatly exaggerated, emotional version of …

  • Something that has taken place in the physical realm;
  • Or, something that may gather enough ‘umph’ to take place in the future;
  • Or, something that is taking place … and in this case the clair experience carries great knock-your-socks-off emotional emphasis, which distills down into most likely a less spine-tingling physical version of the astral dream.

Because of where we are in the process of clearing of the astral plane right now … which is to say, incomplete and only partly there … what happens when we bring astral evidence to bear on the physical reality is an overlay of the shadow world, and a ramp-up of Soul wounding on Earth, as the dormant samskaras of humans are touched to fiery physical action by the interaction of the astral realm with the physical realm. So right now, I would say …

As more and more conscious Light is thrown on the astral plane, and more and more humans become aware of their own astral bodies, the shadow of the Personality … for each of us … is thrown into stark relief. Any of our goings-on that do not meet societal expectations will, in most discomfiting fashion, become apparent to our friends and family.


Disclosure is not just about big corporations, or world politics, or world religions. It is about each one of us, baring and clearing the shadow of our own personality.

What does it behoove us to take the most painful secrets of our friends and family …

  • to a court of law,
  • to our bishop or Pope with thoughts of censure or excommunication,
  • to a Western medical establishment,
  • or to a psychiatric institute?

It behooves us not at all.

Law enforcement and the Justice System; priests, pastors, rabbis and imams; medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists … all these consist of people who are also going through the process of clearing their own shadow. Why not give them the grace and liberty to relax and enjoy life, to sit back and go through their own process of clearing? If we do not free them for their own transformation, how can we expect them to accomplish this?

Likewise, if we do not give the marginalized members of our society, and those that do not ‘fit the mold’ a chance transform … along with everybody else … how can we expect their transformation to take place?

But if we do step back from the causal realm, from crime and punishment, from war and peace, from economic reform and the plight of the world … and simply inhale and exhale the joy of creation … then before long, all will be clear, for each sacred human life.

Christ’s Advice on Forgiveness

Christ’s message to humankind was absolutely right on for us today, during the Awakening. He said …

“But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” –Matthew 6:15 (KJV, public domain)

So, now taking it from the top: Right now, today, all humankind’s trespasses are coming up for everyone to see. What should we do? It would behoove us to forgive them. Let them go. Give them our blessing. Do not take them to court. There is a higher court at hand; that court is God’s and His alone. Very clearly, Christ states: Let us forgive everyone.

In that way, we will be able to receive forgiveness from Christ for our own trespasses … which are coming up very clearly for everyone else to see … and to pass Christ’s test of offering forgiveness to us, for our own failings.

And what if our friends and neighbors do not offer us forgiveness? Then we must align our own will, our own heart, and our own small mind, with the Great Will and Heart and Mind of God, and through Christ’s grace, ask for forgiveness. When that forgiveness is ours, how can we be lacking in anything?

On Loving Our Enemies

Christ said: Love your neighbor as yourself. This is not so very hard to do, as it is in our best interests to stay on good terms with our neighbors … and by extension, those in our family and social groups … our local tribes, as it were.

But what about our enemies: The scapegoat of the family, the person who is on the outs with the social groups we belong to, the person of another social status, or culture, or race, or nationality, whom we may perceive to be ‘bad’ simply because they are different from us? What of those who really are evil, in terms of human principles of communal life? … those who break every law … the depraved, the lawless, the predators, the Genghis Khans of modern life?

Resolution of this kind of enmity is also in the offing, though I might wince away from it. How can it be otherwise, now that telepathy is worldwide? And so, in a wider sense than love for father and mother, or family, or one’s neighbor, or even of one’s spiritual principles, we are in a position right now, today, to align with God, who “is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil” …

27 “Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

29 “And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also.

30 “Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.

31 “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

32 “For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them.

33 “And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? for sinners also do even the same.

34 “And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? for sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again.

35 “But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

36 “Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.” –Luke 6:27-36 (KJV, public domain)

Like a father to his children, God is kind to all humans. If we want to get through the Awakening in the most expedient manner, in the most comfortable fashion, here is the message: Align with God. Be kind like him. Be merciful like him. Allow the most culpable of humans to make their own peace with God.

The time is very short, and the very best arrangements have been made by God, with the help of all the Angelic Realm, to shepherd each and every one of us through this process. Let us stand aside and allow Christ do his work of judgment and of forgiveness on behalf of his Father, through the Holy Spirit.

Christ, on the Light and the Darkness

I have spoken some about the clearing of the shadow of the personality from our astral bodies. Christ speaks to this as well …

“I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” –John 8:12 (KJV, public domain)

If we take His hand, and follow His precepts, we will make it through this difficult time of Transition. There is a very great deal for each of us to look forward to, as all arise to Christ consciousness.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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