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Ascension Cautions: For Those Who Feel They Have Been Viewing a Virtual Reality Show . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 24 July 2021
Location: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California

Dear Ones,

On the astral plane, I have been hearing for weeks now that many people, including neighbors and acquaintances of mine, feel they are participating in a virtual reality show, in which they can spy on people day and night using wi-fi and radiofrequencies inside homes, and ultrasensitive sound booms, and high resolution spy cameras aimed at people from phone poles and from LAPD helicopters.

There is a pretty out-there astral story about a spy camera system stolen from the United States Army-Navy by cocaine lords who now hold in thrall all Americans, and can divert commercial airplanes, at the flip of a switch, from their more economical fly routes  so that they pass over a particular GPS location for spy purposes.

Another version of the astral stories is that spy satellites maintained by the National Reconnaissance Office are spying on the backyards of everyday citizens, and that local police departments are following them about through splicing into the LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system.

If the LoJack theory were true, for instance, that would account for LAPD helicopters showing up on every hike I take in Los Angeles County … go figure the odds! On the other hand (and I favor the latter) it could just as easily be that LAPD helicopters are on high alert for fires that might start in the mountains, and are combing the byways and water towers and electric towers and all other likely spots located in the Santa Monica Mountains to make sure wildfires are quickly contained. Kudos to them on this! They have done an amazing job of rapid containment so far this fire season.

On the other hand, there are stories in the news about directed, pulsed radiofrequency (RF) energy or possibly microwave weapons allegedly being used by drug lords in Cuba to tamper with the brain waves of CIA operatives there. The result apparently varies from minor symptoms such as vertigo and headache to permanent hearing loss and/or brain injuries known as “Havana Syndrome” …

Link: “Havana Syndrome,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havana_syndrome ..

According to the Wikipedia article, “While there is no expert consensus on the cause of the symptoms … a co-author of the JAMA study considered microwave weapons to be ‘a main suspect’ for the phenomenon.”

This jibes with my sighting some years ago in Grants, New Mexico, of what seemed to me to be a huge microwave emitter on a bus, and the mental confusion I experienced that night and again at the 3HO Summer Solstice Celebration in Espanola, New Mexico, which seemed to me at the time to be a target of the operations of what may have been drug lords that financed the assembly and operation of the bus …

Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: Fatal Dungeons and Dragons Game?” by Alice B. Clagett, partially excerpted on 23 April 2020 from blogs filmed on 15 March 2018 and on 20 November 2016; revised on 11 June 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-hHF … Surf to: THE ROCKING BUS WITH THE GIZMOS ON TOP

There was more in the Los Angeles Times about the Havana Syndrome just yesterday …

Link: “Congress to Assist Brain-Injury Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’,” by Tracy Wilkinson, in Los Angeles Times, 26 July 2021 … https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-07-26/congress-to-assist-brain-injury-victims-of-mysterious-havana-syndrome ..

It seems to me possible the odd telepathic milieu I have been experiencing in my backyard after 3 pm here in the San Fernando Valley in recent days may have to do with too much radiofrequency emissions, wi-fi, and microwave ‘garble’ in the air at those times.

Whether that may be intentional, and used by local drug lords to target members of the community who are ‘just say no to drugs’ … such as I … or simply a heretofore unacknowledged symptom of the electronic burden borne by modern society, I cannot say.

Were the worst to be true, then local from-home marijuana dealers might be supplying homeowners on either side of a ‘just say no to drugs’ mark with a ‘little black box’ that emits RF pulses directed at the mark, say at 3 pm every day. As an inducement, there might be a promise of a discount on their product, or of non-harassment. If that were so … and of course I very much hope it is not so … then it seems likely to me that those who accept and use the ‘little black boxes’ must also be experiencing mental confusion and possible brain injury because of the RF emissions from the boxes on their own property.

Ancillary to targeting of ‘just say no to drugs’ members of our local communities might be a theme of neo-Hindu death cult or black magic practitioners, Jewish Kabbalists who use their psychic talents in an antisocial way, indigenous cults’ voodoo practitioners, or Satanists who may be at war against Hindus who worship along traditional lines, more traditional Jewish faithful, Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims across the globe.

From my own recent research, I note that inexpensive radiofrequency detector devices are readily available online. These can be used to determine whether RF pulses are happening in and around your home.

Then in research on how to incapacitate a vehicular Lo-Jack (in the likelihood drug lords may have hacked into the Lo-Jack databases and might be able to use those data to track and target hits), I found that wire mesh wrapped round a Lo-Jack jams the signal. From that I gather that an intermittent barrier pattern … such as slats in a fence, with openings between the slats, might be one way to confuse and interrupt  pulsed radiofrequency signals.

. . . . .

Looking back, I remember 20 or more years ago, when I became suddenly and apparently permanently EMF sensitive during a series of solar flares. As the phenomenon was a new one, medical science did not know how to deal with it. It seems to me the same phenomenon is happening this month with quite a lot of people. Yet there have been no solar flares; so, I gather, it may just be an Ascension phenomenon that happens to people at a certain stage of their Ascension process.

I note the astral stories about this new experience that apparently is happening to many people are negatively tinged, and winging off in the direction of Conspiracy Theory. That is an arena I tend to skirt round and let be. Consideration of the possibilities of Conspiracy Theory, I feel, only makes me unhappy, and rarely makes a difference in the real world.

Of course, if we really feel there may be a military surveillance spy camera system on the underbellies of commercial airplanes, and if we have a hunch the mafia and the drug cartels are splicing into it and can make life miserable for the ‘Just Say No to Drugs’ crowd (such as myself, for instance), then I feel it would be ok to mention your hunch to your State’s Bureau of Investigation. You could just ask them to check out your hunch; maybe it would be useful to them. Something low key like that.

I have found the Bureaus of Investigation at the State level are more appropriate than the Central Bureau of Investigation as a place to mention hunches that have to do with more than the police precinct in which we live. Police located at our local precincts have responsibility for crime and other community problems within the precinct; at least, that is how I understand it. Then our local precincts liase with contiguous precincts so as to deal with street gangs that rove from precinct to precinct.

Then there are the State level Bureaus of Investigation, such as the California Bureau of Investigation … https://oag.ca.gov/bi .. These are very cool, and more likely to respond to your plea because their scope is less international than that of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

When there are issues of invasion of privacy through electronic or electrical sound or image spy surveillance inside our homes or in our backyards, then there is recourse through the privacy guarantees of the United States Constitution if we can prove this is happening. If you have proof, you can talk with your local police department about your concerns, and they may advise you how to go about rectifying the situation. For instance, if you want to check on electronic snooping inside your home, pretty good combination GPS and radiofrequency (RF) detectors can be had for not much cash outlay.

Setting third dimensional Conspiracy Theory notions to one side (which I feel is a pretty good idea), then for people who are just now experiencing EMF sensitivity and who are becoming more and more clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient because of the Ascension process: Each of us still must deal with negatively tinged emotions regarding the circulating astral stories.

Thrown into the mix are negative emotions due to COVID stress; here in California this is the more true because of the recent increase in hospitalizations and the reinstitution of indoor face mask restrictions.

Nevertheless, there are things we can do to limit the fallout from EMF sensitivity. I note time of day is a factor; typically push comes to shove in this regard after lunch, often after 3 pm, and continues on till people stop watching TV in the evening. Why that is, I am not certain, as I do not subscribe to TV. Possibly it might have to do with negative emotional affect brought up through the themes of the TV programs? Then again, maybe it has to do with after-work or after-school activities, such as pot smoking or alcohol consumption? These are pure guesswork on my part.

Whatever the cause, there has been a mid-afternoon to late evening issue of negatively tinged community noosphere of late. What to do?

Sometimes I take a walk down the block. That seems to jar my ‘mini-noosphere’ (my brain, my mind, my thought forms, and the emotions associated with my thought forms, all of which run on the ‘gas’ of my human electromagnetic field) loose from the uber-noosphere of my neighborhood, which runs on the ‘gas’ of the collective electromagnetic fields of everyone on my block. A moving target … in my case, a walking target … is harder to hit, I feel.

It is harder for a person walking outdoors to be affected by artificial EMF fields as well, I feel …

  • With luck, one may find a walking route on quiet residential streets, with few cars whizzing by.
  • There may be only the usual telephone poles nearby; one may choose to avoid high electric towers on a walk.
  • If surveillance cameras are trained out of the windows in people’s homes because of Neighborhood Watch programs, then the people looking at the camera screens inside their homes may take little interest in us, if we move along smartly and do not loiter by their house.
  • We may choose not to bring our cell phone or handheld or Bluetooth or any other wireless device along with us, as those people who are ascending may begin to sense that these devices create instability in their personal energy field (in their ‘aura’).

I myself find that any artificial EMF field creates instability in my personal energy field. Thus for me, one possibility is to limit wi-fi reception in my home. Insofar as possible, I turn off and unplug wi-fi-enabled devices after charging them, for instance. I strive to eliminate wi-fi at home. I want to make sure there is none in my bedroom, or in my meditation room.

There are also issues with electric lines and electric wires within homes. For myself, I find it is a good idea to unplug electric devices when they are not in use. This also helps prevent home fires, as my mom always used to say. It is better, I have read, not to sleep in winter with an electric blanket, as the wires in the blanket might disturb the stability of our personal energy field.

My overall suggestion is to find creative, low-cost ways to circumvent the negatively tinged astral stories that have been coming up in the afternoons of late. Walking is just one way. Yoga or stretching exercises in a room that is de-wi-fied and de-electrified to whatever extent may be possible is another way. Then there is taking a cat nap in a de-wi-fied and de-electrified room. My readers will doubtless think of many other ways to circumvent the recent afternoon astral to-dos.

In years past, when the phenomena of EMF sensitivity and artificial EMF field impingement were new to me, and I was struggling to figure out just what was going on, I wrote quite a few blogs on the topic. If you would like to look more thoroughly into these issues, here are my relevant blog categories …

EMF Sensitivity … https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com/emf-sensitivity/ ..

Artificial EMF Fields – Electronic Devices – Electric Devices … https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com/artificial-emf-fields-electronic-devices-electrical-devices/  ..

. . . . .

I am in high hopes there may soon be coronal mass ejections that spiff up the noosphere of Earth, and which may also spiff up our personal ‘mini-noospheres’, making our minds and those of all around us more orderly, more logical, and less tempted to tempestuous emotions. Till then, best wishes to all in weathering the short-lived, ‘popcorn’ convection, single-cell afternoon astral thunderstorms oft we telepaths have been encountering of late.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Astral Story about a Man’s Soul Clearing . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 31 October 2016; published on 3 November 2016; transcribed on 8 July 2018

    • On Assisting in Soul Clearing of a Man on the Astral Plane
    • Stories by Alice: Memory of My First Soul Clearing, Which Felt Like an Upward-Reaching Tornado
    • Description of Storage and Release of Repressed Memories from AV Chips in the Body of Light
    • Last Night’s Soul Clearing: Clairsentient Remote Energy Healing
    • The Importance of Feeling Joy as Soul Wounding Releases
    • What Happened After the Release
    • The Movement of the Dark to Re-Balance with the New Light
    • Protecting Our Children as Shifts in the Dark Occur
    • Freeing of Women from Misogynistic Threads of Energy the Next Day
    • Photos by Alice

Dear Ones,

Here is a recent astral story about a man’s clearing of Soul wounding. There is an Introduction, then the Video, and then an edited Summary after the video.


The video contains information on the shifting and rebalancing of Dark and Light after a Soul clearing. This shifting and rebalancing causes astral stories, which we must be careful to listen to with a neutral mind, and not to act on.

Our children are hearing these astral stories too. I feel it is important to teach them not to take these stories too seriously, and especially, not to act on them. Let us prepare the children as best we may, and shelter them during these times of shifting and rebalancing.

As the energies rebalance, typically Earth emerges in a higher state of Light, and this manifests among humankind as a freeing up of cognitive ‘gloms’. For instance, while the clearing that was described centered on one person, the beneficial ‘un-glomming’ effect coursed out everywhere.

The following morning, a number of women had ceased to be glommed to energies of misogyny that have been circling and bubbling through the noosphere in recent years, preparatory to clearing.

The morning after that, a number of men ceased to be glommed to energies of feral drives to sexuality that have been circulating through the noosphere in recent years, preparatory to clearing.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

On Assisting in Soul Clearing of a Man on the Astral Plane

Last night I found myself unexpectedly holding the sacred space for a man to clear his Soul wounding … the tangles in his electromagnetic field … due to some past experiences he had had, with regard to dislike of women … even hatred of women; a very deep distortion of the Light regarding women … representative, I think, of the peak of the Atlantean energy threads; the patriarchy that has been in place for a long time.

So I was very surprised that that clearing took place. It took, it seemed to me, a very long time. I could sense the great beings … the celestial beings on my own Ascension Team, in higher dimensions … holding the energy for me; holding the space, so that I could help in this transformation. I will describe it to you a little bit …

Stories by Alice: Memory of My First Soul Clearing, Which Felt Like an Upward-Reaching Tornado

It is different from, but very much similar to, in some ways, a clearing that I had some years ago … I think, 2012 … where I had been using language of Light therapy for clearing the distortions of the electromagnetic field. And I sensed these ‘tangles’ clearing.

They formed a tornado or vortex around my body. and cleared upwards. They just sped upwards, with incredible alacrity … up, high into the sky, and disappeared. And that was my first experience of knowing that Soul clearing had taken place.

Description of Storage and Release of Repressed Memories from AV Chips in the Body of Light

And then, more recently I sensed, in a friend of mine who is a man, a clearing taking place that had to do with the same kind of audiovisual chips that are stored, it seems, in the body itself … in some place in the body … but actually, they are in the electromagnetic field.

And when they peel off, it is like a little video clip: You can see the scene. You can hear exactly, verbatim, what went on amongst various people. Whether, at the time, you were conscious or not, it somehow got stuck in you.

You can sense the high emotion of the moment. And then, you might even hear the aftermath … the denouement, and all the comments of other people later on. It is a lot like watching a soap opera during a very dramatic event … but often quite short.

So the friend that I sensed, some time ago … I think, this year, sometime … had a past life experience that he was reliving and releasing. And that took a little while. But it was a similar process of the audiovisual clips being displayed, and releasing. And the exact memory of the event was recorded … somewhere stuck, usually in the body; sometimes outside the body, like ‘space junk’; and sometimes just in the general hologram. Could be far off in the hologram, sometimes, if it is greatly repressed energy.

And so, in this case it was releasing from near the body, in the electromagnetic field, and then it was completely gone. Completely gone. This kind of clearing is almost instantaneous. It usually takes place … Well, in my case I had a lot to get rid of. There were several sessions. And each one took a half-hour to an hour, or an hour and a half, max. In the case of my friend, it did not take that long; maybe half an hour, once.

Last Night’s Soul Clearing: Clairsentient Remote Energy Healing

And then last night there was a situation that was very interesting. It was like a complete reliving of an entire, traumatic event that had occurred, as well as the aftermath … and release of all that energy. And I felt it as clairsentience that allows remote energy healing (when you feel and sense exactly what is going on in someone else’s body, for the sake of healing; like that) … like remote healing.

So it was as if what was happening in his body, was happening in mine. And I felt the healing moving all around the body … little by little, all around the body, as the sounds and the visuals were released from the electromagnetic field of the other person.

And sometimes I would feel, especially in this area here and around through here … [points to right and left sides of neck]  … it felt like little pin pricks of Light releasing, and DNA popping open. It was this tiny little, fine, filigree effect, like lacy springing forth of the energies from the repressed memories and the repressed feelings that had taken their toll on the physical and just ‘tee-tuuu’ … [shows hand springing away from right side of throat] … you know, and just gone and released into the beautiful body of Light.

It was terrific. It was really terrific. However, for me it was like the physical vehicle of the celestial healing agents … one of them, because his team was working on that. And many other people were also assisting, as grounded expressions of their own Celestial Ascension Teams.

For me, it was uncomfortable. I felt all kinds of unusual physical sensations. And I had to concentrate on the purely physical, because in instances like that, if you get carried away with the story that is going on … or even listen to the story … then the cells do not do their healing thing; their joyful, cellular rejuvenation, transformation thing. Heart’s love needs to be concentrated on …

The Importance of Feeling Joy as Soul Wounding Releases

The thing of it is, if we listen to people’s traumatic stories that are releasing, then our own hearts might shut down … because what is releasing is not joyful. And what we need to feel, as healers, I feel, is joy during this time; joy at the transformation that is taking place.

What Happened After the Release

So, ‘though I retain no memory of the events that were released, nevertheless, I had a physical experience of changes, and pressure, and release of pressure. It is like shifting … shifting of masses of energy throughout the top part of my body. It went on for a long time.

And then after that, I did not feel like sleeping at all. And a lot of things happened that were entailed by that huge release of distortion of Light. It was just through one person, but a lot of other people were affected.

The Movement of the Dark to Re-Balance with the New Light

And I could feel the Dark that is here on Earth, readjusting and moving. It feels ominous, really, in the third and fourth dimensions: The movement of the Dark, trying to balance back with the Light. You will know, if you have read my blogs regarding Ma’at and balance …

Link: “Ma’at, the Principle of Balance, re Dark Attacks, Angelic Protection, and the Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 July 2014; revised on 9 August 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1Tn ..

Link: “Ma’at, Dynamic Equilibrium, and Light Downloads,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 August 2014; revised on 13 August 2014 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1VL ..

So, after a huge release … and this was very huge … far more huge than the individual … then the Dark, the shadow of the personality in many, many people, begins to adjust. And it was shifting almost all night long … shifting everywhere.

Protecting Our Children as Shifts in the Dark Occur

I find, at times like that … because Halloween is tonight … I find, at times like that, that it is important for us to be very careful with our children … because children are more greatly affected by shifts of Light and Dark than are we; and more likely to misunderstand the process. And so, we need to teach them that this process is to be witnessed with a neutral mind, and never to be acted on, you know?

I feel for the children. It is such a time of atmospheric change; of noospheric change! We have to shelter the children, and keep them safe. That is my feeling.

That was the first insight I had with regard to this massive healing, for which God be blessed.

Freeing of Women from Misogynistic Threads of Energy the Next Day

The second thing has to do with something that happened just now … the next day. I was speaking, on the astral plane, to others. And I found out that some women of my acquaintance had been set free from the threads of energy of hatred by men for women, that have been coursing about, and stewing about, and bubbling around in the noosphere, preparatory to being released, lately.

And so, these people that I care about, that I know about … and I as well … over the course of the last 12 hours, have been set free of those energies of intense hatred that were, you could say, the nadir .. the most poignant shadow of the Atlantean Age.

So I am very thankful, and I think it is good for me to learn this lesson, that a little discomfort … even all-night-long discomfort … is worth it, because of the good things that happen for everyone else that I know, and for me, afterwards.

So I am signing off. I am wishing you all a safe Halloween, and a joyful All Saints Day … which is the next day. So, the release of the Dark, followed by the great upsurge of the Light.

Photos by Alice

Image: “Lantana 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 October 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Lantana 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 October 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Lantana 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 October 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Lantana 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 October 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Disclosure and the Fate of Religious Radical Extremists . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 5 October 2016; revised

    • Those Who Endured Capital Punishment
    • Those Who Escaped to South America
    • Those Who ‘Walked into’ the Bodies of Young Children
    • Reincarnation of the Souls in Hitler’s Inner Circle
    • Number of Sociopaths in the World
    • Fate of Sociopaths in Past
    • How Development of Worldwide Clairsentience Will Alter the Fate of Sociopaths

Dear Ones,

For those not in the know, this blog is not about me; I researched the topic to do with what intuition told me might be a ‘Controller’ who was the head of a ‘killing cult’. I had left the group, and felt at the time (some time ago) that I was in danger of being murdered by members of the group at his behest, and because of his anger towards me at leaving the group as soon as I got a whiff of what was going on there.

Much has been written about religious radical extremists of late, with regard to Islam in particular. The truth of the matter is, however, that there are radical extremists of every religious persuasion.

It is the unfortunate tendency to shield the members of our group from legal reprisal that is causing such trouble in the world today.


  • When the members of an extremist cult practice ritual murder, or blood sacrifice of innocents of another faith … as for example, when the leader and his wife drink the blood from the still-beating heart of a woman they have sacrificed because she left the cult …
  • When they treat people not of their faith as if they were animals to be conned and ‘fleeced’, misusing the powers of God they obtained from the teachings of their faith to hypnotize or mind control these people into submission …
  • When they run down people of another color with an automobile, or ‘cull’ them in a Walmart parking lot, and take them home and cut them up for meat …
  • When the leader of a religious extremist cult cuts off the penises of his own male followers,
  • When he murders the women of his cult if they do not follow his orders …
  • When an extremist cult hunts down children of another faith at Halloween and subjects them to month-long excruciating torture, before ending their lives, and then laughs unaffectedly at the plaintive cries of these children’s agonized ghosts …


… How then, can the moderate people of this faith stand idly by and countenance these actions? And when this turning aside and looking the other way happens, how may the future path of all the people of this faith be altered?

In point of fact, this tendency to conceal and protect those who behave as criminals within a group … even to the extent of protecting sociopaths and Charles Manson sorts of sub-groups … is a source of ongoing ‘group karma’. For instance …

  • When murder is practiced, then the future of this faith will see murder of their people.
  • When the people of one faith practice genocide against the people of another faith, then the ‘group Karma’ of the faithful who practiced genocide will entail future genocide of that people.
  • As to acts of genital mutilation of men, Spirit says these are not the acts of a prophet Elijah. Rather, these acts revert back to the feral ways of wolves and apes. The Law of Karma will cause future acts of genital mutilation to be inflicted on those who have so mutilated. Good examples of this are the Jewish and Christian promotion of the practice of circumcision of newborns.
  • Acts of barbarism against those of another faith will cause the ‘group karma’ of future acts of barbarism against the members of the faith practicing barbarism.
  • War against those of other faiths will see future wars against the children of those who warred. I am sure the Middle East conflict, which has existed since close to the beginning of time, will spring to mind: This is like a perpetual motion reaction of warring acts by one faith toward warring acts by the other.
  • Condoning torture and killing of children of another faith will usher in a future where the children of one’s own faith are killed. In point of fact,  an extremist cult leader who practices this torture of children may find himself killing his own children in this lifetime.
  • Extremist acts of hypnotism or mind control using God’s name, when countenanced by a faith, in future will cause enslavement of the people of that faith. The leader of the extremist cult that practices hypnotism or mind control using God’s name will find, in this lifetime, that he unaccountably commits acts of hypnosis or mind control that drive his followers insane, and occasion their death by his own hand or that of another.


Those Who Endured Capital Punishment

For every action there is a reaction; violence begets violence. When people are executed, through the righteous indignation of the world’s people, that is hardly the end of it. The Souls of those who experience capital punishment, through the brutal clarity of their demise, and of their intendedly permanent excision from the society of other human beings, haunt the living with intent toward violence far longer than the Souls of those who suffer a milder death. And then, according to karmic law, they reincarnate with even greater tendency to perpetrate evil on humankind.

Those Who Escaped to South America

And what of those of Hitler’s inner circle who escaped the great leveling after the end of World War II? What of those who escaped to South America with pilfered wealth and lived on for many years? The leader of an extremist group may feel he is ‘top dog’, but in truth he is but the slave of the demon realm, both now and hereafter. The atrocities he has committed will have coarsened the matter of his astral body. In the afterlife, he or she will experience a great burning sensation (termed by some ‘the fires of Hell’) as his coarse astral matter slowly dissolves. At great length, he may go on to the heaven worlds for Soul learning. When he reincarnates, it will be with all the samskaras accumulated in the latest, and in all past lifetimes.

Those Who ‘Walked into’ the Bodies of Young Children

What of those of Hitler’s inner circle who aggregated to themselves psychic powers, such as the power to rule men’s minds through misuse of psychic powers granted to them by God? What, for instance, of those who mastered the art of walking into the bodies of young children, so as to avoid the clear outcome of painful suffering in the afterlife?

According to Spirit, there are one or two such people, among those of Hitler’s inner circle, who managed this feat. But have they escaped their karma? No, they have not.

Into the relatively feeble body of the young child whose Soul they have displaced, they bring the miry net of their many criminal propensities. Overnight, or very soon, the personality of the youngster who has been walked into will be seen by his parents or caregivers to have changed completely. This child, hitherto perhaps mild or shy, will begin to perform seemingly inexplicable acts of barbarism against his family and childhood friends. This sociopathic behavioral pattern will continue on through his lifetime. So while the experience of the ‘fires of hell’ has been delayed, the aggregation to his etheric net of karmic distortions of the Light will continue apace, and the future of his Soul will be further compromised.

Reincarnation of the Souls in Hitler’s Inner Circle

For a Soul that chooses to participate in demonic activities, the thread of pearls known as a Soul’s incarnations, or grounded experiences on our planet Earth, will not be confined to one faith alone, or to the same gender as before.

Here is a case in point: What became of Hitler’s inner circle, who were were responsible for the Jewish Holocaust in the name of the philosophy of Consequentialism? According to Spirit, and quite to the contrary of what might be anticipated, a number of these people have reincarnated as Jews who have taken the last step past the philosophy of Consequentialism, into the realm of Ethical Egoism. (1) According to Spirit, one who was then male has now incarnated as a female. One who was then female has now incarnated as male. And others, who were then male or female, have reincarnated as the same gender.

According to Spirit, in these times, they are repeating the pattern of atrocities aspired to and often committed during the Hitler era, only, because of their placement on Earth during a time when World War is not taking place, their acts of atrocity necessarily are of smaller scale.


Why have these antisocial personalities, these killing cult members, not been detected in times past? Why have they ‘flown under the radar’ and avoided the lens of public scrutiny?

I feel this is because such personalities inevitably acquire powers of hypnosis or mind control, so as to keep their activities secret from society as a whole.

And further, it is very difficult for other members of a religious group to conceive that there may be, operating within their group of good and faithful people, a subgroup of antisocial personalities capable of such inhumane acts as to be judged, by society as a whole, as completely devoid of conscience.


Number of Sociopaths in the World

I saw in a recent Theosophical Society publication (2) that sociopaths may be as many as 1 to 3 percent of the world’s population. Were this to be true, there would be, at lowest current estimate, 74 million such individuals (3) who must be dealt with in the coming years. Many of these sociopaths may have no religious affiliation … and perhaps no affiliation with any group at all. Nevertheless, amongst this rather dauntingly large group of very dangerous and previously undetected sociopaths, there will be some subset who are religious extremists.

Fate of Sociopaths in Past

In many past instances, the people of a faith may have countenanced the criminal behavior of an extremist subgroup so as to uphold their faith, but in so doing they will drag down the karma of their children, and their children’s children. All those of their faith will suffer because of their own act of omission.

Till now, what has been happening all over the world is a glossing over of those sociopathic religious subgroups whose leaders are without doubt antisocial personalities. But now, as worldwide telepathy begins to disclose all that is Dark, all that is distorted in the realm of human affairs, all this is changing.

How Development of Worldwide Clairsentience Will Alter the Fate of Sociopaths

As the Awakening progresses, the moderate peoples of all faiths will begin to develop the quality of clairsentience or clair sensing. Thus they will begin to experience the acts of barbarism of the extremists as if they were being perpetrated on their own bodies.  This is one aspect of the process termed disclosure.


How will the moderate peoples of these religions react to this process of disclosure? I feel that, as the Awakening process continues, the members of every religious group will be moving from identification with just that group, to identification with the world community, with all humankind, and even to an understanding of and feeling of kinship with Spirit itself.

In this way, it will become clear that criminality within a group must be dealt with. But what will be the process that takes place?

  • Will the discovered sociopaths be considered unregenerate … incapable of rehabilitation?
  • Will they be imprisoned for life?
  • Will they be subject to capital punishment?
  • Will new means be found to integrate them into the mainstream of society?

While these are difficult questions, and even more difficult questions await humankind. For instance …


Considering the accelerating Light on Earth, what will become of the Souls of the many sociopaths now on Earth, after they pass on?

  • Will they still trouble humankind in astral form during the afterlife, or will they be removed to another planet, in another constellation, where the interstellar dynamics allow a version of the Duality play to be enacted?
  • Will they suffer ‘the fires of hell’, as in ages past, as their astral forms distill into a finer essence, and then decompose, leading them on to the stage of Soul learning in the afterlife? If so, what would be the reincarnational prospects here on Earth, during the Age of Light, considering the state of distortion of Light of their etheric nets?
  • Will their Souls be ‘put on hold’ till the next Age of Darkness on Earth?
  • Will their Souls eventually devolve to the animal state, and thence to inanimate union with Source? Or will it be possible for the process of Soul devolution to be halted, and reversed?
  • Will there be a DNA ‘fix’, through the Incoming Light, that repairs their EMF to the human norm?

All these are questions that await discovery, as the process of Awakening unfolds.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Note: “WHAT BECAME OF HITLER’S INNER CIRCLE?” has been excerpted to “Tiny Anthologies: The Law of Karma: Balanced Soul Wisdom through Reincarnation,” by Alice B. Clagett


Link: “Community Health: Cults that Kill and Outlaw Gangs,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 December 2015; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4pb ..

Link: “More on Killing Cults and Outlaw Gangs,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 13 August 2016; revised on 24 February 2019 and 3 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-61D ..

Link: “Feral Children, Feral Adult Human, and Cults,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 20 November 2015; published on 22 November 2015; revised and transcribed on 20 November 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4j9 ..


(1) See Link: “The Karmic Consequences of Consequentialism,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 30 September 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6cN … This includes a discussion of ethical egoism.

(2) See Link: “Levels of Awakening,” by Richard Smoley, Quest 104.4 (Fall 2016): pg. 107-111 … https://www.theosophical.org/publications/quest-magazine/4046 … The magazine can be purchased here … Link: “About Quest Magazine” … https://www.theosophical.org/publications/quest-magazine/42-publications/quest-magazine/1209-about-quest-magazine ..

(3) See Link: “Current World Population,” at WorldOMeters … http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ ..


Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Societal Expectations Regarding the Feeling World . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 8 March 2015; published on 11 March 2015; revised

    • Christianity
    • Judaism
    • Islam
    • Buddhism and Hinduism
    • Many Women Have Moved into the Fourth Dimension
    • Many Men, Because of Cultural Expectations Regarding Expressing Their Feelings, Are Just Now Stepping into Awareness of the Fourth Dimension
    • When We First Step into the Fourth Dimension, We Encounter Our Deepest, Darkest Secrets
    • On Having Faith that Our Faults Will Be Forgiven
  • LEVIATHAN, a poem by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,


As you may know, Earth is now passing into 4D, the astral plane, sometimes called ‘the feeling world.’ Actually, it is not that we are passing into this dimension … rather that our 3D physical reality is expanding to include 4D as well.

To put it in human terms, before the 2012 Shift, sometimes termed Ascension or the Great Awakening, most humans (except for those with the ‘second sense’) experienced physical life on Earth in terms of the input of the five senses … seeing, hearing, tasting, sniffing, and touch.


Christianity. Now for Christianity, the expectation is that after life on Earth, our Souls experience one of two (Protestantism) or three (Catholicism) states: hell, purgatory or heaven. These are states that exist in the feeling world … 4D, the astral plane.

Judaism. For traditional Judaism, there is expectation of a judgment day, the resurrection of the dead, and the assignment of Souls to one of three categories: heaven, permanent hell, or temporary hell (1).

Islam. Muslims also hold the expectation that there is life after death, and that the Soul will eventually be judged, along with all humankind, and will then experience either heaven or hell. Until that time, deceased Souls, while in the grave, will experience a foretaste of that. (2)

Buddhism and Hinduism. For the Buddhists and the Hindus, the expectation is that, after we passed on, and before our next incarnation, our Souls spend quite an interlude on the astral plane, in school, as it were, for the education of our Souls. Could be 1,000 years of schooling. Then, on to a new incarnation, a new body, and a whole new set of lessons to learn … Earth school.

So for many folks around the world, there is an understanding that the astral plane exists, separate from the physical plane. And also, that it is a state experienced after death.


The Shift that happened in 2012 made it possible for humans to experience both 3D and 4D at the same time…. To use the ‘parlance’, the Shift allowed folks to bilocate between these two dimensions. This is a first step in developing our multidimensionality skills.


What happens when we bilocate in this way? In addition to our five physical senses, we begin to develop the clair (astral) senses:

  • clairvoyance (astral vision),
  • clairaudience (astral hearing),
  • clairsentience (astral ‘feeling’),
  • clairscent (astral smelling),
  • clairtangency (psychometrics),
  • clairgustance (astral tasting),
  • clairempathy (feeling the emotions of others),
  • channeling (conveying information from the astral realm or a higher dimension), (3) and
  • clairhealing (fractal patterning)
  • clair electromagnetic sensitivity, and many others

So 3D-4D bilocation involves getting used to a whole new set of senses, a whole new way of perceiving reality.


In addition, when we bilocate we must integrate our feeling world with our mental world. This involves getting in touch with our repressed emotions. Specifically, the moment we step into 4D awareness, we will encounter the ‘shadow of our personality’ … the ‘Dark Body’ within our Body of Light. Which is to say, the things we have done that we want to forget about … our Soul wounding experiences in this lifetime and in other incarnations, and our emotions that do not meet societal expectations. Here is more on all that:



Many Women Have Moved into the Fourth Dimension

It seems to me that what has been happening on the astral plane in the last few years in the feeling world … for the emotional bodies of humankind … is that women, in particular, are becoming increasingly sentient on the emotional plane … the fourth dimension.

Many Men, Because of Cultural Expectations Regarding Expressing Their Feelings, Are Just Now Stepping into Awareness of the Fourth Dimension

I can hear men talking in the fourth dimension, but it just seems to me that it is possible that they are existing in that dimension, like women, but not as aware of that dimension, because of societal expectations. So it has been hard for them, because many men are taught that feelings are not masculine. And that is the dimension into which we are expanding right now.

So it is very peculiar for me, hearing all men talking. I can even talk to men, on the astral plane, and they do not even know that it is happening. They are not even aware. And I can talk to women, and some women actually do know that I am talking to them.

And what I find is that, when men wake up to these emotions that they have … maybe when a woman tells them what she hears, or when they start listening and they start hearing, and integrating the fourth dimension into their realms of awareness … then they become just like the women were two years ago: They become very shocked about the whole thing.

When We First Step into the Fourth Dimension, We Encounter Our Deepest, Darkest Secrets

Because what happens is, all of the repressed emotions … all of the things that society does not expect of us … are the things that are jammed down and compressed in the fourth dimension, in the emotional world. And so, as the Light comes in, what is happening is that all of these compressions are getting the old zingo! and coming to Light.

And all of the deepest, darkest secrets of humankind are also coming to the Light. So the one thing that we did wrong in our life … that carries great social opprobrium … that thing is the thing that immediately comes up. And it makes a lot of people say: Oh my gosh! I don’t want to be in this dimension at all!

On Having Faith that Our Faults Will Be Forgiven

Yet that is what we are traveling through right now. It is really where Earth is right now. And so, we are all going to have to notice the things, and let those things go that are totally Dark and secret. We are going to have to let them go.

And we are going to have to have the faith that society will forgive us for our faults … Just as they laud the great, good things that we do for society, they will forgive us all our faults and peccadilloes. As we forgive them. As it says in the Lord’s Prayer: We’re sincerely hoping that God will forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us.

So that is one place we can go for sure; because God will do it! And we can do it, because God does it. And then we can have that stance; it is like that karate stance called ‘horse stance’:

Image: Young girl in ‘horse stance’ … http://visihow.com/images/a/a6/Darla-horse-stance–large-msg-114428266624-2.jpg ..

It is both feet flat on the ground, knees slightly bent, feeling down into Mother Earth. We can have that feeling that we are who we are, and it does not matter about societal expectations.

God loves us. We forgive ourselves. And all is well.

. . . . .

A poem by Alice B. Clagett
22 January 2012

O, we are all deep sea divers
and at night we ride the whale,
who churns and turns our dream-time hearts
with the strength of his mighty tale.

When morning comes, we stretch and yawn,
and walk to the window sill,
with nary a thought of those deep sea dreams
or the whale that we’re riding still.

All the sad, bad tales of our childhood woes
sink down into the deep,
and the length and breadth of our grown-up lives
are the size of the secrets we keep.

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See … Link: “The Afterlife in Judaism,” in ReligionFacts, updated 5 March 2017 … http://www.religionfacts.com/judaism/afterlife ..

(2) See … LInk: “What Do Muslims Believe Will Happen When a Person Dies?” in Reference … https://www.reference.com/world-view/muslims-believe-happen-person-dies-53dca00363219b9e ..

(3) See … Link: “The Clairs,” by Quantum Possibilities …  http://www.quantumpossibilities.biz/clairs.htm ..


Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Telepathic Rage, Sexual Desire, and Fear Brain Loops . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 19 July 2013; revised

    • Telepathic Addiction to Inflicting Pain
    • Brain-to-Brain Tape Loops
    • Animal Experiments on Self-Stimulation Resulting in Exhaustion and Death
    • “How to Know God,” by Patanjali
    • Swamij on Patanjali
    • Earthing, and Anchoring in Bodily Sensations
    • Creating Positive Feelings

Dear Ones,


Here’s a video about an experiment on a baby monkey deprived of early life bonding …

Video: Experiments on early childhood loss of mother bonding using Rhesus Macaque monkeys, by Psychologist Harry Harlow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5I6d_vq-Cc ..


Below is a video about a little girl, Beth, who lacked bonding in her early life. Her mom died when she was 1 year old, and she was sexually abused by her dad. Notice how she replicates her dad’s behavior with her little brother. In effect, she sometimes switches roles from abused to abuser. She addictively masturbates, and she tortures and kills small animals. Then after intensive therapy, and supported by a loving adoptive family, her behavior is modified. She begins to develop a sense of compassion:

Video: Child of Rage: The FULL Documentary, by MarkLegg87: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2-Re_Fl_L4 ..


Telepathic Addiction to Inflicting Pain

In this window of time around The Shift, many people are developing telepathic abilities, and this issue of non-compassionate addiction to inflicting pain and sexual stimulation is coming up. When a person like the very young Beth develops telepathic abilities, they have the ability to exercise these behaviors 24-7 without fear of punishment.

Brain-to-Brain Tape Loops

Tape loops are formed from one person’s brain to that of other, centered on primal feelings of rage, sexual desire, and fear. These result in sensory overload, and can drive folks out of their mental bodies into their emotional bodies for extended periods.

Animal Experiments on Self-Stimulation Resulting in Exhaustion and Death

I’m reminded of direct brain stimulation reward experiments with rats and monkeys in the 1950s (1). I recall, in particular, reading with horror accounts of rats with electrodes placed in their hypothalamus who had self-stimulated to the point of exhaustion, with no signs of satiation. Eventually, they would self-stimulate themselves to death.


Here is an article on areas of the hypothalamus that promote aggressive behaviors, versus those that promote sexual behaviors:

Blog: “Shedding Light on Sex and Violence in the Brain,” by Ed Yong , 9 February 2011, https://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2011/02/09/shedding-light-on-sex-and-violence-in-the-brain/ … The entire article is of interest.

The blog describes how stimulation of the aggression center in an animal’s hypothalamus may be overriden while the animal is engaged in the act of sex.

There is a video in the blog that describes how an easy-going man acted out aggression because of a cyst exerting pressure on his hypothalamus.


What can a telepath do when another telepath forms a rage circuit between their brain and ours? From the article, I gather they may try redirecting the circuit to sex. But since the experiments showed that rage in the mice resumed as soon as sex stopped, the sexual stimulation would need to be 24-7 in order for the telepath to avoid rage. While this might work as a stop-gap, it is hardly the path to Ascension.


Farther down in the above article I noted attempts to block hypothalamic stimulation by infecting them with a protein blocker. I note that this worked 25% of the time.

The blog mentions a hypothesis by Clifford Saper, of Harvard Medical School, that altering the proteins in the hypothalamus of sex offenders and those convicted of violent crime, might allow their sexual and territorial aggression to be ‘turned off’ through photonic or drug triggers.

If a protein blocker were available to humans, it might be an avenue to pursue. Meantime, in the next section are my suggestions for available ways to overcome our primal instincts …


“How to Know God,” by Patanjali

The old yogis in India used to say it was possible to overcome the primal instincts. I’ve been carrying around a copy of “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” (2) for decades. To me, it’s a long and tedious road, but it does work in overcoming primal instincts.

Swamij on Patanjali

Along the same lines, Swami J’s website is quite helpful … https://swamij.com/ ..

Earthing, and Anchoring in Bodily Sensations

Another solution I can offer: Concentrate on ‘earthing’ … walk in nature, sit on a nice big rock, lie on the grass … and on feeling our own personal physical body sensations. If thoughts come, feel them only as energy flow. How do the thoughts feel in your brain? Not ‘what do the thoughts mean?’

Creating Positive Feelings

Gratitude, appreciation, and faith … these are essential in overcoming telepathic hypothalamic overload.


Apparently the light amplitude is [now] such that duality no longer exists, but for those that don’t know this, and who are in a conflicting amplitude, there’s an immediate boomerang effect. If they react to the boomerang in ‘conflicting amplitude’ mode, they get another immediate boomerang. So they can quite quickly ratchet up into a state of rage….”

So the effects of a hypothalamic telepathic loop will change for us as our light frequency increases. There will come a point … which Sandra Walter (3) calls the ‘zero point’ … where we step out of the loop. This leaves the other telepath … the one with ‘Beth personality tendencies’ … in a telepathic loop with their own mind. Instant rage, constant sexual stimulation, crippling fear, panic attack after panic attack, and so on.

For those of us intent on ascension, on being in sync with the ever-higher vibe of Mother Earth, it will be good to recognize folks who are undergoing the ‘zero point mirror – boomerang effect’ and give them plenty of space to work out this very difficult karma. But note that, when taken in the right way, this karma can be instantaneously transformative.

Dear Ones, I hold you in my heart of hearts.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See … Link: “Brain Stimulation Reward” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_stimulation_reward#Addiction ..

(2) See  … Citation: “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” translated with a commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, copyright 1953, 1981 by The Vedanta Society of Southern California

(3) See … Link: Sandra Walterhttps://sandrawalter.com/ … Search the 2013 Archives for: “Recalibration in the 13th Stargate” by Sandra Walter, 11 July 2013


Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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