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Solar Flares . Ditching the Drama . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 9 January 2014 

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • Three M-Class Flares and One X-Flare
    • Effects of These Solar Events on My Cat, Me, and Other People
    • On Distinguishing Between Astral NegSpeak and Auric Clearing Events
    • What a Clearing of Soul Wounding Felt Like to Me
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video about solar flares, CMEs, the incoming light, samskaras, soul wounding, clearing the aura, ditching the drama, dying to the old, and “The New You.” There’s a Summary after the video …



I’m sitting on a little hill overlooking Los Angeles, right around sunset. And I was thinking about the energetics of the last couple of days.

Three M-Class Flares and One X-Flare

You know, there have been various solar flares … I think two or three M-class flares, and one X-class flare … and an incoming coronal mass ejection (CME) glanced into the atmosphere of Earth as it came through. And so, there’s been a lot of commotion, celestially. And I thought I’d talk, for a minute, about how it has affected me personally.

Effects of These Solar Events on My Cat, Me, and Other People

My cat [Lucy] and I are very sensitive to those kinds of solar activities. So I felt the effects of it. I felt a lot of clearing coming up. I felt a lot of clearing coming up. And of course, as it’s coming up, it doesn’t feel so good. It feels commotional.

And too, in other people, I saw their auras lit up with things that they were clearing. Everybody that I ran into seemed to be clearing a lot of stuff. One day in particular; it was quite a day. [laughs]

On Distinguishing Between Astral NegSpeak and Auric Clearing Events

And last night I was sitting, meditating, and something really extraordinary happened for me. It was as if I had been bringing up samskaras, or auric imperfections. I could hear them clairaudiently. And I could feel them energetically. And I had been feeling them nonstop; sometimes I would wake up at night and I would feel strange energetic effects.

And my mind would tell me one thing; something very dramatic. But by feeling the energy of the situation, I saw that my mind is a bit of an alarmist. You know? It comes up with the most horrible conclusions about things that are purely energetic changes in the body.

And one night in particular, I remember I woke up … just a couple of nights ago …

… and my mind said to me: You’re dying!

… and I said to myself: Why is it saying that? [laughs]

So then I felt myself energetically, and I could feel little batches of cells sort of jumping around, like they were dancing. Separate little batches: First one batch, maybe in my lower abdomen, and then something in my foot, and then something someplace else.

And the mind puts its own interpretation on energetic things. But lots of times, the mind is completely wrong. You know? In this case, it was just, my energy was shifting, and it took a little trust to just understand that nothing bad was happening.

What a Clearing of Soul Wounding Felt Like to Me

To continue with my story: It was an incredible meditation. And I felt as if a process … a very complicated, way-beyond-me process … happened, where Light came in above me, and filled in the imperfections in my aura (what some people call Soul wounding).

And so the Light was coming in, and it was filling in tiny bit by tiny bit; It was a masterpiece. And it was coming in, in different directions. It would hit something in my head, up here [points to right top of head], and then it would hit something in my left side, and then it moved to my high heart.

And by the time that it was finished, at the end of the meditation, I felt completely different as a person. And fortunately, this effect has lasted all day long today.


So I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this solar energy that comes in. Feels like maybe we’re dying; but actually, we’re kind of being reborn, or reworked, or refashioned, into something whole and happy and sane.

So I’m wishing you the best through these solar flares. I hope your mind can see it the way your body can feel it. And I’m wishing you all the best. You all take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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