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Astral Rape and Peach Pie . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 28 June 2014 


Dear Ones,

Lately on my telepathic frequencies there’s been a big to-do about reception of unwanted sexual vibes, which are sometimes pejoratively referred to as ‘astral rape’. These vibes are transmitted unwittingly through the ‘gut brain’ of which I’ve spoken at length in past blogs.


We in the Western world tend to place negative energy on sexual vibes, and so, when the vibes are brought to the attention of higher consciousness of those of us unconsciously transmitting them, we tend to be defensive. And moreover, those on the receiving end of the vibes … when they reach the point of conscious recognition … tend to blame those on the sending end. (1)


Being defensive or pointing the finger are, I think, automatic responses that are not as helpful, in the ascension process, as simply accepting all the physical and energetic feelings we have, and knowing they are a way that the Divine is alerting us to the need to transform the cells and balance the chakras in the affected areas.

So for instance, the second-chakra sensation experienced through third chakra (navel point) awareness as ‘raping’ or ‘being raped’ might be processed through the heart chakra as an opportunity to transform and transmute the cells and energies of the ‘lower triangle’ … the first, second and third chakras.


One way to grant leniency and forgiveness to myself and others in this situation, I’ve found today, is to understand that I’m dealing with a negative energy of the gut brain. The gut brain deals with some instinctive drives … the desire to survive, the desire to have sexual relations, the desire to control one’s environment, the need to eat and drink, and so on. I’ve tried ‘threat energy’ and ‘domination energy’ to counter what may be perceived as ‘rape energy’  …. with astounding lack of success. This because negative energy is only compounded by addition of more negative energy to gut brain interactions.

I ought to add that gut brain interactions among individuals, which are now coming to conscious awareness, are part of a process I used to term the ‘unconscious thought cloud of the world.’ Others call it the ‘collective unconscious’. The energies of the collective unconscious consist of many ‘flavors’ or energy strands circulating about in the noosphere (the sphere of human consciousness). Like seeks like, so the ‘conquistador’ energies of men will combine and surge onward together for a while, later dissipating.


Energies also seek their complement, and in the case of negative sexual energies, the desire to conquer or overcome sexually (a linking of the third chakra to the second chakra energies, more typical of men than women in the current Atlantean society) seeks the desire not to be conquered or overcome sexually (a linking of the second chakra to the first chakra energies, more typical of women than men right now).

So the unconscious conquistador energies of several men, combining, might momentarily connect with the ‘Oh no!’ energies of several women, also momentarily combining. The flavor of which has been for me, lately, distressingly warlike. So this is what’s apparently been causing the to-do I’ve been hearing clairaudiently lately.


Today I tried something new when confronted with this ‘sexual conquistador’ energy strand … I sent back telepathically “Peach Pie!”  It worked! It redirected the telepathic sender’s unconscious, instinctive negative energy to the positive energy of finding something good to eat! All this took place on an unconscious level for them, in the flash of an eye! And, all in an instant, it made my telepathic interactions so much lighter and more heartfelt!


When I am affected by telepathic energies perceived as negative, another healing technique I’ve used is to expand my energy and my perception around and beyond the area affected, creating a ‘healing envelope’ of energy. The thing is, when I dislike an energy, I tend to make the energy dense and compact.

When an energy is dense and compact, as in the case of a physical pain, or of painful cellular memories from the current or past lifetimes, then it can’t heal. When I consciously expand the energy at the ‘pained’ place, my body of light can clarify and transform the painful inconsistence in this, my beautiful body of Love and Light. And so, the song I sing will be more consistent with the Love and Light of the Divine, the All.

This acceptance and expansion are a sure route to clearing and transformation of my body of light. So in the case of crown chakra, third chakra, ear-based, and throat chakra incoming telepathic transmissions, I visualize the energy around my head and throat as, say 1/3 larger than my physical head and throat. In the case of first, second and third chakra incoming telepathic transmissions, I do the same.

For me, cellular clearing (called by some, clearing of morphogenetic field distortions, or transformation of DNA from 2 to 12 strands) feels like a burst of energy in the affected cell groups. Amazing, really! As if they’re saying, ‘Yay, free at last!’ And then after this transformation takes place, telepathic input, of whatever sort, is no longer received negatively.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also: “Magnetic Repulsion and Telepathic Avoidance,” by Alice B. Clagett, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5e5 ..


(1) Matt Kahn on facebook has had some excellent short blogs recently to do with the importance of not blaming others, and of forgiving others. The main thing about this is that I can then concentrate all awareness on my own personal clearing and transformation. After all, the Divine is creating for me, instant to instant, my own personal hologram through with I can arrive at my own life lessons, and carry out my own Soul’s mission. Whatever anyone else is experiencing, though they may feel a cause-and-effect relation, is to me just a synchronistic event.

Also, Linda Robinson, channeling Archangel Zadkiel, has a blog on nonjudgment, forgiveness, and clearing negative energy: “Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear,” July 2014, http://thegoldenlightchannel.com/keeping-your-energetic-channels-clear-archangel-zadkiel-thru-linda-robinson/ ..

And here is Ram Dass “On Judgment of Others,” 25 June 2014: http://www.ramdass.org/judgment-others/ ..


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Genital Wounding . Clearing Demonic Programs . The New DNA . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 5 February 2015; revised
Previously entitled: Genital Wounding … Clearing Demonic Programs

  • VIDEO BY ALICE: 12-STRAND DNA ACTIVATION: 12-Strand DNA Activation: What We Can Look Forward To, filmed on 6 February 2015
    • Introduction
    • The Diamond Net of Indra Nadis, Axiatonal Lines of Light, EMF Footprints Within the Galaxies
    • The Great Age of Darkness and Constriction of the Nadis
    • The Shift, and the Beginning of the Clearing of the Nadis
    • On Practicing Bodily Comfort
    • Multidimensional Expansion of the Human DNA
    • Waiting Will Cause Our Cells to Feel Fear
    • Assisting Our Body Cells to Clear Will Allow Them to Feel Joy

Dear Ones,

I am reluctant to bring this up. But I feel it is pretty important right now.


Being in 4D quite often, and in earlier years having surveyed mass hypnosis perpetrated by the demonic realm, I know about demonic programming of the genitals. Genital mutilation … including circumcision, castration, and in women, suturing of the genitals to prevent intercourse before marriage … is a very prevalent theme in the unconscious thought cloud of the world.


I have spoken about the Western practice of male circumcision in a past blog …

Link: “Soul Wounding Caused by Circumcision,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 31 January 2015; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7WC ..


Today I found out that some of the wandering sadhus of India practice various forms of genital mutilation. One is the tying on of weights, born of the notion that God dwells in the genitals. –-from Citation: “The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private” by Susan Bordo, 1999.

Since this must be very painful, and since pain draws the awareness like no other physical sensation, I am gathering their thought is, the more one dwells on the genitals, and no matter how painful the experience, the more Godlike one will be.


Further, in one of the Kumbh Mela movies, the documentaries on the great sacred festival in India, where all the saints and sadhus gather, there was, as I recall, footage on a sadhu tying his genitals in a knot. The idea here apparently being that a great yogi doesn’t have sexual feelings at all, and can prove it physically.


I am sure you will notice the contrast here. One sadhu tradition worships as Godlike what the other tradition dismisses as anti-Godlike. But there is a commonality. In both cases, pain is introduced to the genital body cells.


I could go on about female genital mutilation, including the barbaric practice of infibulation …

Link: “Female Genital Mutilation,” in Wikipedia …   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_genital_mutilation ..

This practice is far more widespread than we in the West know. According to Wikipedia, it takes place in 27 African countries, Yemen and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as in Asia and the Middle East. The situation is deplorable.


Why would I be writing about this topic? As the Ascension process unfolds, there is massive genital Soul wounding to be healed and cleared from the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

Here is only one example, but one that affects many men: Those men who are circumcised must clear, if they have not already done so, the pain of the act of circumcision, which in most cases took place at such a young age that it could not be swept away simply through mentation.

Instead, this senseless act of violence against the genitals sank straight into the deepest part of these babies’ subconscious minds. I generally hear about it, in the clairaudient, as an anguished crying out from the genital area …

You don’t love me! You hate me! I’m all alone!

And from the mental minds of circumcised men, I hear the voice of repression …

Not now! Leave me alone! I hate sex! I’m not a sexual man!

This chorus of disagreement is far from a humorous topic. In point of fact, it gives rise to such otherwise inexplicable practices as …

  • Self-inflicted genital mutilation.
  • Sadomasochism in the act of sex.
  • Cruelty toward the opposite gender.
  • Cruelty toward those of one’s own gender. And
  • Cruelty to me, your fellow Lightworker, who feels the wounds of your Soul as if they were her own.


This cellular dissension must give way to somatic cellular harmony. If it does not, the DNA of the ostracized body parts cannot unfold from 2-strand to 12-strand. This latter is only supported by a cellular atmosphere of Love. Love by the heart and mind of man, and woman, for every single body cell. No exceptions.

Here is one example of a cell healing technique …

Video: “Every Little Cell in My Body is Happy” Nicole Edwards with Bluey Armstrong, by NicholeEdwardsMusic, 29 June 2015 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd_ltHVtosk ..


If we Lightworkers feel any discomfort in our genitals, through wearing clothes that are in the least uncomfortable, or through any self-imposed spiritual practice, whether it be abstinence from sexual release, or so-called spiritually uplifting but painful genital practices such as is practiced by a few of the sadhu sects, there can truly be only pain on the horizon for us.


For the discomfort we, with all good intent, inflict on our sexual organs attracts to our Soul field the pain of all the people in the world who have suffered genital mutilation. In the demonic realm, on the first and second levels of hell … the realms of first and second chakra negative … this pain is still overwhelming the noosphere.

The only way to avoid this incredibly dark energy wave is to be the opposite, to live the opposite, to create the opposite song in our own bodies.


Our very first duty as Lightworkers is to clear our own Soul field. So, when our genital body cells ask us for something, let us gracefully give them what they need to feel useful and loved. Let us do nothing to pain our bodies. Let us respect them as the Temples of Divine Grace that they truly are.

In that way, we Lightworkers can clear our genital Soul wounding. Once we are clear, our Souls can, through our fractal templates, assist humankind in genital healing.

Here is a video that may throw further light on this topic. An edited Summary follows the video …

12-Strand DNA Activation: What We Can Look Forward To
Filmed on 6 February 2015


Hello, Dear Ones, This is Alice.


This is a little more about strictures on the body, and what to do about them, and why. Here are other thoughts about not hindering the free flow of energy in the body … for instance: not wearing tight clothes; not wearing girdles; also, not wearing metal anywhere on the body, unless it is placed in such a way as to be good for the nadis … the lines, like the acupuncture and acupressure lines of energy flow in the body. You do not want to impede the flow of energy through the nadis

The Diamond Net of Indra Nadis, Axiatonal Lines of Light, EMF Footprints Within the Galaxies

You see, the energy lines in the body … what the ancient Indians called nadis … they are the extensions of the axiatonal lines of Light … the feeder lines of light … that connect us, through the hairline wormholes, or electromagnetic footprints, to the entire galaxy, and then some … To all the galaxies. To Laniakea, our home supercluster of galaxies, for instance. In ancient Indian lore, this giant web of energy is known as the diamond net of Indra.

The Great Age of Darkness and Constriction of the Nadis

And so, the axiatonal lines of Light, when they are within the body, used to be called nadis. But actually, it is still the axiatonal lines of Light. They have been kind of shut down, and constricted, during the Dark Years … the Great Age of Darkness. 

The Shift, and the Beginning of the Clearing of the Nadis

And now, what is happening is, they are plumping out and filling with Light. To assist them in doing that, what we need to do, is we need to not feel any discomfort or stricture in the body. None whatsoever.

On Practicing Bodily Comfort

We just need to look at that … how we can do that. And then, to keep them clear, once they have filled with Light, we need to continue to practice comfort for the body …

  • Ease and comfort for the body.
  • Ease and comfort for the muscles.
  • Stretching to prevent tight muscles.
  • And also, easy breath, to expand the muscles around the heart area.
  • So then, let’s say you are doing your yoga to free your back muscles up.
  • And stretching, for your lumbar (lower back) area.
  • And also, reaching down to your toes, to stretch your legs, and your sciatic nerve, your ‘life nerve’.
  • And also, rotating your head one way, then the other way, gently, to free up your neck.
  • And you are doing your long, deep breathing to expand your chest muscles and relax.
  • And you make sure that your clothes are very loose and very comfortable.
  • You are not wearing a girdle.
  • You are not wearing jewelry that will interfere with the circulation.

And your DNA starts to expand, ok? It expands, they say, from 2-strand to 12-strand. And that happens in a way that is probably multidimensional, because, in the third dimension, it will always look like 2-strand. Or so I hear.

Multidimensional Expansion of the Human DNA

But what is happening is, you are connecting to the other DNA in other dimensions. So, all right …

  • You have to keep the body clear.
  • Keep the diet good.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Get plenty of stretching and relaxing and taking care of yourself.
  • And, if necessary, use quartz to clear your aura. You know? Whatever it takes …
  • And just, have a heart for your physical body. Have an awareness of the wonders of it.

Waiting Will Cause Our Cells to Feel Fear

Do not let any teachings of the past prevent you from taking full advantage of the Ascension energy right now. The more we wait, the more fear the cells feel, because the Light that is near them … the Light from the nadis, is constricted and dark, compared to the Light that is all around them. Ok? We do not want that to happen!

Assisting Our Body Cells to Clear Will Allow Them to Feel Joy

The minute the nadis are open and free, we feel nothing but joy. So, something to look forward to!

Love you all lots! Talking your ear off about this topic these days! Take care! … [End of video]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Sadomasochism, Sexual Obsession, and Repression of Sexuality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 24 September 2014; revised on 20 June 2017 …  https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7mD ..

Link: “Soul Fragment Retrieval, Soul Wound Healing, and Healing of Collective Soul Fragments,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 11 May 2014 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6id ..


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The Rage the Body Feels . a poem by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 November 2014; revised

Dear Ones,

Here’s a poem about societal expectations and cellular joy …

A Poem by Alice B. Clagett
7 November 2014

All day long
the mind of the world
the wild stallions
of the emotions
of humanity…

in hopes that they will
morph into
carriage mares.

You’re too fat!
you’re too thin!
you’re too old!
you’re too young!

You’re too cranky!
you’re too lusty!
you’re too shy!
you’re too holy!

You don’t suit
the true me
in the nariest,
not in the least…

And so…

wheeling and kicking
my human feelings learn
that they can be

Each little tiff
surlies down
into my body cells …
fit to rape and maim
fit to kill

Fit to be untied
fit to be free
fit to be loved
as they love me

Purely, simply, right on,
in my face, deep down, bone deep
is the love of my cells
my deeply feeling body cells
for me.


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: Bucking horse … http://assets.horsenation.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/thowra_uk-640×426.jpg .. 


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Self-Mortification . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 27 September 2017

Image: “Saint Nicholas and Krampus visit a child,” from Wikipedia, source  http://www.krampus-certi.cz/historie.html … created in the 1900s … public domain

Image: “Saint Nicholas and Krampus visit a child,” from Wikipedia, source  http://www.krampus-certi.cz/historie.html … created in the 1900s … public domain

Dear Ones,

This video is on the relative value of self-mortification and penance, as contrasted to chanting God’s name and doing good works. There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in green font

It could be that the habit of self-mortification has to do with the experience of being strictly punished in childhood. The Krampus tradition commemorates this. This is a folkloric tradition to do with punishment of children who have been naughty by a fearful being, half goat and half devil, named Krampus, at Christmas … and presents for good children from Saint Nicholas.

This image ties the Krampus legend regarding strict discipline to rough sex:

Images: Sexual woman as demonic (showing her with horns); Krampus spanking beautiful, sparsely clad woman; Krampus – with chain and switch or broom, grabbing kneeling woman by the hair: http://bh-s2.azureedge.net/bh-uploads/2015/12/Krampus_Triptych_03.jpg .. 



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is a little about the practice of self-mortification, or mortification of the flesh … flagellation of the flesh … that’s a theme in some of the religions of the world.

I just thought I’d explain that insult to the body cells … whether it be through self-mortification, or, say, from a physical accident or an auto accident … even falling down and scraping one’s knee in childhood … any kind of injury to the body cells, including interior injury, like, we might consume things, such as alcohol or recreational drugs, or different kinds of foods that are not appropriate for the optimum function of our bodies, and these foods might enter our cells as well, but especially external wounds like abrasions of the flesh, and broken bones, and so forth … but also internal wounds … things that we do to ourselves through the desire to fall asleep and not be aware, or to please our senses … for sense gratification, and so forth … that cause injury to the cells, cause them woe, these specific sites of injury to the physical cells … on the astral plane, these become landing sites for astral malware.

So then we become what they call ‘malwared up’. So in the process of evolution of the Soul, it becomes more and more important to treat the body as the temple of God’s grace … of what the Christians call ‘the Holy Spirit’.

And so we practice modulation of the diet, optimization of the food intake, and proper hydration. And in addition, we get plenty of rest … just as much as our body needs.

And as far as physical welfare is concerned, the last thing that we would think of is mortification of the flesh … because that decreases the joy in the body … the joy of the body cells. And it’s that joy that leads us onward to Soul evolution, and to the great discoveries of the truth of the nature of reality.

So my suggestion is, to set aside these techniques of self-mortification, and to look to diet and hydration and proper sleep. And then the result, during the ascension process, will be that there is far less emotional turmoil and mental turmoil. And far less physical difficulty than would otherwise be the case.

Just now, some people have asked me, on the astral plane, telepathically, why that is. Why should they not mortify the flesh? … since they’re subject to the Achilles heel effects of personality flaws, and of repeated habits that are very difficult … if not impossible … to overcome in physical form (such as child molestation, for instance).

Image: “Dying Achilles at Achilleion, Corfu,” Sculptor: Ernst Herter, 1884, from Wikimedia … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Detail_of_Achilles_thniskon.JPG …CC BY-SA 3.0

And so these people’s feeling is that, by mortification of the flesh, they can substitute tit for tat … They do something that they don’t approve of, and that they’re unable to prevent, because of personality flaws … and then they mortify the flesh by way of reparation. By way of making good with God. By way of penance.

So my suggestion is … for those that believe in the process of penance … and are unable to overcome it, because there are better ways to overcome bad habits … that if you believe in penance, you do good works, or you repeat sacred words, so as to change the constitution of the body of light away from the dark, and into the light. So that then we become less prone to bad habits. So we’re doing something good. We’re not punishing ourselves.

The notion of punishing ourselves, so as to make ourselves better, is, in itself, a very pernicious form of malware.

So you could say, in Christian terms, that I believe in grace; and in ascension terms, in the Incoming Light, and in the Eastern Indian philosophy of Hinduism, I believe in dharma.

Dharma is the the opposite of karma. It’s the pursuit of the ‘right path’. And the ‘right path’ might include chanting God’s name, doing good works … things of that nature. Dharma is walking the right path … which, in the Indian faiths, they say, is ‘as narrow as the edge of a razor’. It’s that carefully that we must consider our actions and our thought forms in order to walk the right path.

And this is in opposition to the concept of karma … tit for tat. Following the law of karma results in repetitions of the wheel of karma through the many reincarnations.

So, why do that? Why mortify the flesh? Why cause injury to ourselves, and why cause injury to others?

Also, in terms of the new DNA … the opening of the DNA of the body cells … As you know, love and joy and light are the nature of the universe; of all creation. And these are also the nature of the body cells.

Unless our body cells are bathed in the energies of love and light and joy, they can’t hold the new light, and the DNA cannot open from 2- to 12-strand.

So, for us to survive physically in the New Reality … in the new light of Earth … we must cherish and promote the qualities of love and light and joy in this physical form.

Every instant, let us consider: What is it that I must do now, to bathe my body cells in love and light and joy. You see? It requires constant awareness of our emotional state, and of physical discomfort, so that these may be alleviated. And so that the cells can return, suddenly, from damped-down-DNA holding of light, to the greater light that they’ve now become.

And this way we will keep our bodies and our emotions … all of our subtle bodies also … in tip-top form for many years to come.

You all take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Here is another image of Krampus …

Image: “A 1900s greeting card reading ‘Greetings from Krampus!’,” in Wikipedia, source: Historie čertů Krampus Uploaded by Kohelet … old card reading “Gruss vom Krampus” (“Greetings from Krampus”) … created 1900s … public domain

Image: “A 1900s greeting card reading ‘Greetings from Krampus!’,” in Wikipedia, source: Historie čertů Krampus Uploaded by Kohelet … old card reading “Gruss vom Krampus” (“Greetings from Krampus”) … created 1900s … public domain

… …………………..

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Motor Noise, DNA Degradation, and Cities of New Earth . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 23 February 2015; revised

Dear Ones,

This post is about DNA damage and cellular Light degradation in the presence of motor noise. This degradation of physical body Light is instantaneously induced and also instantaneously reversed in a quiet natural setting.

Noise pollution, noise intolerance. Changes in city life, perhaps ‘noise abatement’, in the works? There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have been working some with timelines lately. It is morning. There is this huge pasture out here, and nothing to crop it … no animals out there. And then on the other side there is this stream of traffic heading down Route 5, making an unbearable noise.

I was reading Celia Fenn this morning … Link: “Starchild Global” with Celia Fenn, www.starchildglobal.com about how, as the Ascension process unfolds, and as we gain more Light quotient in our physical bodies, we start to find unbearable all the noise of the city; the pollution, and all that. It becomes immediately obvious … Like this noise out here, of the freeway; the noise I hear of all those cars going by. It changes my DNA right away.

And clairaudiently, I start hearing all kinds of horrible stories; low-level, dense, sorrowful stories, and so forth. I notice that, and then I do my best to get away from the freeway. Birdsong is an antidote.

But with any kind of motor noise … It is like it is destroying some of the Light in my body cells. And I notice immediately the sound of the air conditioner, the sound of the heater, the sound of my car; any kind of electrical noise, like a leaf blower outside, an airplane going overhead, a helicopter going overhead, a lawnmower … All those things cause cellular Light degradation.

And so I was interested to finally find somebody else that has mentioned this. And that was Celia Fenn. And she was talking about how people long for a quiet, unpolluted place to live, close to nature, at a certain point in the ascension process.

And so that is how it feels for me right now. Just thought I would let you know.

We can do a lot to make our cities more bearable, In the future, as more and more people become noise-intolerant. And by that, I mean completely noise intolerant, I think the cityscape will change like nobody’s business.

So, a thought to ponder! You all, have a wonderful day! Talk to you later.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Consequentialist Killings . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 July 2017

    • Murder so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause
    • Murder to Sell Body Parts so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause
    • Consequentialist Experiment to Raise One’s Children as Psychic Assassins
    • A Gay Group Sharing a Sperm Bank to Breed Children for Consequentialist Experiments and Subsequent Euthanasia
    • Consequentialism as Compared to Multitemporality and Multidimensionalism
    • Killing Damages Our Soul DNA, and That of the Person Who is Killed
    • The Antisocial Personality: Hybrid, Prophet, Alien from Outer Space?
    • The True Hybrid
      • Astral Story about True Hybrids Murdering Every Mate to Prevent Gene Pool Dilution
      • Astral Story about True Hybrids Needing to Drink Human Blood
    • Summing Up: Resolving Soul Wounding Caused by Consequentialist Experiments
    • Cancer as an Example of How DNA Carries an Instantly and Ever-Changing Record of Our Karma

Dear Ones,

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is in the time leading up to the Lion’s Gate in August of 2017, and I am here to discuss today a little more about killings and murders, and their motives. This whole blog coming up, this video, has to do with Consequentialism, and Consequentialist killings, or murders, and also to do with my own feeling about Consequentialism … the falseness, in fact, of Consequentialism, and why it is false.

Murder so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause

Some time ago, in the stories on the astral plane, there was an instance or two of murders that occurred in the interests of a group considered to be a very high cause, you know? So you could apply that to a spiritual group, or a social cause … practically any kind of group might fit that description, if the people that were in it were very dedicated to it.

The notion was a Consequentialist notion, that murder of one person that brought great wealth to the group would be not a sin. And it, in fact, would be a great blessing. So the murders in those kinds of instances occur because the person believes that they are doing good. Consequentialist theory allows them to think that.

Murder to Sell Body Parts so as to Donate to a Worthy Organization or a High Cause

A different MO (modus operandi) that is been used quite recently, with this same rationale of donating to a worthy cause or organization, is the murder of people for body parts. That whole scheme has not yet come to light. I think it is taking place here and there, around the world, right now.

One way to circumvent that scheme would be for the places that oversee the reception of body parts to use greater discretion and greater checks and quality control on where the bodies come from … the manner of people’s death, and so forth. I think that will help a lot; because the parts have to be sold somewhere. I think they are being passed off as auto accidents and so forth? So we need to look at the end point, the place that gives the money for the donation of those parts. That is my thought about that more recent situation that has cropped up.

Consequentialist Experiment to Raise One’s Children as Psychic Assassins

Oh yes, here is one other case I heard about on the astral plane … There was an instance some decades back when a bunch of people with psychic abilities … they were men with high intellectual ability, and psychic abilities …  got together. They wanted to do some Consequentialist experiments on humankind. And so they got together, and from time to time, they pooled their sperm, so that no one would know, for sure, whose sperm was actually involved in the project that they were all contributing to.

They wanted to grow babies from their own gene pool, so that they could create a race of super-psychic people to rule Earth … to rule the other human beings on Earth … for their own good, and for their eventual spiritual upliftment.

What would happen was, together they would mind control a woman visitor to the place where they were. They had a contraption, a penile aid, that injected the sperm into the woman. They would mind control her right out in the open, apparently, in some cases, into having sex with one of them.

This one person had an unusually shaped, small penis, and he used the contraption, whatever it was, to insert the sperm of all the other people into the woman. He actually performed the act with a foreign object, so that the other people’s sperm entered the woman.

And then, quite a number of women apparently got pregnant. Then after the children were born, in some way they were bought, or the mother was disposed of, or minimized in some way, so that the children were taken and used in experiments.

These children were raised, as I understand it, to become psychic assassins. Some of the problems that arose with that batch of children were that they were the product of rape, and of the mind control of their mothers, that they had early on lost their mothers, and there was damage, in the first place, to their fathers’ DNA that caused them to undertake the Consequentialist philosophy.

In the field of psychology, their fathers would probably be labeled antisocial personalities. So the children that they had, had half of the genetic makeup, at least, of an antisocial personality.

The group required that the children’s genitals be mutilated; I do not know in what manner. That was supposed to increase their psychic abilities. The children had a choice to stay in the group and mutilate their genitals, or to leave the group with the complete genitals they were born with.

So those that remained were genitally mutilated; their mothers had been raped, mind controlled, and either minimized or slain; and their fathers were antisocial personalities. And these (the fathers) were the people that taught them.

So what they inherited were two traits: Misogyny (hatred of women) and rape. So, many of them turned to killing women and raping women. And so, they had to turn to homosexual relationships because their heterosexual relationships did not last that long before they killed the women.

In addition, they were taught to be psychic assassins through psychic heart attack techniques. And what would happen would be, that the people that they were with intimately, in moments when the unconscious mind arose … such as when they were in the dream state, or under the influence of alcohol, say, or a recreational drug … their subconscious mind would remember that technique. And if they were angry with their significant other, they would kill them with the psychic heart attack techniques.

Thank God, those techniques no longer work on New Earth. However, during the interval when all this came down, many significant others of these young people met untimely deaths.

In addition, they were hired out as psychic assassins. The work that they undertook accrued to them great karma; and quite frequently they found untimely deaths.

So essentially, their parents … their fathers … you could not call it murder; they had great hopes for them. But in fact, what happened was quite a bit of murder: Of the children, of the mothers, of the intended victims who were assassinated for cash for the organization, and of the significant others of the young people. Quite a story, huh?

A Gay Group Sharing a Sperm Bank to Breed Children for Consequentialist Experiments and Subsequent Euthanasia

Now in more recent years, the children of the original plan that I just discussed … the Consequentialist plan to breed psychic children that would take over the world for normal the humans’ own good, right? … the second generation devised a plan for a community of polyamorous, gay men and women to breed the psychic leaders of the future of the world.

One clair story that I heard about the manner of impregnation was that there was a sperm bank purported to be the sperm of the leader of the group, but in fact composed of the combined sperm of other members of the group. And the leader would ask the women in the group to become pregnant, so that he could take their babies away from them, as I understand it, and use them for experiments to breed the superhuman, psychic people of the future.

So this was a very unique second scheme that also involved bringing promising youngsters with psychic abilities … special abilities … into the community, especially if they were the children of a single mother who was having trouble making ends meet. So essentially, they would buy these children from the mother, and then find a way to minimize her, either through impoverishing her, or through actually doing away with her. And the child was then inducted (do you say?) into the community for these ongoing experiments to create the super race.

I think that happened, maybe, in batches of 5 or 6 for a while. But for the two groups of 5 or 6 children that I observed on the psychic plane, the difficulty was that the manner of rearing was so austere, and so lacking in love, that the children, although very psychic, became mentally imbalanced, in fact, prone to psychic acts of warfare against other people. They were also difficult to control, because they would kill their guards, and escape from the room that they were imprisoned in.

And so, in the end, those experiments that I witnessed clairly resulted in the woman who was taking care of them, euthanizing both batches of children. According to my clair understanding of what she said, those experiments had been taking place for quite some time.

And so I clairly asked one of the people who participated in that experiment … an unusual Consequentialist experiment … how he felt about those children dying; which was, in essence, sacrificing his own children, potentially.

He said he felt that those children were just a part of him, so that it was all right for them to be used in that way.

Consequentialism as Compared to Multitemporality and Multidimensionalism

I do have a few things to say about Consequentialist theory. I feel that it comes from an insufficient understanding of time and space. Consequentialist theory is developed beneath the borderline of the causal plane. It is a construct based on the inevitable enfoldment of a particular timeline. What it does not take into consideration are the notions of grace and forgiveness, and benevolence of God, and the abundance of all things in the Universe being available to us when we align our wills with that of God.

For instance, a person might feel: Our organization, in order to survive, must have much more money.

And then a person might feel: Well, here is this person; they have lots of money … Particularly in the instance of wealthy women; this is the instance that I am talking about …

This person has lots of money! Let’s just find a very ingenious, two-person way (which I have discussed in a past blog) to eliminate that woman, and take her money for our group. And many, many people will benefit from that. Think of all the good we do in the world. Like that, right?

So my proposition is that, instead of enacting that very simple plan of subterfuge, and evading the law in order to create the greater good, we look to the multiplicity of timelines and dimensions in the world, and find that one which works to create the greatest good for all beings everywhere.

And that is the basis of my activations of Light through the Hathors, that you can see in another category of my website.

So I say: Let us step beyond time and space when we make these decisions.

Killing Damages Our Soul DNA, and That of the Person Who is Killed

Stepping back into the causal realm: What really happens when we murder a child in a scientific experiment to create a super race of super-psychic beings, say, which we feel will wisely rule this Earth?

First, everything is taking place in the eternal Now. It is not really taking place in a timeline sequence. Timeline sequences are the artificial artifact of the left brain. Really, they are directed through the 8th chakra, up above our head, and they can be changed, in the 8th chakra, through an act of Awareness … pure Awareness … at the 8th and 9th chakra levels above our head. At the highest, that is 3 feet above our head, I would say. And that is discussed in my blog category: bow-tie knot

So, just getting back to the Eternal Now, and the moment when we decide to kill the child who has participated in this construct, this experiment hoped to be for the greater good of humankind, that involves killing the child.

There is a person who kills: That will be the female delegate of the person conducting the experiment, who is carrying out the experiment so that the original person who came up with the idea will not be legally liable for it.

That is a whole separate issue, I feel: Who is really liable for the murder? In the Soul perspective, I would say, depending on the amount of mind control involved, both people are liable … both are creating, through the act of killing the child, distortions of their own DNA.

We call it karmic miasmic distortions or morphogenetic field distortions, but actually, in the physical body, and in the DNA that carries from lifetime to lifetime, what it is, is miscoding … incorrect coding of the DNA.

In the child that is killed, the act of killing, creates the opposite form of miscoding of the DNA sequence. In future incarnations, all the people that participated in Consequentialist experiments of this nature carry with them the Soul DNA that is miscoded and must be purified and made right by the Incoming Light.

So what happens, say, in the case of a person who has great power on Earth … and there are a lot of people who have great power on Earth, and also have great miscoding of their DNA sequences, when they devise the notion that they are the very top, the epitome of humankind right not?

The Antisocial Personality: Hybrid, Prophet, Alien from Outer Space?

This often happens with the category of people that psychology calls ‘antisocial personalities’ … They understand that they are very different from other human beings. Sometimes they think that they are ‘hybrids’. Sometimes they think that they are prophets. Sometimes they think they are aliens from outer space. This is their way of terming the fact that they feel a great gulf between themselves and the way of life of what they call ‘normals’ … normal human beings. And they are right about that.

But the notion that the ego has, that that is the way to be, and that other people are wrong, may be mistaken. However, it is universally held by antisocial beings that, in fact, they are superior. And that gives rise to cloning experiments, and the experiments of raping women through mind control, and grabbing their children, and teaching them the great psychic abilities that these people have. I have explained, in the past, that these great psychic abilities have to do with the Soul wounding that the people have; in other words, with the mis-sequencing of the DNA that they have, the Soul DNA that is carried from lifetime to lifetime.

When they have children by these raping means, by these cloning means, the children have half of their Soul DNA very similar to that of their antisocial parent. And because they are raped, they carry the deeper Soul wounding involved in rape, and probably in the murder of their mother. So they are likely to rape and murder women.

The True Hybrid

There are varying degrees of antisocial personalities, as I have discussed priorly, under the category: Antisocial personalities – feral humans – controllers – puppeteers . For a pure antisocial personality, who has absolutely no conscience and no compunctions about any of the human strictures, social behavior, or societal expectations, that kind of person, when he is cloned, recreates the same type of person … not the half person (half-antisocial person) that would be if the original father had raped a woman … but a true and total antisocial person. In their terms, the true hybrid.

Astral Story about True Hybrids Murdering Every Mate to Prevent Gene Pool Dilution. There was a theory going on a while back, in the 2000s … and in a sense it was a true story about this group of people … about the true hybrid being someone who could not be with women because he would kill them. This was true of all those children that were created through rape and killing of the mother, or minimization of the mother in some way … They could not be with women because they used them up too fast. And who had to be with men instead. What else was it? Who raped women, raped people, because of that initial act that created their conception, and the aftermath of that.

Astral Story about True Hybrids Needing to Drink Human Blood. And they also felt, about drinking of blood, that it was necessary for them to continue to exist. To kill was the initiation ceremony for that group of young people. And to drink blood. And so, they were actually demonized. There was some way of inducing in them demonic obsession. That, I think, was responsible for the drinking of blood, although I cannot really attest to that.

Summing Up: Resolving Soul Wounding Caused by Consequentialist Experiments

So these are my ideas: My ideas are that these kinds of Consequentialist experiments have to do antisocial personality traits, which have to do with DNA mis-sequencing … miscoding that needs to be corrected through the Incoming Light.

And that people that have these tendencies can help solve the situation themselves, by looking to the possibility of their own DNA being damaged by the acts that they do, for the benefit of the mental tangles that are going on, the construct of time and space that is prevalent in the world today, but which is completely false.

Cancer as an Example of How DNA Carries an Instantly and Ever-Changing Record of Our Karma

I know no one has talked very much about DNA as a vehicle for karma, but I would like to explain what little I know about that, as well as I can. The actions that we undertake on Earth make our karma better or worse. Now, our karma is carried with us from lifetime to lifetime. I is embodied in our DNA. We have our physical template, and our Soul template; our physical DNA and our Soul DNA.

Apparently, the way it works is, if we make bad choices, such as to murder someone, then an instantaneous change occurs in our DNA that takes us farther from the ideal that our Soul has for us … the ideal human expression that our Soul has for us.

In the same way, a life of joy, a life full of love, a life with expression of charity towards our fellow man, helps to change the miscoding, the poor DNA sequences, that we carry from other lifetimes, so that they become closer to the ideal that the Soul wishes the physical form to express.

Now I would like to give an example in terms of medical knowledge, that also applies to my theory about DNA miscoding caused by wrong action. That has to do with cancer. Everybody knows … it is common knowledge today … that when we make poor choices with regard to lifestyle, then we are more likely to come down with cancer, yes? And that if we live a very healthy lifestyle, we are more likely to have a healthy body … one that is not plagued with cancer and other diseases.

But what actually happens, according to my theory, is that, through poor lifestyle choices, we alter our DNA. So that some of our DNA expresses what we call cancer. It becomes cancerous. It creates cancerous cells, you see?

And this malcoding, or miscoding, or recoding in a false sense, of the DNA, is carried through our Soul template of DNA, with us, from lifetime to lifetime. So this is a good example here.

Medical science knows that poor lifestyle choices cause cancer. But the understanding … the deeper understanding that is missing is that poor lifestyle choices change our karma. And our karma expresses itself through miscoding in the DNA that scientists call cancerous cells: suddenly, spontaneously, cancerous cells.

These are just a few examples. It could be applied in any context, to all kinds of diseases that a person has. And it also applies to all kinds of genetic issues, and so forth. All these indicate DNA miscoding that needs to be corrected. And will be corrected, through the Incoming Light, during the dawn of the New Age for humankind.

You all take care. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Davy Crockett Grins Down a Bear . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 April 2014; revised

Dear Ones,

I remember the first time I saw this clip like it was yesterday. Convinced me through and through that all I need to face down the greatest danger is a great big grin!

Video: “Davy Crockett (1954) – Grinning down a bear,” by 1954clips, 7 September 2011 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ1kVDEbcts … DESCRIPTION: Fess Parker tries to grin a bear to death, in the first episode of the 1954-5 Disney miniseries Davy Crockett.

I took a look at this video again today … the bear paw print looks oddly like a human hand print, does it not? Possibly the same human that was waving around the bushes?

And oh, I am convinced I would not need any weapon at all. Just a grin! Kinda suitable advice these days when the Light is flashing in brilliantly. The body cells are saying …

Oh, ouch, danger!

And then I smile gently, and tell them I love them, and all is well. And they become so quiet and sweet and loving. So full of Light! What fun!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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