Law of Karma and Lords of Karma 2 . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 28 June 2015; published on 2 July 2015; transcribed on 26 November 2018

    • About the Lords of Karma
    • Old Lightworker Syndrome: 49 Percenters (aka 51 percenters)
    • The  Lords of Karma Are Not Our Masters, and We Are Not Their Slaves
    • On Turning to the Light Rather than Continuing to Suffer in the Karmic Realm
    • The Play of Karma as a Way to Learn the Soul Lesson of Empathy with Other Souls on Earth
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here is a little more on the Law of Karma and the Lords of Karma.


Karma ended at the time of the Shift in December 2012. Now all the karma that remains is the karma that we create for our own Souls through acting out incarnational Soul wounding. This acting out mires us further in the suffering of karmic causality, and subjects us to further Soul wounding.

I suggest that, when we feel a resonance with the Law of Karma and the Lords of Karma, that we turn away from this, and instead align our wills and hearts and minds with the Will and Heart and Mind of God.

There is an edited Summary after the video …

The photos for this video, along with others taken on that day, are posted here … Link: “Colorado Countryside,” photos by Alice B. Clagett … ..



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

About the Lords of Karma

I thought I would talk, just for a moment, about the state of the Law of Karma right now. It seems that, on the astral plane for a long time now, we have had some beings … Service to Self beings: Fallen Angels, Satan World beings, or maybe Wanderers … who are enforcing, or overseeing, the Law of Karma on Earth … and in the lower astral realms, in the hellworlds of the astral plane.

Now, what does this really mean? There is a learning process that was in place, to teach us Souls higher wisdom through the experience of polarity. These beings, through an Archangel Michael fractal that they look up to, oversaw the disposition of Souls after physical death: Where they should be located or relocated, on the astral plane, because of their current state of density (which had to do with the experiences that these Souls had had on Earth, through various incarnations.

Old Lightworker Syndrome: 49 Percenters (aka 51 percenters)

They call themselves the Lords of Karma. Sometimes they would work through human beings … what I call the ’49 percenters’ … And that is the human beings who had great Light, because of their service as Lightworkers and Wayshowers and Pathfinders in many incarnations on Earth, and who had acquired, through their service, distortions of Light that limited them, ever so slightly, towards the Dark.

They could still function, in the physical reality, with 49 percent Light and 51 percent Dark; but this extra 1 percent allowed these beings … these beings of yellow, or third chakra, density, third-eye point strength, and lack of heart energy … to settle into their Soul fields, in the places where wounding existed. And, if they could appeal enough to their mental minds, they could kind of ‘rule the show’ for a while, in some incarnations.

This does not mean that these beautiful Lightworker Souls are taken over by the Dark. or by these entities. What it means is that the flavor of their Souls was just sufficiently distorted … just a tiny bit more distorted than most 50-50 people … to where it was possible for these other entities to somehow influence their decision-making processes.

So here on Earth, at this moment in time, there are Souls with an incredible history of service to humanity, that are swayed by these mid-astral-plane beings of control. It may seem like teamwork, but there is no real allegiance there, because the Lords of Karma, on the astral plane, move from Soul to Soul in the physical state. Human beings do not belong to them. They move around, and influence this person or that person, depending on opportunity … as I am sure everyone knows!

The  Lords of Karma Are Not Our Masters, and We Are Not Their Slaves

They may convince these 49ers … because they have fallen momentarily under the Lords of Karma’s influence, that they, themselves, are the Lords of Karma. and that they have many allies, on the astral plane, that are also the Lords of Karma. This is a simple misunderstanding of our role as human beings. So I will proceed back to the astral plane, and talk about the work of the Lords of Karma there.

For the Lords of Karma, karma is pretty important … because that is their job description. They are teaching Souls, but they are also engaging in the wounding of Souls. Their teaching of Souls runs counter to their intention of wounding Souls.

On Turning to the Light Rather than Continuing to Suffer in the Karmic Realm

At some point, Souls need to turn to the Light, and call on God, and call on the Angelic Realm to help them out … Because these beings, that are concerned with the order of the density, are just half of the show; just one half of the learning process.

When the Shift occurred, in 2012, karma ended in the world. But there are still human beings incarnate on Earth who are accumulating karma now … even though all of the old karma is unraveling now; all the incarnational karma is unraveling.

These Souls need to stop acting out, in physical form, and then all that will go away, and clarify. And the job that the Lords of Karma had to do, here on Earth, will have ceased.

The Play of Karma as a Way to Learn the Soul Lesson of Empathy with Other Souls on Earth

Karma is not a ‘job’ in itself; it was one small part of the learning process of our Soul magnificence. It was the learning to step forward with the energy of the heart.

It is like when two-year-old children are playing in the sandbox; one child wants a particular toy. He sees another child with the toy. And the first child does not understand that the other child is a separate person who can be hurt, and that he himself suffers, when the other child is injured.

So what does he do? He takes the toy from the other child, and maybe even throws a little sand at him, or smacks him. And the mom comes along and says: This is not the right way to play. You need to be kind to that other person over there. And I will say, usually it does not go over very well, at first; it is a sulky situation … [laughs] … and a hard learning process. And many people do not learn that in the kindergarten stage. They have to learn that through many incarnation.

Now is the time for all Souls on Earth to be picking up on empathy … on their oneness with the All. The job of Karma is ending. The job of punishment is ending, The Law of Love is being established, everywhere on Earth. For each and every one of us, the presence of Christ consciousness is ours to experience.


I do not know what to say about the Lords of Karma; but I do leave it in God’s hands. God will know what to do. God takes care of every being and every Soul … which is, in fact, just a manifestation of God’s love.

So, don’t hang onto your karma, I say. Let us let all that go. Let us not worry about Heaven and Hell; let us just relate to Christ and the Buddha, and all the great energy that is here on Earth today.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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