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Urban Legends: Secret Government Nanobot Project Requires Excision of Body Parts! . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 August 2019

Dear Ones,

Here is an urban legend that has been circulating round the astral airs since 2013: The story goes that there is at UCLA School of Medicine a secret government project in which experimental subjects’ eyes (or variously, gastrointestinal tracts) have been inoculated with nanobots as part of an attempt to mind control United States citizens.

Scarier still, as the story goes, the protocol requires all the experimental subjects’ inoculated eyes (variously, the left eye, or the right eye) or ileocecal valves (the nanobots having lodged just above the ileocecal valve) to be excised so that the nanobots can be recovered and returned to the United States secret service.

It is possible the astral rumor came about because there is a California NanoSystems Institute … … located close to the heart of the UCLA Medical Center’s Westwood Campus.

This is simply an urban legend, with no basis in fact. A glance at the rights provided us by the United States Constitution, and at the provisions of the Nuremberg Code, will surely set the matter straight in a moment’s time.

For those patients at UCLA who may still have doubts about this persistent myth, one sure way to disprove it would be to request copies of your patient consent forms from UCLA School of Medicine … … As I understand it, procedures cannot be done without a consent form being on file.

For medical doctors who would like to debunk this myth, if you are referred to supposed ‘secret experiment’ patient consent forms, then I would just check on the possibility of pranked or fake forms.

This same topic may be coming up on the ‘astral airs’ of medical centers elsewhere. The thing of it is this: Nationwide, there have been instances of berserker behavior recently, and murders, and these may be related to an increase in generalized anxiety amongst people here in the United States. Individually, increased anxiety in our national population may result in activation of fight or flight, or freeze or fawn response.

Instances of mass hysteria can also result, in which a number of people believe in a ‘conspiracy theory’ notion such as the secret government nanobot project to mind control United States citizens. The thing to do, I feel, if one cannot shake the notion of such an outlandish theory, is to obtain prescription medicine for generalized anxiety, and take it for awhile, and then see where the land lies. Another possibility is to talk with friends and acquaintances whose level-headedness can be trusted, so that they can present the sorts of questions that will poo poo these ‘out there’ notions.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. To date, I feel, our surest method of mind control, here in the United States, is daytime TV. I am reminded of a time long ago when I was selling cable TV door-to-door. I recall pitching a lady who had 4 TVs in her living room, all of them on at the same time, and each tuned to a different soap opera. I did inquire about this; she said she did not want to miss one detail of any of the stories. Luckily, since then, technology has arisen that allows us to record and replay shows after they air.


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Kali . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 21 August 2019


Dear Ones,


In the autumn of 2018 I had been attending senior exercise classes at a local fitness center for several years. I was over the initial condition, plantar fasciitis, that prevented my usual hiking and steered me to the fitness center, and I was getting tired of doing the same not very challenging exercises time after time, in a darkly lit room, with teachers sometimes good, and sometimes not to my liking, and music so loud that I had to wear noise dampening ear muffs.


There were other issues to deal with at the fitness center. Topmost was the issue of security for my person and my belongings. The front desk had advised, on my first day there, that cars in the parking lot were often broken into; and that I should leave nothing of value in the cars. The advice of the front desk regarding the lockers in the changing room was the same: Locking the lockers would not avail; I ought leave nothing of value in them.

I asked about the high security lockers in front of the front desk, which had keys, and the people at the desk advised these were also not secure; I later found that front desk personnel had the keys, and these personnel changed out frequently. Thus it must be that any number of ex-staff might, theoretically, have keys to the high security lockers.

Where was one to leave one’s wallet and car keys, then? I thought maybe I keep them in a backpack at the back of the exercise class, and stand directly in front of the backpack throughout.

This I found to be a successful approach, although I was only able to participate when one of the teachers asked the people in the group to stride round the room as one of her exercises, by first donning my backpack.

In addition, there was a woman in one of the classes, perhaps cognitively challenged, who would attempt to filch our belongings, and on Fridays adults not in the class would sneak in and walk off with people’s handhelds, keys, and purses.

In short, while in that class, it was ‘heads up’ at every moment, with regard to personal security.


Along those lines, and before getting back to the true topic of today’s blog, I remember how, when I first started going to the fitness center, when I would go to the changing room after class, that I somehow unaccountably walked out of the changing area missing my sun hat. This I knew because I needed to put it on as I exited the lobby for the parking lot, and could not. I went back in and looked in the locker, and asked at the front desk … No hat! Quite a mystery!

So then a third time, after class, I walked into the changing area, this time with careful determination to keep an eye on my hat. I changed in a restroom stall, so that I could keep my hat and belongings on the wall side of the stall. I walked out of the stall and stood at a restroom sink, belongings touching my left leg.

I looked up at the mirror as I began to brush my teeth. Then I saw a cleaning lady sidle up behind me, on the left side, and bend down toward the bag in which I had placed my hat. I grabbed the top of the bag and looked her in the eye. She grabbed her broom handle and lifted it over her head.

I grabbed my bag and went to the far side of the locker room to put my shoes on. She followed me, broom handle raised, aiming to position herself behind my back, between the lockers and the bench on which I was sitting.

As, had she attained that stance I would have been a ‘sitting duck’, I grabbed my bag and my shoes and went out into the lobby of the fitness center. There I explained what had happened. The person at the front desk said that the cleaning woman was a good worker, and that she would calm down after awhile. Lacking other recourse, I sat in a chair in the lobby to put on my walking shoes, and left for the parking lot, hat in hand.


A woman arrived as a teacher of one of the senior fitness classes, and I did not like her, because of her masculine, bossy manner of teaching and her sexual manner.

As to looks, she reminded me of a woman named Nancy Raffaele … … who had been a member of the Gracelight meditation classes I attended for awhile in Durango. I had begun to experience uneasiness towards Nancy Raffaele and her husband Veki Ilic in 2015, I think it was, and because of that had since avoided them. The cause of my uneasiness was what I perceived to be a mismatch between their emotional affect and their actions and speech. It felt like something was ‘amiss’ … something I could not quite put my finger on. Possibly I was just not their type, and vice versa?

Although it seemed likely that this new teacher, despite the strong resemblance, was not the person I knew in Durango (as the former seemed younger), I did my best to avoid the new  teacher, and rather went to the classes led by teachers I felt to be inspiring … those who projected heart centered Awareness.

For awhile that worked out right well; but then another teacher arrived whose energy was very like that of the masculine-acting, bossy teacher with the sexual manner. I remember it felt like pure sexual hatred was being projected from her second chakra.

I remember wondering if she might have been a transgender person who was unable to achieve orgasm because of her sex-change operation, and if that might be the reason for the sexual rage I sensed?

I wondered if she had an ailing mother at home whom she resented, and if maybe I reminded her of her mother?

Could she be a sex worker, I wondered? I remember how coldly she rebuffed a shy, flirtatious remark by a man in the front of the class. I wondered: If she were to be a sex worker, who could her prospective clients be?

I remember hiding behind a pillar during the class to avoid being hit by what seemed to me to be astral ‘nails’ of sexual hatred being slung at me. She seemed to be saying, on the psychic plane: I will nail you! I will nail you! …

Link: “Acting Out of the Subconscious Metaphor: I Will Nail You!” by Alice B. Clagett, drafted on 14 November 2018; final draft on 10 December 2018 … ..

I remember once going to the restroom mid-class, to get away from the vibe and the loud music, and hearing three senior women from the class masturbating in the restroom. What on earth was going on, I wondered? I had never encountered anything like that before, in my life!

I remember how, when I moved behind the pillar at the back of the classroom, that new teacher at the front of the room would move to one side, scowling, to get a clear view of me. Then I would move slightly to the other side, to block her view. Then she would shift position, to get a clear view of me. And so on.

Twice, she became so angry at my avoiding her that she walked directly up to me, as I stood in the back of the room, and began doing plies, feet spread about a yard apart. Glaring at me, she yelled: This is how it’s done. You see? This is how it’s done!

This so horrified me that, in December 2018 I decided senior exercise class was not worth it, and opted out of the fitness center, in favor of the mountain walks I so love.


The final episode of my misadventures at the fitness center has so haunted me for the last eight months that I finally made a drawing of how the spirit of that teacher seemed to me, on the psychic plane. My first rendition was explicit as to sexual organs, and that surely will not do, online. After awhile, I thought I might add clothes or other obscuration, such as a paint blotch, and then it would be all right to put the drawing online; yesterday I did that.

Nevertheless, because of the unpleasant nature of the topic of the drawing, and the sexual connotation, I advise only those over 18 years of age look at the below image. I feel that would be best. In addition, for those adults who, like me, do not like prurient topics, I suggest that you avoid looking at the drawing as well; as an alternative, you might simply read the description …

FOR ADULT VIEWING ONLY … Image: “Kali Clothed,” by Alice B. Clagett, 21 August 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0 … … 

DESCRIPTION: A buxom woman with red lipstick and shoulder-length hair, wearing a blue bikini, squatting over the head of a man with open mouth, open eyes, and a crew cut. The woman’s feet are about a yard apart, toes outward in the plie position of ballet. Her elbows are by her sides, forearms horizontal and spread-eagle, fingers spread wide.

Above the woman’s head is the torso of a man, limbs spread-eagle, genitalia obscured by a brown and teal splotch of paint. This is an adaptation of my drawing “Kali Unclothed” that cannot be posted online due to censorship laws.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Community Health: Homed Who Live Next to Homeless Encampments . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 17 August 2019

Dear Ones,

As you may know, California is a Sanctuary State for the nation’s homeless. Here in Los Angeles, there are 50,000 to 60,000 homeless people. Homeless encampments, though small, are a prevalent feature of the urban landscape. In addition, there are homeless communities in the mountains, which pose an issue of possible fire during our annual fire seasons.

For some years now I have been active in Neighborhood Watch in my neighborhood, and also keep abreast of my larger neighborhood through NextDoor … … Lately, I have begun attending local monthly Neighborhood Council and Topanga Los Angeles Police Department community meetings as well. These have helped me get a better grasp of the problems our city faces.

It seems to me there is concern for personal safety among homeowners and their families who live next to homeless encampments in Los Angeles. On mulling over this issue, I came to understand the depth of despair of fathers and husbands who have invested their life savings in providing homes for their families, and whose wives and children can no longer safely leave home at night, because of homeless encampments on their sidewalks or in treed or grassy areas nearby.

It occurred to me that passive defense systems might offer an alternative to taking the law into one’s own hands on behalf of family safety.

Along these lines, I thought homeowners might consider installing floodlights that illuminate terrain between them and the homeless encampments at night, so that their families could feel safe to walk out of their houses. I also wonder if high fences around homeowners’ yards might help.

Housing codes regarding the height of property fences can cause trouble with safety in these times, as those who wrote the codes could not have foreseen the current difficulty. Maybe property fencing codes could be got round by using temporary construction fencing in the yard? Maybe it might be sensible to go ahead and put up high fences around the home, with the agreement of one’s neighbors, since getting the codes changed may take some time.

In addition, I thought, it might be possible to install perimeter electronic alarms, that would provide a warning if the yard is trespassed on?

My hope is that others will come up with thoughts on passive defense systems for homed families as well.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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A Poem for the Man with the Trembling Pinkie . by Alice B. Clagett

Drawn on 25 June 2019; published on 6 August 2019

A Poem for the Man with the Trembling Pinkie
by Alice B. Clagett
9 August 2019

His balderdash
Off he will cast
And you’ll be (past
tense) corned beef hash.

LInk: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Man with the Trembling Pinkie,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 23 May 2019 … ..

LInk: “Multiple Personality Disorder,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 29 May 2018; revised on 23 February 2019 … ..

To get wise to this sort of MO, it might be good to view the British 2-part drama “Secret Smile” … Link: “Secret Smile” … ..

I do not advise ‘getting even’ or ‘giving someone what they deserve’ like the heroine, though. The thing to do is to ask local law enforcement for help, I feel.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Afterthought: I wonder if this trouble that comes up every once in a while has something to do with the annual Perseid meteor shower (associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle), which is taking place just now?

Last night it felt like big menacing dark things were zooming by … a crowd of them, almost like hostile thought forms zooming through my head.

Could there be an association between the energy of the annual Perseid meteor shower and that of undercover serial killers and serial rapists? … a ‘spark-off’ that turns them from mild mannered Dr. Jekylls to evil Mr. Hydes this time of year? … Link: “Perseids,” in Wikipedia … ..


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Repeating Astral Phrases as a Feature of Our Commensal and Adventitious Microorganisms . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 July 2019

  • My life has no quality
  • You have no personality
  • You are one big ego
  • Astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money
  • Hidden microphones and cameras: Total lack of privacy
  • You are a homosexual
  • Are you a homosexual?
  • Budie holers
  • V— D—
  • The viruses

Dear Ones,

I added the below to this blog today …

Link: “Hellworld Scenes and Amazing Astral Stories,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 24 May 2016 … ..

Since it is so different from the rest of the blog, and is just a postscript there, I thought it might be best to break it out as a separate blog here, with slight changes from the original. It has to do with some repeating subconscious phrases I had noticed back in 2016 …

I came across an understanding that some of the repeating subconscious phrases I used to hear on the astral plane may attach to life cycle activities of or cultural difference among our commensal organisms.

For instance, It seems the repeating phrase “My life has no quality” has to do with lowered blood sugar; it may be a lament of the yeast cells that inhabit the human body.

The repeating phrase “You have no personality” is apparently a comment of the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon; it may have to do with prejudice against the yeasts, which are quite a bit more simplistic in their language and thought forms than are the Martians.

The repeating phrase “You are one big ego” is apparently a comment of the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon; it may have to do with Higher Mental Body functions, as our Martians have a greater influence on the Lower Mental Body, where they live, than on the Higher Mental Body.

Astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money may have to do with our body cells and the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon recoiling in horror at the attacks of viruses.

Hidden microphones and cameras: Total lack of privacy: This may have to do adjustment by our Martian bacterial colonists of the colon to the awakening of human telepathy globally. The Elder Race, the Martians, are far more telepathic than we, and in fact it was through their expertise in DNA manipulation that most of Earth species came into being. More about this in my blog category: Mars – Martians – the Elder Race

Not mentioned in the above-referenced blog are these repeating subconscious phrases:

“You are a homosexual” … Yeasts say this over and over again, and very enthusiastically, when there is plenty of sugar circulating in the blood, so that they can joyfully accomplish assexual reproduction

“Are you a homosexual?” is used by the yeast inhabitants of our bodies when greeting newly arriving yeasts. As I understand it, they are asking whether the newcomers are the sort that can have sexual reproduction with them, or whether they are they will be reproducing asexually.

“Budie holers” is a repeating, derogatory phrase used by the Martian bacterial colonists of the colon with regard to the HIV virus

“V— D—“ was a repeating, derogatory phrase used by the Martian bacterial colonists of the colon with regard to the viruses that attempt to cause sickness in their human ‘space stations’. They have since moved along to other phrases with the same meaning, but I cannot recall what those are right now.

The viruses talk in a sharp, sinister whisper full of intent to rip off the lives of the people in which they find themselves. They are villainous little dudes; which leads me to think that listening to pure musical harmonics might cause them to fare less well inside us.

If you hear repeating phrases on the astral plane, and know a little about microbiology, I encourage you to to match the phrases you hear to the wants and needs and cultural expectatoins of some of our commensal organisms as well.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Reminiscences: Whatever Happened to Sharon Ray? by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 26 July 2019

  • MY SUMMERS IN DURANGO, 2013-2015

Dear Ones,


I remember meeting Sharon Ray in 2011, at a Durango, Colorado, “Gracelight” meditation held by David Pomerantz and his wife Amalya Nattiv Pomerantz. This was the first Durango “Gracelight” meditation I had attended, as I recall, although I had been to some weekly “Gracelight” meditations held by Marilyn Zweifach in West Los Angeles (which is a few hours’ drive from my West Hills, Los Angeles, home).

That Sharon Ray had been a member of the Durango “Gracelight” meditation group for many years, I gathered from a “Gracelight” DVD published in 2006, and copyright Marilyn Zweifach. The DVD had videoclips of Sharon playing guitar and singing, as I later saw her do in Durango.

By luck of the draw, Sharon Ray was my roommate at the 2011 Durango weekend gathering. At the end of the event, she gave me a copy of her “Rockin Theme Songs” CD, which had some beautiful children’s songs on it …

Link: “‘Rockin Theme Songs’ CD,” by Ray of Light Books with Music for Children … ..

During the 2011 event, she had told me how much she loved her grandchildren, and I could tell from the kindly, uplifting spirit of the songs on the CD that she must have written them for those children, who, I heard, were quite young at the time.

This article that was published in the Durango Herald some years prior also attests to Sharon’s kindly nature …

Link: “Ray of Hope: Durango Illustrator and Author Collaborate on Children’s Book,” by Ted Holteen, Arts & Entertainment Editor, 22 May 2009 … ..


In the next few years, I spent summers in the Durango area, vacationing from my home in West Hills, California. Often, I went to the weekly Durango Gracelight meditations.

I also recall meeting lots of wonderful people during lunches, bingo, and dominoes on weekday afternoons at the beautiful Pine River Senior Center in Bayfield, Colorado …

Then on Sundays I often attended Florida Mesa Presbyterian Church (Pastor Dan Straw) …

I recall how pertinent the sermons were to today’s life, and how delicious the Sunday morning brunches were. As well, I recall meeting the friendliest of people there, mostly ranching families.

That church was only a mile or so from the tiny apartment I was renting in Florida Mesa, so sometimes I would drop by the yard outside the church mid-week to sit and contemplate in that peaceful spiritual spot. For instance, I recall singing this song while standing in the driveway there, after sitting to contemplate in the yard for awhile on a summer day …

Link: “Song of the Lord’s Prayer,” melody composed and sung by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 July 2015; revised on 29 November 2018 … ..

Behind me was a neighboring rancher’s field, and the blue Colorado sky.


Getting back on topic: Some while after the 2011 Durango meditation (maybe in 2013?), Sharon Ray stopped attending the Durango Gracelight meditations. I noticed that because she was no longer singing her inspirational songs, accompanied by guitar, at the meditations.

I spoke with Amalya about it, and as I recall, and to paraphrase, she said Sharon had decided to join a Yogananda spiritual group near Santa Maria, California. This spiritual group, Amalya said, was similar to, but not the same as, Self-Realization Fellowship in Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles. And that Sharon had just decided a change might be good, for the time being.


I looked around online and found an organization named Sunburst Buelton, a California Yogananda devotee spiritual retreat from which Sharon had written some newsletters that included photos of herself and friends, and news about her family. Here are three of the newsletters, dated 2013 and 2014 …

Link: “Smokin’ Hot Graces,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 29 October 2013 … ..

Link: “Faith and Setting the Butterfly Free,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 9 March 2014 … ..

Link: “Fun Among the Rungs,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 26 March 2014 … ..

From that I figured that Sunburst Buelton might have been the organization to which Amalya had referred (although I am not certain of it).


Then on the astral plane I heard the most awful story …

I heard a story that Sharon Ray had returned to Durango, had been camping out in the woods near town, and that someone had caught her and skinned her face so that she would not be recognized, and then kept her for a few days for a dark-of-the-night Satan cult ceremony in which her heart was cut out and eaten while it was still beating.

The end of this ‘psy in the sky’ story was that she had a retirement savings account of $50,000 which was ‘laundered’ on behalf of someone in this Satan cult.


Crucify me not! This astral story was very upsetting to me. I checked online, to see if there could possibly be any truth to it.

Apparently there has been some trouble with a Satan cult near Ignacio, La Plata County, Colorado in 1989 …

Link: “Vintage Durango: Satanic Panic on the Western Slope,” by Patty Templeton, Special to DGO … ..

As well, there apparently are Satan cults and wiccan covens in Colorado … although, as far as I can tell from online, more likely in Denver than Durango.

In fact, from my research I gathered there are Satan cults and wiccan covens not just in Colorado, but also in here and there in the United States. I note, for instance, a recent news story about a Satanism and the Arkansas state legislature ..

Link: “A Satanic Idol Goes to the Arkansas Capitol Building,” by Avi Sel,, 17 August 2018, in the Washington Post … ..


As clair intel is unreliable, it is possible that such an event as that which I heard in the ‘astral airs’ never took place at all. Or, it might have taken place, but not in Durango, and not to do with Sharon Ray, and not in 2014. (I say 2014, as that year, as nearly as I could tell, marked the last of the Sunburst Buelton articles that had details of her personal life in them.)


The mystery might be solved if Sharon Ray were to be located, alive and well, so I did some more research online …

Her children’s book “Jumping the Grate” used to be sold on Amazon, but it looks like it is not available any longer. It as if like there have been no recent posts on her website “Sharon Ray Books” … … in recent years.

After 2013, it seemed to me that newsletters continued to be published by Sunburst Buellton, with the byline Sharon Ray, but without any personal news or information about her. If there would be a photo, then it apparently would not be of her, as in the instance of the photo in this 2016 article …

Link: “Shaping Time,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 4 February 2016 … ..

Here is a 2019 photo from Sunburst Buelton with a photo of someone named Sharon Ray, who looks a little like the person I used to know, but not enough so for me to make a positive ID …

Link: “A Journey into Mindfulness,” by Sunburst, 9 April 2019 … ..

I am in quite a quandary about this ‘mimicry’ issue …

  • Are there really lots of people who unwittingly resemble other people?
  • Could it be there are lots of people who intentionally mimic other people?
  • Could there be some sinister undertone?
  • Is it just movieland stuff and nonsense?
  • With luck, it could be just that I am imagining resemblance?

And especially, with regard to Sharon Ray, whom I felt to be a talented songwriter, author, and musician, I could not get past the presentiment that she had been eaten, and that there might have been a coverup, with whatever nefarious intent!


Finally, I wrote this poem, and the writing of it seemed to lighten the load of upset I had over the astral story …

Link: “Cannibal Song: The 29-Flavor Barbecue . aka Ogreish Stew,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, written on 2 May 2019 … ..


I expect it will take better minds than mine, if we are ever get to the bottom of the mystery of the disappearance of Sharon Ray.

I hope and pray that this delightful human being I briefly encountered in Durango years ago is well and happy, and writing and singing her lovely songs all the time. I hope time reveals that the notion she has ‘disappeared’ turns out to be a question of her no longer being on the internet, and nothing more pernicious.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Cybercrime Hackware – Stalkware: Car Infotainment Systems Gone Rogue ? by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 25 July 2019

Dear Ones,

Some while ago, I had the strangest intuition regarding car infotainment and GPS systems; on the psychic plane, I heard there is backend hackware or stalkware installed that allows the cyber criminal purchaser to track the location of any car, globally, through GPS. The systems that came up in the clair chatter were auto Bluetooth, Pandora, and GPS systems (OEM, rather than after-market).

I heard also, on the clair plane, that the Secret Service … would this be United States Secret Service, such as the FBI, the CIA, or Homeland Security; or would it be a foreign Secret Service? …  had intended to use this equipment to track and apprehend drug traffickers,  to compensate for a dwindling budget and reduced staffing, but that it had gone rogue through double dealings by a United States expatriate entrepreneur who designed the hackware or stalkware, and who was later expelled from the country he removed to (possibly Japan?).

Sometimes clair chatter has some truth to it, and sometimes it is just Hollywood fiction. Are there any facts out there regarding this astral rumor? Have there been any legal actions filed, for instance?

If there is any truth in the clair chat, then it would be important to find a way to disconnect these devices from our cars, to prevent our being tracked and subjected to crimes of convenience by drug dealers, Mafia sorts and street gangs, I feel.

I wonder if there are savvy auto mechanics out there who could provide this niche market service for car technophobes?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Except where otherwise noted, “Awakening with Planet Earth” by Alice B. Clagett … … is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0) … ..


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