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Cosmic Beings and Human Beings . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 12 December 2016; revised on 20 May 2017
This blog was previously misnamed “The Brain’s Limbic System: Play and Exploration; Love, Joy!” by Alice


Dear Ones,


According to “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” A 6D entity may be a Sun or, rarely, a Wanderer: “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” see …

41.5http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=41#5 … and

Is a ‘Wanderer’ a Pulsar, I wonder? Might this manifest as a special class of being, seemingly human, during the Ascension process of a planet?


The “Emerald Tablets of Thoth” speak of man as a star bound in human form. (See Link: “The Key of Wisdom” … http://www.crystalinks.com/emerald3bw.html … and search ‘man is a star’.) What, then, are these? Are they a type of being other than a human being?

  • Could they by any chance be the beings whose electromagnetic field patterning manifests as the antisocial personality; the black Soul that sucks energy from ‘normal’ human beings capable of both giving and receiving heart energy?
  • Might these be the ‘brothers of darkness’ spoken about by Thoth? (See LInk: “The Key of Wisdom” … http://www.crystalinks.com/emerald6bw.html … and search ‘brothers of darkness’.)


In normal humans, the 6th density is located in the limbic system, at the very center of the brain … where the pituitary and pineal glands (the ‘third-eye point’ are. The emotion of joy is found here; this is the navigational seat of our experience of the astral plane … whether hellworlds or heavenworlds … our negative or positive emotions are the steering mechanism … There we may shine like a star in the heavens, or we may create for ourselves the experience of the black hole; our free will expression of love or hate creates the one or the other …

Link: “The Evolution-Designed Brain” … http://www.wisdompage.com/FlawsPix/Brain.gif … DESCRIPTION: Shows human brain with these parts: reptilian brain (lower: threat energy, fear, territorial aggression, sexual aggression), limbic system (center: play and exploration, love, and joy) and neocortex (higher: thinking brain).


A comet, a meteor, an asteroid shower are but thoughts speeding from one Sun to the next; from all the beings under the aegis of the one solar being, to all the beings of its cosmic fellow being.


What then is a ‘normal’ human? … we who may choose from 12 formed dimensions at this moment in the Now? And, in but a glimmering glide of time and space, shall have at our fingertips 60 more formless expressions of our eternal Soul?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Photonic Entanglement . Witnessing, Calming, Renewing . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 3 March 2015; published on 4 March 2015; revised and republished on 25 September 2015


Dear Ones,


Topics for this video …

  • The ‘Dark Network,’ which is transforming to Earth’s Grid of Light
  • Short circuiting of electromagnetic (EMF) lines in the human aura disentangled by Incoming Light
  • Duality: the third dimension (3D), which relates to the third chakra
  • Entrapment: ‘glomming’ in the fourth dimension (4D) — dissonant thoughts and clairaudient ‘grouping’
  • Zen: witnessing thoughts, neutral mind
  • Sit back, feel mid-heart (fourth chakra) energy, do long deep breathing,
  • Relationship of dimensions to the personal chakras: 5D to throat chakra, 6D to third eye-point, 7D to crown chakra, 8D to new chakra just above the head, 9D to new chakra higher above the head
  • Subconscious thought cloud of the world and ‘lower triangle’, that is, the lower 3 chakras (old system)
  • Incoming Light, gratitude
  • Ascension symptoms, prison of Earth, other people’s demons
  • Ascension benefits: self-healing, dimensional travel, timeline jumping, rewriting history, calling in the angelic realms, co-creating reality
  • Majesty of our Souls

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Over the course of the last week, and even today, what I have been noticing is the threads of the Dark Network, which we have discussed before, and which is turning into the Grid of Light of Earth as the Ascension proceeds. Another name for this Dark Network is ‘photonic entanglement’.

I have a sense, like an intuition, that the entanglement aspect, the striking together of electromagnetic lines of energy, so that they become short-circuited … that entanglement aspect is going to be decreasing as we rise in energy to the higher dimensions. So what we call Duality, the third dimension … which perhaps corresponds with the third chakra, the navel point (and lower) energy in our chakric system … that photonic energy, that crisscrossing of electromagnetic lines might be what is causing the glomming that is going on in the clairaudient plane.

What the glomming is, for me, is like this: All I have to do is to think one dissonant thought, and that thought takes wings, because of the clearing that is going on. That thought attracts the energy of a group of people … it might be from one or two, up to very many; maybe twenty or more people, all of whom are somehow entangled in that dissonant sound or Light frequency.

And it gets more and more entangled, and more and more dense as all the people strum that one off-key string; they all start strumming, and singing that song with their Souls, subconsciously, feeling trapped and unable to get out of it.

So what it takes, to get out is a thinking mind. It takes an analytical ability. Or the Zen-like ability to neutrally witness what is going on in the mind. And so, the minute you notice this, the thing to do is to just sit back; feel the energy of the mid-heart, in the center of the chest, at the approximate level of the physical heart. That is the energy of the fourth dimension (4D).

What I have been noticing recently is, whenever this dissonance occurs, there is a roughness in the spin of the heart chakra, front and back. So what it takes is long, deep breathing … very long and very deep, on both the inhalation and the exhalation. You have to keep that up until the normal energy of the heart can re-establish itself. And then you are set to try again with the higher vibes: the fifth dimension (5D) at the throat, the sixth dimension (6D) at the third eye-point, the seventh dimension (7D) at the crown chakra, the eighth dimension (8D) a little above the head, the ninth dimension (9D) higher above the head … like that.

So then, you will be walking around, doing your work, and all of a sudden, you will think one dissonant thought again. And the unconscious thought cloud of the world will come in to the lower three chakras, old system, what is known as the ‘lower triangle’ in yoga. And you will start unconsciously changing the energy of your entire Light body … mixing it around.

And then you have to start all over again: Witnessing, calming, renewing the Spirit, renewing the resonance … like that.

So, photonic entanglement … You know, we can trace it down with our logical minds all day long, but it really will not result in much. What is really changing things is, first, stepping out of the situation so that the heart can heal, and receiving the Incoming Light that is coming in so fast as we approach the March Equinox, and just being grateful for this clearing that is taking place. The clearing can lead to upset; it can lead to physical pains … ‘Ascension symptoms’, as they say.

But one thing that people overlook is all of the wonderful things that are going to be happening to us as we ascend. And many of those things are far beyond our ken. The thing is, our expectations here on Earth, in the third dimension, are very low. We think of life as a kind of prison. We go to school. We go to our job. We raise the children. We get old. We go to a retirement home. And like that! Prison, really.

We do not know that we can heal our physical bodies. We do not know that we can travel through the dimensions. We do not believe that we can surf the timelines. We just do not believe that we can change everything. We do not believe that we can re-write history. But I am here to tell you: That is what we can do! We can do that!

We can travel all of the dimensions. We can move to the Angelic Realm. We can call the Angelic Realm into the physical reality.

We do not have to hang around with other people’s demons. You know? We can create what we really want for ourselves. And it does not take effort. It does not take slow social change. All it takes is the vision, and the knowledge, that we have the power, through our mid-hearts, through our high hearts (at the level of the thymus gland), and through all of our higher chakras, we can envision and create that reality. Not after the Light comes in, but right now.

So, photonic entanglement … It is a mental puzzle. But the majesty of our Souls … that is the reality right now.

I wish you all the very best, and the highest vision of your own power in the world today. The very highest vision, and the least photonic entanglement; in fact, photonic dis-entanglement today.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Cooperating with the Devic World to Co-create the New Reality . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 22 January 2015; published on 23 January 2015; revised

    • About Other People Rising to Clairaudience
    • Why Demons Appear to Us
    • How Nature Spirits Try to Help Us Be Happy
    • How We Can Choose to Associate with Either Demons or Nature Spirits
    • How to Feel Appreciation Even If We Encounter Demons
    • Male Misunderstandings about Women in the Atlantean Age
    • Male Malspeak about Women Regarding Sexual Preference
    • On Women Making Their Mate Criteria Clear to the Nature Spirits
    • On Asking the Nature Spirits for Help Regarding Psychic Cording
    • Recap Regarding Recent Appearance of Demons
    • For Women, and for Beta Men: We Have the Power!
    • How the Devas Guide the Work of the Nature Spirits
    • On Asking the Devas’ Advice about Our Work with the Natural World
    • Respect for the Devic World

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video (1) on alpha male issues at the turning of the Atlantean Age, turning away from powerlessness and ‘power over’ mental filters. Also, cooperating ; the devas and nature spirits to attract a partner, wealth, the right career, and harmony in our lives. A Summary follows the video; text not in the video is in green font … 



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

About Other People Rising to Clairaudience

I had some interesting breakthroughs with nature spirits yesterday afternoon and evening, that I thought I’d try and share with you before I go hiking today, because I think that they’re the beginning of some really interesting news about working with nature spirits to co-create the new reality.

I’ve been hiking with the Sierra Club a couple of times a week recently … hiking up a mountain; hiking down a mountain … like that. The next day, my feet sometimes ache a little. So once in a while, I go for a foot massage at Thai acupressure places.

I did that yesterday. And when I came out of the place, the person that I had gotten the foot massage from appeared, judging from my clair input, to hear the clairaudient realm that I was hearing … as is so frequently the case these days.

It was the first time that he had heard it, apparently, so he was asking a bunch of questions about it, in 4D. And that made me think, too, about what was going on in the clairaudient realm.

Why Demons Appear to Us

So, I came out from the massage … which had been great; I felt completely revitalized. I came out right around sunset, and maybe five or six demons came along, and were just harassing me in a sexual kind of way. It was nothing to do with the masseur; it had to do with other people … I think, people in that very shopping center.

Because of all the questions the masseur asked about those beings, I started thinking about it and working with it, Actually, the conversation was very insightful. His comments and his questions brought me to a greater understanding of those beings. And then I started talking to the nature spirits …

How Nature Spirits Try to Help Us Be Happy

So here we have it: It seems that happiness is our natural state, as human beings. When humans are unhappy … or so I hear from the nature spirits … they come round, and they try and figure out what’s wrong, and they try and fix it.

So that’s the first thing: The nature spirits are not attached to us, but when they hear our sadness or our upset, they come around. And what they want to do is, they want to fix it. They want to create for us the reality that we really want for our happiness.

How We Can Choose to Associate with Either Demons or Nature Spirits

What happens when we think negative thoughts? When we think bad things … for instance, when we feel hatred? When our thoughts are not full of appreciation, or love, or some positive emotion, is that we attract to ourselves another kind of being … We attract to ourselves the demon hordes … Not nice guys!

And as happy, and truthful and kind and sweet as the nature spirits are … that unhappy, and untruthful and unkind are the demon hordes. They’re the exact opposite. Not your Earl Grey cup of tea, those guys!

Video: “Picard & The Wrong Tea,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVUuaDXBhs4 ..

So if we find ourselves surrounded by demons, or by whatever beings that are not to our liking, the first thing to do is to change our own emotional state … the state of our heart … to a state of happiness and appreciation and love. If you can’t manage one of them, try another. There’s got to be something that we all appreciate during the day.

How to Feel Appreciation Even If We Encounter Demons

Even if you’re noticing the demon hordes, there’s something to appreciate … because, when you notice them, you can do something about them. Right? So: Appreciation. Gratitude.

As soon as I feel a positive emotion, I can be sure it is not I who am attracting the demon hordes. Instead, what I find is a bunch of nature spirits hovering around, wondering what is going on; trying to figure out how to fix it. And they’re all on your side. They might not be your nature spirits … they’re the deva’s nature spirits. But they’re here to help humanity co-create the new reality.

Male Misunderstandings about Women in the Atlantean Age

So I found out that much. And then, I was listening to find out where these demons were coming from. And this has to do with misunderstandings in the fourth dimension, as it turns out.

The first thing I noticed was that there are men who are relating to me, and cording to me, in the astral realm, who … because of the Atlantean Age, because of the assumption by women that they are powerless, and the assumption by men that they can dominate women, and need not respect them, these nature spirits are being advised by men to go to us women, and to create a reality for us that is not of our choosing.

Male Malspeak about Women Regarding Sexual Preference

So for instance, a man who does not want to associate with me … who feels hatred toward me, because of the nature of my heart energy … that man is zero pointing against me, and feeling hatred. And so, in his subconscious realm, not even knowing that he’s doing it … or perhaps consciously knowing that he’s doing it, and using black magic, he will say to the nature spirits:

Go to her, and whenever I approach her, have her say that she is a homosexual. 

Now, what does this mean?

  • First, it means this man thinks that he has the power to rule my nature spirits and create my reality for me.
  • Second, it means he thinks I am at fault for his attraction.
  • Third, he mistakes hatred for love.
  • Fourth, he thinks that hatred will drive him away from me, when, in fact, hatred is a great attractor.

On Women Making Their Mate Criteria Clear to the Nature Spirits

So, what do I have to do? I just need to talk to my nature spirits:

Hey, nature spirits! I notice that he’s telling you to be with me and say this whenever he comes around. But I just want you to know … I’d like to be clear, that I’m a straight woman, and I enjoy the company of men.

And then I went on to explain the type of man that I like:

  • A heart-centered man.
  • A man who knows how to express his sexuality while feeling his heart.
  • A man who can relate to the higher realms, as well as anchor himself on Earth.
  • A man who is completely healthy.
  • A man who is about my own age. And like that …

I had my parameters. Everybody has their parameters, right? But we need to be very clear to the nature spirits, what it is that we want to attract into our lives … It might be a certain type of wealth. It might be a certain type of job that brings us happiness. It might be harmony in our family. It might be a feeling of harmony with our entire community.

We need to say to the nature spirits: I don’t want anything to do with this type of energy, that is the opposite of what I’m trying to co-create. And they will listen, and they will help us.

On Asking the Nature Spirits for Help Regarding Psychic Cording

We can also say, with regard to psychic cording … this is what I found out last night; it was way so cool! … For those of us that are single and looking for someone, we can request that we not cord to anyone, except for the type of person that we’re interested in meeting.

And we can request that the cords by tied off … all day and all night … every day and every night … until we’re in the presence, either astral or physical, of the type of person that we’re interested in. That’s pretty cool!

Recap Regarding Recent Appearance of Demons

So now, with regard to the demons that were still there when my heart energy was pretty cool … what it was, right after the foot massage, at sunset yesterday, was that there was a man, and most likely, a number of men, who reacted badly to the fact that I felt good after a massage. The massage was with a gentleman, and that enhanced their dislike. And in their anger, in their upset … either consciously or unconsciously … they sent the demon world to me. It didn’t affect me much, because my own heart was open. But what we can do, to avoid this kind of upset and annoyance, is:

The minute that we notice there’s a dark vibe around us … for those of us that don’t actually see and feel and hear specifics of it … When we feel a threatening sensation around us, or a darkening of the Light, to be precise, around us, what we can do is we can explain to our nature spirits that we’re not interested in the presence of this kind of being. And please, send them right back where they were.

For Women, and for Beta Men: We Have the Power!

We have the power to do these things. As women, we have that power. Or as men who feel that they’re not the alpha male in a group. Actually, the only person that’s the most insistently a nuisance, in the current situation, is the guy who feels he’s an alpha male.

If we just realize that we must work with the nature kingdom to preserve our sanity. To understand that we’re empowered to create our reality, we must work with our nature teams, as well as with our higher dimensional teams: beings of light, ascended masters, angels, and so on.

Personally, I don’t care for the demonic realm. I want to work with spirits of light and love, in 4D, in 5D, in 6D … wherever I am. I want to work with those that feel the energy of love. That’s the kind of reality that I want to create.

And I want to have the power to send away all energies that are not like that. Same thing with regard to abundance … That’s a topic for another day, but it’s the same kind of thing.

How the Devas Guide the Work of the Nature Spirits

One other thing: The devas. The devas are the ancient, wise, great beings that oversee the work of the nature spirits with the natural world, with rocks and trees and plants and animals. And with humans. And with cities. And to do with all the realms of reality in the third dimension.

On Asking the Devas’ Advice about Our Work with the Natural World

The devas supervise the work of the 4D nature spirits in creating 3D reality. So, if we co-operate with the devas, in cutting down trees and bushes, and so forth … if we ask the devas how they feel about it, and if we align ourselves with the devic intention, which is the highest intention for the natural world, then we will find that our projects are in harmony with that world, and that they proceed well.

But if we decide to cut down a tree without the devas’ approval, then things can go very badly for us in the future.

We need to know what we’re working with, and how we’re co-creating. We need to understand the depth of the wisdom of those that are willing to work with us.

Respect for the Devic World

Respect! Respect for the devic world. Respect for the nature spirits. They’re wonderful nature spirits. And respect for each other. For the free will of everyone on this Earth. And respect for our own hearts, because we deserve happiness and love and respect. And all those wonderful qualities. We deserve that. And by working with the devic world, we can achieve that, in an instant. In an instant.

That’s it for now. Take care! Love you lots! I wish for you: Great work with that empowerment! Great work with remembering and becoming who we really are.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

A little song … Link: “I Have the Power,” a song by Alice B. Clagett, written in the early 2000s; published on 31 December 2018 … https://wp.me/p7sZF7-66I ..


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(1) The introductory photo in the video was taken at Wilson Saddle, Newhall, California, by Alice B. Clagett … CC BY 4.0


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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