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Multiple Personality Disorder . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 29 May 2018; revised on 23 February 2019

IMPORTANT: While it seems to me that I may once have had an experience of encountering a multiple personality such as the one described below, the people in the first image, and the silhouette of the man in the second image do not in the least resemble the man I encountered. In fact, I chose to use these images for that reason.

Dear Ones,

Because I once apparently encountered a perilous situation with regard to a multiple personality … the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of literary fame … I have added this blog to the category: Alice’s perilous tales

I looked up Multiple Personality Disorder in Wikipedia. (1) There I found this image …

“Image: “illustration depicting an individual with dissociative identity disorder.” by 04Mukti, from Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 unported

Image: “illustration depicting an individual with dissociative identity disorder.” by 04Mukti, from Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 unported

I have seen Multiple Personality Disorder described in the literature in terms reminiscent of the above image … to the effect that a person with Multiple Personality Disorder is a sad and shivering victim of a dysfunctional ego, splintered into many different mirrors of the roles the victim sees being played out in other people.

However, in some cases, I feel this clinical impression of the disorder to be disarming and misleading. Specifically, when Multiple Personality Disorder results from a catastrophic childhood experience (2), the sexually expressive personality can have a ‘kill for the thrill’ aspect, as in the case of Jack the Ripper. (3) In other words, the sexual aspect may be that of a sexual predator (4) …

I used the below image in a different context (5) before, but it would also be good to view it in the context of Multiple Personality Disorder (also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).

In the latter context, the illustration might show the ‘normal’ personality of a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, and a ‘serial killer’ personality ‘behind’ him …

Image: Serial killer personality behind the silhouette of the ‘normal’ personality of a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. The serial killer personality is depicted by an altered version of the painting “The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea,” by William Blake, 1805, public domain; and the ‘normal’ personality is depicted by the silhouette of a man (who is facing forward). The silhouette is an adaptation of “Man standing silhouette.svg” by Open Clip Art Library, 16 April 2009, in Wikimedia Commons, public domain. I chose this silhouette because it did not resemble anyone whom I felt to be a multiple personality. Adapted and compiled by Alice B. Clagett, 22 February 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0. — This is an alternate interpretation of a drawing found in “Triple Vortical ‘Vampire Effect’ – a Temporary Ascension Symptom,” by Alice B. Clagett, in “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

Image: Serial killer personality behind the silhouette of the ‘normal’ personality of a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. The serial killer personality is depicted by an altered version of the painting “The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea,” by William Blake, 1805, public domain; and the ‘normal’ personality is depicted by the silhouette of a man (who is facing forward). The silhouette is an adaptation of “Man standing silhouette.svg” by Open Clip Art Library, 16 April 2009, in Wikimedia Commons, public domain. I chose this silhouette because it did not resemble anyone whom I felt to be a multiple personality. Adapted and compiled by Alice B. Clagett, 22 February 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0. — This is an alternate interpretation of a drawing found in “Triple Vortical ‘Vampire Effect’ – a Temporary Ascension Symptom,” by Alice B. Clagett, in “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

Then, there might be another personality, that of a helpless young woman … or of the helpless victim of the serial killer. In that case, the multiple personality might dress like a woman and behave in an effeminate manner …

Image: “Portrait of a Young Woman,” by Johannes Vermeer, 1665-67, public domain

Image: “Portrait of a Young Woman,” by Johannes Vermeer, 1665-67, public domain

Each personality might have a different name, if overheard on the ‘astral airs’ … startlingly different names, like Jim, for the ‘normal’; Estelle, for the ‘victim’, and Panther, for the serial killer. These are just ‘made up’ names I’m using as examples.

In my own thankfully uneventful encounter with a Panther persona a few years ago, because I am psy, I noticed a demonic aspect to the energy of the Panther personality; that is the impetus for my second image in this blog, the collage of the shadow man and the William Blake drawing, which I slightly altered.

Speaking intuitively, I feel there is a possibility that the ‘Jack the Ripper’ aspect of a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder might have mind control abilities that might aid him in pursuit of prey … hypnotic abilities. Here I pose the example of the cuttlefish, which hypnotizes its prey with oscillating color displays …

Link: “Hypnosis Attack: World’s Deadliest,” by Nat Geo Wild, published on 21 May 2012, ..

Maybe the sudden switch from one personality to another, in the case of a stalker who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, has a similar hypnotic effect on the victim. Could this be about the expectations of the victim being suddenly flummoxed? Could the victim of the Panther, like the victim of the color-oscillating cuttlefish, be in a state of shocked bemusement? A state of ‘mind mud’?

I have further hypotheses that the splintered personality who mimics the roles of those he sees around him might also feel that one of his favored personalities obsesses other people and causes them to act out roles in life.

He might also feel that acting out of favored roles, say through the movies, might influence a movie-viewing community to minimize the import of a ‘Jack the Ripper’ persona. In other words, that he might make a movie that would alter societal expectations in such a way that the predatorial role becomes socially acceptable. Would this be what is termed in psychology ‘projection’ or might there be some truth to it, from an astral perspective, I wonder?

People who hypothesize the existence of demonic energies separate from the shadow of the personality of a person, and as separate from the shadow of the personality of the collective unconscious of humankind, would infer the further threat of black magic energies coursing through the predatory persona of a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.

Were it to be so, then the hypothetical threat … that of a demonically possessed patient and a demonically obsessed victim … would be the greater.

Thus I urge psychologists and psychiatrists to approach therapy for people suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder with utmost attention to their personal safety and for that of those restraining and seeing to the needs of the patient.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Dissociative Identity Disorder,” in Wikipedia, ..

(2) Link: My blog category “Catastrophic childhood experiences” … ..

(3) Link: “Jack the Ripper,” in Wikipedia, ..

(4) Link: “Sexual Predator,” in Wikipedia, ..

(5) See Link: “Triple Vortical ‘Vampire Effect’ – a Temporary Ascension Symptom,” by Alice B. Clagett, ..


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Getting a Handle on Solar Event Anxiety . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 14 May 2017

    • Paranoid Hologram Displays
    • Paranoid, Conspiracy or Horror Astral Stories Sparked by Mass Media
    • Paranoid Astral Stories Sparked by Mental Patients
    • On Exiting Their Physical Presence
    • On Avoiding Thought Actuators about Them

Dear Ones,


I liked this new movie very much …

Movie: “The Last Avatar,” starring Alexander Polinsky, Adey, and Neale Donald Walsch … ..

It graphically displays what it’s like to have anxious feelings during these days of high Incoming Light, and how, through courage, we can triumph over feelings of anxiety.


Especially when X-flares impact Earth’s magnetosphere, and also during days of low Kp index (planetary K index) activity such as have been occurring in the last few weeks, it’s possible for hologram shifts to occur, based on cognitive dissonance (aka cognitive diminution, ‘mind mud’) among humankind as a whole. These shifts are more realistic when visualized by a number of people experiencing the same astral story … This is what psychologists call ‘mass hysteria’.

Paranoid Hologram Displays

Solar events usher in hologram upgrades, which clear out the ‘snicks and snags’ in our emotional and mental programming (our habitual or subconscious thought processes). So when the solar events end, we find we’re better … physically, mentally, and emotionally … than before the events occurred.

However, when the events are in progress, paranoid astral story sometimes unfold, and this is a drawback of solar events that it’s important to be aware of. Hologram shifts to do with solar events sometimes manifest as visual displays, such as the scenes of pursuit by ‘men in black’ or the guerrillas storming the media broadcast citadel in the movie “The Last Avatar.”


America is a free country; freedom of speech; freedom of press; “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are way up there on our list of esteemed privileges for everyone in America. So clearly, if we hear contrarily on the astral plane, it’s not coming from someone ‘in charge’ … rather, our own mental bodies are attracting thought forms, most likely of dubious repute, as a result of the fight response being triggered by the solar event.

Paranoid, Conspiracy, or Horror Astral Stories Sparked by Mass Media

The new movies coming out often have themes of paranoid, and so these can spark paranoid astral stories in otherwise emotionally healthy people. Waves of paranoid delusion roll through the noosphere when a great number of people simultaneously watch the same movie presenting a paranoid, conspiracy, or horror theme. (The same is true of crime movies, but that’s another story.)

Paranoid Astral Stories Sparked by Mental Patients

We do have a number of people in our population, who suffer from paranoid delusions, and there’s nothing stopping them from joining in the general astral melee when solar events shake up the noosphere. Especially in situations where the fight or flight syndrome is activated, concomitant with a feeling of fight or controlling others, it’s important to vet folks we hear in the astral air, who purport to be high-ranking officials asking us to do outrageous things like hack the internet so as to censor stuff we don’t like there, or act out in other ways so as to control other people.


Other causes of the fight response during a solar event are being in the physical presence of, or thinking about, a person with a very different light quotient from our own … could be a very much higher or a very much lower light quotient.

On Exiting Their Physical Presence

If your fight response is being triggered by the physical presence of another person, then absent yourself from their physical vicinity. It’s important to act intuitively, rather than rationally, on this, as waiting to ‘see what happens’ can result in acting out. The same is true if you intuit another person’s fight response is being triggered, with regard to your person … if the danger flag flaps so much as one time, turn ‘on a dime’ and exit the person’s physical presence.

On Avoiding Thought Actuators about Them

If your fight response is triggered by thinking about them, then peg down the ‘thought actuators’ and then, for the duration of the solar event, avoid the actuators. One good way to do this is to temporarily ‘unfriend’ them on facebook, for instance. Don’t write them any emails, don’t call them on the phone, don’t go visit with them for the duration of the solar event. The same is true if it is their fight response, rather than your own, that is being activated.


After a while of being buffeted about by the fight response (or the flight response), you will begin to get a handle on this endocrine system trigger, to the point where your emotions during solar events will no longer tempt you to act out. So that’s something to look forward to.

In the meantime, when we ascertain, during a solar event, that we are experiencing cognitive dissonance, it’s best to take steps to ease our emotional state, and that way sidestep the inevitable embarrassment concomitant on ‘acting out’. (1) (2)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Community Health: Space Weather Health Alert Information . referral by Alice B. Clagett,” published on 15 February 2017 … ..

(2) Link: “Community Health: Preparing for Solar and Gateway Event EMF Hypersensitivity,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 19 February 2015; revised … ..


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Escaping the Mind Control Techniques of Lock Down, Entrainment, and Psychic Rape . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 19 April 2017 

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … CC BY 3.0

Image: Adapted from “Harsh Bit Use,” by Arthur Mouratidis from United States, from Wikimedia Commons … CC BY 3.0

    • Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance/Submission
    • Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship
      • Soul Evolution
      • Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation
    • On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’
    • Subconscious ‘Curses’
    • Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient
    • On Overcoming Entrainment
      • Getting Even
      • Transforming and Returning Energy
      • Long-Term Techniques
    • Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal
    • Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to Sexual Molestation of Women and Children
    • On Overcoming Psychic Rape
      • On the Spur of the Moment
      • Longterm Techniques
    • Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Dear Ones,

Here are some mind control techniques and ways to avoid them:


‘Lock down’ is telepathic repetition of a thought by one person that causes fear in another person. Repeating the thought over and over again can lead to generalized anxiety, then a panic attack. Telepaths use this techique to sharpen their telepathic skills and practice ‘one-upmanship’ on each other.

Hazing and One-Upmanship: Feral Drives to ‘Pack Ordering’ and Dominance/Submission

Also, a group of telepaths may gang up on one telepath, a ‘newbie’, and implement ‘lock down’ as a form of hazing.

Hazing is a form of ‘one-upmanship’, which expresses the feral drives to ‘pack ordering’ and dominance/submission, which lead to selection of the alpha male which leads, for instance, a wolf pack or ape pack.

These behaviors, both on the verbal and on the physical level, tend to occur because of retreat from the higher brain to the reptilian brain. They tend to take place subconsciously.

Drawbacks to Practicing Psychic Hazing and One-Upmanship

Soul Evolution. If a spiritual adept wishes to act to evolve his own Soul wisdom, it is important to consciously stop hazing our fellow Spiritual adepts in training, whether they be in our own spiritual group or another spiritual group. Now, at the time of the Turning, the whole world is coming together in peace and harmony; shall we, as spiritual adepts, be left behind, and unconsciously practicing these feral drives in the form of “I’m better than you!” ? Surely, not; let us set aside hazing and psychic competition!

Unintended Strengthening of Tendencies toward Sadomasochism and Genital Mutilation. A further caveat: Practicing spiritual superpower one-upmanship, because it expresses feral dominance/submission, will, over time, lead to the practice of sadomasochism and genital mutilation. These are legally actionable, and clearly, undesirable activities in terms of earthly life.

On Overcoming ‘Lock Down’

For the person who is being subjected to ‘lock down’, anti-anxiety measures, including grounding, medications, and talking to other people about what’s happening are good ways to end the ‘lock down’.


‘Entrainment’ is mental suggestion of a telepathic thought by one person, using their throat chakra or third-eye point, and directed at another person’s throat, third-eye, navel point, sacral chakra, genitals, or basal chakra.

Subconscious Curses

This is a more sophisticated technique than psychic rape, which is described below. Often it is practiced subconsciously: The telepathic sender has a subconscious wish regarding someone else, such as “I wish they wouldn’t marry; I want their money” or “I wish they would stay fat; I don’t want them competing with me for a man” or “I hate them; I wish they would die” or (and I hear this on the clair plane surprisingly often, “May you get cancer.”

These bad wishes ( or ‘curses’) are broadcast by the telepathic sender to the energy field of the person he is thinking about (the telepathic recipient); this occurs as unerringly as a short-wave radio broadcast from one ham operator to the other. Unless detected and returned to the sender transformed to light, love and joy, they will have a deleterious effect on the telepathic recipient’s energy field.

Effects of Entrainment on the Telepathic Recipient

When directed to another person’s throat chakra or third-eye point:

  • It can cause ‘mind mud‘ …slowing or ceasing of doing the intended action, or doing it wrong.
  • It can lead to traffic accidents,
  • Or to oversleeping, or to an intense desire to fall asleep suddenly,
  • Or to developing a disease or physical pain.
  • It is sometimes unethically used to prevail upon people to give their money to the telepathic sender or a cause he or she espouses.
  • Further, it may be used to get a person to join a spiritual group. Though the means may appear to justify the end, this is a form of consequentialism on the part of the telepathic sender; a first step on the long road to Auschwitz and to Soul devolution.

On Overcoming Entrainment

Phases of Entrainment Detection; Rising above Entrainment

Getting Even. As a telepath begins to become aware of other people’s subconscious ‘curses’ of the sort described above, he or she may go through a phase of ‘getting even’. This phase can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, and is not in key with the energy wave of Christ consciousness that has uplifted Earth.

Transforming and Returning Energy. Thus the telepath who realizes he’s receiving curses soon turns to transforming incoming curses to love, light and joy, and returning them to the sender. This has two advantages:

  • It removes negative energy from the telepathic recipient’s energy field, and
  • It helps turn the original telepathic sender’s energy field from negative to positive, thus promoting, through a feeling of goodwill on the part of the original telepathic recipient, the likelihood that the original sender will cease the intent to astral harm.

Long-Term Techniques. To get past susceptibility to ‘entrainment’ long-term you will need to master your mind by eliminating malware, malspeak, and implants, and developing cosmic mind. See my blog categories ‘Soul wounding’ and ‘mastery of mind’.


Telepathic psychic rape techniques affect the repressed emotions of socialized people, who have learned in childhood to repress and sublimate their sex drive. Psychic rape by a person with a very strong vital drive, or by a group of telepaths acting together (as, for instance, in a black magic ritual), is more difficult to counter than the random, unconscious thought of psychic rape by the ordinary man or woman.

Sometimes soldiers of fortune vaunt their ability to perform psychic rape, either as a way to get other people to unconsciously agree with them, as a power play, or else as a way to get money from them.

Using Psychic Rape to Get Lawyers and Law Enforcement on the Side of a Criminal

For instance, if a criminal or con man wanted to get a lawyer or law enforcement officer on his side, he might hire a psychic rapist to soften up the lawyer or law enforcement officer, who might unwittingly go along with the genital stimulation in a subconscious way, and overlook the peccadillos of the soldier of fortune or the criminal who hired him.

Psychic Rape as a Lead-in to ‘Mark’ Victims for Predation

The same technique is used to have casual sex with women, or part them from their money; and to overcome a child’s innocent will power and sexually molest him or her.

Con-artists, either consciously or unconsciously, or through hiring a soldier of fortune who has psychic abilities to act on their behalf, use psychic rape to soften up those they have ‘marked’ for predation.

On Overcoming Psychic Rape

On the Spur of the Moment. Individual instances of psychic rape can be dealt with by these actions, which immediately strengthen your electromagnetic field:

  • grounding … sitting on the ground.
  • Or sit up straight, preferably in a quiet place, such as your meditation area.
  • If watching TV, a handheld or the internet, stop doing so; this will strengthen your EMF.

For instance,

  • If driving, park the car and stand on the ground, preferably in a quiet place.
  • If sleeping, sit up in your bed and meditate, or go into another room and meditate in a sitting position.
  • If eating or talking with other people, stop these activities and find a place to meditate while sitting up straight.

Longterm Techniques. Longterm, the way to overcome behavioral manipulation through psychic rape is to develop the will power:

  • by practicing affirmations such as these:
  • by daily practice of yoga exercises that strengthen the navel point … including ‘stretch pose’, breath of fire, and Sat Kriya … continue daily for 40 or 90 days.
  • by daily practice of calisthenics that strengthen the navel point … such as push-ups and situps,
  • and by consciously monitoring our actions and exercising our will power throughout the day.

See “Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose with Anne Novak, by Spirit Voyage, ..

See “Breath of Fire with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage, ..

See “How to Do Kundalini Yoga: Sat Kriya with Anne Novak,” by Spirit Voyage, ..

Drawbacks of Practicing Psychic Rape

Psychic rape is illegal but, as many criminals know, difficult to prove in a court of law. However, there have been instances of convictions for psychic rape.

Left unchecked, psychic rapists are likely to begin raping on the physical plane because of the karmic burden they accrue. The reverse is also true: people who rape will begin to develop the samskara of habitual psychic rape. After some time practicing psychic rape, the psychic  will be unable to contain the impulse to physical rape, even though the risk of being caught by law enforcement in a particular instance may be very high.


When we begin to detect the amount of mind control that goes on in the world, there’s a tendency to over-react, and to go into a spiral of upset about it. However, looked at rightly, beginning to detect that we are being mind controlled is a step in the direction of self-realization, and self awakening.

The question is, to take the bit in the hands, and to begin the long and fascinating road to self mastery and mastery of mind. Thus, looked at aright, detection that we are being mind controlled is a gift of increasing awareness from the Divine.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Community Health: Space Weather Health Alert Information . referral by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 15 February 2017

Dear Ones,

This is from Space Weather News, …

Chart: “Space Weather Health Alert Information,” by  ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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The Shadow of the Personality and Shadow of the Group . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 November 2016

Dear Ones,

This is about the shadow of the personality and the shadow of the group. There is an introduction on signs and portents, and on the draining of batteries.

See the ‘For More Information’ section for more on how the process of transforming the shadow to love and light will drain any nearby batteries. So, better to do transformational work away from batteries (and electronics) …



First there is a discussion of the portents before, during, and after the making of this video:

  • A near head-on-collision with an aggressive driver in the opposite flow of traffic (a sign that the dynamics of the Satan world, the shadow world, and the power of the dark are changing)
  • The draining of my car battery during the filming (along with a discussion of batteries draining during changeups in the illusion and in the power of the dark during the Awakening), and
  • Mind mud and anger amongst personnel at an auto parts store

And now, on to the information that was the occasion of these portents; information to do with the shadow of the personality and of the group.

When we have a group that has a natural antipathy for another group, we have a tangle; especially if that group returns the feeling of hostility.

If people were to unglom from groups, then we wouldn’t have the shadow of the group; but as it is, many people are sticking with the groups, and group shadows will need to be dealt with.

As the astral beings negative have cleared from Earth, what remains to be cleared is the noospheric black magic detritus of their tenancy on Earth. In group gloms, the shadow represents the black magic detritus of the group, and the clearing taking place is the clearing of the shadow, of the black magic.

In the video, I suggest there is a group glom between Washington, DC and Vatican City. The glom is fairly close in latitude, but not the same; DC is at 38.9072° N, and Vatican City is at 41.9029° N. This glom has two black magic counter-weights: The Black Magic Mass and the Black Magic Secret Service.

  • The former, the Black Magic Mass, had to do with refusal to submit to the authority of the Pope and the Vatican, and is aligned with the energy of the Knights Templar.
  • The latter, the Black Magic Secret Service (perhaps related to the term ‘Black Ops’) has to do with individuality, refusal to submit to authority, and the notion of the many freedoms that we have as Americans. The dark side to this is the thought that we American have the right way of doing things, and so therefore we have the right to offer a patriarchal influence on the Earth.
    • In past this has caused, to some extent, the feeling that we are controlling, or attempting to control, peoples beyond our borders.
    • In recent times, there has been an occasion inversion of this energy thread, so that it has turned into a notion of controlling American citizens instead. The public perception of Jade Helm is an example of this.
    • On the clair plane, this energy of the Black Magic Secret Service (or ‘Black Ops’) seems to favor everything that the Vatican stands for: Such as abortion, the right to be homosexual, the right to sexually abuse children, the right to abuse, rape and kill women, the right to have an atheistic or pagan point of view, and the right to practice black magic. So, in terms of dogma, this energy stands more with the Knights Templar in terms of serving Baal, or some other form of Satan, and opposes the energy of Catholicism and of the real-life Secret Service. In other words, this energy represents the shadow of our groups, in the same way that the shadow of the personality represents the energies we set aside and repress as unacceptable to our fellow man.
  • I’m hoping that those in the Catholic community and those in the Secret Service community will look to their own groups, and find the shadow energies they feel at ease to clear, so that they each may proceed well with the Awakening process.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


See the video “8 year old kid builds crystal grids to clear negative energy and explains how it works,” .. for a little on how a process of transformation of dark energy to love (in this case by means of a crystal grid, but in my work, through the power of the heart chakra) drains energy from batteries.

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Control versus Heart-Centric Reality . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 28 October 2016

Image: One of the Borg, from Star Trek: … What is termed ‘malware’ in the context of the Awakening consists of Borg-like inserts or implants in the subtle body known as our astral body, and in our etheric net. These implants are made, during the long Ages of Darkness, by astral beings negative who are far superior to us in technology. However, it is all done through the Divine plan to offer us humans free will choices, so that we may advance in Soul wisdom.

Dear Ones,

This video is about:

  • The chakric balance of our natal family, and how it affects us at first
  • When one of the gut brain chakras is predominant in a natal family
  • On learning the user manual for the human body
  • Third chakra is about will power, about making one’s way in the world. It has to do with control, and with being controlled.
  • Ways of expressing oneself: assertiveness , aggressiveness, submissiveness
  • For a child born into a third-chakra family, an important lesson to be learned is to stand one’s ground, with maintaining one’s place in the world. The third chakra also has to do with ‘I’ and ‘other’, with cause and effect.
  • Leaders of government, defense, corporations, schools, and churches all have to deal with the competing demands of various people’s third-chakra energy,
  • In about 2012, at the time of the Shift, many, many people started coming to higher consciousness, to a state of enlightenment, to awareness, to enlightenment, to Awakening, and sometimes to a sense of rapture and joy in Cosmic consciousness in the presence of God, to Christ consciousness.
  • People who are in the third chakra, and are starting to attain that awareness, have not yet reached the fourth chakra, which is essential to a noncausal view of reality. Through the fourth chakra, we attain a non-cause-and-effect weltanschauung … the synchronous reality of God’s grace showering down on Earth and changing things instantaneously. But until we get there, sometimes we’re there, and sometimes it seems like everything is hopelessly enmeshed in karma, especially if we had that kind of upbringing where there’s a great deal of respect for the third chakra and for cause and effect.
  • In the last decade, many people, observing politics, have come to an understanding that there are astral realities, similar to the virtual realities of electronics, and to nanotechnology, but far more subtle, more refined. For instance, during the tens of thousands of years of the Age of Darkness, there have been astral bots, astral telecommunication devices, astral spy mechanisms, astral remote viewing and remote control of people, and all kinds of scary astral things like that … astral hypnosis, astral karmic forcing of people into a particular role that they don’t want to be in, astral mind control … These astral things are very similar to the scary movies that the mass media have been putting out. That’s because what the media are putting out has an astral reality, and not necessarily a high-tech reality.
  • So now, we’re getting the willies, because we’ve noticed it: the malware, the mind mud, mind slide, and all kinds of technologies put in place by the many astral beings negative in the many epochs past. Now we notice it. And now we’re freaking out! But it’s all over with! This is the age of the Awakening … the beginning of the Age of Light.
  • It’s not that some groups have suddenly taken over the leadership of any country, or of any groups in any country, or of the common man … you and me.
  • As Star Trek might term it, we have been ‘Borged up’ … our astral forms are cluttered with this malware. That makes us, in a way, not human, or not in control of ourselves. That’s really quite cool, because Earth school is about that … It’s about losing some part of our free will, and making bad decisions, and learning from that, and then starting to make good decisions again.
  • What the malware does is, it creates the opportunity for us to learn more quickly, because it makes every bad decision 10 times worse.
  • On the other hand, we have the blessing of grace, through the higher realms, through our Celestial Teams, which are always available …. Only, we have to ask … and that makes everything 10 times better.
  • What sometimes happens, when a young person is born into a family that concentrates on the third chakra, the very strong will power chakra, is that they don’t know that they have the choice to move into the heart chakra … It seems unsafe; while on the other hand, the only safety exists in the heart chakra. So that’s a difficult thing that has to be learned: That we have that choice, and we can make that choice, and then to summon the courage, the strength of will to give it a go. And this despite the fact that our family may be totally on another page. We may have many long years before we can actually talk to our families. We might have to give that up. In fact, we might have to go to other people who know about assertiveness, and they know about following their hearts and having a wonderful life. We might have to let it go.
  • During a Solar Event, there are simultaneous astral stories running in the different dimensions of reality. Choosing a chakra is choosing a dimension.
  • Something came up yesterday, during the great geostorm that was going on. I was having a great time practicing my multidimensional skills.
  • I remember at first, when the Solar Storms would come up, and I’d be stuck in a third chakra dimensional realm, in the cause and effect realm, and other people would start these astral stories about war, and nanotechnology, and that we were the mere dupes of a shadow government. That the ‘puppet’ government that we saw on the news casts was not really the government at all … and at first I would get into a state of fear about it. Because I was starting to notice, in the third dimension, all the constrictions of the realm of cause and effect. I was starting to notice that, when a president gets in office, or a senator, or a congressman gets in office, he’s immediately inundated by lobbying requests, and put under a great deal of stress, and expected to perform optimally. It’s difficult for these people.
  • We begin to notice how very compromising a leadership position is, because of the fact that we’re tempted to slip down, in a leadership position, into the third chakra … into the realm of control where it seems like everyone else is.
  • Yet we have to follow our hearts, and lead with our hearts, in office. And every time our elected representatives fall toward the third chakra, they pull many other people in our country into that awareness too. Standalone unit! I! I have to stand alone and follow my heart anyway … This goes for each of us. We will follow our hearts, and we will help our leadership and our government to do the same!
  • The minute we determine to do that, and we do that, everything changes for everyone on Earth. Our leaders, our citizens, the foreign nations, leaders of those nations, the leaders of every fleet of ships and every airline on Earth, every corporation … everything changes.
  • It’s that transformational shift that we call multidimensionality or multi-diming.
  • To get back to my own Odyssey along these lines, at first, the Solar Storms would come, and I would hear astral stories about dark things, shadow things going on, and I would be frightened. Everybody else would be saying and feeling the same thing astrally. Then a helicopter would fly by, or I would hear a motor noise. Helicopters always seem to be buzzing overhead during a Solar Storm. And you can take that any number of ways: for instance, as an ominous sign (because the sound of a motor has a tendency to degrade the DNA, and to temporarily pull down our dimensions lower and lower). The odd thing is that, during a Solar Storm, there are lots of motor sounds. It’s almost impossible to escape them. I think it’s because these rough sounds are leaving Earth, and they need to be transformed through love.
  • In any event, when I hear motor noises during a Solar Event … when the air is so charged with protons and so electric, it’s very easy to become mentally confused … what they call ‘mind mud’. Tom Kenyon ( … Hathor Archives ) terms it ‘cognitive dissonance’ in times of ‘chaos’. This has to do, I feel, with development of the new clair ability termed by WHO ‘EMF hypersensitivity’.
  • When, during a Solar Event, cognitive dissonance sets in, it’s very difficult to remember to feel your heart. Then you find yourself back down in your lower chakras’ fight or flight response. You’re trying to figure out: Am I safe? Do I need to flee? Do I need to fight? Do I need to turn on the news? Do I need to go to sleep? What do I need to do? These are kinds of things that go through your mind if you’re down there in the negative gut brain during a Solar Event; the trigger might be an astral story, or the sound of a motor, or the like.
  • So at first, in the early days, although I’d be sitting peacefully, my thoughts used to flow wildly along with the astral stories. But as time went on, I began to distinguish between the chakras and the dimensions, and it was easier because things would happen that were near repeats of the old, and I would be able to navigate up to the heart chakra.
  • A good example was yesterday. I was doing yard work; there was a big geostorm, and the protons were flying. The helicopters started up again, one after another, flying overhead, circling, it seemed. And I remembered the other times. I could hear people making up astral stories, but by keeping my attention on my heart chakra, I came to the conclusion this was the same as the other times when nothing bad had happened. This was a chance to absorb the heavy energies coming from the sound of the helicopter engines into my heart and transform them with love. When I did that, it helped everyone around here, who was listening in, to achieve a more positive emotional frame of mind too.
  • That’s the difference between the navel point and the heart; it’s the ability to ride through our fears and to move on to an understanding that God is always with us; that grace is always with us, abounding.
  • This is just an illusion, and it’s up to us to flavor it with positive emotions or negative emotions. If positive, then we rise in feeling to the highest heaven worlds. If negative, we can sink to the very lowest hell worlds … It’s completely up to us.
  • Expect the unexpected during Solar Events. Go with the flow. Ride with the waves and enjoy it. It’s kind of cool. Very unexpected things happen.
  • The interesting thing about the dimensions is that, as we experience one dimension, the third dimension, we may see actions and ‘acting out’ in the world that support that third-dimensional activity. For example, some sort of ‘berserker’ actions out in the world. We may see those things happen. And that’s because we’ve hooked into a dimension where those things are possible.
  • Yet, we can take the same set of sensory phenomena, and transform our awareness to the heart chakra, and for us, seemingly unalterable reality, that causal net or trap that other people are in, how many people feel they can control other people, how they feel they have everything ‘tied up’, how the dare down (what we used to call the ‘game of chicken‘) operates, how we can have our way, and be above the law … these things that people believe, when they practice third chakra energies, and that manifest in their reality because of it … are completely transformed through feeling the heart.
  • A person standing right beside me, and seeing all the helicopters going over, might be experiencing a completely different reality because of their feeling of fear. And they might step away from me, and into some action that perpetuates that feeling of fear is true. Yet it is not. Only love is true. And the closer our feeling is to love, the more truthful will be our hologram and our illusion. The more we will draw to ourselves those who have the same truthful representation of all that is.
  • Lots of times when people see all the dark things that are happening in the world, they figure they will only survive if they practice black magic, not knowing that the practice of black magic only pulls them down further into the illusion. Black magic is not strong like the angelic realm is strong. Not one ten-thousandth as strong as the angelic realm; we can always call on that and call in the fourth dimension.
  • Many people noticed what was going on with the power games amongst the leadership in the last decade, and how our world leaders were associating with other people also in the third chakras, including black magic practitioners. People noticed the bindings and the karmic forces that wreak control over those who seek power, and how others are always eager to say  that is they who created those bonds on the leadership; that they are the power behind the power. They are the ‘controllers’ of Earth. They have the ‘master plan’ and they are making everything happen.
  • And if we, too, are perceiving everything from our third chakra, we believe this too. It’s easy to believe. They seem pretty scary! They say that they’ve done 700 or 900 or Lord knows how many murders in their lifetime. And in a state of fear we might believe these things. But in a state of feeling the heart, we see that none of this is true. It’s completely untrue.
  • It’s the same way in the astral stories … If there’s someone that we feel to have power or authority over us, for whatever reason … someone that we just can’t seem to be able to deal with on an equal footing … it’s likely, during a Solar Event, that the astral stories that come up around helicopters, and like that, are going to feature that person as the ‘controller’. But in fact, there is no ‘controller’. There are just a lot of people that believe that they control things.
  • This is lucky, because we are noticing the constrictions on those in power. We are noticing how the desire for power rips power from us. We are noticing how black magic diminishes our human electromagnetic field. And we’re finally realizing that that’s not the way.
  • But at first, it seems like everything is hopeless, and suddenly there are psychic wars, and there are mind control experts, and there are ‘controllers’ everywhere, and all this stuff is going on. But it’s been going on all this time. We just didn’t know it. But now we do! That’s really terrific! Congratulations to each of us!
  • One of the power buzzwords that people use on the astral plane when they’re into the third chakra game, is they’ll find some agency on Earth that seems impregnable and unassailable, like a secret service organization, for instance. Pretending to be a secret service agent is, according to an article I read in WikiHow recently, quite an up and coming con game. A person with a fake secret service ID might even try to convince law enforcement that he just murdered a man, or robbed a bank because he was a secret service person, and so therefore, he should be let go.
  • This is a very popular con game these days, and the same is true on the astral plane. There’s a very popular astral story going on about the secret service … all the different agencies like that, and with regard to the State Department, the Internal Revenue Service. Anything that strikes fear into the heart of the average American is featured on the astral stories as if the one or two people in the world that we most think of as the impregnable, unassailable ‘controllers’ of our existence were in charge of those organizations. That’s just another example of the fake secret service ID, except that this person, that we’re kind of afraid of, is saying, suddenly, that they’re a secret service agent, or that they’ve called the IRS, or that they know the head of the State Department, or that they have drones that they drones (!) that they can employ against us, and that tomorrow we’re going to be out of existence…. Like, right! Like the government is concerned about us!
  • I saw a movie called “The Last Avatar,” available on … It’s a very cool movie about rising above fears engendered by the navel point notions of fight or flight, of control or being controlled. It’s about rising past that into the heart chakra. And there’s this great scene where the hero is about to proclaim his truth to the world, about all the great things that are actually so in the higher dimensions, and he’s chased by a mob of Gendarme guerrilla people … mercenaries … and he just makes it into the broadcasting booth, and proclaims his truth, and then the movie ends.
  • It’s just that kind of feeling when you’re rising from third chakra fears into the fourth chakra. You can do it! You can make it. And it’s a whole new, separate world where you can speak your truth freely, where you can follow your heart, where all the liberties written down in the Constitution of the United States are yours for the taking!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. Here is the Planetary K (Kp) Index for the Solar Storm that took place the last few days, as mentioned in the video (1):



(1) This chart is public domain. See


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Romance, the Duality Play, Acting Out, and Downloading Codes . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 13 August 2016

    • Romance and the Duality Play
    • Downloading and Installing Codes
    • On Men ‘Acting Out’ During the Awakening
    • Women: On Keeping Yourself and Your Children Safe During the Awakening
    • Codes and Couple Relationships
      • If Both Members of a Couple Optimize Their Timelines
      • If Only One Member of a Couple Has Optimized the Timelines
      • If Both Members of the Couple Have Not Optimized their Timelines
    • Men: On Camaraderie and Other Assistance During the Awakening

Dear Ones,

This video is about romance, the duality play, and acting out during the Awakening. There is a Summary beneath the video.


Text in green font (below) is not in the video.

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have some information for you  regarding the Duality play. It is a little hard to understand or accept right now, but it is helpful from the ‘airport’ perspective …

Link: “The Airport and the Traveller,” a visualization by Alice B. Clagett, published on 12 August 2016; transcribed on 24 February 2019 … ..

… for those that are able to create the kind of neutral mind that perceives their body as being the body of Light or the magnificent Soul … that huge, magnificent entity … enacting a tiny play or skit in the physical reality, then this will be all right.

For those that are stuck in body consciousness right now … which is the case for most people … it will not be all right.

Romance and the Duality Play

It’s like this: Romance is a sticking together of the Soul wounding of two people. The Divine plan for human romance is to heal the Soul wounding. Unfortunately, very often the human plan is to increase the Soul wounding … moving from being to being, and increasing one’s own Soul wounding.

Soul wounding itself is like pluses and minuses in the electromagnetic field … like crinkling of the etheric net at the Soul wounding site. So there is an attraction: It is like a key in a lock … only you imagine that, in your etheric net, there are many keys sticking out, and many keyholes sticking in. When you find someone that is your ‘one and only’, that is the person who is your opposite: The opposite keys and the opposite keyholes. And these two fit together; the etheric nets stick together, at the Soul wounding points.

For a person who has healed that Soul wounding, there are no keys sticking out, and there are no keyholes. The etheric net is very smooth in shape.

Downloading and Installing Codes

What is happening, during the Awakening process, for couples who have this interlocking feature of Soul wounding going on, is that one of them … either the man or the woman … will receive the codes, the downloads of cosmic Light, during the gateways that Sandra Walter … … talks about. (In her Light Intel articles, Sandra Walter keeps us informed of those gateways.)

I like to keep in mind that the gateway dates that Sandra Walter offers can be a little bit larger than what she says, depending on the subset of people involved … the subset of Souls. Or it might be a little smaller.

Some Souls might miss the gateway; but frequently what happens is they get the codes; most people get the codes. And it may or may not be right, on their timeline, for them to install the codes. What decides that is whether or not they have optimized their timelines. In case you have missed that part, it goes like this: When the gateways take place (or anytime you feel it is important that you receive the codes) you say …

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

You only have to say it once. It is very important to include all the words in this optimization. If you ‘mind slide’ over one of the words, or have a strong subconscious objection to the wording, that will be because of the Soul wounding you carry, that you are hoping to clear. It is very important to include all the words; the activation of Light (above) is the absolute, bare minimum …

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

And then there you are at the gate … possibly coupled, in Soul wounding, with somebody else. There you are, at the gate. And you receive your codes if it is the right time. Otherwise they are stored; they are there, in your great, massive body of Light … in your magnificent Soul … in your ‘airport’. They are there. But you have not yet unfurled them into your etheric net.

Let’s say you and your husband are sitting there, in the Lion’s Gate … which is the case right now. The Lion’s Gate is like the fiery gate of code downloading of all time! … [laughs] … It happens in early August every year. As we are going through the gate, it is like the lion roaring grace down into Earth, from other constellations.

So you got your codes; but are you or are you not going to unfold them? If you both optimized, and if it is time, then you will both unfurl your codes into your etheric net …

Link: “The Fathomless,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, written on 12 February 2012 … ..

… and your Soul wounding is healed. But typically the way it has been playing out since 2012 is that one person in a couple will optimize or will somehow, by God’s grace, get the codes unfurled and get the etheric net fixed. And then the two of them need to separate physically. There is no longer the attraction for the person that is still Soul wounded to be with the person that is Soul healed. That is because the keys and keyholes do not fit anymore. They go off looking for someone who has Soul wounding similar to what yours used to be.

That is the state of Divine romance when it is furrowed down into the third dimension; it turns into that. Once we get our Soul wounding spiffed up … fixed up … and our body of Light all back together … then we will find that all the people we meet in that mode … in the fifth dimension … do not have Soul wounding, and they all get along just great. That is something to look forward to.

That is the state of Divine romance in this rather dense reality. It is not like the stories in Disneyland … [laughs] … It has to do with the lack of Light; that is what it is about.

On Men ‘Acting Out’ During the Awakening

Some people … especially men, whether or not they are married … are having great difficulty, at this time, with repression of emotions (which is a cultural feature of this age). Sometimes it expresses itself … quite frequently it expresses itself … through acting out.

As the Lower Mental Body become obvious to the Higher Mental Body of a man, these tightly repressed emotional ‘bubbles’ or electromagnetic field discrepancy, or disparity, in the Lower Mental Body are straining to be released.

As they burst open, they can activate encapsulated rage …

Link: “The Rage the Body Feels,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, published on 22 December 2018 … ..

… or desire to rape, or like that … especially in men who have a greater extent of aggressiveness than do women, in their repressed emotions.

It seems to me the problem with men is that they are ‘acting out’ … that they are stepping out into behaviors that they have never ever done before. That is to say, either they are ‘acting out’ on the astral plane, as an ‘astral story’, or on the physical plane; or else they are ‘acting out’ on the physical plane scenarios of killing and raping and maiming and all that stuff.

It takes a very wise man … a very neutral mind … to avoid that behavior during the Shift. If you are one of those who has enacted those behaviors, think of yourself as the ‘Light airport’ (see above visualization link). Think of yourself as the great being of Light. Then look at those behaviors. And then you can proceed onward with the Awakening process, without too much ‘to do’ about that.

But do try not to act out; it creates trouble. It creates trouble in your relationship: You will not be able to have that relationship anymore. And it creates trouble with the legal system and the societal expectations. It just creates trouble for you … and for your own consciousness too.

So, just do your best! But for men it is very, very difficult; I understand that.

Women: On Keeping Yourself and Your Children Safe During the Awakening

Women: If you are in relationship during this time of the Awakening, I think it is very important to understand that your men may not be acting as they usually do. 

Your husband or boyfriend may undertake behaviors that are unthinkable to you, and that have never happened before in your relationship. You have to be ready. You have to be ready to protect your own life, and your children’s lives. You have to have that ‘fail safe’ plan in place.

Do not place your safety in the hands of other people. Find a safe place, either in your home or elsewhere, where you can be, without worrying about electromagnetic field entanglement with other human beings, as they sort this situation out.

Know that it is going to be all right. Develop that neutral mind and that ready stance that the martial artist has. Invariably, you are going to need it.

And you need to provide that kind of support for your spouse that you would anyway, in the normal times. Even though you may be finding that their behavior becomes inexplicable to you, still send them your love, but distance yourself from them physically, so that you and your children can be safe. There will be a way to do that.

Keep in mind that those of us who incarnated as women in this lifetime no doubt incarnated as men in a recent past lifetime … or so they say.

Codes and Couple Relationships

If Both Members of a Couple Optimize Their Timelines. More on codes: If both members of a couple have optimized their timelines, and then they enter a star gate, such as the current Lion’s Gate, both will get the codes. Depending on each person’s optimum timeline, one may install the codes right now, and the other in the future. But because they have both optimized their timelines, they will accrue no further Soul wounding during the wait for the second person’s installation date.

For those who choose to optimize their timelines: Keep in mind that very tiny, fine-tuning adjustments in our Awareness timeline will be taking place moment to moment, as a result of the initial optimization event.

If Only One Member of a Couple Has Optimized the Timelines. If only one member of a couple optimizes his or her timelines, then that person will be able to install downloads at the propitious moment. However, since their significant other has not optimized, then the likelihood is that, if they stay together, they will get more and more Soul wounding as a result of EMF field jangle or discord or as the Light continues to come in.

If Both Members of the Couple Have Not Optimized their Timelines. If the two people have not optimized their timelines, then the likelihood is that they are increasing their Soul wounding through their relationship. They are getting more and more ‘jangle’ in their electromagnetic field, as the Light comes in. So because their electromagnetic field is so ‘loud’ and discordant in its energy, it cannot accept those codes yet. The codes are there, but they cannot accept them.

At times when there is not too much discord in the relationship, or sometimes when they are asleep, or if they pray for them and request them, then they will get the codes installed, and their relationship will be come more harmonious.

It is like when you are on your computer, and get the Windows downloads, and it says: Are you willing to install these updates yet? You keep putting it off. Then one day you ‘bite the bullet’ and say to yourself: Ok, I am ready to install those updates … [laughs] …

Men: On Camaraderie and Other Assistance During the Awakening

For men who have cleared and installed the first updates (which are quite large, generally) in their electromagnetic fields, my suggestion is to seek out other men who have done so, for the sake of camaraderie, and also for tips on distancing yourselves and your families from those men who have not yet received their first downloads, and are still expressing aggressive drives through ‘acting out’ that can be a danger to you and to your families.

I met a very young man who impressed me immensely at a retail store yesterday. He was right there ‘with it’. And I met another man, maybe in his 30s, who is ‘right there’ with the intuition and all that right there too. So I know there are many, many men like that out there, who are doing that: They have received their first downloads and are ‘right there’ with the intuition and the New Light.

There is someone that I have known for years and years, who came up with an incredible download during the Lion’s Gate as well; he has a completely different aspect on the astral plane now … completely different.

It is terrific … really terrific. I know of women ongoing receiving downloads as well. Both men and women are passing, in this way, through the Lion’s Gate, that roaring grace of God.

I have a question right now: How can men who are ‘acting out’ because their emotions are so repressed because of societal expectations … how can they quickly get through the process, without ‘acting out’ any further?

I do not know, really, what healing modalities are out there … perhaps behavioral psychology for releasing those bubbles of emotion? Wives and girlfriends might want to look into that possibility, and maybe present it as a shortcut for changing the ‘acting out’ behaviors …

Link: “Different Approaches to Psychotherapy,” by the American Psychological Association … ..

The only other thing I have is ‘body sense’, because the bubbles that are repressed energy in the electromagnetic field … typically in the area of the tummy, the abdomen … and a little bit lower, at the bottom of the torso … and a little bit beyond the bottom of the torso and outside, around that area … If you can sense physical discomfort in the lower body or around it, then stick with that sensation (do not avoid it), then it will resolve. There is that, as a meditational, healing technique as well.

That is all I have for you in the Lion’s Gate right now. I wish you wonderful changes and updates. May your Soul be completely healed by a few days from now … or right away!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Magenta Flowers on Pavement,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Magenta Flowers on Pavement,” by Alice B. Clagett, 10 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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