On Dislodging the Jellyfish-Like Suppressor Parasite Entities from Our Energy Fields . by Alice B. Clagett


Dear Ones,


This is an image of an SPE – a jellyfishlike astral parasite also known  as an ‘Archontic Genetic Engineered Entity’  or ‘Suppressor Parasite Entity’ burrowing into the head around the ear – creates alien voice imitation programs that run inside the auditory brain …

Image: Archontic SPE Burrowing into the Auditory Cortex, from Energetic Synthesis .. https://energeticsynthesis.com/images/stories/HGSESGraphics/GB_SPE.jpg ..

Per “Energetic Synthesis,” these can be drawn out by the healer and Lightworker through the gallbladder meridian points …

Image: Gallbladder Meridian … https://www.smarterhealing.com/gallbladder-meridian/ ..


As a yogini, I gather as well that …

  • sitting down, legs straight, feet together, and grasping the toes so as to stretch the life nerve may help.
  • as will sitting hands on shoulders, elbows out, and turning comfortably from side to side in a twisting motion.
  • Also, sit up straight, and move the lower spine forward and back for a minute or two, if that feels comfortable.
  • Also, a few slow neck rolls in each direction, then head in figure 8 each direction; head side to side; and head up and down a few times daily. Pump stomach 10 or 20 times daily.

Only do these exercises if your traditional medical doctor agrees it is ok to do them, and only so long as it feels comfortable, considering your age and physical condition.

My feeling is, these exercises may loosen the muscles along the gallbladder meridian.

I feel tight muscles weaken the human energy field and allow implants to take place in the subtle human energy fields. Just as astral implants eventually can find expression as physical disease, so may improved physical balance, muscle relaxation, and passive lymph transport through muscle stimulation during physical exercise cause the SPEs to dislodge from our subtle energy bodies.

To counteract and ‘starve out’ the SPEs’ control of the auditory cortex, turn to visual tasks such as reading or try drawing or exercising whenever you hear them – the idea being to ‘starve’ them by placing Awareness on other than the auditory cortex.


I note that Ascension Glossary, the companion website of Energetic Synthesis, expresses that Archontic Deceptions such as SPEs derive from the Reptilians and Draconians of the Orion Constellation …

Link: “Archons,” in Ascension Glossary … https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Archons ..

Another way of looking at this would be from an expanded understanding of what has priorly been set forth in esoteric lore. That lore speaks of the devas and nature spirits of Earth, as being protectors of human beings and of the natural world.

My expanded understanding of the esoteric teaching of devas and natures spirits is this: I feel there are devas and nature spirits for each species of being on Earth. There are, I posit, different devas and nature spirits for each type of tree, every kind of grass, for each type of rock, and for each different body of water, each kind of running water, each manner of action of air, and so on.

There are devic overlords of the reptilian, dinosaurian, and draconian Earth animal kingdoms, and these persist on Earth, I feel, through the diminution of the numbers of their charges, and long past their extinction.

In the case of the reptilian overlords, for instance, though their charges be, in most cases, much smaller in physical size than in the Age of Reptiles, yet the numbers of their physically diminished beings are very great on Earth.

The astral garb that suits each sort of reptile, and which is fashioned for these beings by their particular devas and nature spirits, is necessarily markedly different from that which suits a human being.

One might imagine that this reptilian astral garb, or parts of it, are set free floating through the astral airs on the death of each reptile living in physical form on Earth. It may well be that this free-floating astral detritus … misaligned as it may be to the human astral form … may nevertheless lodge within our astral bodies, and even burrow into our etheric nets, though happenstance alone.

A child left on its own in its early years might find as a playmate a lizard or a frog or a bird, and through familiar association with, and fondness for, this playmate it might attract to its astral subtle body reptilian or amphibian or avian implants not even noticed until, in later years, the young man or woman finds a gap of inclination and understanding between himself or herself and the vast majority of humankind.

Why would that be, you might ask? It might have to do with the great differences between the natural mammalian astral and etheric garb of the human energy field, and the garb of the lizard, the frog, and the bird.

We humans whose astral and etheric garb is more wholly mammalian … and specifically, more wholly human … might be quick to notice the difference, when we are accosted by such a human hybrid … by the reptoid, the amphiboid, or the avioid, for instance.

Were we, all unawares, to befriend a human hybrid, then we might willy nilly anticipate migration of their alien-species astral ‘bits and pieces’ … which, as semisentient, astral-organic beings might appear to us to be ‘parasites’ or ‘implants’ … to our humanoid energy fields. Then the very worst might befall us … slow but inexorable alienation from our fellow humanoids as the alien software overtakes and suppresses the more copacetic energetic arrays of our childhood.

What solution is there for such a desperate set of circumstances? Of great help in such a situation, I feel are the help of an alternative medical healer; daily spiritual practice of our personal choosing; good diet, rest, and exercise. The greatest help of all is to let go our friendships with human hybrids once we discover the dangers of our association with them.

Then after, by hook or by crook, it is within our auspice to diminish the number and size of Suppressor Parasite Entities in our energy fields, it becomes a routine maintenance task to keep their numbers few and not up to a harmful threshold.

It is like setting a regular schedule of house cleaning to keep dust mites and their ‘insectian’ astral detritus out of our living space …

On Dislodging the Jellyfish-Like Suppressor Parasite Entities from Our Energy Fields

Image: “House Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) Aggregate,” by Gilles San Martin, 10 December 2010, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:House_dust_mites_(5247397771).jpg … CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic. DESCRIPTION: “More information about this behavior here : news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_9290000/9290068… “

… so that our immune systems can stay strong and healthy, and so that the dreaded ‘insectoid’ implants will not gain a toehold in our energy fields. But that is a story for another day …

We must keep both our houses and our physical and subtle bodily homes clean and free of other-species life forms not coherently blended with our own in order to enjoy a long and happy Earth life as humanoid, non-hybrid humans.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 30 December 2021


Link: “Archontic SPE,” in Energetic Synthesis … https://energeticsynthesis.com/archontic-spe ..

Link: “Alpha Centaurians,” a vision by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 25 June 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-nvi ..


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