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Notice: Psychic Theft Category Change . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 25 November 2018

Dear Ones,

There is a category: Psychic theft on this blog, which has to do with getting other people’s goods through telepathy or mind control … Sometimes these ‘sanitized’ terms are used for this process: mental suggestion, hypnosis, and mesmerism.

I gather, from astral chatter, that people sometimes subconsciously or consciously use ‘mind control’ to get other people’s goods.

For a while, this topic seemed to be surfacing very often, on the clair plane, although now, fortunately, not so much so. Till now, I had a general category: Psychic theft and several subcategories …

  • Bequests made because of mind control,
  • Breaking and entering through telepathy or mind control,
  • Identity theft through telepathy,
  • Land grabs through psychic murder or mind control, and
  • Sums outright extorted through mind control

This type of covetous wishing has pretty much stopped, at least in my astral ken, so I have tagged the blogs that were in the above subcategories to the main category: Psychic theft … and have removed the subcategories from the blog Table of Contents and from the Category pulldown.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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The Hindu Psychic Crime Scandal of 1911 . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 2 July 2018

    • Sidebar: Black Men and Black Magic: Black Reversal Curse?
    • Fortune Telling Is Considered Fraud in New York State
    • The Funeral of Mrs. Vaughan and the Violin Music of Her Father, Ole Bull

Dear Ones,


I was looking at one of the very nice trailers for the new Paramahansa Yogananda video “Awake: The Life of Yogananda,” a few weeks ago …

Link: “AWAKE: THE LIFE OF YOGANANDA Official Trailer #1 (2014) HD,” by FilmIsNowMovieTrailers, 22 August 2014 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oORHVf3cu8M ..

… and I came across a section at measuring point 1.16 on the trailer that referred to this article …


Link: “The Heathen Invasion: American Women Losing Fortunes and Reason Seeking the Eternal Youth Promised by the Swarthy Priests of the Far East,” by Mabel Potter Daggett, in ‘Hampton Columbian Magazine,” Donald Wayne Castellano-Hoyt, Editor, Vol. XXVII, No. 4, October 1911, pp 399-411 … https://books.google.com/books?id=iUdFAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA399&lpg=PA399&dq=mabel+daggett+heathen+invasion+hampton&source=bl&ots=CrZw7NYjp_&sig=d2DqKSpXoKSnhLUjAdKO7hCfb3k&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiL0PqI0PvbAhXKx4MKHXT7CXcQ6AEINzAD#v=onepage&q=mabel%20daggett%20heathen%20invasion%20hampton&f=false  ..

I saw that the date of the article was 1911, which was 9 years before Yogananda arrived in America, so it could not have been written about him. Intrigued, I delved further. Here is what I found out …


There was a Miss Sarah Farmer (1847-1916) in New England. In 1892, she went with her father to the Chicago Columbian Exposition, where she met a man named Charles Bonney, a Swedenborgian who had promulgated the notion of holding a World’s Parliament of Religions.

In 1893, Sarah Farmer’s father died. In her grief, she journeyed to Norway with Sara Chapman Thorp Bull (1850–1911), wife of famed musician Ole Bornemann Bull and mother of Mrs. Olea Bull Vaughan (1871-1911). I’ve read that Sara was a disciple of Swami Vivekananda and a religious activist of the Vedanta.

Thus she missed the meeting of the Parliament of Religions. at which Swami Vivekananda introduced Hinduism to the United States.

After Miss Farmer’s return to the United States, she set up Greenacre, then a 75-bed inn, as a conference center that might host lecturers on religion. From 1894 to 1899, notable religious lecturers taught at Greenacre. For instance, Swami Vivekananda visited there in 1894. Then in 1900 she converted to the Bahá’í Faith, and it looks like Greenacre then became the  Bahá’í center of learning that it is today.

Link: “Green Acre Bahá’í School,” in Wikipedia …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Acre_Bah%C3%A1%27%C3%AD_School#Sarah_Farmer’s_inauguration_of_Greenacre ..

Link: “Sara Chapman Bull,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sara_Chapman_Bull ..

Link: Swami Vivekananda,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swami_Vivekananda ..

Sidebar: Black Men and Black Magic: Black Reversal Curse?

I note that, for a while the Bahá’í center there hosted Black Men’s Gatherings for African Americans, and that, apparently, these days the term ‘black man’ is tied in, through slang, with the term ‘black magic’ … which might possibly be a black reversal curse against the Bahá’í Faith.

Link: “The Story of the Baha’i Black Men’s Gathering,” Frederick LandryHarvey McMurrayRichard W. Thomas, authors, at Baha’i Bookstore … https://www.bahaibookstore.com/The-Story-of-the-Bahai-Black-Mens-Gathering-P6778.aspx ..

Link: “Black Magic,” in Urban Dictionary … https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=black%20magic ..



Returning to Mrs. Daggett’s article, cited above, as a source of information …

Speaking generally of Swamis, she notes that their following then consisted mainly of women, who were attracted to the notion of yoga as a promise of youthfulness and long life. She says that Miss Sarah Farmer’s spent some time in an insane asylum located in Waverly, Massachusetts due to a mental imbalance brought on by studying various religions.

Then she speaks of a Miss Alouise Reuss of Chicago, who was confined to an Illinois asylum after a mental breakdown at the Mazdaznan Temple of the Sun.

Next she speaks of Mrs. Ole Bull, travelling companion of Miss Sarah Farmer. Mrs. Bull died in 1911. Mrs. Bull had lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her will made the Vedanta Society hundreds of thousands of dollars the richer.


The will was taken before the court, which re-bequeathed it, citing undue influence and mental incapacity. The former term, undue influence, I find of interest …

Link: “How ‘Undue Influence’ Can Invalidate a Will,” by Mary Randolph, J.D., in FindLaw …    http://www.alllaw.com/articles/nolo/wills-trusts/undue-influence-invalidate.html ..

Fortune Telling Is Considered Fraud in New York State

Fortune telling as fraud is a related topic. New York State, for instance, condemns as fraud fortune telling that claims to have authority over evil spirits or curses ….

“A New York State statute condemns a person who ‘claims or pretends’ to ‘influence or affect evil spirits or curses’ in its prohibition of fortune telling, while letting a person ‘who engages in the aforedescribed conduct as part of a show or exhibition solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement’ off the hook…. Most current judicial opinions have held that fortune telling in itself is protected speech under the First Amendment, … though some judges have noted that “such devices are routinely, if not uniformly used to bilk or fleece gullible patrons’….”  –from Link: “Fortune Telling Fraud,” in Wikipedia …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortune_telling_fraud ..

To return to the general topic of psychic crime as ‘undue influence’ … In a similar line of thought, claiming undue influence, the court decided, through an agreement with the parties invloved, to reassign Mrs. Ole Bull’s fortune to her daughter, Mrs. Olea Bull Vaughan. However, the very day of the award, Mrs. Vaughan died. Mrs. Daggett’s article noted tuberculosis to be the technical cause, but a ‘broken heart’ to be the true reason. In support of the latter, Mrs. Daggett noted that a Mrs. May Wright Sewell, a friend and companion of Mrs. Bull, was then in poor health due to occult studies and yogic practices.


The sudden death, on 18 July 1911, at age 40, following with bitter alacrity on the heels of the death of the mother, on 14 January 1911, at age 61,  seemed untoward to me. I checked with Wikipedia, and with the Cambridge, Massachusetts, newspapers of the time, for more details …

Wikipedia mostly agreed with Mrs. Daggett’s account, and then added a little more information: “Sara [Chapman Bull] left almost her entire estate, valued at approximately US$500,000, to the Vedanta Society. Her daughter challenged the will, went to court to have it annulled. The grounds were insanity because of ‘undue influence’ with the main argument being made by her attorney that ‘Hindus had driven Mrs. Bull insane’; The New York Times calling the trial ‘one of the strangest cases in the history of will contests in this country’. There was a settlement mostly favourable to Bull’s daughter. However, she died on the day of the settlement. The findings of the civil trial were also not in favour of the defendants….” –from Link: “Sara Chapman Bull,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sara_Chapman_Bull … CC BY-SA 3.0


The death of Mrs. Olea Bull Vaughan made page 10 of the “Cambridge Chronicle” on 22 July 1911 …

Link: “Death of Mrs. Olea Bull Vaughan, on Day of Will Settlement: Judge Hobbs, of York County, Me., Gives Decision, Tues., Disallowing Contested Will of Mrs. Ole Bull and Approving Agreement Reached Out of Court by Parties Interested,” in “Cambridge Chronicle,” 22 July 1911, page 10 … https://cambridge.dlconsulting.com/cgi-bin/cambridge?a=d&d=Chronicle19110722-01.2.79

The “Cambridge Chronicle” article mentioned that Mrs. Bull Vaughan’s mother, Mrs. Bull, had given large amounts of money to various Indian teachers and their followers.

Also that Mrs. Bull had a close friend, a Mrs. Abbie Shapleigh, whom she accused of having a ‘hostile mental influence’ in her regard. [Perhaps mind control, or a curse, or demonic obsession was meant by this?] Then later, apparently, Mrs. Bull began to believe her daughter Mrs. Vaughan brought a ‘malign mental influence’ to her … an influence [ would this refer to a demon, or perhaps another sort of evil spirit?] that had been in Mrs. Shapleigh’s home.

Thus, as Mrs. Bull lay on her deathbed, she asked that her daughter Mrs. Vaughan be kept away from her. But then Mrs. Bull lost consciousness, and her daughter Mrs. Vaughan was allowed to be at her bedside.

Then the article skips to the death scene for the daughter, Mrs. Vaughan. By her side was the enigmatic Mrs. Abbie E. Shapleigh, along with her two children, said to be like mother and siblings of Mrs. Vaughan, in their degree of friendship with her.

According to the article, Mrs. Vaughan felt, to the bitter end, that she would survive the onslaught of tuberculosis and nerves. She died on 4 March 1871, exactly 6 months after her mother, and on the same day that the contested will was to be settled. From the article, I gathered she may have died just before the settlement was rendered by the court.


The death of Mrs. Olea Bull Vaughan also made the front page of the “Cambridge Tribune” on 22 July 1911 …

Link: “Death Intervenes: Mrs. Olea Bull Vaughan Passes Away Just as the Famous Will Case Is About to Be Settled,” in “Cambridge Tribune,” Volume XXXIV, Number 21, 22 July 1911, pages 1, 6 … https://cambridge.dlconsulting.com/cgi-bin/cambridge?a=d&d=Tribune19110722-01.2.8 ..

From this article I got a few more details … Mrs. Vaughan was the sole child of Ole Bull, who was a famous violinist. The funeral took place at Mrs. Abbie E. Shapleigh’s home in West Lebanon, Maine. The death apparently took place at 3:30 am on Tuesday, 18 July 1911; that was a few hours before the court met. The funeral took place at 3 pm on Thursday, 20 July 1911, which to my mind was rather soon after the death; July might have been a hot month, though.

The court at Bibbleford, Judge Nathaniel Hobbs presiding, gave effect to Mrs. Vaughan’s award of $500,000 from her mother’s estate. Mrs. Vaughan had one child, Edwina, born on an island called Lysoen, about 200 miles from the Norwegian city of Bergen. Both Edwina Vaughan and Ole Bull were buried in Bergen, Norway.

It was the island Lysoen, and little else, aside from the decorations given him by royalty round the world, that Ole Bull had in worldly goods on his passing. He had made a fortune in Wisconsin lumber, but then lost it. Thus it was that, on his death he had bequeathed the island to his daughter Mrs. Vaughan, and the decorations to Mrs. Bull, his wife.

As you may recall, Mrs. Bull had expressed fear of both her friend Mrs. Abbie Shapleigh, and her daughter Mrs. Vaughan, on her deathbed. Possibly because of this fear, she had left Mrs. Vaughan nothing in her will, aside from a stipend of $3,500 a year.

Mrs. Bull had left her brother Joseph G. Thorp $50,000; he was also to receive the remaining estate on the death of the daughter Mrs. Vaughan. There was also a bequeathal of $30,000 to a friend, Miss Margaret E. Noble, who was at her bedside at her death.

Then there was a Dr. Jagardis Chunder Bose, of Calcutta, of Raja Yogi; he received $20,000. I’ve read in Wikipedia that Swami Vivekananda, introduced Raja Yoga to the United States. Thus possibly, he was a friend or follower of Swami Vivekananda …

Link: “Swami Vivekananda,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swami_Vivekananda ..

Link: “Jagadish Chandra Bose On Swami Vivekananda,” in Swami Vivekananda Quotes,” 25  December 2013 … http://swamivivekanandaquotesgarden.blogspot.com/search?q=Jagadish+Chandra+Bose+On+Swami+Vivekananda ..

I read that Mrs. Vaughan told the court contesting the will that her mother had been ‘of unsound mind’ and also ‘unduly influenced’. It would be interesting to view the transcripts of the trial, as apparently some of the testimony was quite vivid.

Mrs. Vaughan, after the death of her daughter Edwina, had adopted three children: Dorothy, David, and Sylvia. The Cambridge Chronicle article opined that these adopted children would receive bequests from Mrs. Vaughan, as might her close friend and lawyer, Ralph S. Bartlett, who had argued long and ably in her interest.

The newspaper further opined that Mr. Bartlett might be an executor of the estate, though perhaps not the only executor.

The Funeral of Mrs. Vaughan and the Violin Music of Her Father, Ole Bull

Interestingly, Mrs. Vaughan was to be buried in a West Lebanon, Maine, burial lot owned by the Shapleighs [perhaps relatives of the enigmatic Mrs. Abbie E. Shapleigh? ]. In fact, the funeral, which took place at 3 pm on Thursday, 20 July 1911, was held at Mrs. Abbie E. Shaplelgh’s home … where Mrs. Vaughan had died two days prior.

At the funeral, two famous musical pieces composed by her father Ole Bull were played: “Adagio Religioso” and “Saetergentens Sondag” …

VIdeo: “Ole Bull: Adagio Religioso A Mother’s Prayer (En Moders Bøn), by Arve Tellefsen,” by Muzikazaile, 5 November 2012 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7YZQoAEAjw .. and 

Video: “Ole Bull Sæterjentens Søndag,” by qq559yed, 26 June 2010 …  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXqnLooMLO0 ..


Could the mysterious deaths of Sara Chapman Thorp Bull and her daughter Olea Bull Vaughan have had to do with the devious stratagems of black magic? Had they to do with obsession or possession by evil spirits, perhaps through curses laid by a practitioner of the occult arts? By men who seemed pure and public minded, if exotically robed and oddly spoken, but who, in truth, held the aim of greedy acquisition more dear than the sacrifice of that most precious of gifts, life in human form?

I expect that, as time goes on, and as telepathy for all humankind becomes an accustomed fact of life, legal systems around the world will begin to grapple with concerns regarding psychic crime (‘psychic crime’) and the undue influence that mind control by spiritual adepts espousing the heresy of consequentialism might be thought to have upon the lives of its purported hapless, and all too often female, victims.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Astral Stories 1: Childhood Soul Wounding and Projection in Adulthood . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 March 2017

    • Introduction
    • An Astral Story about a Case of Extreme Soul Wounding of a Young Boy at Puberty
    • The Malspeak Program That Was Installed
    • Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the First Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding
    • Blending of One’s Personal Samskaras with Those of a Group
    • Fatal Projection of Heart Attack Feeling in Relationship
    • Projection of Childhood Genital Wounding as Public Exposure of Genitals with Black Magic Intent
    • Astral Story about Another Person with Similar Depth of Soul Wounding in Early Childhood
    • Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the Second Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding
    • Positing the Two Soul-Wounded Young People Meeting in a Group Setting
    • Projection of Early Soul Wounding as an Experiment on Others in an Attempt to ‘Uncolor’ the Remembered Trauma
    • First-Tier and Second-Tier Soul Wounding and Karmic Pass-Down, with Acting Out of Rage by the Second Tier
    • My Thoughts on Ways to Avoid Acting Out Soul Wounding

Dear Ones,


These astral stories are about childhood Soul wounding, projection of that wounding through acting out as an adult, and first- and second-tier karmic flow-through.

I would like to state in advance that these are merely astral stories, imaginative stories, and most likely represent vivid waking dreams, daydreams and night dreams characteristic of the astral state, rather than actual physical occurrences.

It seems to me that an understanding of these astral stories may be helpful in healing the Souls of those who have sustained dense wounding to their etheric nets as the result of many incarnations on Earth, where the duality play offers both great suffering and a chance for great Soul learning.

There is an edited Summary after the video. Note that there are several green-font sections in the Summary that are not in the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.


I am here to talk just a little today about a hypothetical instance of Soul wounding, and how that might play out in the world in a particular situation where that Soul wounding encounters other Soul wounding, say from a group. What I am hoping the takeaway might be, is …

  • a further understanding of the workings of karma in the world,
  • of malspeak,
  • of the Soul clearing that is taking place right now,
  • and of how we can recognize karmic traps and avoid them, so that the Soul clearing may happen more quickly.

An Astral Story about a Case of Extreme Soul Wounding of a Young Boy at Puberty

Suppose there were a case where a very young child was just learning about sexuality and the ability to have an orgasm. And this young person had a younger sister who used to follow him around all the time by way of hero worship.

And so, this young person was getting the feeling he wanted to try out his new skill by himself, but his younger sister followed him along, out into a field. His feeling was very strong, and he was just a very young boy at the time; he wanted to be alone, and he became upset because she would not leave him. So he threw a rock at her, and by mistake, he killed her. He tried to revive her, but he found out that she had passed on.

His father found out, and his father was a person who had trouble containing his anger. His son was distraught, very upset about it. In a fit of anger over what his young son had done, the father never noticed what the child was feeling. Instead, he took a butcher knife and cut the child’s penis off.

The Malspeak Program That Was Installed

Here we have a case of extreme Soul wounding at a very young age. Very extreme. And the Soul lesson, the malspeak that happened, was something like this:

  • If I feel sexual, then I will kill a woman [as he had done his sister].
  • lf I feel sexual, then I am in danger of being physically mutilated [as his father had mutilated him].
  • Therefore, whenever I feel sexual, I must repress that feeling.

Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the First Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding

There would be a tendency to perceive father figures as being more powerful than they actually are … as forces that must be placated and kowtowed to, like wrathful father gods.

There would be a tendency to consider women frail creatures who might easily pass on at any time, through one’s own hand. 

There might be a tendency to turn to frail women or children for sexual fulfillment, by way of repeating the childhood wounding, and this turning to might lead to physical peril for the women or children at times when the Soul wounding surfaced from the subconscious mind.

There might be a tendency to turn to men for sexual encounters, in an effort to spare women’s lives, and this turning to might bring up fears of a wrathful god as the Soul wounding surfaced from the subconscious mind. This might result in physical threats of genital mutilation or death, so as to relieve feelings of physical violation and fear of death at the hand of the father associated with the early Soul wounding.

These tendencies might possibly surface in real life, but more likely, they might weave as threads of denser energy through the fabric of the subconscious mind of the young man.

Blending of One’s Personal Samskaras with Those of a Group

Now suppose, in this state of extreme Soul exhaustion and upset, and repression of the vital sex drive, this young person eventually encountered a group that had these kinds of samskaras:

  • One might be the tendency of the people there to repeat the malspeak,
    • Oh God, I want your money!
  • And let’s say that this organization also had a notion that expression of sexuality is sinful and deleterious to the development of the Soul.

So this young person would feel that they fit in, because they, themselves, would have repressed sexual energy. So the two samskaras: the group samskara, “Oh God, I want your money!” and the young man’s samskaras, after a time, would blend in the young man.

Fatal Projection of Heart Attack Feeling in Relationship

This might give rise, after a time, of a feeling of heart attack whenever the young person was in relationship with other people; a feeling of imminent death whenever this person had a sexual feeling.

Then, let’s say that the responsibilities of this young person with regard to the group might include developing relationships with people so as to obtain donations from them for the group. When this person developed relationships with other people, lets say he felt a kind of heart attack feeling, as if his heart were being injured (because of his prior association of relationships with mutilation, and so forth).

This heart attack feeling can give rise to repressed, strong negative emotions that cause heart attacks in other people (through a process termed by psychologists ‘projection’ … which is to say, projection of one’s own feelings and emotions onto another person, on the astral plane).

If these potential donors were to pass on, then the young person would be fulfilling the desire of the group “Oh God, I want your money!” … that malspeak … if the person who passed on had signed on as donors should they pass on. So in this instance, one might expect, many deaths of potential donors who had written into their will a bequest or donation to this group.

Projection of Childhood Genital Wounding as Public Exposure of Genitals with Black Magic Intent

In addition, this young person might feel, say, that the exposure of his sexual organ in public, might be the greatest of black magic, because of the thing that happened to him in his youth. He might feel that, by exposing himself in public, someone else might have a heart attack, because he (the young person) had a heart attack when his penis was exposed and his father cut it off in early childhood (although it might be, say, that his penis was later reconstructed).

Astral Story about Another Person with Similar Depth of Soul Wounding in Early Childhood

Let’s posit that, in that same group, there might be another person with a similar depth of Soul wounding. And this person grew up in a family that was very strictly against any kind of sexual display … such as, say, some of the Christian faiths are against dancing, wearing revealing clothes, and such like, and who, in general, feel that sexuality is sinful and a work of the devil. There are groups out there that are like that.

And let’s say this second young person grew up in such a very restrictive environment, and then, at the age of puberty, rebelled against the whole thing, ran away from home, and took up with a man. A man, say, picked him up on the road; this man offered safety and security … a chance to stay alive, and so forth … but asked and demanded sexual favors and inflicted sexual abuse.

Let’s say that this second young person, in his first ever romantic relationship, became head-over-heels infatuated with the man. Then, when that person grew tired of the child, the child thought to offer him the supreme gesture of cutting off their own sexual organ (along the lines of the religious training his parents had given him). And let’s suppose that that did not work … that did not ingratiate the young man with the older man again. The man just bowled them over and let them go.

Tendencies that Might Arise Because of the Second Young Man’s Early Soul Wounding

  • This second young man might have a tendency to form romantic relationships with men (thus reliving his early childhood Soul wounding),
  • He might feel extra sensitive to criticism from both men and women (because of his concerns about his genitals being different from those of other men)
    • This extra-sensitivity to criticism might lead to formation of vendetta or blood feud lists of people to be persecuted through astral rape, or through stalking by himself or his lovers
    • If his choice of sexual partners were to be men, this extra-sensitivity might lead more specifically to persecution of women through rape and/or murder scenarios on the astral and physical plane and a feeling of misogyny
  • When having sexual relations, he might experience pain because of the physical wounding his genital cells had sustained and,
    • He might act this out either masochistically (as a reliving of the early trauma)
    • Or sadistically (as psychological projection of the early karma onto another person)
  • And he might be attracted to a spiritual group that espoused sexual repression (according to the teaching of his youth)
  • This, then, would set up an overall dynamic of a sexually repressed lifestyle, with intermittent experiences of sexuality associated with denser emotions experienced in his early childhood

Positing the Two Soul-Wounded Young People Meeting in a Group Setting

Let’s posit, as a hypothesis, that these two young people, who had both been subject to extremely difficult Soul wounding situations in youth, met in one group or organization. Let’s posit these two spiritual people continued for a long time in the group, and were greatly valued and respected by the group because of their many great talents, and because of their devotion to the ideals of the group, and in spite of the early Soul wounding they had sustained.

Projection of Early Soul Wounding as an Experiment on Others in an Attempt to ‘Uncolor’ the Remembered Trauma

One thing that we might anticipate from their association in this group, would have to do with their shared early Soul wounding to do with genital mutilation. For instance, they might think nothing of performing an experiment with people considered by the general public to be dispensable, unneeded, and unwanted (as they, themselves, had felt when the early childhood Soul wounding occurred), an experiment involving cutting off their sexual organs (as theirs had been cut off in youth) and converting these people, through cosmetic surgery, to a notion of being women. Which might be idealized by these two people, and by others in that group, as kindly, loving men (that is, the kind of men they wished that their fathers might have been).

With a lack of understanding of the basic physiology concerned, and of the importance of orgasm in creating physical and mental health, they might arrange to have performed operations in which men of violent propensities would no longer be capable of having orgasms.

Consequently, when these men who had been experimented on, and who now looked like women, felt sexual, they would … with that ‘crossed wires’ feeling that occurs at a moment of great physical and psychological trauma … turn the rage of their body cells, which had been mutilated, into the act of killing other people.

They might, for instance, assist in killing people who were potential donors for that group (as a playing out of the group samskara, “Oh God, I want your money!”), or other people they had been hired out to kill by that group.

First-Tier and Second-Tier Soul Wounding and Karmic Pass-Down, with Acting Out of Rage by the Second Tier

What we have here is a very densely wounded clearing that is taking place, not only of these people who were initially wounded, but also of the people on the second tier, whom they wound because of their own Soul wounding.

So there is a first and second tier here. There is also a first and second tier in terms of karmic pass-down in the duality play. For instance, these two people on the first tier, or even the whole group, might have associated Soul wounding. And interspersed amongst them might be the same malspeak, because, in associating with groups, we catch each other’s malware and malspeak as if it were an infection, like the flu. So the members of the group might share a number of malware and malspeak programs, and act in unison, in an unconscious way, without actually knowing, to express their Soul wounding … which, fortunately, is now clearing.

One thing that they might express has to do with rage held into the sexual organs because of those initial, childhood occurrences that damaged the physical cells. So when it happens that they express themselves sexually with other people, though they themselves might never participate in an act of violence … and I have seen this, on the astral plane, any number of times, in any number of situations … through sharing of the malware and the malspeak that they have, to do with rage over that area of the body, they infect the second tier of people with that emotion.

And that second tier, let’s say, who may be less in control of their actions, goes out and acts out the fantasies of the first tier, by way of killing women or children, for instance, or mutilating people.

My Thoughts on Ways to Avoid Acting Out Soul Wounding

My feeling is that, when engaged in sexual activities, people ought to seek out, others of the same or similar astral matter density. And what that will result in is less acting out during this time of great change.

Also, the understanding that the body is the sacred temple of grace of God will help us to avoid storing negative emotions in the body. All of the body is good and great, I feel. And understanding that allows us to dispense with this type of malware and malspeak that holds rage and fear and so forth in the body.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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