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Urban Legends: Secret Government Nanobot Project Requires Excision of Body Parts! . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 August 2019

Dear Ones,

Here is an urban legend that has been circulating round the astral airs since 2013: The story goes that there is at UCLA School of Medicine a secret government project in which experimental subjects’ eyes (or variously, gastrointestinal tracts) have been inoculated with nanobots as part of an attempt to mind control United States citizens.

Scarier still, as the story goes, the protocol requires all the experimental subjects’ inoculated eyes (variously, the left eye, or the right eye) or ileocecal valves (the nanobots having lodged just above the ileocecal valve) to be excised so that the nanobots can be recovered and returned to the United States secret service.

It is possible the astral rumor came about because there is a California NanoSystems Institute … … located close to the heart of the UCLA Medical Center’s Westwood Campus.

This is simply an urban legend, with no basis in fact. A glance at the rights provided us by the United States Constitution, and at the provisions of the Nuremberg Code, will surely set the matter straight in a moment’s time.

For those patients at UCLA who may still have doubts about this persistent myth, one sure way to disprove it would be to request copies of your patient consent forms from UCLA School of Medicine … … As I understand it, procedures cannot be done without a consent form being on file.

For medical doctors who would like to debunk this myth, if you are referred to supposed ‘secret experiment’ patient consent forms, then I would just check on the possibility of pranked or fake forms.

This same topic may be coming up on the ‘astral airs’ of medical centers elsewhere. The thing of it is this: Nationwide, there have been instances of berserker behavior recently, and murders, and these may be related to an increase in generalized anxiety amongst people here in the United States. Individually, increased anxiety in our national population may result in activation of fight or flight, or freeze or fawn response.

Instances of mass hysteria can also result, in which a number of people believe in a ‘conspiracy theory’ notion such as the secret government nanobot project to mind control United States citizens. The thing to do, I feel, if one cannot shake the notion of such an outlandish theory, is to obtain prescription medicine for generalized anxiety, and take it for awhile, and then see where the land lies. Another possibility is to talk with friends and acquaintances whose level-headedness can be trusted, so that they can present the sorts of questions that will poo poo these ‘out there’ notions.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. To date, I feel, our surest method of mind control, here in the United States, is daytime TV. I am reminded of a time long ago when I was selling cable TV door-to-door. I recall pitching a lady who had 4 TVs in her living room, all of them on at the same time, and each tuned to a different soap opera. I did inquire about this; she said she did not want to miss one detail of any of the stories. Luckily, since then, technology has arisen that allows us to record and replay shows after they air.


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Reminiscences: Whatever Happened to Sharon Ray? by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 26 July 2019

  • MY SUMMERS IN DURANGO, 2013-2015

Dear Ones,


I remember meeting Sharon Ray in 2011, at a Durango, Colorado, “Gracelight” meditation held by David Pomerantz and his wife Amalya Nattiv Pomerantz. This was the first Durango “Gracelight” meditation I had attended, as I recall, although I had been to some weekly “Gracelight” meditations held by Marilyn Zweifach in West Los Angeles (which is a few hours’ drive from my West Hills, Los Angeles, home).

That Sharon Ray had been a member of the Durango “Gracelight” meditation group for many years, I gathered from a “Gracelight” DVD published in 2006, and copyright Marilyn Zweifach. The DVD had videoclips of Sharon playing guitar and singing, as I later saw her do in Durango.

By luck of the draw, Sharon Ray was my roommate at the 2011 Durango weekend gathering. At the end of the event, she gave me a copy of her “Rockin Theme Songs” CD, which had some beautiful children’s songs on it …

Link: “‘Rockin Theme Songs’ CD,” by Ray of Light Books with Music for Children … ..

During the 2011 event, she had told me how much she loved her grandchildren, and I could tell from the kindly, uplifting spirit of the songs on the CD that she must have written them for those children, who, I heard, were quite young at the time.

This article that was published in the Durango Herald some years prior also attests to Sharon’s kindly nature …

Link: “Ray of Hope: Durango Illustrator and Author Collaborate on Children’s Book,” by Ted Holteen, Arts & Entertainment Editor, 22 May 2009 … ..


In the next few years, I spent summers in the Durango area, vacationing from my home in West Hills, California. Often, I went to the weekly Durango Gracelight meditations.

I also recall meeting lots of wonderful people during lunches, bingo, and dominoes on weekday afternoons at the beautiful Pine River Senior Center in Bayfield, Colorado …

Then on Sundays I often attended Florida Mesa Presbyterian Church (Pastor Dan Straw) …

I recall how pertinent the sermons were to today’s life, and how delicious the Sunday morning brunches were. As well, I recall meeting the friendliest of people there, mostly ranching families.

That church was only a mile or so from the tiny apartment I was renting in Florida Mesa, so sometimes I would drop by the yard outside the church mid-week to sit and contemplate in that peaceful spiritual spot. For instance, I recall singing this song while standing in the driveway there, after sitting to contemplate in the yard for awhile on a summer day …

Link: “Song of the Lord’s Prayer,” melody composed and sung by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 July 2015; revised on 29 November 2018 … ..

Behind me was a neighboring rancher’s field, and the blue Colorado sky.


Getting back on topic: Some while after the 2011 Durango meditation (maybe in 2013?), Sharon Ray stopped attending the Durango Gracelight meditations. I noticed that because she was no longer singing her inspirational songs, accompanied by guitar, at the meditations.

I spoke with Amalya about it, and as I recall, and to paraphrase, she said Sharon had decided to join a Yogananda spiritual group near Santa Maria, California. This spiritual group, Amalya said, was similar to, but not the same as, Self-Realization Fellowship in Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles. And that Sharon had just decided a change might be good, for the time being.


I looked around online and found an organization named Sunburst Buelton, a California Yogananda devotee spiritual retreat from which Sharon had written some newsletters that included photos of herself and friends, and news about her family. Here are three of the newsletters, dated 2013 and 2014 …

Link: “Smokin’ Hot Graces,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 29 October 2013 … ..

Link: “Faith and Setting the Butterfly Free,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 9 March 2014 … ..

Link: “Fun Among the Rungs,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 26 March 2014 … ..

From that I figured that Sunburst Buelton might have been the organization to which Amalya had referred (although I am not certain of it).


Then on the astral plane I heard the most awful story …

I heard a story that Sharon Ray had returned to Durango, had been camping out in the woods near town, and that someone had caught her and skinned her face so that she would not be recognized, and then kept her for a few days for a dark-of-the-night Satan cult ceremony in which her heart was cut out and eaten while it was still beating.

The end of this ‘psy in the sky’ story was that she had a retirement savings account of $50,000 which was ‘laundered’ on behalf of someone in this Satan cult.


Crucify me not! This astral story was very upsetting to me. I checked online, to see if there could possibly be any truth to it.

Apparently there has been some trouble with a Satan cult near Ignacio, La Plata County, Colorado in 1989 …

Link: “Vintage Durango: Satanic Panic on the Western Slope,” by Patty Templeton, Special to DGO … ..

As well, there apparently are Satan cults and wiccan covens in Colorado … although, as far as I can tell from online, more likely in Denver than Durango.

In fact, from my research I gathered there are Satan cults and wiccan covens not just in Colorado, but also in here and there in the United States. I note, for instance, a recent news story about a Satanism and the Arkansas state legislature ..

Link: “A Satanic Idol Goes to the Arkansas Capitol Building,” by Avi Sel,, 17 August 2018, in the Washington Post … ..


As clair intel is unreliable, it is possible that such an event as that which I heard in the ‘astral airs’ never took place at all. Or, it might have taken place, but not in Durango, and not to do with Sharon Ray, and not in 2014. (I say 2014, as that year, as nearly as I could tell, marked the last of the Sunburst Buelton articles that had details of her personal life in them.)


The mystery might be solved if Sharon Ray were to be located, alive and well, so I did some more research online …

Her children’s book “Jumping the Grate” used to be sold on Amazon, but it looks like it is not available any longer. It as if like there have been no recent posts on her website “Sharon Ray Books” … … in recent years.

After 2013, it seemed to me that newsletters continued to be published by Sunburst Buellton, with the byline Sharon Ray, but without any personal news or information about her. If there would be a photo, then it apparently would not be of her, as in the instance of the photo in this 2016 article …

Link: “Shaping Time,” by Sunburst, and by Sharon Ray, 4 February 2016 … ..

Here is a 2019 photo from Sunburst Buelton with a photo of someone named Sharon Ray, who looks a little like the person I used to know, but not enough so for me to make a positive ID …

Link: “A Journey into Mindfulness,” by Sunburst, 9 April 2019 … ..

I am in quite a quandary about this ‘mimicry’ issue …

  • Are there really lots of people who unwittingly resemble other people?
  • Could it be there are lots of people who intentionally mimic other people?
  • Could there be some sinister undertone?
  • Is it just movieland stuff and nonsense?
  • With luck, it could be just that I am imagining resemblance?

And especially, with regard to Sharon Ray, whom I felt to be a talented songwriter, author, and musician, I could not get past the presentiment that she had been eaten, and that there might have been a coverup, with whatever nefarious intent!


Finally, I wrote this poem, and the writing of it seemed to lighten the load of upset I had over the astral story …

Link: “Cannibal Song: The 29-Flavor Barbecue . aka Ogreish Stew,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, written on 2 May 2019 … ..


I expect it will take better minds than mine, if we are ever get to the bottom of the mystery of the disappearance of Sharon Ray.

I hope and pray that this delightful human being I briefly encountered in Durango years ago is well and happy, and writing and singing her lovely songs all the time. I hope time reveals that the notion she has ‘disappeared’ turns out to be a question of her no longer being on the internet, and nothing more pernicious.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Vision: Lightworkers and Ascensioneers . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 17 July 2019

Dear Ones,

Here is a vision I had last night; I thought I had best publish it, in case it should prove true …

Since 2012, there has been an attempt by black magicians to disband the Lightworkers, Pathfinders, Wayshowers, and Ascensioneers.

Apparently, there are 12 cybercriminals posing as web programmers and techies who have colluded in a campaign to lag our tags, categories, and urls with Google. Should this prove true, I feel it may be circumvented through manual submission to Google. Also, you may wish to speak with your website hosts about it.

On the psychic plane, black magickers have put quite a strong effort into turning Lightworkers, Pathfinders, Wayshowers, and Ascensioneers away from each other through casting aspersions regarding greed and competition, and also apparently through initiating lawsuits against us and psychically implying these legal actions are by other Lightworkers, when in fact this is not true.

A new Solar Cycle is dawning. Let us find each other once again, and share our work with the world.

God bless each of you with Light and love and joy!

Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars


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Notice about new category: Psychic heart attack . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 17 July 2019

Dear One,

As through psychic intel I have found that black magic practitioners find an income stream through inducing psychic heart attack in unwitting victims and being paid for it … and just in case this psychic intel is true … I have included a new subcategory … Psychic heart attack …

Category: Psychic heart attack … ..

This category offers thoughts on ways to counter attempts at psychic heart attack.

Those of you who are attempting to give people heart attacks for pay ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Whether or not successful, this is morally wrong, and, I feel, dishonors your very Soul.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Notice that blog has been updated . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 14 July 2019

Dear Ones,

I have just updated this blog …

Link: “The Ascension Process: Crossing Over to Awareness of the Astral Plane,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 29 April 2016, revised … ..

The section: “How to Deal with Repetitive Astral ‘Acting Out’?” has to do with an issue I have been facing for several years, and for which I as yet have no solution.

See also the section: “Disclosure” … which offers thoughts on dealing with that topic from the standpoint of the Lightworker and Ascensioneer.

For those familiar with the School of Theosophy writings, the blog offers an explanation of some of the similarities and differences between that philosophy and my own.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Collapse of the City Dome of Los Angeles, 24 May 2019 . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 24 May 2019; published on 7 July 2019

Dear Ones,

On 24 May 2019 I stopped by the locus in West Los Angeles that had been the epicenter of the Los Angeles City Dome …

Link: “Los Angeles Astral City Dome Blog Series,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 1 August 2016 … ..

Walking round the perimeter, without entering the locale, I found that the Los Angeles city dome had completely collapsed and the locale had cleared. There was no longer a deep, rankling, Hellworld sense of dead and decaying bodies there. Instead there was a neutral, Purgatory world energy, more or less typical, I feel, of life on Earth till now.

Congratulations to all the beings involved in this clearing, which was a difficult one, and involved great peril to all involved. Well done! I am very grateful to each of you!

I did some inquiry on the psychic plane while on the perimeter of the locale, and heard this, which amazed me greatly …

The clair story was that a young boy, purportedly the first true love of a man held in high esteem, and who worked and lived at that locale, had been infected with an incurable STD by him, and had died in the early 2000s. The cause of death had been covered up through offering the parents hush money for the medical care of the child during his final illness.

According to the astral story, the child’s male lover could not stand to be parted from him in death, and so had arranged for the corpse illegally to be buried on the grounds where he worked and lived.

Somehow this simple and understandable act set the stage for a horrific curse, the curse I termed, through psychic intel, ‘blood on the lintel’ …

Link: “On Human Hybrids and Astral Velociraptors,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 November 2016 … … Search the heading: On Heeding a Warding Spell: Video by Alice 

On the psychic plane, in the ensuing years, somehow similar Soul wounding of other people accreted to the cursed spot, resulting in issues of child trafficking, child sexual harassment, and child murder.

Rumors wafted through the astral airs, to the effect that the man in question, a man gifted in many ways, and held in high esteem by many in the City of the Angels, was some years later ‘caught in the act’ of child molestation, and doomed by local law to wear a house arrest bracelet on his ankle on the weekends.

That he had cut off his own foot in order to escape this edict, which, in his mind, prevented him from experiencing true love through use of foreign objects with prepurbertal children, both boys and girls. That he then claimed the loss of the limb to be due to diabetes, and then in other astral stories, due to an auto accident.

That various nefarious enterprises, to do with murder of rich, single women, soaking up of their estates, and ‘cooking of the books’ were undertaking in order to fund further child trafficking. That a local coroner had been bribed to cover up wrongful deaths. That the supervisors of an adjacent prekindergarten and elementary school were bribed to offer victims for child abuse. That the megabucks of the entertainment industry … and variously, of the drug industry … were somehow involved.

According to the astral stories, the man in question retired and moved, in recent years, to another locale; and the curse was cleared by people at the locale finding that the grave was illegal, and presumably, moving the body of the dead child to a sacred burial space.

At least, I hope this was the case. If instead, the body of the child was moved to another illegal burial space, for example, the current locale of the man who was his lover, then simply the curse has been relocated to that place.

For those who might be involved … if this astral story bears any relationship to physical reality … intuition tells me to offer this advice: I feel it would be best to move the body of the child to sacred ground, so as to ‘lay’ the curse of ‘blood on the lintel’ and of ‘runes of black and red’. (For more on these runes, search my blog for the words: runes black red )

Then this or a similar blessing may be employed to dispel the curse at the locales where the child’s body has rested …

Link: “The Dwelling Curse and An ‘Answering Symbol’ ,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 3 November 2016 … ..

For the curse of runes of black and red, purportedly also at play in this astral instance, there is an Activation of Light which may be used to clear the Soul fields of the people embroiled in the curse and in the lack of disclosure …

Link: “Red and Black Runes in the Soul Field,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 8 May 2015; revised 27 October 2018 … ..

In addition, standard Christian prayers for the Souls of the dearly beloved who have departed this Earthly realm would be very helpful. Here is one such prayer, in the Christian tradition  …

Link: “Traditional Prayer for the Dead,” by Saint Michael Catholic Church … ..

Speaking through psychic intel only, I have the sense that other bodies are buried illicitly at the above-mentioned place and at another locale at some distance north and east of there, but that there is no curse attached to that. Apparently, it is fine for those bodies to be there. Most likely, this may be the case here and there, all over Earth.

In the days of my maternal grandparents, who were farmers, the issue of death and sacred ground was addressed by setting aside a portion of the land as a family graveyard. This land, then, became a sacred burial space. Most likely, in days to come, as more people return to the land and to subsistence living, that practice will be reinstituted.

I feel this is a good practice, set by circumstances of subsistence living in locales remote from hubs of commerce. In places where our human population is very congested, as in the great cities of Earth, I can see why laws have been set in place for burial of our loved ones in community graveyards.

Speaking from a psychic vantage point, I feel that interment in sacred land, or else cremation and dispersal of ashes along with the blessing of prayers for the departed, is very important as a means of helping the departed attain rest and peace in the Afterlife.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Update on the City Dome of Los Angeles, 31 July 2016” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 1 August 2016 … ..

Search my blog for the term: black widower  … and for the category: child trafficking


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Strong, Chemical Odor near Santa Susana Field Laboratory Woolsey Fire Impact Area . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 18 December 2018; published on 21 December 2018

    • Incident Map 1
    • Incident Map 2
    • Credits

Dear Ones,

On Tuesday, 18 December 2018, I smelled a strong, chemical odor while hiking the Sage Ranch Loop Trail – Simi Valley at Sage Ranch Park, near its southwest border adjacent to the site of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

I have been hiking the trails of Sage Ranch Park for about 10 years. This is the first time I smelled this odor. I note it was in a fire impact area of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory for the recent Woolsey Canyon Fire.

Here is a video on the event. My comments are below the video. NOTE LINKS TO TWO INCIDENT MAPS AT THE END OF THESE COMMENTS …



A Wikipedia article on the Santa Susana Field Laboratory mentions “highly toxic chemical additives to power over 30,000 rocket engine tests and to clean the rocket test-stands afterward” (1)

The Wikipedia article also mentions a NASA statement about soil and groundwater contamination, and issues of cancer to do with Santa Susana Field Laboratory operations brought up by other people in years past.

I wonder if the odor I smelled might have been those highly toxic chemical additives, and if so, whether their release into the air had to do with the fire, or maybe the subsequent rains?

I also wonder whether, for health reasons, the Sage Ranch Loop Trail – Simi Valley ought to be closed to hikers till the strong, chemical odor is gone from the air?

And I wonder whether the people doing the earthwork might need to be wearing N95 dust masks, or maybe even gas masks to avoid health hazards while doing the work (if they are not already doing so).

Wikipedia also mentions a Sodium Reactor Experiment 1957 to 1964 at Santa Susana Field Laboratory and that a “meltdown caused the release of more than 458 times the amount of radioactivity released by the Three Mile Island accident”. (1)

Thus I have another question whether the issue of radioactive contamination might pertain to the high winds during the Woolsey Canyon Fire, or to the earthwork operation I noticed on my hike today?

(1) Link: “Santa Susana Field Laboratory,” in Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License 

INCIDENT MAP 1. Here is a fire map of the northern edge of the Woolsey Canyon Fire (in yellow) as well as the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (lower left), Boeing Santa Susana (top left), Sage Ranch Park (middle) and Summit Mobile Home Park,. across from which the Woolsey Canyon Fire originated (right) …

Link: Incident Map 1 … ..

INCIDENT MAP 2. In this closeup, you can see where the Sage Ranch Loop Trail – Simi Valley loops up, next to a more or less rectangular, grey area of Boeing Santa Susana where the earth moving was taking place. I smelled the odd odor at the loop in the trail, where air funnels down above a watercourse that runs in the low area between the east-west portion of Sage Ranch Loop Trail – Simi Valley and F Street, both of which are at the bottom of this map …

Link: Incident Map 2 … ..

Screenplay and Images by Alice B. Clagett, Producer, CC BY-SA 4.0. The soothing music at the end of the video is “Prelude No. 6” from the album “Preludes” by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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