Ground Zero: How Will an Insolvent California House Its Homeless? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 21 May 2019

    • Favelas as Housing?
    • Cardboard Packing Crate, or Old Tire Housing
    • Free Zone with Offer of Landfill Building Materials

Dear Ones,

It is possible that the slow roll of the HIV – AIDS pandemic will provide relief from the California housing crisis over time, by slowing or halting population growth over the next 10 or 20 years. But in the meantime, we have a homeless problem that is impossible to solve, using the current measuring stick for adequate housing, because the solutions put forth are too costly, considering the state of the California budget.

Have we not done next to nothing for some years now, because we have not the money on hand to live up to our expectations in housing the homeless? And in the meantime, they are suffering and dying on our streets, right beneath our gaze.

Clearly, we must give up our grand expectations, and find what we are able to do, and do that … even if it be the humblest gesture … right now. Let us start from what we are able to do, rather than what we think we ought to do … And provide some form of housing, no matter how humble, for our unhoused population.


Considering the harsh reality of the existence of an uncountable number of Californians housed in the dirt, and working in the earth: What can we do right now, starting from ground zero, to improve that situation? We might look at what other countries too poor to help their indigent in a grand way yet may offer as Stage One housing.

Favelas as Housing? For instance, at the very least, can we provide for our homeless land set aside for a favela-type existence, as is available in the poor sectors of Brazilian cities?

Image: “The favelas of Niteroi, Brazil – March 2011″ …–favelas-brazil.jpg ..

Cardboard Packing Crate, or Old Tire Housing. If cardboard, packing crate, or old-tire housing works for the unhomed in Tijuana, maybe we could provide that type of housing here …

Image: “Tijuana Houses: Slums and City” … ..

Free Zone with Offer of Landfill Building Materials. Are we able to rummage through our landfills, and find building materials that they can use? Is this a possibility?

Might we establish a free zone, where they can build and squat? And might we haul in building materials from our dumps so that they can use them?


This I see as an urgently necessary in the solution of the homeless dilemma: To find the homeless a safe place to be, no matter how humble. We must start where we are, and do what we can, even if it be no more than that which the underdeveloped nations are able to provide their homeless and indigent populations.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: “Everyone In–Supportive Housing Across L.A.,” by Everyone In LA, 8 March 2018 … ..


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