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Lightworkers: On Avoiding Danger While Attending Church During the Ascension of Earth . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 17 August 2021

Image: “Madonna in the Church,” by Jan van Eyck, ca. 1440, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Madonna in the Church,” by Jan van Eyck, ca. 1440, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Dear Ones,

I have been reading “Preferential Option for the Poor” in “How to Speak Ignatian: Common words and phrases of the Society of Jesus.” I gather that tenet might be misconstrued in the Homeboy Industries program run by a Jesuit father in Los Angeles in this way:

Adherence to the tenet might lead Homeboy Industries subconsciously to consider the possibility of using ex-felon labor to murder well-heeled people on the excuse they have led lives the Jesuits deem reprehensible. The subconscious agenda might be that the money of the wealthy might be cozened for use by Homeboy Industries leadership so as to advance the Jesuits’ Preferential Option for the Poor. I have encountered this steely-eyed subconscious agenda in the dreamtime realm of the astral plane.

I discern it to be a denser energy misqualified in the current context of Ascension of planet Earth. The Society of Jesus cultivates finely honed minds in their quest for God’s presence in their daily life. I beg them to consider the most appropriate application in daily life of the Preferential Option for the Poor.

Link: “How to Speak Ignatian: Common words and phrases of the Society of Jesus Adapted from “How to Speak Loyola,” Identity, Loyola University, Chicago … … Surf to: “Option for the Poor.”

I feel the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) to be a powerful force in the Catholic Church. As a Lightworker, I have a concern that, because of their power, which is much sought by the Dark, they might be targets of the Army of the Night; in other words, of the Demon Realm.

I see from my reading that there is historical support for this concern, to do with decades-long concealment of sexual abuse, including child sexual abuse, by Jesuits …

Link: “Sexual Abuse Scandal in the Society of Jesus,” in Wikipedia … ..

On the psychic plane I gather, amongst Catholic laity and clergy, an oft-adhered-to thought form to do with Christ’s sacrifice of his life on the cross for the good of humankind. I see what, as a Lightworker, I feel to be an adulteration of this teaching that goes like this: We will cast you (the Lightworker) out of this church, and arrange for this or that bad thing to happen to you. We are justified in this by Christ’s example. If he sacrificed himself on the cross for us, then you ought to agree to sacrifice yourself for our wellbeing.

I would like to set down in writing here the following: This thought form is invidious in the extreme. It is a way of exerting ‘power over’ to force another person into a role of selfless service. By adhering to such a thought form a person places himself in the role of the Centurion who oversaw Christ’s crucifixion. Surely this is an undesirable role for a Christian to play.

In like manner, but in an opposite context, I feel that holding high the practice of intentionally making oneself physically miserable through such practices as self-flagellation, mutilation of the male or genital organs, or torture or removal of any part of the physical body … which is known to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit … is contrary to the Will of God. In this context I always remember the words of Christ at Gethsemane: “Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.” –Mark 13:46 (KJV)

As a LIghtworker, I agree with Christ on this. Christ would, I feel, not intentionally have inflicted injury on his physical body. Nor would He have intentionally allowed anyone else to do so. Rather, He would, I feel in my heart, have done His best to preserve and uplift his physical body, and to keep his Spirit and that of His disciples far from evil inclination. Though He might feel that the law of His religion and of his religious elders amongst the Jews was wrong in this regard, yet he might, throughout His life, align with the Will, the Heart, and the Mind of God.

Evil befell him through Judas Iscariot. Christianity looks upon Christ’s crucifixion on Mount Calvary as a great blessing to humankind. Was that because of what Judas Iscariot did? Was it because of the condemnation of the Jewish elders, who acted, I feel, out of desire to maintain their own social standing? Or was it because, no matter what, Christ stood by God’s Will as being His own salvation?

History does not hold in high esteem the name Judas Iscariot. History does not even record the name of those Jewish elders. Yet it holds high Christ’s unshakeable faith in God’s Will.

The stance of Christianity that Christ’s suffering on the cross was what caused the salvation of all Christians is, I feel somewhat adulterated with misqualified, denser energies. It was, I feel, not his physical suffering that caused the upliftment of humankind. Rather it was his understanding that faith in God’s Will is the greatest good that can befall a human being.

Adherence to God’s Will may cause what seems like suffering; yet in the end, each of us passes on. Each of us suffers in that way. And after that, what befalls us? How may we experience the most joy after passing on? By continuing in our faith in the Will of God, which stands like a beacon before the Soul even when the physical body no longer may act as an instrument of the Soul’s self-understanding.

Thus it seems to me that the great glory of the Crucifixion was Christ’s greater understanding of right action in right understanding in dimensions higher than the third dimension, the mere physical realm. He did his best to preserve his physical body, and so, I feel, ought each of us Christians. Yet when that instinct of self-preservation was, in his optimal timeline and dimension in the causal realm (the third and fourth dimensions) of no avail, then faith in God saw Him through to dimensions fifth (the Heavenworlds) and higher. His faith overlit the path to the higher dimensions for the many who follow his example.

In a Lightworker context, in everyday life, the moral obligation of a human being is to balance the outgoing energy of selfless service with the incoming energy of personal healing, or ‘service to self’; for without being well and healthy ourselves … without having enough money to get by … without being happy and feeling joy in our lives … how can we hope to offer health and prosperity, happiness and joy, to other people in the world? I hold that to be strongly true: That I must first look to my physical welfare, and from that standing point, I may radiate Light and love and joy to all other human beings.

In terms of the lesser Light, the darker understandings of our animal ancestry, I gather from the psychic plane that there are historical forms of ‘shunning’ used by Judaism, by Early Christianity, and by Catholicism as a form of curse … which in my LIghtworker work I consider to be witchcraft. One of these, which I ran across in recent years on the psychic plane, is ‘Anathema’.

According to Wikipedia, “Anathema, in common usage, is something that or someone who is detested or shunned. In its other main usage, it is a formal excommunication …. The latter meaning, its ecclesiastical sense, is based on New Testament usage. In the Old Testament, anathema was a creature or object set apart for sacrificial offering and thus removed from ordinary use and destined instead for destruction.”  –from Link: “Anathema,” in English Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Shunning is a feral drive or pack instinct stemming from the subconscious mind, which is molded by the animal past of humankind. From the psychic plane … but not online … I gather the Christian church has other methods of shunning, such as ‘Excoriation’ (which was disapproved of by Pope Francis) … and one other ritual, that I was too shocked, while experiencing the channeling, to write down its name, and have now forgotten it.

I do recall with some vividness of emotional affect, a muckraking effort to cast me as a sexworker and drug addict, through a ritual of Excoriation on the psychic plane. In the dreamtime realm, this manifested as a gathering of Jesuits … or perhaps actor impersonators playing such a role … flogging in concert and uttering these untruths regarding my life and character. Were it true that this dream was created by actor impersonators, then it would have the double impact of scandalmongering with regard to the Jesuits, and mudslinging with regard to my own character. It was pretty grim stuff that spun out, that memorable night, in the dreamtime realm, through the Collective Subconscious of the noosphere.

On the psychic plane, acting out of the ritual texts of ‘Anathema’ and ‘Excoriation’ came across as a diatribe spoken with solemn authority by a group of Jesuits so as to cause the Soul to whom they referred to be damned to Hell. As is often the case on the psychic plane, the words of the curse of Anathema came across as if the Jesuits were applying the curse to me personally.

I have found from other instances that to feel personal about energy threads clairly perceived on the psychic plane is a misqualified approach to Lightworkers’ efforts to help anchor to planet Earth the Incoming Light of Earth’s Ascension. Of course, I agree, it is very unlikely that what I heard on the astral plane applies to me personally.

Nevertheless, it was off-putting enough for me to come to this conclusion regarding a good mode of action for Lightworkers in the current times: I suggest that groups of all sorts, including organized religion and government, are being purified and remolded as the Incoming Light buffets and upwardly energizes Earth in atunement with the higher frequencies of energy now available to all Earth beings.

I feel that, in the minds of pastors of churches throughout Los Angeles, as might be expected, because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the specter of social unrest, and fluctuations in the worlds of finance, economics, and economic trade, there may be issues of concern for the clergy’s personal safety and of clergical abuse of well-heeled members of the congregations to mitigate the clergy’s personal fears.

For the time being, I feel it would be safest, when attending group meetings of all sorts, for us Lightworkers to give no money at all as donations, or only to offer a dollar bill, so as not to be singled out as an object of greed that might assuage the clergy’s fears for their personal safety and for not losing their church grounds in the general upheaval that is going on.

Especially, I feel it important not to offer donations to any non-profit institution in the form of a check, as when non-profits are hard up for finances, they will call our banks as if they were merchants or employers, and try to pinpoint donors with plenty of money in the bank. I would say, be very careful not to keep large amounts of money in a bank account accessible through checking, as this clearly might trigger acting out of the people in charge of the non-profits because of their greed and their concern for their personal safety, as well as the enduring safety of their non-profit organizations.

For those of the LIghtworkers who inadvertently pull in the curse of Anathema, I would be hard-pressed to express the extent to which I feel it inadvisable to approach the issue of witchcraft and black magic within the major religions through action in the real world. Instead, we must dissolve within ourselves any strands of energy … no matter how small … that allow this energy to manifest in our energy bodies, using our usual Lightworker techniques. Were the circumstances of human institutions during the Ascension process to prevent our participation in groups, we might always view a church service online, say our prayers at home, and walk lovingly upon the Earth throughout our days.

God bless you all,
And keep you safe,
And be with you through all your days!

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Madonna in a Church,” detail of painting by Jan van Eyck, ca. 1438-1440, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Madonna in a Church,” detail of painting by Jan van Eyck, ca. 1438-1440, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain


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A Blessing for Women and Children for Summer Solstice 2021 . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 17 June 2021


Dear Ones,

Here is a short video about the Sisterhood of Light. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

We are getting very close to Solstice [Summer Solstice 2021] right now, and the energies are amazing, really. The Incoming Light is amazing. I thought I would show you something that I am trying out to see if it helps uplift the physical environment where I am very often.

I have been sensing, since I moved in here, the ghost of a child who had passed on, maybe 6 or 7 years of age; a young girl. Over here in this area, according to the astral stories, she was physically assaulted. An attempt was made at sexual overtures by a man (or a young man … it is not clear) who had a gun. The gun went off, and the child died. I have been sensing her sadness, off and on, for many years.

In addition, in the room just opposite that place … inside the house … I sensed that the mother of the child had been sleeping during the day, and the screen door was unlocked, and someone walked in … I do not know if it was a stranger or someone that she knew … and grabbed her, and sexually assaulted her while she was sound asleep. She woke up, and she could not get away.

This whole area through here … in the yard and just inside the house … there is a feeling that is just not right, despite whatever I could do along those lines of clearing. So I will show you what I tried just recently. It seems to be working pretty well …

OK, here it is. [Shows section of yard.] Here is where I think the event took place … although, in the psychic realm, one can never tell whether it is near or far. It just seems that way, very often, that it is nearby, and it might be thousands of miles away. It might be all the way across the world, heaven knows where.

But anyway, what I thought was that I would get a cross of Saint Benedict of Nursia. And I placed that there as a kind of a blessing for the events that took place that there is nothing I can really do to heal, and see if that helped. And it does seem to me to help uplift this space,

[Shows image of afternoon sun.] So here we are in this beautiful Solstice Light coming, in the next couple of days, to its fullness and completion. [Shows image of cross.] And there we are with the cross of blessing … Saint Benedict of Nursia.

I hope this works … not just for the situation that I keep seeing, in my mind’s eye, but also for women and children everywhere, that they should be safe … all the women and children of Earth should be safe … no matter where they walk; no matter where they are … that they should always be safe, with the blessing of the Saints and of Mother Mary, and of Christ Jesus, and of God Himself.

That is my hope for the Solstice: The safety and happiness of womankind, and of the children. For if they are safe and happy, then the men will feel no urge of aggression or need to go to war.

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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For Lightworkers: On Recognizing and Sidestepping Death Cults . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 27 March 2021; published on 30 March 2021


Dear Ones,

Here is a video about Death Cults … known in Hinduism as worshipping Lord Shiva … and on Neo-Hindu ‘cults that kill’ here in America. There is advice about Lightworkers sidestepping Dark Attacks during time of Incoming Light during the new Solar Cycle now in progress.



Hello, Dear Ones,

It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I had a thought about Death Cults … what I call ‘cults that kill’ on my website.

In India, they venerate three aspects of God, the Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma is the Creator. Vishnu is the Preserver. And Shiva is the Destroyer.

There are people in India who are outlaws and serial killers. My feeling is, in India they feel that the best thing for everyone … all people, of all occupations and dispositions … is to believe in God, and remember God … and that this will help them towards union with God, in the end.

I feel that is why Death Cults worshipping Lord Shiva have become acceptable in India. There has to be a place for everyone to find God. People who kill for a living … who assassinate others, or who are highway robbers and murderers; people who lure women into their homes under the notion that they are married to them, and who then murder them for their wealth … there are quite a few people like that in India: people who mercilessly kill in the name of Lord Shiva, and who worship Lord Shiva, and belong to a Death Cult or what I call, here in the United States, ‘cults that kill’.

I feel that the idea behind worshipping Lord Shiva is to introduce even the most recidivist … unredeemable … criminals to the notion of worshipping God. That is what I think.

This is not, I feel, the most rewarding relationship to God; or the one that will get a person the most kudos in this lifetime, or the most happiness. But it is one aspect that some people choose. Not a very popular aspect, I feel, because the work of destruction takes only a moment; the snuffing of a life takes only a moment. All the rest of the time, the work of Lord Vishnu and of Lord Brahma takes place. The ongoing aspects of life, the best part of life, has to do with creation and preservation of life; and honoring of other people; and blessing of other beings for their own happiness.

That is my feeling about Death Cults arising in India and coming to the United States under the shield of Neo-Hinduism.

There are many Neo-Hindus who worship Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu, or who worship other aspects of God, such as Lord Krishna … Krishna and Radha. There are many aspects of Hinduism none of which has to do with ‘killing cults’. I would like to make that clear.

In fact, in every religion we find in the world today, there are aspects to do with the Dark, and aspects to do with the Light. It is our job as Lightworkers to choose which of those aspects we will align with, and which we will not; keeping in mind all the time that God does destroy, God does create, and God does preserve. God is All. God is everything.

If we Lightworkers want to preserve our own lives, I feel, we have to stay away from Death Cults. They think it, they dream it, they eat it, and they do it. We do not want to be part of that; that is for sure.

Our job is bringing in of the Light. We can expect them to be around, though, because as the Light comes in … as night follows day … the Darkness gathers around the Lightworker temporarily, and then disperses … as the solar winds and the coronal mass ejections (CMEs) spread out all over Earth and harmonize with the energies there already. So it is temporary; but it is important: To stay alive, we have to stay away from Death Cults and ‘cults that kill’.

God bless you all, and keep you safe, on this day of the Full Moon, which the call the ‘Worm Moon’. Take care, and happiest of Spring days, and changes in the human body that will lead to ever greater happiness for all human beings on Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Compendium: Neo-Hinduism (Neo-Vedanta) and Psychic Crime,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 19 February 2019 … ..


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We Can Prevent COVID-19 Deaths in Prisons and for Homeless Now Without Administering COVID Vaccine . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 16 January 2021

Dear Ones,

I write this blog for prison health care officials in the United States, and for agencies that look to the welfare of the homeless in this nation. I offer a timely, cost-effective solution to COVID-19 deaths among these populations, as a stopgap measure until the COVID vaccine can be provided to them.

I see that people in prisons and the homeless are not slated to receive the COVID-19 vaccine until Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan. (1) Yet prisoners and the homeless are at very high risk for COVID-19 deaths (2) (3); of concern on a par with residents of adult care facilities.

In the long run, I feel that this country’s disregard of the urgent need of the downtrodden … the indigent, the homeless, those judged lacking or wrong … will be seen as a great disgrace, a blot upon the escutcheon of our honor as a nation. But in the short run, because our hopes of liberty and justice for all are so bound down by our fears for our own lives and those of our families … so ringed round by notions of danger lurking everywhere … I feel that Americans may see prisoners and the homeless as adding to the notion of the bête noire that prowls through their unsettled dreams.

Government and politicians know that punishment of the downcast will be a sop to the masses, and are bound to act in such a way that the fears of the people are assuaged. Considering the social unrest that growls through the nation, hungry for work, hungry for recreation, hungry to enjoy once more the prosperity of former times, I can hardly hold government and politicians culpable in that regard.

There are other ‘fear factors’ in the news right now. For instance, I see that supply chain shortages are anticipated in the rollout of COVID-19 vaccine distribution. (4)

As well, there are two new strains of COVID that add to the currently very high level of stress most Americans are experiencing …

  • The very infectious strain in Europe, which I feel may have hit California last week, and may be responsible for greatly increased numbers of infection soon, bringing the numbers closer to those Europe has suffered in recent month; (5) and
  • A mutant strain in Brazil, which may render the COVID vaccines somewhat less effective. (6)

These two new strains add to the public onus of COVID-19 concerns, and by my lights, might make it continue to be difficult for the public to place emphasis on the plight of prisoners and the homeless, and their urgent need for the COVID-19 vaccine, who might be viewed in a less felicitous light, for placing a burden on the social system.

I understand the reaction of health care planners nationwide to serve first those whose lives are deemed to be most of value to our communities, and that prisoners and the homeless may not be high on the distribution list for that reason.

Thus I feel there can be no hope of timely COVID vaccine distribution to prisoners and to the homeless. I say this for prison health care officials in the United States, and for agencies that look to the welfare of the homeless in this nation.

Yet there is a timely, low-cost answer to the urgent problem of COVID-19 deaths among prisoners and the homeless. That answer lies in the recent finding of the University of Denver that the ordinary, everyday flu shot prevents severe COVID-19 symptoms …

Link: “Ordinary, Everyday Flu Shot Prevents Severe COVID Symptoms,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 9 January 2021; updated … ..

You may not have heard about this startling finding yet, and the reason for that may, I feel, lie with Big Pharma, and the need of COVID vaccine research and development companies to recoup their investments. Big Pharma’s concern for profit is understandable, considering the investments that have been made in rapid vaccine development; but I feel certain that, long-term, those with approved vaccines will see good profits. After all, the need is very great for these products, and will be great for years to come. So I feel.

If severe COVID-19 symptoms are prevented in most cases, for those who receive the everyday, ordinary flu shot, then there will be many fewer deaths. Prison health officials and agencies providing health care for the homeless might turn to administration of the annual flu shot as a means of preventing COVID-19 deaths among those in their care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

This blog is also featured in my blog “Pragmatic Prophecy.”


(1) Link: “Phased Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines,” by Kathleen Dooling, MD, MPh, ACIP Meeting, 20 December 2020 … ..

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Link: “Can the Wrong Diet Cause COVID Death?” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 25 November 2020 … ..

Link: “Diet to Diminish the Harshness of COVID-Like Symptoms,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 10 June 2020 … ..

Link: “Does Buffered Vitamin C Make COVID Symptoms Less Severe?” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 9 January 2021 … ..

Link: “Ordinary, Everyday Flu Shot Prevents Severe COVID Symptoms,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 9 January 2021 … ..

Link: “Sobre el Coronavirus,” in El Blog de Camilo Acosta, 27 January 2020 … … COMMENT: In Cambodia, garlic and Vitamin C have been used for COVID. As well, the blog recommends drinking plenty of water and avoiding fried, fatty, or spicy foods. I can offer my own anecdotal corroboration of the Cambodian diet recommendations for COVID-19.


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For the Lightworker: How to Prevent Nightmares and Dark Daydreams . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 27 November 2020

Image: “This detailed annotated map shows the structure of the Milky Way, including the location of the spiral arms and other components such as the bulge. This version of the image has been updated to include the most recent mapping of the shape of the central bulge deduced from survey data from ESO’s VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory. The original image was published in 2008 by NASA/JPL-Caltech (author R. Hurt),” by NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO/R. Hurt, 12 September 201, from Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “This detailed annotated map shows the structure of the Milky Way, including the location of the spiral arms and other components such as the bulge. This version of the image has been updated to include the most recent mapping of the shape of the central bulge deduced from survey data from ESO’s VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory. The original image was published in 2008 by NASA/JPL-Caltech (author R. Hurt),” by NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO/R. Hurt, 12 September 201, from Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

    • About the Light
    • About the Dark

Dear Ones,


Among the darkest, densest noospheric energies on Earth are Reverse Kundalini or Black Tantra nightmares at night, vivid waking dreams, or clair-sensing of astral stories that involve these energies. These may include visions or clair auditory experiences of Slave Planet Blues … of men raping women; men sodomizing men; people obsessed or possessed by the Demon Realm or made into human ‘donkeys’ by voodoo cults; people overdosing on hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and morphine; conspiracy theory marijuana day dreams (‘pot dreams’);  visions of child trafficking or child abuse, pariah or shunning or expiation, torture, genital mutilation, mafia ‘hits’ or murder of the innocent, cannibalism or blood sacrifice, or other Satanic practices.

I have discussed priorly the Reverse Kundalini exercises that I feel to be the cause of these dense noospheric energy strands …

Link: “Reverse Kundalini Syndrome,” a new psychological term by Alice B. Clagett … Excerpted on 25 August 2020 from a blog written and published on 25 July 2020 … ..

These noospheric strands are not caused by Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Pathfinders, Gatekeepers, and healers, whose noospheric energies are of fast-pulsating, un-dense Light, such as the ‘ultraLight’ spoken of by Judy Satori …

Video: “Judy Satori’s UltraLight Rose Fr4equency Transmission,” by Steve Hutchinson, 6 August 2019, in YouTube … ..

But in this world of Duality, dense noospheric strands are naturally attracted to ultraLight noospheric strands. In other words, noospheric opposites … thought forms of opposing energies … attract.

For people who are not Lightworkers … who are just going about their jobs and their lives, without much thought about spiritual development … the quality of their thought forms is both middling Dark and middling Light. They are in the Purgatory thought form domain, where their own thought form of middling Light will find as its noospheric ‘opposing force’ someone else’s thought form of middling Darkness.

For the average person, the experience of Duality is therefore not too shocking. They may have a middling upbeat thought; then in their dreamtime or daydreaming realm a thought of middling sadness, fear, or irritation swoops in as countering opposite. Or vice versa: They may have a middling upset thought; then someone else’s middling upbeat thought form swoops into their ‘mini-noosphere’ … the portion of the noosphere of Earth that is ‘heard’ or ‘seen’ by their own brain.

But for the Lightworker, the contrasts of the world of Duality are much more stark. All day long, the Lightworker may put forth into Earth’s noosphere thought forms that are ultralight. Then at night, or during a daydream, the Lightworker may encounter the dense energies of Reverse Kundalini and Black Magic.

The sensitivity of a Lightworker is that of healing and upliftment of humankind, of perfection of Soul wisdom and experience of Christ Consciousness … the experience of Heaven on Earth. For that reason, I feel, our glimpsing of the dark underbelly of Earth’s noosphere … the hellworlds of Earth … through the law of attraction of noospheric opposites can be uncomfortable, unsettling, even repugnant.

Repugnance for the densest energies of Earth can cause a Lightworker to tumble headlong from the Higher Dimensions into the realm of cause and effect, whose laws characterize the fourth dimension … the astral realm … and the third dimension … the physical realm beloved by all humans as God’s gift of the experience of life in physical form.

I feel this tumbling down of Lightworkers to be more likely during the 5 years of Solar Minimum that take place during each 11-year Solar Cycle. It is during the Solar Minimums … such as that from which Earth is just now emerging … that there is greatest influx of Cosmic Rays into Earth’s magnetosphere. These Cosmic Rays pierce the Lightworker’s energy field like barbs or darts, inserting tiny pricks of Darkness in our fields of Light …

Link: “Health Risks of Space Weather,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 11 May 2017; revised … … See the section: Health Dangers of Cosmic Rays

When we Lightworkers fall from the Higher Dimensions into trying to cure the ills of the physical world, then the Dark lays hold on us.

Attempts at whistleblowing make it clear that law enforcement, for instance, is enmired in the survival of the criminal world, of the mafia, confidence men, and drug lords, because the survival of law enforcement groups depends on the existence of criminals. In other words, without the existence of criminals, the jobs of law enforcement personnel would be at risk. In a way, there is an easy camaraderie amongst these two opposing noospheric energies: the protectors of humankind and the antisocial personalities whose Soul purpose is to devolve to a state of shared consciousness as members of an animal Group Soul … a state of Awareness that lacks individuation through retention of an individual Soul as one of its subtle energy bodies.

In the world of Duality both types of Souls exist: Souls intent on Soul evolution towards God Awareness, and Souls intent on Soul devolution, towards animal consciousness, and eventually towards that innate but not unfolded consciousness of the mineral world. There are also Souls newly born … as it were, just now awakening … just emerging from their protective shells, and not yet sensing the pull of God’s love for them.

There are groups of people experiencing denser energies of the Light here on Earth as a kind of Satanic dance or ‘Dark Tango’. These include law enforcement officers, who dance the Dark Tango with crime gangs. As well they include secret service men, who dance the Dark Tango with international conspirators. And they include military men and women, who dance the Dark Tango with international terrorists.

When Lightworkers attempts to upgrade these denser energies through whistleblowing, I feel it likely they will find both members of a Dark Tango … both the protectors of humankind and the antisocial personalities involved in the dance … will turn upon them and attempt to change the energy of the Lightworker into an energy more like their own.

This may be, for instance, through accusation of crime gangs that a Lightworker is a prostitute hooked on drugs, and affirmation by law enforcement through imprisonment, gang banging, and death in prison. Or it might be by assassination, as was the case with President John F. Kennedy and of many human rights activists worldwide …

Link: “List of Assassinated Human Rights Activists,” in Wikipedia … ..

Why would this scenario take place for whistleblowers, over and over again? I feel it takes place because there are Souls which incarnate on Earth with intention to experience the denser realities. I feel that God has agreed to allow them these denser Light experiences, through His creation of this Free Will planet on the far reaches of this, the Milky Way galaxy, which is our home turf.

Were it not possible for Souls to chose Soul devolution on Earth, then how might it be said that we experience the illusion of Free Will? Of course, all Creation is of God and within God, so the struggle is simply that some spark of Divine Awareness … His own creature … we ourselves, for instance … desires to experience His all-encompassing love; or else has forgotten that it is His creature; or else wishes to experience Self without the experience of the All.

No matter what our choice, yet we allow God the experience of love of Other, which, when you are Everything, can only be accomplished through creation of the illusion of Duality. That is pretty good sleight of hand on God’s part, and fun for the Lightworker to view ‘from afar’, so to speak.

Some, for instance, have incarnated as Victims, and others as Victimizers …

Link: “Victim-Victimizer,” in the Ascension Glossary … ..

See also my blog category: Patriarchal domination mental filter / victim-aggressor / V— D—

The Earth reality experienced by Victims and Victimizers is worlds away from the Earth reality experienced by Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Pathfinders, Gatekeepers, and healers. Yet, from the Higher Dimensional Realities we can peer down into the denser realms … the Purgatory realms and the Hellworlds … and, through the quality of empathy we can experience their suffering, or their anguish.

The truest experience of the Lightworker on Earth is that of neutral observer of the anguish of the lower realms, and of experiencing, within our own physical and subtle bodies, the highest energies of Light. The catastrophic experiences of our fellow Lightworkers with regard to whistleblowing confirm this.

Are we here in physical form to embark on a course of action that will inexorably lead to our physical destruction? No, we are not. We Lightworkers are here on Earth to serve as beacons of the higher Light, to light the way for those who wish to take on such a Soul purpose as their own. We are here to show the way, in case others might also wish to walk such a path.

We are not here to save the world, but to be the Light of Higher Consciousness, within our own energy fields. Let us then be that Way and that Path and that Light. Let us faithfully do those spiritual practices that uplift and preserve our experience of the Higher Realms, knowing that our personal experience of the highest Light is all the good we need to do here on Earth.

Let us allow God, in His own good time, to transform the densest energies of our noosphere, and to inspire those in the Dark Tango to transform their energy fields to the Light, through their own Free Will, in accord with the Divine plan for the return of the physical realms to God consciousness. His open arms beckon everyone to come home to Him, in this the time of Ascension, of the awakening of humankind to New Life on New Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


About the Light

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On the Dimensional Experiences of Venus, Ra, and the Venusian Wanderers . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 7 November 2020; published on 21 August 2021

    • Earth Ascension, as Compared to That of Venus
    • Sidebar: Balancing the Heart Chakra May Help Ascending Humankind Avoid Death in Afghanistan and in Other Places Where Holy Wars Are Being Waged
    • ‘Ra’ and ‘Ha’ (as in ‘Ha-thor)
    • Number of Wanderers on Earth During Earth’s Ascension

Dear Ones,

Here is some research I did in “The Law of One (The Ra Material)” regarding the dimensions through which Venus, Ra, and the Venusian Wanderers have passed, and the dimensions in which they now are. I have added my own comments to do with my understanding of Earth’s Ascension, and with regard to the statements from “The Law of One” …


At the time of the Venusian ‘harvest’ [at the time of that planet’s Ascension], Venus was 3D-4D … 89.28 … and 89.10 ..

At the time of the Venusian ‘harvest’, about 32 million Venusian mind/body/spirit complexes chose to repeat 3D, but not on Venus. About 6.5 million Venusian mind/body/spirit complexes chose to participate in the Ascension of Venus … 89.28 ..

After the Venusian harvest, the planet Venus was 4D-5D … 89.11 ..

Then Venus became 5D, and has been so for much of the time span of humankind thus far … … 89.11 ..

Earth Ascension, as Compared to That of Venus

I gather the dimensional shift of Venus through 4D-5D to pure 5D, as described above, may be the process in which our planet Earth is now engaged: We have become 4D-5D, and are passing into a purely 5D planet, on which 5D mind/body/spirit complexes dwell. I gather those Earth mind/body/spirit complexes that choose not to participate in Earth’s Ascension will continue in their chosen dimensional experiences, but not on Earth.

How I feel this is taking place here on Earth contrasts with what is said in “The Law of One.” The contrast has to do with Earth Lightworkers’ understanding that Earth is ascending to 5D. In “The Law of One,” which was written in 1982 – 1998, it states that Earth was then 3D … 63.9 ..

I am guessing that would mean to the channelers of “The Law of One” that Earth would be ascending to 4D, which would be one dimension lower than that which is thought to be the case by Earth’s Lightworkers as of the year 2021.

In addition, I see in “The Law of One” the expectation that, when Earth ascended, the mind/body/spirit complexes there would choose one of three paths:

  • They might chose to ascend to 4D positive.
  • They might choose to ascend to 4D negative, but not on planet Earth
  • And the unharvestable 3D mind/body/spirit complexes might go to a 3D planet.

As all the Universe is ascending, I guess the 3D planet to which the unharvestable Earth beings go would be one just now ascending from 2D to 3D.

I found elsewhere in “The Law of One” the likelihood, throughout the Universe, of various types of planetary ‘harvests’ …

  • about 10% of planetary harvests are negative
  • about 60% of planetary harvests are positive
  • and about 30% of planetary harvests are mixed, with most of the harvest positive in aspect.

I gather from this that, from the Venusian ‘harvest’, Lightworkers in the 1980s might have gathered that Earth would have a similarly ‘mixed harvest’, but that when Ascension occurred in 2012, they found the harvest would be positive.

I have a question in my mind how it could be that fungi and other microorganisms, which seem to me to be firmly rooted in 3D-4D, might have ascended in recent years to 5D, but it could quite possibly be that my understanding in this regard has not yet reached fruition.

In regard to that, “The Law of One” states that entities such as these might remain somehow within the influence of Earth, but maybe in a lower dimension. If that is so, then what we may have at the present moment is multidimensionality for Earth, with various dimensions expressing 1D to, say, 12D and higher, but the bulk of the entities on Earth expressing themselves, along with her, as 5D positive.

It could be that, with time, more and more of these dimensions that contrast with the main energies of ascended Earth will merge with the predominant fifth dimension, For Earth humans who enjoy the experience of dimensions higher than 5D, it could be, for the nonce, in Earth’s experience of temporal and dimensional stuckness, many might experience dimensions higher than 5D during solar events such as Winter and Summer Solstice, the Equinoxes, the Lion’s Gate, the Perseid and Leonid meteor showers, and at other astrologically favorable times.

Then as more and more humans experience timeline and dimensional merges and changeups … as the Incoming Light purifies their energy fields … more and more humans will begin to experience multitemporality and multidimensionality, with the ability to rise to awareness of 12D and higher, even at times when favorable solar events are not occurring. That is my thought on it.

See also “The Law of One” … 63.9 … … and … 65.13  … ..


Ra is 6D seeking 7D … 14.19  … ..

Ra experienced 1D through 4D on Venus … 41.26 ..

Ra does not say here whether it experienced 5D on Venus …  41.26 ..

Sidebar: Balancing the Heart Chakra May Help Ascending Humankind Avoid Death in Afghanistan and in Other Places Where Holy Wars Are Being Waged

I note Ra states that in graduating from 4D to 5D, its 5D experience was to balance the “intense compassion” of 4D. I relate to this through my intense experience, in Solar Cycle 24, of the need to balance the heart chakra’s frontal and back vortices so as to protect myself from the many sociopaths among humankind, and so as to prevent my being murdered by the quasi-spiritual ‘cults that kill’, which I had run-ins with after the Shift. As Ra states, when the energy of the heart is balanced through 5th chakra (throat chakra) work, there still remains the ability to do much helpful work here on Earth.

I suggest it might be helpful, for instance, for those risen to 5D to speak their truth (5D) while following their heart (4D). In that way we may help others just now encountering and attempting to survive sociopathic behavior of others on Earth to remain in physical form and rise to 5D. See “The Law of One” … 41.26 … ..

It could be, for instance, that those whose heart chakras are well balanced, and whose throat chakras are purified, will be more able to avoid murder by religious zealots, should they be in a part of Earth (such as Afghanistan) where a holy war is being waged. For “The Law of One” on the Venusian experience in this regard, see “Dimensions of the Venusian Wanderers” below.


Ra is spending 6D as a member of the confederation, seeking to be of service … as, for example, in its service to Earth …  41.26 ..

‘Ra’ and ‘Ha’ (as in ‘Ha-thor)

I feel the words Ra … as in Ra-En … and Ha … as in Ha-thor … are the same word. –Alice


The Venusian Wanderers were 5D positive [blue, maybe close to peacock blue] … 89.33 … It could be this means that the Venusian Wanderers were Blue Avian Star Beings prior to the Venusian ‘harvest’.

After their work on Venus as Wanderers, these two beings harvested themselves as 3D negative (service-to-self). [yellow, but negative in aspect] … 89.34 .. into 4D negative [green, but negative in aspect]

I see that the manner in which the Venusian Wanderers fell from 5D positive to 3D negative was that they exercised power over other entities in such a way as to devise these entities’ physical death. They were like ‘ruthless despots’ waging a holy war … 89.31 ..

Then eventually they moved to 4D positive [green, and positively aspected] … 89.41 ..

Number of Wanderers on Earth During Earth’s Ascension

I note “The Law of One” states there were about 60 million Wanderers on Earth during the 1980s … 63.10  … ..

I am guessing this may mean that most of the Wanderers on Earth prior to the Ascension were not from Venus, but rather from elsewhere in the Universe.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett,
I Am of the Stars.


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Reverse Kundalini Syndrome . a new psychological term by Alice B. Clagett

Excerpted on 25 August 2020 from a blog written and published on 25 July 2020


Dear Ones,

Here is an excerpt describing an antisocial personality syndrome I today named ‘Reverse Kundalini Syndrome’ …


“There is a constellation of antisocial thought forms and astral stories sometimes associated with reverse kundalini, including violent felonies such as armed robbery; home invasions; rape of men, women, and children; child trafficking; murder of men, women and children; genital mutilation; human or ‘blood’ sacrifice; cannibalism; entity attachment; demonic possession; and the type of Satan worship that is action-oriented rather than bookishly inclined.


“It seems possible these thoughts and astral stories may sometimes manifest on the physical plane as ‘acting out’ of these antisocial behaviors, although, I feel, far less frequently than these energies manifest in the dreamtime realm. To my mind these form a ‘Reverse Kundalini Syndrome’ of antisocial behavior.”


The source of the excerpt …

Link: “Kundalini Risen to Protect Against the Predations of Black Magicians,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 25 July 2020 … ..

… describes a way of treating this syndrome through kundalini yoga so as to reverse the criminal tendencies typical of the syndrome.

The method described is, I feel, suitable for people in good physical health who are not very young or very old; thus I might be used by a broad swath of the prison population, were they willing to participate in simple kundalini yoga exercises involving the ‘locks’ of yoga and holding the breath in or out briefly. These exercises ‘rewire’ the electromagnetic energies of the body; the rewiring accounts for the behavioral changes.


Needless to say, successful treatment of imprisoned felons who manifest this syndrome would have a beneficial effect on the prison environment and also on society as a whole after felons are released back into the mainstream.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

If you enjoy exploring unique new words and terms such as the one described in this blog, you might like this reference … Link: “Glossary of Unusual Words and Phrases,” coined by Alice B. Clagett, written on 12 December 2019; updated … ..


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