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Counterfeit Laundering – Safe Deposit Box Substitution Gambit . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 2 February 2020; published on 16 August 2020
Location: Los Angeles, California


Dear ones, there is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would tell you about a scary astral story that went by the window of my imagination some years ago. I was vacationing, and not here in Los Angeles. I had a funny feeling that something awful might happen … like a premonition of disaster … but I did not know what.

I figured it was not really going to happen, but to be on the safe side, it might be good to put some money in a safe deposit box. I found out since then that putting money in a safe deposit box is a very bad idea; it is not a very safe thing to do.

But back then I thought, you know: I will put a little money into a safe deposit box, and leave it there in case the worst happens; and at least I will have a little cash.

Quite some amount of time went by. I was getting near the end of my vacation; and I had an astral dream. I dreamt that a police officer who was crooked wanted to send me to jail for potentially interfering with a drug operation in that town.

I do not know that there are drug operations in that town; in fact, I do not think there are. Maybe it was in a different town, and I just received the dream about it, but it was happening elsewhere. That is frequently the case.

But so anyway, the dream kind of terrified me, because in the dream, this police officer went to my bank … you know, dreams often convert the national news to a person’s own sphere of endeavors  … and took the money out of my safe deposit box, and substituted marked counterfeit bills.

And so I had had another premonition. So I went back to the bank, and took the money out of the safe deposit box, and gave it back to the bank just there and then. So the money never left the bank, and they credited it to my account.

So if the money was counterfeit … it seems unlikely; I was probably pegging on somebody else’s scary astral story … But let’s say the money was counterfeited, then I guess the bank bore the brunt of it.

I do not know what a bank would do, in a situation like that. That would be a tough one, because it would be stuck with however much in counterfeit bills that were basically the responsibility of a police officer who was laundering counterfeit money for the drug operation that he was supposed to be preventing there in that town.

Apocryphal though this story may be, I feel we should look out for situations like that all across America, as times are tough, and people are resorting to all kinds of things to make ends meet. That is my thought.

The takeaway is: Let the banks be careful as to what is happening. Maybe they could develop guidelines prior to something like that happening, to make sure that they do not get stuck holding the bag.

All right, you all, I know this is a weird one. You all take care, and welcome to February 2020. It is looking to be a really wonderful year in terms of Soul clearing.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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The Red Gila and Other Dreams . by Alice B. Clagett *

    • Alice’s First Dream: The University Man Who Was a Member of the Army of the Night [The Doc]
    • Alice’s Second Dream: The Young, Homeless Woman in the Public Restroom
    • Alice’s Third Dream: The Young Woman Walking in a Maze of Streets
    • Alice’s Fourth Dream: The Red Gila [The Migrant]
    • Alice’s Fifth Dream: Death by Drowning of 16 People in a Dugout in the Mountains [The Migrant]
    • “Prayer for Homeless and the Homed,” by Alice B. Clagett
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,


This is a description of a vision I had  … the vision of the Red Gila … as I recall, on a night after a day or so of rain in Los Angeles, most likely on 9 January 2018.

  • There was a ‘swooping in’ to the persona of an antisocial personality and his wife, maybe at Caltech or some place a little like that;
  • then a ‘swooping on’ to the persona of a young girl trying to hide in a restroom in a public park at night;
  • then onward to a young woman walking down a maze of streets;
  • and then on to a vision of a place by a country road where 16 people lay buried .. . drowned in an underground cavern after a rainfall.
  • Then there is a prayer for the disadvantaged peoples of Earth.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would tell you a story … It is about a dream like a nightmare I had three or four days ago … It was a very vivid nightmare that woke me up. And I do not know the significance of it.

I remember that it happened during two days of heavy rain in Los Angeles, most likely on 9 January 2018. There were days when the streets were flooding up above the curbs, because there is not a lot of rain in Los Angeles, and they do not plan the grade of the streets according to the water flow that happens when there is a storm that continues, with rain falling all day long. And that happens once or twice a year, that the streets get flooded up.

And so, in the middle of the night, while it was raining, there may have been a different sound in the air: A sound on the roof; a sound outside, where the rain was hitting the ground; and so forth. And I wonder if that may have had something to do with this nightmare that I had that night, and some other nightmares that have happened since then.

Alice’s First Dream: The University Man Who Was a Member of the Army of the Night [The Doc]

Anyway, it went like this: There was a city dreamscape, maybe in Pasadena. It seemed like Pasadena, but no real place there, you know … with high freeways soaring above valleys that included residential districts. It was easy to get lost on these elevated freeways … traffic was zipping along. Off one ramp was a college campus.

It might have been a place like Caltech, or maybe some other university in the Pasadena area. I have only been to Caltech once or twice; I do not remember any place like that. It was just a feeling; a place like that, I think.

There was a person there, who was living with a woman. He was an antisocial personality; he would go out at night, and stalk the people there, on the college campus. What they call, on the astral airs, an army of the night kind of guy.

It was like I dropped, or dipped, into his consciousness, got a gander of his life there, and then stepped back out.

Alice’s Second Dream: The Young, Homeless Woman in the Public Restroom

So that was the first. And then I woke with a dream of being in a very small restroom … on the East Coast, it seemed like, or maybe Europe … a woman’s restroom. I was homeless. It was a young woman, I think; I am not sure. It was a woman, though.

And she was in this very small restroom, in a park, trying to find a way to get a few minutes of rest, and at the same time, protect herself from any men that might enter there and try to exert violence over her, as it was nighttime.

But I remember she had a very positive attitude: She said she was sure that someone would come in, and offer to take her home and take care of her … like that.

Alice’s Third Dream: The Young Woman Walking in a Maze of Streets

Full of concern over that dream, I segued into another dream; an even worse dream. There was a young woman; it was as if she were walking through a series of streets … kind of complicated streets, like sometimes in Europe and on the East Coast there are streets that just do not make much sense.

They are not laid out in an orderly fashion, like they frequently are, here in California. But rather, they simply sprang up, with time, here and there, centuries ago, when our nation was first founded. Or in Europe, it is probably the same way, sometimes. So, there would be streets that would meld together, and would not make much sense, in terms of ways of getting from one street to the other, and so forth.

That same person, or another young, homeless woman was walking along those streets, and knew them very well, and had stayed in a certain place, by some body of water, I think; and was then back in this urban area, and was walking along.

Alice’s Fourth Dream: The Red Gila [The Migrant]

And all of a sudden, the road changed, and the person changed. The scene changed to a place like the California or Arizona countryside. It was mostly barren and mountainous. And I saw first, a strange creature by the side of the dirt road.

It kind of reddish; a rusty orangish reddish brown color. And it looked like a fat-bodied snake 1 1/2 or 2 feet long. Then when I looked closely, I saw that it had tiny legs on it, like a lizard might. They did not look very functional, but it had legs.

Image: “A Reticulate Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum suspectum),” by Jeff Servoss, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Reticulate_Gila_Monster.jpg … public domain

Image: “A Reticulate Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum suspectum),” by Jeff Servoss, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Reticulate_Gila_Monster.jpg … public domain

This creature was right beside a tiny bush on the north side of the dirt road or path which I was walking along in an easterly direction. The mountains were across a lower stretch of desert, to the north of the dirt road or path.

Then it was not the young woman, but I who was there. I went for my camcorder to record the creature, and looked back, and it was gone.

So first there was that vision of the creature; I do not know … Was it a Red Gila? Was it the orange snake? I just do not know.

Alice’s Fifth Dream: Death by Drowning of 16 People in a Dugout in the Mountains [The Migrant]

And then I saw a man’s leg; he was standing on the north edge of the path, by what looked like two coyote holes above a little ridge that let down, by maybe a gradual, erosion-worn, 20 foot drop of ochre-colored Earth, to the lower desert land between the road and the mountain range.

I do not know if you know about coyote holes. They are not very big; they are just about everywhere, out here in California. They are dug into the dirt, and they are only about 6 inches wide … maybe 4 inches wide. And yet they can get down in there.

But one of the holes I saw by the man’s leg was much bigger; it were maybe 1 1/2 feet wide; a hole that went down into the Earth by the side of the road over the decline where the level of the dirt declined pretty fast.

Six to 10 feet lower, there was another hole that went down into the dirt. And past that, the level of the Earth continued to tumble and cascade down, into the valley that overlooked a high mountain in the distance.

What I intuited, all in a flash, was that the rains had come down, coursing down the dirt road, and they had not damaged the surface of the road. But when they got to that hole there, at the top, beside the road, they had filled it up with mud.

I saw the man standing, with sorrow in his heart. I saw not his face, but his foot, with a hiking or running shoe … the kind with the tread on it … stamping down into the firm but damp Earth.

I could see, when he removed his foot, where the sole of his shoe had been; you know how, sometimes you can see tracks of hikers, in the mountains when you walk, or on the beach? Like that.

And the feeling that I got was that maybe 16 people lay buried in that place … that there was an underground chamber there, that had filled with water. And mud had come down, and prevented them from getting out.

The chamber had collapsed. There were some women and children, along with the men there. And they had all died during the rains.

This person who knew about their place, their home in the Earth, had stopped by and heard them, he said. He had heard them crying out, from deep in the Earth, and saying that the water had slowly risen up, inside the dugout, and that they could not get away. And then … he said … their cries stopped.

That was the end of that terrible sequence of dreams, which I vividly remember still, and am attempting to figure out. I am sorry to say that sometimes the prophet does not have the answer, I guess.

. . . . .

“Prayer for Homeless and the Homed”
by Alice B. Clagett
13 January 2018

I pray for all those who live in the mountains,
who have homes burrowed into the Earth,
all over California.

I pray that they may be safe;
that they have enough to eat;
and that they should have happy and fulfilled lives,
just as might all beings everywhere.

I pray that this may be so.

. . . . .


For me, this vision is a heads up that much needs to be done, all over the world, for the disadvantaged peoples of Earth.

God bless you all, and keep you safe, and give you all that you need for a happy and fulfilled life on Earth.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 13 January 2018; transcribed on 15 October 2018; revised on 23 March 2023


Link: “Dugout (shelter),” in English Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugout_(shelter) ..

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A Childhood Story: Picking Blackberries . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 3 October 2015; published on 5 October 2015


Dear Ones,

This is a story from my childhood. It has to do with how our occupations influence our dreams …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a story to tell you about my young childhood. It has to do with one of the very first jobs I ever had. And that was: Picking blackberries with my sister.

We lived in the country, and you had to go quite some way … for a young child, it was quite some way, over the fields, to get to the blackberry patches that were the best. We had an idea that we were going to pick a bucket full of blackberries a day, for a couple of days, and we were going to sell them by the basket. I forget what you call it; not the tiny basket, like raspberries are now in, but like the smaller tomato basket in the supermarket.

We were going to sell them in those baskets … of course, they were wooden baskets, in those days … to our mother, for her to use for our family, at 15 cents a basket. And if it was more extended family member, like one of our cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents, we were going to sell them … if possible … for 25 cents a basket. And we actually had some potential customers lined up.

So, early in the morning … around 9 o’clock in the morning … before it got too hot, and just when the blackberries got ripe, my sister and I went out, successfully avoided the cows in the field, that were always after chasing us because they thought we had food for them … so they used to frighten us … So we skirted round the field and the woods with the cows in them, and successfully avoided their attention. And then we headed for the blackberry patches on the edges and around the fences of the fields.

We picked tons of blackberries. That was the first day. Brought them all home. Mom wanted all of those. We had scratches all over our legs!

And that night, I remember dreaming about fields and fields of blackberries … Not with bushes and cows and trees and stuff. But just mountains of blackberries everywhere.

Even at a young age, I was pretty introspective, you know? And I got to thinking, that the way that we occupy ourselves during the day … the occupation that we have … whether we get paid for it or not … determines our dreams! You know? It has a lot to do with our astral life.

And so, I have been thinking, all these years, about that; about how important it is to figure out the things to do with my life, that will elevate my dreams the most. So I thought I would share that with you.

I wish you dreams of wonderful things … all night, every night; of the type of things that you really want for yourself; that you want to manifest in your life. And I wish you daytimes full of the kind of occupation that makes you the very happiest.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

This blog has been added here … Link: “Compendium: My Childhood and Family, and Later Years,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled and published on 21 March 2020; republished on 29 March 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-haj ..

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Rewriting History . Co-Creating Astral Scripts . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 23 June 2015; revised

    • Rewriting History: The Nuts and Bolts of It
    • Rewriting History: Review of the Past and Prophecy for the Future

Dear Ones,

This is about past and future, war and peace, the possibility of co-creating a better world where humankind can experience harmony and abundance, peace and joy. Also: The technology of astral rewrites. Causal reality vs synchronicity.

There is a lightly edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, I am Alice.

Rewriting History: The Nuts and Bolts of It

I want to talk a little about rewriting history. Some people have a very pessimistic idea about the past, and the future … that they are bound together, and they are bound to repeat. For instance, they might say: In the history of the human race, there have always been wars. And so there are bound to be wars in the future.

But I would look at the history of the human race, and I would see times of war, and greater intervals of peace. And so I would write history like this: In the history of the human race, there has always been peace. And so, in the future there will be peace as well.

It depends on your point of view … It is possible to rewrite history not in the context of the past at all, but in the context of an utopian future of harmony and unity for humankind … of great abundance for everyone. We can decide what kind of future we want, and play out that script as a group, on the astral plane. And it will become reality … usually, within a month … Because time, on the astral plane is a little bit different from time in the third dimension. It does not manifest in the same way: There is a little slippage; a little change.

Rewriting History: Review of the Past and Prophecy for the Future

I want to mention a time, a couple of years ago, when I would wake up, in this great city that I live in, during the night. And I would hear the subconscious minds of the sleeping people rewriting the history of this city every night.

And every night it was as if there were some malicious entity there, rewriting the worst possible Soul wounding astral scenario to be played out the following day.

I remember that time. I used to wonder about humanity during those times. But in the interval … between a couple of years ago and now … an amazing change has taken place. The scripts that are composed and played out, in the astral realm every night are much more benign … much more benevolent … more like minor Soul wounding.

Pretty soon … I am gathering from the trend … the scripts are going to be scripts of peace and joy and harmony, love and appreciation, and plenty for all. Those kinds of scripts are going to start percolating up from the consciousness as people shift from negatively aspected chakras to positively aspected chakras, with the Incoming Light.

So it is pretty good news here: The news is that we can rewrite history any time we want; we can rewrite the scripts that we are playing in the astral plane any time we want. And in fact, there is no staid and steady and steadfast reality that is cause-and-effect … like that; that is caused by the past and creates a future.

It is not like that at all. Instead, what we do is: Through our union with God-consciousness, we co-create the scripts, on the astral plane, that will play out in the 3D reality. It is a synchronous creative effort.

It is not a causal domain at all. It is only causal when there is an element of the subconscious mind in it. And this is going away; this is disappearing from Earth now. So, pretty good news here!

I wish you all a wonderful day, and lots of love and joy and peace. [Waves.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Garden Flowers 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 June 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Garden Flowers 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 June 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Garden Flowers 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 June 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Garden Flowers 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 June 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Symbolic Thinking, Subconscious Mind, and Spiritual Ego . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 16 May 2015
Subconscious metaphors: Missed a stitch … I want people to look up to me. I’ll put people down … I’m getting hitched … I’ll ride herd on her

    • The Metaphor “Missed a Stitch”
    • “I want people to look up to me. I’ll put people down.”
    • “I’ve been bit by a bridle bit.”
    • “I’m getting hitched”
    • “I’ll ‘ride’ her” … “I’ll ride herd on her”
    • Earth Is Like a Leyden Jar

Dear Ones,

Years ago I used to wake up and analyze my own dreams in the early morning. I never read anything about it … just winged it (my favorite technique). One of the most interesting things I found out is that, almost without exception, my dreams were storyline elaborations of some metaphor, that is, a saying that embodied an abstract concept in an image of a physical action, like a brief AV clip.


For instance, the term ‘missed a stitch,’ which to my conscious mind means ‘forgot something important’, means this to my unconscious mind: Most importantly, it conveys a feeling of dismay. And secondly, it creates an image of a person sewing, and making a mistake while pulling the needle through the fabric. That is the unconscious content of the metaphor: A feeling, and a physical image.

Now then, just as we fall asleep, our emotional body has a particular ‘flavor’, often the result of what has happened that day. We may be feeling exhausted, lacking in enthusiasm, ‘put down’, anxious, angry … or maybe the opposite of these. As we fall asleep, the unconscious mind takes note of this emotional ‘key’, and pegs it to a metaphor. Then in the dream state, a story based on this metaphor unfolds …

And though I give but one example, the possibilities for unfoldment of dreamtime stories through metaphor are legion. Over and over again, night after night, the predominant emotion I felt on falling asleep would be interpreted as a metaphor and elaborated upon as a dreamtime story (with the same emotional content throughout). For more on this, see …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, published 1927, Quest Book, copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1927 ... “Chapter X. Dreams,” the section “Ego Dreams,” part (4), paragraph 1, page 102.


Now so, given that the language of the unconscious mind is emotion + image (metaphor; AV clip), what has been happening on the astral plane (our ‘field of dreams’ through which we co-create reality) during the Atlantean Age? Nothing all that delightful. We can see from the newspaper headlines that our emotional realm here on Earth has picked up a habit of negativity. This is played out in our dreams, our headlines, our politics, our economics, and in Earth’s weather patterns.

I peg the negativity to ‘barbecue the heart sabotaging programs’ our body elementals have been picking up. Here is an example I ran into today…. I think it is pretty widespread …

“I want people to look up to me. I’ll put people down.” 

What is happening here? A person thinks, with their mental mind: I want people to look up to me. There is great longing in the emotional body as the mind thinks this thought, so the unconscious mind takes notice. It feels the emotion of longing, and sees a picture of people physically looking up to this person. It pegs this to another metaphor, the ‘put down’.

Here is the perfect solution, from the perspective of the unconscious mind. If their person ‘puts people down’, then clearly people will be looking up to him. And so, a body elemental is programmed with these two contradictory metaphors. The ‘looking up’ metaphor keeps the engine of desire stoked. The ‘putting people down’ metaphor is the acting out of this unconscious desire in the physical world.

If I listen to the gut brain of this person in the astral plane, and tune in to this body elemental (of which each person has many), I will hear it repeating this sabotaging ‘mantra’ over and over again, sotto voce. If I observe their behavior on the physical plane, I will see put down after put down unfolding.

Why? Why do folks do this? Why are they not seeing how they are barbecuing peoples’ hearts? How every heart with whom they enact this routine will close tight and turn away from them? Because, in their unconscious mind, the little body elemental is going on rote. It is satisfied that all is right. It is not noticing the adverse outcome on the physical plane. It does not know that it is sabotaging his heart.

What does it take to fix this? It takes the man’s own conscious mind realizing the sabotaging program and transforming it with love. When I discover these programs in myself, I tell my body elemental: Would you hug me round the neck and tell me you love me? Which they do with alacrity. It is pretty cool to be hugged by a body elemental. So then I say, I love you, I love you, I love you! Thank you sooooo much!

And so then my body elemental is reprogrammed to a positive emotion and image, just like that, in the wink of an eye.


Image: A little green dinosaur toy called Cognitoy, powered by IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence … https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51Fyw74MJlL._AC_UL320_SR222,320_.jpg … This dinosaur can carry on a conversation with a child. 

Body elementals are a little like the Elemental Path Cognitoy (1) … cute, intelligent (not as intelligent as the toy, though). Body elementals think simple thoughts. They can be programmed for chronological transmissions, for example every morning, or every hour, or once a year on a specific date. The toy cannot express the depth of emotion that a body elemental can convey. Still, the similarities are striking.

Body elementals can be programmed to talk back to us … usually no more than two thoughts or sentences … like this talking parrot toy …

Video: “Talking Toy Parrot,” by brandsonsale, 7 November 2007 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOrbQv1Jf04 ..

Body elementals (aka artificial elementals, or body ‘thought forms’) can take on any appearance, depending on their emotional and mental thought content, and on the personality of the person who creates them or projects them. There’s more on this here …

Link: “Thought Form Magick,” by Rowan Morgana … http://sacredwicca.jigsy.com/thought-forms ..


In addition … bothersome bother in the fourth dimension … there is great trouble with projection of sabotaging programs from other folks’ body elementals to my own. This can happen anytime during the day, if I am distracted from meditative mind. It also happens every night, during dreamtime, and that without fail.

For instance, women through their sacral chakra are naturally drawn to men. Men, through their sacral chakra, are sometimes programmed ‘2N’ … second chakra negative … with ‘possessiveness’ body elementals. When these men are in relationship with women, their sacral chakra body elementals will project this energy onto the woman’s sacral chakra body elemental: I want you. I need you. Let’s make love. Then when they see the woman of their dreams wink at another man, their sabotaging body elemental projects this energy on her: Don’t feel that! Don’t feel desire! I can’t stand it! I’m so angry at you!

What happens with that? Nothing good. The woman’s sacral body elemental is unconsciously programmed to want sex and to hate sex. What I hear from the woman in the astral plane in such instances is … on the unconscious plane, all day long … I want to make love. I want to make love. I want to make love. Maybe with a woman. I can’t do it with a man. My husband will be upset if I feel that with a man … Sotto voce, all day long.

Then what happens when they get together at the end of the day? He suggests making love. She says, No, no, not today. And sotto voce, on the astral plane, I hear from her: I’m not that sexual. I’m not that sexual. I’m not that sexual … Over and over again.

So very clearly, male possessiveness is sabotaging to romantic love. And, I am guessing, female possessiveness might have a similar effect.


Here is another sabotaging behavior that sometimes affects men. Their sacral chakra has a body elemental with an image of a very sexual woman. Not very bright. Very manipulable …

Image: Silhouette of a lusty woman, ‘the mudflap girl’: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/60/Mudflap_girl.svg/2000px-Mudflap_girl.svg.png ..

Image: Sketch of a lusty young woman, in neon magenta on a black background: https://wingingwithwhitehawk.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/clear1.jpg ..

So these men are in relationship with the woman of their dreams. At night, they make love to what I might call a ‘paper dream’ … not to the real woman, but to the image with which their sacral body elemental is programmed. This woman is a reflection of the unconscious image, not really with a life of her own as far as the body elemental is concerned.

So then quite naturally, in the daytime, such a man’s body elemental will think, all day long, We have no relationship. We have no relationship. We have no relationship … How can he have a relationship with an inanimate object?

Women are waking up now, and beginning to hear what these men’s body elementals are projecting all day long. Consequently, the women take umbrage. They get upset. Then the men get riled. Super riled. This I hear, over and over again, on the astral plane.

For aeons, women have been ‘playing the part’ of the ‘inanimate object’ woman. And men have come to believe that women are like this. And women are not. And on the clair plane, there is great confusion, great disillusionment, on the part of both men and women. What now? What do we do? How do we act? How can we perform this act, now that the cards are on the table?

Flummoxed I am; have no clue what to do about it. I’m petitioning God for a resolution for humankind. (2)


Here is another male sabotaging energy: the ‘bridle bit’. This is a body elemental that settles on a man’s genitals and feels uncomfortable, like there is a bridle bit there, with this feeling: ‘I’ve been bit by a bridle bit’.

Here the body elemental has misinterpreted the metaphor ‘I’m getting hitched,’ meaning ‘I’m getting married’. The body elemental gets an image of a horse hitched to a hitching post, like in the Western movies. The man has a bride, the genitals are his bridal gift. Note the play on the words ‘bridal’ and ‘bridle’ … the body elemental typically will not know the difference between two words that sound the same.

The horse has a bridle on it; the bridle has a bit (a mouthpiece) on it; and so, the image of the ‘bridle bit’. This bit is uncomfortable in a horse’s mouth, just as the notion of getting married may cause a sense of unease, a feeling of loss of freedom, in the man.

Image of a the head and neck of a horse wearing a bridle and bit: http://www.localriding.com/image-files/bridle-double-2.jpg .. 

So the body elemental settles on the genitals, and by constant repetition of the phrase ‘I’m a bridle bit’ creates this feeling of discomfort in the physical body.

Also, the man may think of ‘riding’ the woman … this is a common subconscious image. So there may be a body elemental that sotto voce prompts him to ‘ride’ the woman; that is, to belittle her; or to ‘ride herd on her’; or to ‘de-ride her’; that is, to corral her job-wise or with regard to friendships external to the spousal relationship.

A man with such body elementals will always be feeling equivocal about being married. He will not be able to find true happiness, true joy, in marriage till he reprograms his sabotaging body elementals.


Image from the film “Lady Killer,” 1933 … James Cagney is standing, and Mae Clarke is on the floor. He is dragging her by the hair towards a door … http://nuovocinemalocatelli.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/039-james-cagney-theredlist-700×526.jpg ..

In the way of sabotaging energies, this is one of the most difficult … As far fetched as it may seem, a man who thinks of himself as a ‘lady killer’ will program his unconscious mind to kill women. Literally. This is true both of heterosexual men who find themselves often ‘out on the town’, and of homosexual men who think of the same-gender act of sex as ‘killing women’.

The act of sex is a very potent programmer of the unconscious mind. If you visualize killing women during this act, then you are greatly reinforcing this samskara. In these times of the Great Awakening, the ‘acting out’ about which I have been warning is really the unconscious mind acting out metaphors in a physical sense.

Gentlemen, please observe your thoughts and actions. If they carry risk of retribution by the law, consider your options.


Image: The painting “Unconscious Mind” by artist Natalie McNeely: a woman sleeping, with inchoate forms swirling round her: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f9/22/b2/f922b235eaff80cc7f323fe29902ac1f.jpg ..

The unconscious thought cloud of the world is like a river that ceaselessly flows through our lower triangle … the basal and sacral chakras and the navel point. It brings in all the lower, denser energies of Earth. This is a natural and expectable thing, because it is through these lower chakras that we relate to Earth energy … the energy of rocks and dirt, for example … which is very slow moving, deeply dreaming sentience.

So, not a bad thing. A very necessary thing. The deeply dreaming sentience of our own lower triangle keeps us anchored to our beautiful Planet Earth.


To heal our own hearts, and allow the hearts of all humankind to heal, we must clear the sabotaging programs from all our chakras. Not only that, but also the projected energies of others, which are constantly unconsciously reprogramming our body elementals.

Earth is, in this sense, a closed system, like a Leyden Jar …

Link: “Leyden Jar” in English Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leyden_jar ..

There may, for a moment, be a brighter spark of energy somewhere in this jar … a spark of enlightenment … a moment of satori. But in the main, all these energies revert back to the mean. In this cycle of Regeneration of New Creation, all the energies in the jar are amping up. Some a little more for a moment, some a little less comparatively in that moment… but in overview, it is all together. All for One, and One for All. We are all awakening together.

And so, when we clear a personal program from one of our own body elementals, we are acting on behalf of humankind. We ourselves have amped up the entire Leyden Jar of Earth. Same same when we clear our own body elementals of a program projected from the unconscious mind of someone else.

Image: Silhouette of a young woman meditating. She is sitting on the grass, facing an orange sunrise, whose rays fill the sky. Behind her, in the foreground of the image, are cattails next to pond water that reflects her image and the orange sky [link no longer online]


Now about the Leyden Jar… There is a dream many spiritual people have … A dream of enlightenment. All their lives, and most likely in many lifetimes past, they work and have worked toward this goal. And quite naturally, they think of themselves as trying harder, and meriting enlightenment more than the regular man on the street.

Naturally, in the context of Ascension, we tend to borrow from this tradition of enlightenment. We may image ourselves, alone, ‘arising’ (rising in vibration) …

Image: Angelic female form with magenta wings, rising skyward, and touching the vertical arc of a rainbow … https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/91/be/f1/91bef110b41fb799c7d6e59fe3f436e1.jpg ..


But the Leyden Jar reality here on Earth lends itself more to Christ Consciousness than to one-off enlightenment. In truth, Earth herself, our beloved planet Earth, has arisen, and we her children along with her. It is only our own mental filters, our perception of our differences, that partitions us off, sets us apart from our own reunion with God-consciousness.

If we can see the suffering in all human beings, if we can see the Light in them, and recognize it as the Light in us as well … then we will be in a better position to accept this Great Awakening, and to step into New Creation.

If we can set aside all doctrine, all separatist thinking, all divisiveness, all judgment, why then we can walk with Christ. With the Buddha. With all the Great Ones, into the New Reality.

So as spiritual people, let us consider the great commonalities all spiritual people have. Especially, let us not think ourselves better than, more enlightened than, the next spiritual person. Let us consider the Great Love in our hearts. The Great Love that courses through all creation. The All. (3)

Then, without pain we can rise up together.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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(1) Link: “The First Toy With Watson AI is Cool and Creepy,” by Andrew E. Freedman, 28 July 2016 … https://www.tomsguide.com/us/watson-toy-cognitoys-dino,news-23058.html ..

(2) Link: “Karma, Sex, and Those Gnarly Thought-Forms,” in “Winging with Whitehawk” … https://wingingwithwhitehawk.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/karma-sex-and-those-gnarly-thought-forms/ ..

(3) Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … https://www.lawofone.info/ ..


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