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Quest Magazine Article on Yogananda . referral by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 May 2018

Dear Ones,

I see that the Fall 2017 issue of “Quest Magazine,” published by the Theosophical Society in America, features an article by Ray Grasse detailing an interview he had with mystic Shelly Trimmer, who spent a few years studying (and apparently, jousting) with Paramahansa Yogananda. Also included were anecdotes that Ray Grasse heard from Goswami Kriyananda ..

Link: Grasse, Ray, “Memories of Yogananda” Quest 105:4(Fall 2017) pg. 16-19 … https://www.theosophical.org/publications/quest-magazine/4331 ..

Some of the topics covered in the article are …

  • celibacy and the spiritual adept
  • sublimating anger
  • on playing a role in life joyfully, and dressing to suit the part
  • on controlling one’s personality
  • Yogananda’s vision that he would not reincarnate on Earth, but rather go to a distant part of space
  • Yogananda’s atonement, in his most recent incarnation, for folks he enslaved in his incarnation as William the Conqueror
  • Yogananda on ghosts
  • A magic trick to make two people who are enemies fall in love — a 30-something ex-marine and a 70-something woman; this had to do with plaiting 3 strands both people’s hair
  • Using mental suggestion to make Saint Lynn fall asleep while lecturing

It is a very interesting article; I suggest taking a look.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “How to Lift the Dire Karma of the Jackass Love Curse,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 15 June 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-9qX ..

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The Slave Planet . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 20 February 2014; revised and republished on 26 February 2018

Video: “Louis Armstrong-Go Down Moses,” by kristina k, 6 July 2009 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=220&v=SP5EfwBWgg0 ..

Dear Ones,

I remember a time, a long time ago, when many of us who are here on Earth now were, at that time, living on a slave planet. It was a little like these scenes from the Stargate movie. A lot worse, really, but a little like this. It is almost as if the writer of Stargate remembered the slave planet history of which I speak (1) …

Link: “Stargate” 1994 movie, Plot Synopsis, by IMDb …  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111282/plotsummary?ref_=tt_stry_pl#synopsis ..

Here are my offbeat thoughts on the plot …

As I recall, some humans on the slave planet were trained as overseers of the rest, given power over them. There was not a lot of rose or emerald light there, not much heart energy; mostly just orange light, the light of egoic will. Because of the orange cast of light there, our human will was tinged with domination and submission (2), and our sexuality was tinged with sadism and masochism. Those Souls that escaped from the slave planet back to Earth still carry trace amounts of these racial memories in their DNA. Or, to put it another way, their karmic cards, which are composed of light and sound, are tainted by this memory. Their morphogenetic fields contain distortions of Light because of it.

These distortions are focused in the lower abdomen of many people on planet today. It is the gut brain there (3), the neurons lining the large intestine, that contain large, painfully complicated inclusions of relative Darkness. I have come across and tossed out distortions of rape, incest, and of the genitals being sewn up with black cord in my own karmic cards, and I see them in the karmic cards of other women. In the karmic cards of many men I see distortions of rape, murder, massacre of infants, and many other sexual and power over atrocities.

It is not that we ourselves are any of these things. Far from it. But the history of our race has brought these cards into the human incarnation we hold right now. The sexual taboos of this Western society make it very difficult for us to address these distortions and allow the Divine to cleanse them. But the cleansing process is inevitable. At this moment, it only waits on our free will for the process to take place. It is up to us to allow it.

As this Ascension process unfolds, as the heart energy in each of us becomes stronger, it will trigger unusual sensations all over the body. As it expands downward through the third chakra, at the navel point, it will not be unusual for us to replay, in a half-dreamtime state, and to release, scenes of domination, control, submission, and enslavement. These are the karmic cards releasing.

As the heart energy expands down through the second chakra, strong sexual urges will be felt. The typical response, considering social mores, is to attempt to repress these urges. To find some external agent to blame them on. Surely they are ‘not me’! I am not like that!

This act of will power, this mental negation, drives the vivid audiovisual karmic cards of sexual distortion deeper and more densely into the tissues of the lower abdomen. Makes it harder and more painful to release them. So my thought is, best not to proceed like that.

When untoward sexual urges come up, or if you feel pain in your lower abdomen which you know to be an ascension symptom, my best thought is, sit still, spine erect, or lie down on your back and relax. Notice tension here and there in your body, and release it. Then place your awareness on the sexual feelings, or on the pain. Feel deeply into them, with an attitude of gratitude or calm acceptance. Know they are a gift from God, to help you clear your aura. Keep your awareness on the sensations. Notice how they shift. Feel the part of your body around the sexual feeling, or the pain. Notice how that surrounding part of your body is different from the urge or pain. Stick with this process till it is complete.

You may clear one day, and then the next the urge or pain may come back. In fact, probably will come back. Do not be discouraged. It is not really true that you are back to square one. The most likely thing is that you have proceeded to a deeper level of cleansing.

There is truly a massive amount of deep clearing to be done in the lower gut, but it will not take that long to accomplish this clearing if we are willing. If we just take what God sends us with an open heart; with trust that the Universe is a loving place; with a willingness to believe that nothing is being done to us; but rather, everything in the world of our sensations is being done for us; with Infinite clarity, Infinite beauty, Infinite wisdom.

Dear Ones, our minds may be full of confusion and pain, but the path of our Soul through this most embarrassing and upsetting of clearings is sure and true.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

PS: For Slave Planet karma, here is info from Judy Satori that I have found very helpful …

Link: “Judy Satori … https://judysatori.com/The website has been redesigned (2018), so I am not sure if the ‘Beyond Healing Show’ questions are there now. Previously, the relevant question was at ‘Beyond Healing Show – Questions’ … and then I would click on ‘May 27 Show’. On the pulldown, I would choose and listen to this:

“Do you feel you are being attacked from unknown enemies?” To me, this feels like it is about release of past life Slave Planet Trauma, which is ‘replaying’ today on the astral plane as a sort of ‘shadow show’, created by Spirit for the very purpose of clearing these old memories, which cause distortions of the sound and light play of our morphogenetic fields.


(1) By the way, Ra is maligned in the first trailer, as far as I understand. There are, perhaps, a few roving clouds of beings on Earth today … beings who are no longer physical, only mental, high-minded in their understanding of principal of the All. Able in some instances to relate to humans through the half-dreams state, what we call the third-eye point (when we concentrate on it in the center of our head, rather than in its frontal aspect). But this is far from the hate-based being described in the Stargate trailer.

(2) Link: “Releasement of the Darkest Secrets of the Subconscious Mind,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 1 May 2016, updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5dQ ..

(3) Link: “Think Twice: How the Gut’s ‘Second Brain’ Influences Mood and Wellbeing,” by Adam Hadhazy . with comments by Alice B. Clagett, published on 14 August 2013; revised and republished 14 August 2013 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6CC ..


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New Life on New Earth: What Will Happen to Those Who Choose Control? . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 10 February 2015; published on 11 February 2015; revised
Originally titled: Choosing Control


Dear Ones,

What will happen, if we choose control rather than heart Awareness as the Ascension process unfolds? Here is a video about it. A Summary follows the video …



Hello, Dear Ones,

I am still here with the Sun. It is later in the morning now; still, the most beautiful rays of sunlight anywhere, is it not? I am pretty lucky to be here on Planet Earth.

There was another question that came up; a pretty simple question: Since this Earth is a Free Will Planet, what about people who do not believe in Free Will … people who believe in enslavement, or disempowerment, or that kind of thing?

The answer, I think, is self-evident: First of all, we may discern that Earth is clearing all this right now … clearing enslavement, disempowerment, and mind control … all that.

There is a lot of that question coming up. Everybody is getting a chance to observe their position with regard to all that, and how important it is to them to have that … compared, for instance, to centering Awareness in the heart chakra.

What is probably going to be a scenario here on Earth is that … in the coming days and weeks and months … lots of people are going to say: Wake up! It is the Great Awakening, as Bill Ballard says …

Link: “Official Release of Bill Ballard eBook “The Great Awakening,” by Bill Ballard, 15 June 2012, in “Shift Frequency” by Gillian Grannum … https://www.shiftfrequency.com/great-awakening-bill-ballard/ ..

or directly download the eBook here …

Link:  “The Great Awakening,” by Bill Ballard … https://www.shiftfrequency.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/TheGreatAwakening.pdf ..

I think lots of people are going to wake up and say: Oh my gosh, the feeling of my heart, the feeling of gratitude and appreciation, and love and compassion and empathy … all those things are … Wow! … so cool! And they’re going to say: Much better than trying to be in control all the time, which is such a drag!

I think that tons and tons of people … wave upon wave of people … are going to be waking up and saying to themselves just that. So then, there was still this niggling question: What about the very few people … maybe one or two in the whole wide world … that decide: This is just not for me. I just don’t feel comfortable not being into control.

I think that, for those few people … and it has to be a very special kind of person, not to understand the truth of the situation; to consider that they prefer the rigidness of the desire to control, over the flowing freedom of the heart chakra … But there may be a few people like that. So for them, since this is increasingly a Free Will Planet, I think what is going to happen is that they will find these energies of Ascension increasingly less compatible with their own Soul purpose …

Image: “Incoming Light: Sunlight Casting Diamonds Over the Brim of My Sun Hat 1; Incoming Light, Lightworker,” self-portrait by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Incoming Light: Sunlight Casting Diamonds Over the Brim of My Sun Hat 1; Incoming Light, Lightworker,” self-portrait by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Eventually, at their allotted time … according to the date that they set with God before they were even born … at that time, no sooner, they will leave these bodies here, and find someplace where free will does not reign.

I just want to assure everybody that that is the most extraordinarily unusual situation, and that all people on Earth … everybody on Earth … has the opportunity … and I encourage them in this … the wonderful opportunity to awaken with Planet Earth and to ascend into the higher realms with her multidimensionally … to remember what a wonderful multidimensional Soul they are.

God bless you all! God bless everyone, no matter what you decide to do with your life, it is still God’s blessing. God’s great grace, and God’s great Light upon everyone.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 2: Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 2: Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 3: Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 3: Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 4: Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains: Oak Forest and Green Grass 4; Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Sunlight Casting Diamonds Over the Brim of My Sun Hat 2; Incoming Light, Lightworker,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Sunlight Casting Diamonds Over the Brim of My Sun Hat 2; Incoming Light, Lightworker,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 February 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0


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Tools for Emerging from the Demon Realm . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 6 November 2017

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • When We First Begin to See Demons and Devils
    • The Earthly Illusions That Occur as a Result of the Lesser Light in the Outer Reaches of Our Galaxy
    • What I Mistakenly Thought at First Glimpse of the Demon Realm Many Years Ago
    • On Growing in Awareness of the Gift of Multidimensional Awareness
    • On Aligning the Heart and Mind and Will with God
    • Optimizing Timelines and Dimensions: The Key That Unlocks the Door Leading from Darkness to Light
    • Conclusion: The Two Tools for Emerging from the Demon Realm

Dear Ones,

This is a video on ways of dealing with the time in our Soul evolution, and in our current lifetime, when we rise to conscious of the astral negative beings around us in the fourth dimension, the dreamtime realm (the astral realm). There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in green font …



Hello, Dear Ones,

It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

When We First Begin to See Demons and Devils

And I have a word of assurance for the people that are just now starting to enter the astral realm and be able to see or hear the demon realm and the negative astral beings that are there.

You know, sometimes it seems, when this happens … when our awareness expands into the fourth dimension from the third (or ‘physical’) dimension … Sometimes it seems that suddenly we are beset by demons or devils, or like that.

The Earthly Illusions That Occur as a Result of the Lesser Light in the Outer Reaches of Our Galaxy

But in fact, what has happened, is that we’re suddenly able to see the true situation in the third and fourth dimensions, in this outpost of the galaxy … this outlying area … where there’s less of the central galactic light. And where it’s possible for these sorts of illusions to exist, and to seem to be very real.

Image: The Milky Way, our home galaxy, and the position of our solar system within it: http://www.theskepticsguide.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/MilkyWay-665×365.jpg ..

What I Mistakenly Thought at First Glimpse of the Demon Realm Many Years Ago

I’m thinking back to when this first happened for me, quite some years ago. First I thought other people were responsible:

  • Someone is cursing me; or
  • Some very bad luck thing has happened to me, that caused me to see these demons and devils, and like that.

I looked all over the place:

  • I looked for psychological heap.
  • I looked for dietary help.
  • I looked in all the arcane texts … the occult lore, and so forth.
  • I explored the major religions.
  • And I prayed a lot, contemplated a lot, and reflected a lot.
  • I also meditated quite a lot,
  • And I sang sacred songs quite a bit.

On Growing in Awareness of the Gift of Multidimensional Awareness

And through all that, I eventually came to an understanding that I was simply seeing more of what there is in the realms of reality. I was seeing multidimensionally.

It wasn’t a curse. It wasn’t anything like that. It was actually a new gift, that helped me understand and avoid the pitfalls of this outlier solar system.

I thought I’d explain that, because more and more people are beginning to notice the negative astral beings around them, and beginning to come up with the same erroneous conclusions that I first came up with …

  • For instance: Somebody else is responsible.
  • Or, they might listen to these beings, and take their advice … which I can tell you, from experience, is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

On Aligning the Heart and Mind and Will with God

I feel that the thing to do is to align one’s own heart and mind and will with the great Heart, the great Mind, and the great Will of God. (1) And simply ask to enact what God wants us to enact here on Earth. that’s the first thing.

Optimizing Timelines and Dimensions: The Key That Unlocks the Door Leading from Darkness to Light

And the second thing is, to optimize timelines and dimensions, asking like this, as has been mentioned in many other blogs … using exactly these words, because they’re like a key that unlocks the door that leads us from darkness into light. And these are the words:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines and Dimensions!
For the All, through Free Will!  

Conclusion: The Two Tools for Emerging from the Demon Realm

So these are the two tools for emerging from the demon realm:

  • Align with God. Align with God’s Heart and Mind and Will.
  • And optimize your timelines and dimensions … your alternate realities; your alternate universes … so that your awareness is placed in that alternate universe that is preferred by God for all beings everywhere, and which promotes free will, rather than the enslavement agendas of the negative astral beings.

So, there’s that.

If you have any questions about this, you’re welcome to leave comments. I’m happy to offer any advice I have, either having read it, or having experienced it myself. Let me know!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not,” –John 1:5 (KJV, public domain)


(1) See “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul. Here I have channeled the prayer …

Video: “The Great Invocation” . by Djwhal Khul . Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2014 … https://youtu.be/IrE4QJg_Ai0 ..

And here are the words to the prayer … Link: “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey, in Theosophy Wiki … https://theosophy.wiki/en/Great_Invocation ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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“Law of One” on Sexual Energy Transfer . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 8 June 2017


For books and audio on the “Law of One,” see the L/L Research Online Store …  https://bring4th.org/store/ ..

Dear Ones,

I have been reading about sexual energy transfer … the act of releasing sexual energy, whether solitary or paired … in the “Law of One: The Ra Material,” at http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?c=Sexual+Energy+Transfer and also here: http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=87#18 … and … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=homosexual ..

From that reading I have several Question-Answers (Q-A) in particular to point out right now. My editorial comments are in blue font, in brackets.

May I suggest reading each Q-A (by clicking on the link) as well as my commentary? If find the original text of the “Law of One” absolutely intriguing. I feel it to be one of the Keys to Remembering …

Q-A 87.27 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=87#27 … and Q-A 84.13 and 84.14 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=84#13 ..

The mind/body/spirit complexes of men and women are different. In a sexual energy transfer between a man and a woman, the man transfers to the woman physical vitality, and the woman transfers to the man mental and emotional energy, which provides to him upliftment, healing, and grace or blessing.

Sexual energy transfer is a release of the difference in potential between two people; [a balancing of their energies]. This transfer occurs optimally when both the man and the woman attain orgasm simultaneously; however, it can also occur if only one of the two has an orgasm, and can occur in non-orgasmic sexual union, as in red or white tantric meditations.

Q-A 32.2 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=32#2 ..

When the energy of the second or sexual chakra predominates in a person, that person may be perceived as an orange-ray person. [That is because the color of the second chakra is orange. (1)]

Orange ray people have a feeling of individual power. Thus they treat other people as slaves or objects, rather than as beings like themselves. This is known as ‘power over’: Orange ray people wish to exert power over other people.

[The yellow ray has to do with the will power, the navel point chakra just above the sexual chakra.] When people are yellow-ray, their action through societies and groups has to do with warlike activities. [In other words, their actions have to do with hostile takeovers of one group by another, wars of conquest, and the like.] And so, yellow-ray people who group together attempt to exert power over other groups of people, the intention being to enslave them.

The “Law of One” speaks about the ‘negative path’. This path utilizes the energies of the orange and yellow rays. When sexual transfer occurs between two people who are orange or yellow ray, there is typically a blockage of energy, followed by “insatiable hunger” for the act.

The act of sex, in this case, is sadomasochistic in nature: One person enjoys dominating and humiliating the other person, who takes pleasure in being dominated and humiliated.

Q-A 31.14 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=31#14 ..

If people are strongly polarized to the orange ray (the second, or sexual chakra), then they will experience desire for ‘power over’. Putting other people to death would be ultimate power over. Thus we have the Third Reich phenomenon of sexual arousal of Hitler’s gas chamber attendants when they put groups of people to death.

Q-A 31.15 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=31#15 ..

Choices by humans to do with war and greed of ownership have caused them to manifest orange ray blocks.

[This then, caused the sexual energy transfer phenomena popularly termed sadomasochism and snuff, described above.]

The Orion Crusaders [what I have been calling the demon realm] have “influenced and intensified” the free-will choices of people regarding war and greed of ownership.

Q-A 84.22 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=84#22 ..

The Logoi had the intention to increase our beings’ polarization [to the negative or positive path, as polarization accelerates Soul evolution]. They found that mating promotes polarization, and thus their bias, and that of beings in higher densities. However, everyone has free will, to enact the means of sexual energy transfer they prefer.

87.18 – 87.21 … http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=87#18 ..

Before the Veil, beings were always able to achieve sexual energy transfer. These days, on Earth, there are many who cannot achieve this. The cause is lack of love for the person with whom the sexual energy exchange is taking place.

http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=homosexual ..

If a person has had many incarnations, as both a woman and a man, they will experience many distortions. [Distortions are of free will, love or Light; see 15.21 …  http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=15#21 ]

There will be a tendency toward homosexuality if …

  • a person has had a bias towards incarnation … say, approximately a 65% bias … toward incarnation in a gender opposite the current one,
  • and if the person is subject to the auric infringement of a densely populated urban environment.

Then in that case, the quality of service to other, the green ray, can be nurtured in the person by nonsexual love of other. This nonsexual service to others will lessen the distortions of this sexual impairment.

[I gather from this that the difficulty of homosexual bias may be lack of promotion of the green ray, unconditional love, which might lead to a choice of the positive path. However, choice of the negative path will also lead to the experience of higher and higher densities. At a certain point, retracement and relearning will occur, along with a flip of polarities fro the negative to the positive.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See Link: “Why Are Chakra Colors So Important And What Do They Mean?” at MindValley, 20 May 2017… http://www.mindvalleyacademy.com/blog/spirit/chakra-colors ..


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Philosophical Question 3: Does Attaining Neutral Mind Absolve Immoral Acts? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 23 April 2017


Dear Ones,

Here is the third philosophical question:  If a person rises in Awareness to the state of being beyond right and wrong, above right and wrong, does that, then, make it all right for the person to slip up from time to time … say, to murder, or to perform cannibalistic acts, or to rape? And correlative to that, how does a habit of making these slipups affect our Soul evolution?

There is an edited Summary after the video …



On this beautiful, sunlit day. Here is another philosophical question for you: If a person rises, in Awareness, to the state of being beyond right and wrong, above right and wrong, does that, then, make it all right for the person to slip up from time to time … say, to murder, or to perform cannibalistic acts, or to rape?

“Mission to Earth: A Lightworkers Guide to Self Mastery,” by Anna Merkaba, is a very interesting book, that raises some thought-provoking … and to me, somewhat disturbing … questions …

Citation: “Mission to Earth: A Lightworkers Guide to Self Mastery,” Anna Merkaba, ~2014, 142 pp

In the book, Anna Merkaba talks a little about this question …. On page 32, first two paragraphs [to paraphrase] she explains how everything there is, including us human beings, is both good and bad. She speaks of a Reptilian race that inhabited Earth. There is a reference to how humans eat animals, and how this is similar to what Reptilians do to humans.

She also mentions how we humans, of our own free will, allow Reptilians to enslave us by destroying our Souls or psyches …

Link: “Are ‘Reptilians’ Really Antisocial Personalities?” by Alice B. Clagett, extracted and published separately on 25 February 2020 from a blog published on 23 April 2017 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-gCc ..

The following paragraph, paragraph 3, explains how to get out of the grasp of a Reptilian through feeling Love. And then on page 33, there’s an explanation of how Reptilians as well as humans have Souls …

I feel these passages from Anna Merkaba’s book offer a unique perspective on the quandary of right and wrong, good and bad, and the question of rising above it all. This is very different from my own perspective, but the notion behind “Philosophical Question 3” is for everyone to discover their own truth about these knotty issues. Along those lines, here are some questions from the video:

If a person is in a state, most of the time, of neutral mind, beyond right and wrong, how does that connect to the person’s actions in the world? Here is another way of looking at it …

  • If we are in the eternal flow of the Now, and we commit a heinous crime, an atrocity in the eyes of the world, and then we find ourselves in the next moment of the flow of the eternal Now, does that mean that the atrocity that we committed doesn’t count, or that it never happened?
  • Does it mean, for instance, that we can absolve ourselves of that, and start fresh, in a new moment?

This is a philosophical question that is well worth pondering. Here is another question …

  • Does it make a difference … if we find ourselves in this situation of being far above notions of right and wrong, and we find that we have committed a terrible atrocity, and that we continue to commit these atrocities habitually … Does it make a difference if it is habitual, or if it only happened once?
  • If it makes a difference, then what kind of a difference does it make? For instance, how does it influence the evolution or devolution of our Soul?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Philosophy: The Series,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 February 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-gCn ..

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The ‘Power Over’ Video Series . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 23 and 24 January 2015; published on 22 October 2015; transcribed on 31 May 2018; revised on 28 January 2019

Dear Ones,

I thought it might be handy to offer the ‘Power Over’ video series all on one page. Edited Summaries follow each of the videos. Here are the titles of the below videos …


POWER OVER 1: Love Among Men, Group Discrimination        top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published 24 January 2015



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have some other ideas along the lines of the last video I just did …

Link: “Gifts for Nature Spirits!” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 27 January 2015; published on 28 January 2015; transcribed on 3 October 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6hu ..

… regarding how we can work with the nature spirits to co-create our own reality. I was putting myself in somebody else’s shoes just now. Probably somebody else will set me straight on this, but this is just my own idea about it.

I was thinking about working with nature spirits. Let’s say I were a gay man. I know that there are problems amongst gay men with pressure from society to be otherwise, and with difficulty about straight men acting violently towards them. And I got to thinking that, maybe this could be fixed, through nature spirit communication.

Let’s say, if I were in that situation, I could say to my nature spirits: I only want to attract to myself other men of similar tastes. And so, that might help clarify the problem about being attacked by straight men.

Because, if the message of the person to the nature spirit is: Say to the world, that I am a gay man … Then that is going to create problems with people who feel otherwise.

But if a person says to the nature spirits: This is my message to the world: I am a gay man, and I would like to co-create my reality with other men who have the same tastes … then there’s no issue there, of confrontation with straight men. You see?

My guess is, that part of the pressure and difficulty, for people with alternative lifestyles, is that there are quite a few people out there, of the majority opinion regarding lifestyle, that are putting out … in a power-over way … the notion that a person needs to be a particular way.

Let’s say a man is saying: I am a gay man. Then he will get back feedback, through the fourth dimension: You can’t be like that. Or something like that. So, negative stuff.

It happens with all kinds of belief systems. Lately, I’ve been testing it with Catholicism. I’ve been saying: I am a Catholic. And then I hear back from many other kinds of Christians. Especially Christians! I hear back all kinds of criticisms of the Catholic, through the clairaudient realm.

I feel this is a natural thing that happens, when people don’t think through proper discrimination and right thinking. It’s kind of an automatic reaction … the notion that: I’m in a particular group. And this is the right group. And, just without thinking … the right group for everyone.

Which is clearly not true, because there are groups for everyone. There are all kinds of different sorts of people, and there are all kinds of groups, you know?  So the fact that somebody else has chosen another sort of group, is not really a threatening thing for us, you know? I don’t know why we think that. So but, it is happening quite a bit, in the clairaudient realm, right now, as things get sorted out, and as people start coming to full awareness of what is going on there. So the subconscious is being cleared … the subconscious stratum of the unconscious thought cloud of the world is being cleared.

So it is coming up. And what we can do … Let’s just assume there is negative input, all right? Because not everybody is clair. So you can make that assumption. You can say to your nature spirits: I don’t want to receive any kind of energy that states that what I want to co-create in my reality is wrong or incorrect. No kind of negative input about it. I only want to hear from people that feel the same way.

And so then you won’t get that automatic response system that has been coming up.

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POWER OVER 2: Weight, Physical Appearance, and Health       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 24 January 2015



Ok, with regard to weight: This is a lot of fun. Maybe you feel your weight’s not optimal. Maybe you feel you should be thinner. Or you should be heftier. Or you should have more muscles … Or anything like that, right?

There are nature spirits that have to do with your physical form. [laughs] It’s a lot of fun. You can say, specifically, if you’re a guy, you know? … [points to right shoulder]: Right here, on this shoulder, and this shoulder … [points to left shoulder] … I’d like to see more muscle right there.

You know? And it’s great. They’ll say: Oh, right there? Ok! [laughs]. I don’t know how long it takes them.

Or if you’re a lady, you can say: All right. I’d like to have less right here [pointing] … and right here [pointing].

And they’ll say: Oh, right there? Right there? Oh sure, ok!

So, here’s another one. Let’s say you have a pain … a pain in your stomach. Right? Indigestion. You can say to your nature spirits: I have a pain in my stomach, right here. [pointing] Can you help me fix that?

And they’ll say: Sure! We’ll do what we can. [laughs]

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POWER OVER 3: Men Needing Love        top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 24 January 2015



I’m wondering how this is going to turn out, because it’s an issue that I tried to deal with yesterday, with less success. There’s a mental filter going around right now. It has to do with self-esteem in men. It’s kind of a gnarly mental filter, so I hope you’ll excuse my mentioning it. I thought I’d better. It is in the process of lifting, and it goes something like this …

A lot of it has to do with this word homosexual … which is a ridiculous word. Because, surely, if anything is of a person’s own choosing, it would be the manner in which they express their sexuality. Surely that is of our own choosing, right?

But for reasons I don’t understand, the demonic world has taken it in hand to propose to humanity, that only a certain type of sexuality is permissible. Go figure! I can’t figure it out.

I mean, I can see the demonic nature of energy expression of sexuality that hurts another person. That’s a whole different kind of thing. But, where love is involved, what is the question?

So, in some way, the demon realm has got hold of the notion that homosexuality is demonic. When, in fact, what is demonic here? It’s the notion of hatred for another human being, for exercising their free will in a manner that does not injure anyone else. That’s the demonic thing: That hatred. And it’s always hatred that’s demonic, ok?

So, people who think differently from us: They’re not demonic. It’s our judgment of them that’s the difficult thing, and that keeps us from the true reality, and from the fifth dimension, and from Christ consciousness. It’s our own judgment, you know? Our own lack of ‘right discrimination’, as they say in Buddhism. I think that’s how they say it.

So, that was a preamble, because it’s kind of a tough mental filter that I’m about to discuss. The mental filter, like some of the prior ones, has something to do with homosexuality. And it goes like this …

Let’s say there’s a man who has low self-esteem. There’s a man who feels … and this is frequently the case in the Atlantean turn of the Age … the man feels that it’s hard for him to get love. Because he’s not feeling his heart. Ok? That’s like the social role for men right now, as Peggy Black … www.peggyblack.com and https://morningmessages.com/ … was saying in her most recent Morning Message.

So the man thinks: Nobody loves me.

That’s going in the back of his mind. And then he thinks, clairaudiently, to the world at large, but to women (this is a straight guy): Will you love me?

And running in a lower sublevel is: Nobody loves me.

So for the beautiful, sweet nature spirits, this represents an insoluble problem; he’s creating two separate, opposite realities for himself. There’s no solution to this. You know?

So what happens is, he goes to women, in his subconscious mind, and he says to them: Will you love me? And at the same time, he says to himself: Nobody loves me.

So the lower prediction is fulfilled. And then, in vengeance, he says to the woman: You are a homosexual.

So that’s the message to the woman that rejects him: You are a homosexual.

Now what does he mean by that? You know? Does it mean to him, that he has no option but to be homosexual, because only men love him? In a jock sort of way, maybe … through athletics, or something like that?

Or does it mean, to the woman: You must be homosexual, because you don’t care about me … ?

So that’s the mental filter that’s lifting right now: The idea that men can’t receive love, and can’t give love. That’s what’s lifting.

The idea that they must treat women in a disrespectful fashion because of that is also lifting. So that’s really good news. But coming up in the next video is something that’s not quite such good news.

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POWER OVER 4: Couples       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 24 January 2015



You know, there are various levels of unconsciousness in people … what you’d call the hellworlds … the negative hellworlds of people. Which just takes a flip of the switch, before they become the heaven worlds, you know? But until we turn on the searchlight of our awareness, it’s the hellworlds. [laughs]

Lately I’ve been working a little with the third level of the hellworlds, to do with ‘power over’ … the feral drive to domination-submission, and ‘masterplans’ to conquer the world. And I’d like to explain a little about that.

Clairaudiently speaking, it’s difficult to get a handle on it, because the clairaudient ‘speakage’ … the tone, the tenor … is so very quiet. It’s like an unconscious assumption; it’s like a ‘giveaway’ that has happened, and is so assumed, and so unconscious, that it’s barely stated in the clairaudient realm. It’s just assumed. And I hear it amongst many couples.

It seems that women, in couples, have ceded (i.e., given over) their power to the man.

And so, I often hear men issuing orders to women, to speak in a certain way, clairaudiently, to people. Especially, I notice if it’s me. [laughs]

And so, the woman herself, without even consciously knowing that she’s done it, says the thing that the man tells her to say, you know? And so basically, it’s the man that’s running the show, clairaudiently. Until it’s brought to the woman’s attention, what is going on. Which is not all that easy to do. Not all that easy.

Nevertheless, I expect, with the Incoming Light, there will soon be a revelatory type of photonic packet, that’s going to allow all the women, and all the men, to realize that this is going on.

So, heads up! Coming up soon, I’ll bet you: Power over, and powerlessness will be a thing of the past, for humankind. [waves]

tags: patriarchal domination, male domination, feral drives, bow to me, domination-submission, power over, masterplans,

POWER OVER 5: Rules of the Alpha Male: The Old Boys’ Club       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published 24 January 2015; revised and republished on 28 January 2019



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have a new mental filter for you; I call it The Old Boys’ Club. Sometimes I call it Rules of the Alpha Male. And I find it on the third level of hell. That would be the third chakra negative. It has to do with mind control, at the very basic, unconscious level of the thought cloud of the world. And it goes something like this …

There’s a concession in place … a contract … in perceived groups, between someone perceived as the alpha male, and all the other males in the group. And that is, that the alpha male, on this very low, deep level of the unconscious mind, will issue a command. Something on the order of: Field this for me.

And he’ll be directing this thought to some other man in the group, right? And without thinking it through, and without consciously accepting responsibility, the other male will take over communicating something to someone else … probably a woman … something that the alpha male wants to be communicated. Ok?

Now, this would be fine, if the second person had agreed, on a conscious level, to what he was saying. But for me, I see all this changing. Because the unconsciousness of all but the alpha male robs the power of the other males … the other men in the group.

And it may be that the alpha male is issuing commands unconsciously as well. Perhaps these are vestigial enactments of mammalian pack behavior?

My thought is that each person needs to be able to feel a sense of personal power over the co-creation of the New Reality. It’s not just something that one leader in a group will represent. Every person in the New Reality will represent this co-creative ability. Without exception.

The third level of hell … the third chakra, negatively aspected … represents the demon world. So right now, in many cases, what we have is enslavement of male co-creative ability to that of another male, to whom they have unconsciously delegated their power. This mental filter is lifting from Earth, thank goodness …

I wonder what will be coming up in the near future, because there has been so much lately. We’ll see. Talk to you later.

Notes at the End of the Video

The alpha male, consciously or unconsciously, issues orders to other males in a group who perceive themselves as non-alpha.

I’ve noticed this happening, in particular, with regard to me (natch), and so I generalize that it may be a method by which the alpha male controls females in a perceived group.

I’ve also noticed that alpha males perceive all females in a group as their ‘wives’ and will subjugate or drive off all other males.

Females who won’t submit to this ‘mind control’ by the alpha male are also driven off from the group and harassed by the alpha male or his controlled subordinate males with psychic rape or death threats.

This, I figure, may be enactment of vestigial mammalian feral pack behavior.

It takes place on a very deep, unconscious level of the mind, so much so that it takes very sharp awareness to clairaudiently ‘hear’ the exchanges of command by the alpha, and submissive speak by other males in the group.

From the standpoint of chakric clearing, this mental filter is third chakra negative … to do with ‘power over’ and powerlessness as fictional versions of reality.

As, one by one, we humans awaken to the higher dimensions, decision-making by alpha males will begin to be supplanted by a joyous song of fractal harmony.

And so, the voice of each conscious, aware human being will count in the co-creation of the New Reality.

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POWER OVER 6: Henpecked Husbands       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published 24 January 2015



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

So this section is about henpecked husbands, and a very deep, unconscious level of mind control … very similar to what we were talking about with regard to The Old Boys’ Club. It works the same way, but it’s a different set of actors. And it goes like this …

In this case, there’s a contract in place, to the effect that the woman has the power and the man does not. We all know about this, right?

In the clairaudient realm, on the deep, deep unconscious plane, it expresses itself anytime there’s a power over issue. It would be the woman, in this case: Power over the man … Anytime there’s a power over issue, there’s negativity, and there’s a demonic influence.

And the reason for that is: Power is our birthright. The power to create the Plan of  Love and Light on Earth is our birthright. Taking power away from us, throws the person that is taking the power, and the person whose power is taken, into a negative emotional state that is easily taken advantage of by the demon realm.

So when I hear this clairaudiently, I have to listen very carefully, because it’s extremely, deeply repressed. And it’s a contract that’s so deeply unconscious that people don’t think about it at all. It just sort of slides by, like a very silent river of thought.

And so, in this case, the woman might, say, be a jealous woman. This is an instance I ran into the other day: There was a woman who was jealous of me. And she thought of her husband. And she said: Punish her.

And he said … ever so quietly: Yes, my love.

Like that. It was spooky! So, be on the lookout, just in case. You don’t want to lose your power in any situation. If you’re a man: Not to an alpha male, not to a dominant woman, not to anybody. You have that power … just like women have their power. You have the power to create the Plan of Love and Light on Earth … as Djwhal Khul says.

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POWER OVER 7: Cancelling Contracts       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 25 January 2015



We have talked about this before. But here is how you cancel those contracts that allow other people to have power over you. You say:

Spirit to team!
Cancel all contracts!
For the All, through Free Will.

So what that means is, that Spirit … my Soul … speaks to my Celestial Team, however I envision them, and asks that all my contracts through all my lifetimes, through all my timelines, be cancelled. For the good of all beings of Love and Light. And that this should be through free will, because this is a Free Will Planet.

It is a little bit shortened, because after a while, everybody knows what it means, but yet it’s very short and easy.

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In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Soul Fragment Retrieval, Soul Wound Healing, and Healing of Collective Soul Fragments . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 11 May 2014

    • “I Am One Great Heart,” a Song by Alice B. Clagett, Soundtrack and Words

Dear Ones,

Lately I have been learning a lot about reuniting my Soul fragments and healing Soul wounding from Daniella Breen …

Link: Daniella Breen … https://daniellambreen.com/ ..


For instance, as I may have mentioned before, I learned from her how easy it is to ‘call my Soul fragments back home’. The minute I knew they were just hanging out, in whatever dimension or time-space continuum, simply waiting to get back together with me, I just called them back, and they came.

Mostly complaining about something or other. Upset, feeling I did not love them. Repeated assurances on my part, something like this …

Soul Fragment: You don’t LOVE me!
Me: I DO love you! I DO, I DO, I DO!
Soul Fragment: I hate you, I hate you, I don’t want to be there!
Me: I hear you!

Then typically the Soul Fragment would repeat some audio clip, negative resonance, the sound of which had caused it to detach from my major Soul. To which I would say: I hear you!

After a number of such reassurances, I would feel the discordant energy sliding up into me, here or there. Then, noticing the discord, I would place my left hand on my heart. As I felt both my heart and the discord, I would feel the discordant energy smoothing out and joining the resonance of my major Soul. Also, invariably, a feeling of: Welcome back! I missed you so much! So glad you are here!

And then the Quiet.


I have not taken Daniella Breen’s course on Soul Wounding yet, although I am eagerly looking forward to it. Meantime, I can offer a little from my own experience on this topic.

We can consciously meditate on and reconnect with our Soul field. Our Souls are much, much bigger than our physical bodies. One way to get in touch with our true majesty is to compose a mantra about it. Here are two along the lines of what Daniella teaches:

I am 100% a sovereign Soul!
I am 100% in the sacred majesty of my being!

As we concentrate more on our Soul, it will begin to manifest to us in a personal way. In my case, I can actually hear my Soul reflecting back to me a beautiful chorus of sound. When my heart is in alignment with my Soul, what I hear back is something like Tom Kenyon’s Aethos Sound Meditation, only more like happy cheers than a continuous sound:

Link: “The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness: A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon” … http://tomkenyon.com/the-aethos-and-non-dual-states-of-consciousness ..

Nice, huh?

Sometimes what I hear back is a sad chorus, overall, as if it were coming from a huge hemisphere around me … Goes up higher than a high-flying airplane (30,000 feet … humm … could that be 6 miles high?).

Sometimes I hear a directional phrase, from a long way off, repeated plaintively over and over again. Or, I may feel a returning pain or discomfort, a sense of density, somewhere in my physical body. I take these to be indications of Soul wounding.

My feeling is, we cannot clear our Soul wounding without accessing our heart energy, My personal mantra, as of yesterday, is: I am one great heart.

I tried ‘I am one BIG heart’ for many years, but noticed this didn’t help me stay svelte. Hence the changeup.

. . . . .

“I Am One Great Heart”
A Song by Alice B. Clagett
Soundtrack and Words
11 May 2014


I am one great heart. (x4, repeated twice on the audioclip)

. . . . .

When I sang the mantra on this clip the second set of four times, my left hand was on my heart. It seemed to me that the resonance was quite different. Do you sense a difference? So I find that singing this mantra, especially while walking, and especially while placing my left hand on my heart, helps me become more aware of my heart energy.

When I sit in meditation, I have tried this with good results. Before beginning the mantra, I place my feet firmly on the floor, spine straight but not stiff, eyes raised at least as high as the horizon, and not fixed … moving here and there. I place my left hand on my heart and raise my right hand as if in greeting. Come to think of it, this picture of Christ has a pretty good example of the mudra …

Image: Christ, with left hand on heart and right hand raised … http://catholictruth.net/en/bin_/images/jesus_divine_mercy2.jpg .. This is the image called “Jesus, I trust in you.”

So back to the Soul wounding … When I sense, in whatever manner, the presence of Soul wounding, I place my awareness on the wounding, and at the same time on my heart chakra, and I stick with this dual awareness till the wounding resolves. Deep wounding, I have found, requires application of this technique over and over again.

As I do this technique, sometimes I hear or sense a sort of blending with other Souls. I sense how much they want to heal their own Soul wounding. Through experience, I have found out how important it is, at this moment of healing, to disregard the wounding of other Souls, and concentrate only on my own Sovereign Soul. Otherwise, I have found, the healing will not take place. Paradoxically, if my own Soul wounding begins to heal, so does that of those around me.


I have a thought that all the sad and suffering mental filters through which we view life … including genital mutilation, orphanhood, despair, enslavement, desire to die, Satan and the hell worlds, predation, war, and so on and on and on … all that dark stuff in fact represents fragments of the Collective Soul of humankind.

Perhaps, like the lost, confused, lonely, and sad fragments of our own personal Souls, the Soul fragments of our Collective Soul need to be called back into our Collective Heart. Perhaps we, as sovereign Souls, can perform this service for humankind.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Note: The song “I Am One Great Heart” has been excerpted to: Link: “One Great Heart, One Eternal Soul,” a song by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 22 June 2014; published on 25 June 2014; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1Or ..


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