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Mahabharata on Virtual Reality, Physical Reality, and Cosmic Reality . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 27 May 2018


Dear Ones,

The part of the great Indian epic “The Mahabharata” referred to in the video is known, separately, as “The Bhagavad Gita.” The reference in the video is to a very famous explanation made by “The Lord of Hearts” (elsewhere termed “Lord Krishna”) to Arjuna, on the field of battle.

There is a Summary after the video, and a translation of the relevant text from “The Bhagavad Gita” in the “More Information” section that follows the Summary.



You know, when it says in the Mahabharata that the world is like a great show put on by God, or play, or like that … it does not mean that we should not take real life seriously and live ethically. It just means that, if we are faced with despair over the way things are going in the world … if we are very upset … then the thing to do is to place it in the hands of God.

By making changes on the internet regarding facts, and turning them into fiction, or by making a movie about something, we cannot change reality. We have virtual reality, and then we have true reality. And then we have the astral realm, as well; and many others … the Kingdom of God, and so forth.

If we want to make a change in a particular version of reality … a particular dimension … then we need to work within that dimension, to make that change … not in a virtual way.

It is true that societal expectation influence the way people vote, for instance. And that the movies help to create public opinion. But in and of itself, a movie about a true-life event cannot change the karma of that event. That needs to be worked out in the real world.

I would like to make that perfectly clear: Changing the facts online cannot change the facts in the real world. A virtual reality is not a physical reality.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Excerpt from Link: “The Bhagavad Gita,” by Vyasa, translated by Edwin Arnold, “Chapter 2: Of Doctrines” … https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Bhagavad_Gita_(Arnold_translation)/Chapter_2 … public domain

“Sanjaya. So spake Arjuna to the Lord of Hearts,
And sighing, “I will not fight!” held silence then.
To whom, with tender smile, (O Bharata!)
While the Prince wept despairing ‘twixt those hosts,
Krishna made answer in divinest verse:
Krishna. Thou grievest where no grief should be! thou speak’st
Words lacking wisdom! for the wise in heart
Mourn not for those that live, nor those that die.
Nor I, nor thou, nor any one of these,
Ever was not, nor ever will not be,
For ever and for ever afterwards.
All, that doth live, lives always! To man’s frame
As there come infancy and youth and age,
So come there raisings-up and layings-down
Of other and of other life-abodes,
Which the wise know, and fear not. This that irks —
Thy sense-life, thrilling to the elements —
Bringing thee heat and cold, sorrows and joys,
‘Tis brief and mutable! Bear with it, Prince!
As the wise bear. The soul which is not moved,
The soul that with a strong and constant calm
Takes sorrow and takes joy indifferently,
Lives in the life undying! That which is
Can never cease to be; that which is not
Will not exist. To see this truth of both
Is theirs who part essence from accident,
Substance from shadow. Indestructible,
Learn thou! the Life is, spreading life through all;
It cannot anywhere, by any means,
Be anywise diminished, stayed, or changed.
But for these fleeting frames which it informs
With spirit deathless, endless, infinite,
They perish. Let them perish, Prince! and fight!
He who shall say, ‘Lo! I have slain a man!’
He who shall think, ‘Lo! I am slain!’ those both
Know naught! Life cannot slay. Life is not slain!
Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never;
Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams!
Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the spirit forever;
Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems!
Who knoweth it exhaustless, self-sustained,
Immortal, indestructible, — shall such
Say, ‘I have killed a man, or caused to kill?’

“Nay, but as when one layeth
His worn-out robes away,
And, taking new ones, sayeth,
‘These will I wear to-day!’
So putteth by the spirit
Lightly its garb of flesh,
And passeth to inherit
A residence afresh.”

Here is another translation …

Link: “Krishna and Arjuna speak of war in the Bhagavad Gita,” in “The Art of Persuasion: Past and Present: … https://sites.google.com/site/persuasionpast/home/krishna-and-arjuna-speak-of-war-in-the-bhagavad-gita ..


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Human Energy Flow . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 27 January 2015

    • Erratum
    • Concentrating on Upward Flow Causes Lack of Grounding
    • On Feeling a Solid Tube of Energy
    • On the ‘Pranic Column’ as Opposed to Pranic Energy

Dear Ones,

As you most likely know, the heart is the center of the energy flow of the human body. In past, several interesting flow systems have been proposed for the human body.


Years ago I studied the kundalini energy — Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. Swami Jnaneshvara says: “The two energies of Ida and Pingala flow along the spine (meru danda) of the subtle body. Ida flows along the left side, and Pingala flows along the right. Sushumna nadi flows directly upwards and downwards, between Ida and Pingala, coursing through the chakras.” (1)

After the kundalini is awakened … as explained in footnote (1) … then mostly a person feels the coursing of energy upward and downward along the spine.


Then there are the five pranas (also known as the five vital forces or vayus) that course through the body. I know a good deal about the kundalini energy, but very little about these vayus.  I see from the picture below that the typical understanding of the directional flow of prana and apana is quite the opposite of the way I’ve described it in previous blogs.

Image: Five Currents of prana: http://sequencewiz.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/PanchaVayuImage.png ..

Erratum. I’ve been characterizing prana as downward coursing energy, and apana as upward coursing energy. It looks like the usual way of describing these two energies is the exact opposite. Apparently, it is prana that courses upward from the heart, and apana that courses downward from the navel point area. Please accept my deepest apologies in this.

For more on the pranas, surf to “Kundalini Awakening” by Swami Jnaneshvara … http://swamij.com/kundalini-awakening-1.htm …  and then scroll down to the section “Prana divides itself into five Vayus”

See also Link: “Prana-Vayu: Five Vital Forces” … http://sacred-earth.typepad.com/yoga/2008/07/prana-vayu-five-vital-forces.html … for a comprehensive description of the pranas.

Regarding prana and apana, I have read elsewhere a description of apana as flowing from the point between the eyebrows to the tailbone. And of prana as flowing from tailbone to the point between the eyebrows.

It seems to me there is some confusions, amongst various proponents, regarding the definition of these terms. I guess the thing to do is to speak to the person whose works are being studied, to find out what these terms mean to him or her, specifically.


I have read that the Bhagavad Gita implies a preference for the upward-coursing energy (‘prana’?) over the downward-coursing energy (‘apana’?). This I consider to be a mistake.

Concentrating on Upward Flow Causes Lack of Grounding. Devotees of yoga who practice a preference for the upward flow will experience lack of grounding, a tendency to float out into the astral realms, and difficulty in maintaining personal relationships.

On Feeling a Solid Tube of Energy. In recent years I have had some difficulty with both these energy systems, the kundalini and the pranic energy, as they contradict my current experience. What I mostly feel now is a solid tube of energy along my spine. And a breathless (no breathing) state when I meditate.


I read today in Swami Jnaneshvara’s website a very interesting description of a yogic technique for reversing the flow of prana and apana so as to cause the kundalini to awaken. To read this, go to Link: “Kundalini Awakening” by Swami Jnaneshvara … http://swamij.com/kundalini-awakening-1.htm … and then scroll down to the section “Reversing Prana and Apana Vayu.”

And then, Swami Jnaneshvara refers us to a page on which we can learn how to reverse the energy flows: Link: “Yoga Sutras 2.49-2/53: Pranayama and Breath Control, Rung #4 of 8,” by Swamij, http://swamij.com/yoga-sutras-24953.htm ..


On that page is mentioned a state of absence of breath awareness, and that is the state in which I experience the solid pranic column energy. And I also experience extension of this energy far out from the human body. Some say, as high as the Central Sun (very high indeed!) and as low as the crystal core of New Earth. And at the least, I feel energy a foot or so beyond my physical body.

On the ‘Pranic Column’ as Opposed to Pranic Energy

The terms ‘pranic column’ and pranic tube’, however, seem to have been generalized from the pranic energy that circulates from the nostrils down to the lungs, and back again, and used in modern day (with some ensuing confusion) to mean the energy that courses up and down the spine, aka the kundalini, central vertical power current, antahkarana, silver cord, or silver thread.


And then the other night, in the middle of the night, I felt an electromagnetic energy field like this torus, but very, very large and wavering:

Image: Human electromagnetic field, including the torus and the kundalini … http://mindbodyscienceworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/electro-mag-of-heart-300×191.jpg ..

I have read a pretty interesting description of the flow of this torus energy here …

Link: “The Torus, the Zero Point Energy Field = Creation Story – page 17: The Torus and How the Universe Was Created,” by Rita Marr … http://haradimension.blogspot.com/p/the-hara-line-and-torus.html ..

The above-referenced page describes the torus shape of the energy field around the human body, as if we were inside a doughnut of energy. It describes the bidirectional flow of this toric energy as taking place sequentially rather than simultaneously. (I have a feeling this is incorrect … that the perception of tidal flow, first one and then the other, is merely a constriction imposed by the third dimension.) It also explains that wave and particle relationships, as described in quantum physics and string theory, are embedded in this toric flow.

The energy of the human EMF torus is constantly coursing both upward and downward. Here is a video depiction …

Link: “Torus: Clip from Thrive,” by John Hagstrand, 26 December 2011 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTrQWg8KnNU ..

Could it be that this constant upward and downward coursing energy is giving rise to the feeling of solid pranic column energy? And might that also account for the fact that I feel the central energy column, the pranic tube, the ‘central vertical power current’, extending far above and below my body? I do not know.


Many years ago, in high school, I read about how electrons circling around a nucleus could jump in energy from one energy state to a higher energy state. I wonder if this has to do with the jumps in awareness from a body sense to a sensation of being all planet Earth, and so on? Or from a body sensation, to the fourth dimension, fifth dimension, and so one?

I saw a pretty good visual depiction of these electron jumps here (2) …

LInk: “Quantum Mechanics Chapter 3 of 4,” 28 September 2012 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAO8FVBfRks ..

Here is a picture of possible energy states of an electron …

Link: “Figure 1: The 1s orbital (red), the 2p orbitals (yellow), the 3d orbitals (blue) and the 4f orbitals (green) are contrasted,” in Chemistry LibreTexts … https://files.mtstatic.com/site_4334/8855/0?Expires=1538569319&Signature=lA-BEkAIcMOsmzOJzI4qFRmFdXBY0KY5yQm118rVSl79Fbd0fapQ5EO7hiOPiD7j2~XRZb~imMpRzbvQhxvDmgS0aZk3BmTlV8IJQRHL5v0sw4oiYBOYl9XdwM-fiJSBh~~QKFZCYsNNy2C9Wn3CcbgZ6KjXr-rPqR42DaG3YeA_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJ5Y6AV4GI7A555NA ..

Note that each state consists of a cloud of possible orbits, rather than a set path. Also, for each energy jump, the cloud of possible orbits changes in shape. They are not all spherical. However, the first state, 1s or n=1, is spherical.

What causes the changes in energy states of the electron? The change occurs when it is hit by a photon … as in, the new Incoming Light….


The first bump-up electron orbital state, n=2, has significance with regard to Twin Soul EMF states. The orbit for this second state of excitation of the electron can look like a sphere within a sphere (labeled 2s in the image below) or like a donut (the 2p shapes in the image below) …

Link: Electron Orbitals … http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/vchemlib/course/mo_theory/orbit3.gif ..

Both of these remind me of Twin-Souled electromagnetic fields I have experienced. The 2p shapes reminds me of the Contiguous Twin Soul field, and on the right, of the Merged Twin Soul field.


I wish I could come up with a comprehensive theory on this, but I guess now is not the time. I welcome your comments, especially with regard to hands-on, personal experience.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See … Link: “Kundalini Awakening,” an explication of Patanjali’s Aphorisms by Swami Jnaneshvara … http://swamij.com/kundalini-awakening.htm ..


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