Slave Planet Blues Image and Movie Review . referrals by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 1 February 2022; revised to include “2149: The Aftermath” movie review on 18 February 2022

Dear Ones.

Here is an image that reminds me a little of the ‘Slave Planet Blues’ vision I once had …

Image: “‘Slave 1’ pursues Mace Windu’s Delta-7B interceptor on Vangor” …

I read that this science fiction ship was a patrol and attack craft used in by a bounty hunter. To me, the image give a feeling of implacable pursuit … of being cornered and without recourse, possibly by a mind-controlling alien entity,  similar to the feeling I got in my Slave Planet Blues vision.

I viewed the Canadian science fiction movie “2149: The Aftermath” recently and found in it a theme similar to that in the image “Slave 1.”  The movie is set in the year 2149, when many people are living in small cement modules, like efficiency apartments, but each module is separated from the others and no one is allowed outdoors. Each person works, eats, sleeps, and ‘showers’ in his or her module. People communicate together by means of big computer screens in their modules.

If the people venture out of the modules, then they are coerced back into the modules by law enforcement drones … which remind me of very small, but very threatening, versions of the “Slave 1” image. Here is a partial image of one such drone … ..

The hero of the movie is a young man named Darwin. When living conditions in his module catastrophically shut down, he is forced to go outside, though he believes the air is poisonous there. When he finds he can survive and breathe the air, he wanders around, eventually finding people living a more fulfilling life, with human interaction, and even a chance for romance, while hiding from the drones in a forest.

I like the movie because it puts on screen some of the aspects of the life that has become ours as a people globally during the COVID pandemic. I say that because, during the pandemic, many people are working at home, using their computers. Because of the media hype, some feel that the air around their fellow human beings … because of the chance of catching COVID … is, in a way, ‘poisonous’. And so people are interacting more in a virtual, online way, than they are meeting face-to-face right now.

Insofar as our human interactions during the COVID pandemic are driven by fear and news hype … rather than by our real-life, physical observations of the world around us, we are now, to some degree, in the same boat with Darwin, who was touchingly fearful of leaving his module to seek the company of other human beings.

It is the virtual reality … the computers and the handhelds … I feel, that are, in a manner of speaking, enslaving humankind today. Oh, to step out of our homes and walk down to the sea shore, or to the forest, or to the desert! To sniff the salt air, or to hear the rustle of feathers in the tree tops, or to see the swift blooms of spring amongst the sand dunes of Earth! Would that not be glorious?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For the whole story of the vision I had, see … Image: “Dark Night of the Soul . Slave Planet Blues!” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 2 June 2015; revised 9 July 2017; transcribed on 15 November 2018 … ..


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