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Heartfelt songs, 2 tantalizing questions, intriguing photos, and fun reads for those new to the notion of Awakening with Planet Earth …

A Song by Alice B. Clagett



What’s this? 🙂  Electronic found art

Which of these stories and skits do you like best? … Skits and storylines … 

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Image: “Chumash Trail, Simi Valley, California 5: Eyes of a Tree – Tree Spirit,” by Alice B. Clagett, 15 November 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0 International … COMMENTS: Can you see the two ‘eyes’ crafted by the spirit of the tree in the trunk of its charge? These vividly portray the sentient spirit of the tree; and that, I feel was the intention of the spirit of the tree in crafting them.

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Fun reads for those new to the notion of Awakening with Planet Earth …

Preparing for Panic Attacks and Cognitive Disfunction During Solar Events and Gateways  … I feel this article may help prevent loss of life through suicide, murder, and traffic accidents during clusters of coronal mass ejections.

Archetypal Images to Support and Protect Humankind  … This is my original artwork through which were channeled these archetypal images for humankind.

Astrogeophysics Compendium: Electromagnetic Fields . Jumps in Electron Orbital States  … The experiences that led to the articles in this compendium are, in the main, my own. That my conclusions are shared by other Lightworkers as well adds heft to our explanations on a new way of envisioning and personally experiencing astrogeophysics.

Compendium: Interspecies Communication  … This is entirely unique information on interspecies communication that I gleaned from the astral plane.

Do Geostorms Cause Sensations of Pain and Visual Hallucinations in Human Beings?  … This is an original, new theory I am presenting that geostorms may affect the optic nerve of human beings in such a way as to produce hallucinations and mystic visions.

Dynamics of Group MeditationThis work is original and completely my own. As you may know, as a Lightworker I am ‘EMF hypersensitive’. (That is this world’s way of speaking of us Lightworkers.) This work is gleaned from my explorations of group interactions and based on my clair perceptions of the interactions of people’s electromagnetic (EMF) forces in group settings.

How Do Predators Hypnotize Their Prey?  I feel this article may help us understand how sociopaths can hide in the midst of normal people for years, without being detected.

How to Spot a Sociopath Before He or She Pounces Upon You?  … This is a story suitable for all ages, with masks and drawings to illustrate each point.

Imposter Spirits  … This is a children’s story, with masks and drawings to illustrate each point.

Indigenous Creeds, Shamanism and the Experience of Reverse Kundalini … For a person such as I, who has practiced kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, being in the energy field of a person with reverse kundalini is a very great threat to our auric Light. We must learn to recognize this ‘black’ or dark energy and quickly purge it from our auras.

Kundalini Risen to Protect Against the Predations of Black Magicians For those of us who are destined to awaken the kundalini energy within their central vertical power current, the experience of kundalini risen offers a sure course to protect ourselves from the curses and evil spells of black magicians.

Life on Earth  … This is an explanation about life on Earth…. the ionosphere and magnetosphere, the noosphere, the unconscious thought cloud of the world, communication within and above the Earth plane, and a historical perspective on Souls now on Earth.

Magnetic Avoidance and Telepathic Avoidance  … How to get out of the way of negative incoming telepathic messages, especially on the weekends.

On Form That Portrays Formlessness … This is about form and formlessness, and the Angelic and Devic Realms, and God, as they express themselves in form and in Creation.

Soothing Prospective Social Unrest in America: Historic Land Grants as a Wealth Distribution ModelMy unique idea explained in this article might be a way to relieve urban congestion and solve the problem of homelessness in America.

Unusual Human-Seeming Beings That I Have Encountered on Earth Here is a video about encounters I have had with unusual beings on Earth. These are beings that I have encountered not just in the astral realm, but also in physical form in this lifetime. Not included are Ra-En and the Hathors.



Image: “Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center and Community Garden, San Fernando Valley, California 2: Eucalyptus Lady Dancing,” by Alice B. Clagett, 16 February 2021, CC BY-SA 4.0


A Song by Alice B. Clagett




Image: “Incoming Light: The Pine Trees at Grandmother Clagett’s Home 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 7 December 2014 , CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … COMMENTS: This beautiful light reminds me of my Grandmother Clagett’s spirit.


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“The Road Home” – Pixabay License

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