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On Boosting Street Gang Awareness in Small Towns of America . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 2 January 2018

Dear Ones,

As you may know, a considerable number of people in the United States have felony records. As of 2010 (the latest year for which I could find statistics), 3 percent of the US population have spent time in prison. As most prisoners are men, that would be roughly 6 percent of the male population nationwide, as of 2010.

Link: “Study estimates U.S. population with felony convictions,” by Alan Flurry, 1 October 2017 … ..

As an aside, I would like to note how very out of date these figures are, and how good it would be to have up-to-date figures. To continue …

I note that the most felon friendly states are California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Washington State …

Link: “Felon Friendly States” … ..

I feel that former members of street gangs from the large cities might emigrate to small towns in these felon friendly states, and that some of these small towns might consequently be experiencing heretofore nonexistent street gang activity.

It is my hope that all small towns in these states be acquainted with the well-organized (and sometimes ruthless) mode of operation of street gangs (which to me have some broad similarity to other ‘outlaw’ groups such as organized crime and ‘killing cults’).

I suggest getting acquainted with the Los Angeles Police Department’s wide-ranging street gang programs, so as not to be caught off guard. Here are a few good leads …

Link: “Gang Enforcement Initiatives,” at LAPD … ..

Link: “Keeping Kids Out of Gangs,” at LAPD … ..

While I realize that the majority of felony records are nonviolent, and believe in restorative justice, I also feel that violent felons need closer oversight as members of small town communities, than do those with no violent criminal record.

In other words, I feel that, while every felon ought to have a fair shake at a new start in life, nevertheless he or she must live up to the expectations of the small towns of America, and lead a law abiding life after paying a debt to society.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Would It Be Good If the CIA Took Over the Drug Trade in the United States? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 24 April 2018

    • Overview: Potential Negative Outcomes
    • Putative Use of Released Felons as ‘Soldiers’ and Drug Runner for the CIA: Potential Negative Outcomes
    • Long-Term Potential Negative Outcomes: Decentralization of Government and Establishment of Drug Warlords Owing Fealty and Tribute to the CIA
    • A Substitute Plan for the CIA to Garner Money for Our Government by Nationalizing and Administering Tobacco Sales, with Doubled Taxes
    • A Preferable Alternate Strategy: Legalization and Taxation of Recreational Drugs

Dear Ones,

This blog is mostly a ‘what if’ based on ruminations about ‘psy in the sky’ regarding the CIA and the drug trade in America. It presents various putative scenarios, along with putative negative and positive outcomes …


I was reading an article in Wikipedia about allegations of CIA drug trading in decades past …

Link: “Allegations of CIA drug trafficking,” in Wikipedia, ..


I’ve heard, here and there, that the United States is ‘losing the war on drugs’, at least in terms of the current fight strategy. For instance, here is an article from Stanford University on the topic …

Link: The United States War on Drugs – Stanford University, ..


I began to pose the rhetorical question: What if the CIA, discouraged by losing ground in the war on drugs, were to begin dealing in drugs itself, as a way of wresting power from the drug cartels and the drug lords?

Overview: Potential Negative Outcomes

Here’s what I feel about that:

  • The people of the United States would begin to live in fear of the CIA, just as they now live in fear of the drug cartels and the drug lords.
  • Money from drug sale profits would flow into the CIA coffers first, and from there to other parts of the government. We might anticipate a greater than proportionate share might stay with the CIA, making it a wealthy … perhaps even the wealthiest? … branch of government.
  • The CIA might accrue unto itself so much power, that it would become ‘top-heavy’, setting the balance of the democratic process off-kilter.
  • There would thus arise a chance that our government would move from a democratic process, to fascism, such as that promoted by the Italian National Fascist Party leader Benito Mussolini, who ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943; in 1925 he established a dictatorship there. In our case, it is likely that the head of the CIA would become America’s first dictator.

Putative Use of Released Felons as ‘Soldiers’ and Drug Runner for the CIA: Potential Negative Outcomes

The CIA has unique powers, even now, to coerce local law enforcement to accede to its expectations. As it attempted to gain hegemony over the drug trade in the United States, there might be inroads on America’s legal systems along these lines …

  • The headiness of the profits flowing from the people of the United States, and into the coffers of the CIA, would contradict the mandate of the CIA to educate our children and adults about the evils of drugs.
  • The CIA might employ felons released from our prisons, when their time is up, as strongarm ‘soldiers’ and drug runners. These might be granted CIA ID cards.
    • Having cards, and having experienced previous lives of crime, they might continue with lives of crime, and evade retribution by law enforcement in our towns and cities through immunity granted them by their CIA ID cards.
    • As released felons are more likely to have HIV than the general population, and are more likely to have a history of child molestation, we could anticipate an increase in the HIV-infected population in towns where they operated.
    • Especially, we could anticipate the children being infected with HIV. As children with HIV aren’t able to have children, the populations of the towns where the CIA ‘soldiers’ worked might be anticipated to have zero population growth in 25.5 years (that is, in a generation).
  • These felon ‘soldiers’ might attempt to addict virtually all Americans with drugs, possibly through our drinking water, or through bottled water sold in stores, so as to increase the CIA’s customer base.
    • This would result in downtime and a decrease in America’s available man-hours.
    • If our drinking water were poisoned with drugs, then we might have deaths of newborns, toddlers, invalids, and seniors … in other words, of vulnerable parts of our population, because of the poisoned water.

Long-Term Potential Negative Outcomes: Decentralization of Government and Establishment of Drug Warlords Owing Fealty and Tribute to the CIA

Here is a ‘long view’ of the strategy:

  • The chance would arise that towns across the United States would become like feudal holdings, whose law would be determined by profit rather than law and order.
    • Each of our towns might be ‘captured’, as it were, by local CIA released felon ‘soldiers’. Such ‘captured’ towns might be envisioned to be warlord strongholds, much like those of some despotic African warlords. These feudal holdings would owe fealty and ‘tribute’ to a Central Intelligence Agency on the East Coast.
  • With time, centralization of power on the East Coast would deteriorate, What would remain would be local warlord strongholds, ruled by the released felons. The manner of decentralization might be like the expansion of farming culture from the East Coast of the United States, to the West Coast, only in reverse, like this …
  • Due to the addiction of the population, and the decrease in available manpower because of HIV infection, it would become more difficult for each locality to meet its agricultural supply needs.
    • We might expect, for example, struggles with starvation in lean years.
    • We might anticipate food being held by warlord strongholds, and distributed by them. Granaries are an example of food power accretion in this manner.
    • We might anticipate raids by release felons, living in mountainous areas, upon the flatland communities, with concomitant fighting and bloodshed.
    • We might expect, as food supplies became more scarce, that the population would rely less on drugs, because of their expense, so as to set aside enough food supplies. As this began to happen, then the power of the drug lords might wain, as their wealth dwindled.
      • This might give our towns an opportunity to re-establish democratic process and civil law, through overthrowing the warlords.


As I didn’t much like my line of inquiry and investigation of the above scenario, I’d like to present two alternative strategies, with regard to the war against drugs in America.

A Substitute Plan for the CIA to Garner Money for Our Government by Nationalizing and Administering Tobacco Sales, with Doubled Taxes

As things stand, it is illegal for the CIA to engage in business in America. As mentioned above, the concern is that the resultant monopoly and hegemony would erode our Constitutional liberties and threaten our democratic way of life.

However, if our leadership felt that the situation were such that this law must be contravened, then I would suggest that the CIA begin to sell some commodity other than drugs. One such commodity might be tobacco.

From 2000 to 2010, Americans spend about $100B annually on illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine, according to the RAND Drug Policy Research Center for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. This is the most recent figure I have on the market value of illegal drugs in the United States, so I’ll go with this.

Link: “Americans Spent About A Trillion Dollars On Illegal Drugs In The Last Decade,” by Matt Ferner, 13 March 2014, Huffington Post, ..

The retail value of 2017 annual tobacco sales in the United States was about $121B …

Link: “Market value of tobacco in the United States from 2013 to 2018 (in million U.S. dollars),” in Statista: The Statistics Portal,” ..

Looking at these two figures: 2017 annual tobacco sales at $121B, and 2010 estimated annual illegal drug sales at $100 billion, we might consider these to be roughly equal.

Thus the CIA might expect to profit as much from the nationalization of tobacco sales, as it might from sales of recreational drugs, were it to double the tax on tobacco sales.

There would be other upsides to this strategy as well:

  • Like recreational drug use, tobacco use causes health risks. However, I feel that increased use of tobacco might not damage the decision-making ability of people as much as drug use while they are in the workplace.  Thus our workforce might more easily maintain its competitive edge in the global economy.
  • As it would have no financial incentive to promote addiction to recreational drugs, the CIA could, without quandry, set aside part of its profits from the sale of tobacco, to educate children and adults on the danger of using drugs, and to offer drug rehab programs. (However, education on the health risks of tobacco might suffer.)
  • There might be less deaths of newborns, toddlers, invalids, and seniors were we to avoid addicting the overall United States population by drugging drinking water (as in the hypothetical instance above)
  • The CIA would not need to use released felons to sell tobacco; they could simply nationalize tobacco sales, and double the tax on them. Instead, released felons might be steered in the direction of employment in less populated areas, such as forestry or fishing. Thus the danger of infecting our schoolchildren with HIV, through use of released felons who may have been infected with HIV in prison, might be mitigated.

A Preferable Alternate Strategy: Legalization and Taxation of Recreational Drugs

I suggest a second alternate strategy, that of legalizing and taxing recreational drugs. I’ve discussed the benefits of this strategy in a prior blog …

LInk: “What Could We Expect in Federal, State and Local Revenue Increases if Recreational Drugs Were Legalized?” by Alice B. Clagett, ..

To recap that article, the primary benefits of the strategy are:

  • $686.2B estimated annual net improvement in the federal bottom line, and
  • $17B estimated annual improvement in the State and local bottom line due to ‘sin tax’ increases

This strategy, then, would bolster the United States economy by providing a good deal of new money for government services, in addition to money for education and rehabilitation in the arena of drug use.

Were it to be implemented along with a strategy of circumventing, insofar as possible, the presence of HIV-infected child molesters in our small towns, the combined strategy would mitigate the timeline of the AIDS pandemic, allowing a slowdown during which an AIDS-resistant American population could develop. This, then, would mitigate manpower diminution in our next generation, about 25 years from now.

This strategy would not require that the CIA contravene its edict to protect the American people’s democratic way of life. Nor would it raise the threat of fascism or dictatorship, in the United States.

Thus the people of American, raised with a healthy regard for the Declaration of Independence and our United States Constitution, might happily continue on, in a restful state of mind, and in what they understandably consider to be their right to pursue personal happiness during their lifetimes.

Consequently, we might confidently anticipate our American economy ‘holding its own’ in the coming decades, very much in step with the other nations of the world.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Wild Astral Rumors About Felon Rehabilitation . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 2 March 2018

    • Crime Makeovers?
    • Fake CIA Credentials? Fake IRS Credentials?
    • If True: Request for Secret Service and IRS Webpage to Help Citizens and Law Enforcement Determine if CIA, FBI, and IRS Identity Badges Are Fake or Not
    • Ex-Con Hirers as Unintentional Drug Distribution Focal Points?
    • Ex-Con Hirers as Focal Points of Rape, Drug Use, Murder, and HIV Infection
    • A Wild Astral Rumor: Small Town ‘Penal Colonies’ Preying on Tourists
    • ‘Madeover’ Street Gangs: Spiritual Cults That Kill?
    • Request for CIA Tourist Advisories, If Rumors Prove True
    • Life without Parole for 60-Count Rap Sheets and Higher
    • No ‘Crime Makeover’ for 60-Count Rap Sheet Criminals
    • Rehab Released Felons Far from Towns
    • Let’s Vet Whether Rehab Ranches and Farms Really Exist. Also: Are They Housing the Felons Nightly?
    • Wildest Possible Astral Rumor: Mob Bosses Murdering Felon Employment Bosses And Converting Rehab to ‘Crime 202’ (?!!)
    • Island Isolation for Released Felons
    • Recidivism
    • Violent Crime on the Rise
    • Handheld Psychosis (‘Virtual Psychosis’) Among Children

Dear Ones,

I heard the wildest astral rumor, and it upsets me enough to get it out there.Whether there’s any truth in it at all, I guess time will tell.


Anyway, what’s ‘on the astral airwaves’ is that large cities all over America … I guess that would include Los Angeles … have not enough money to keep our felons housed in prisons, and that hardened criminals are being released into the mainstream of society, to whatever towns will take them, sometimes crossing state boundaries to do so.

Crime Makeovers?

I heard that they are getting ‘crime makeovers’ … which include fake IDs, alterations in hair color, facial surgery, gender change surgery, apparent cultural or racial changeups, fingerprint changes, and for the most hardened criminals, height enhancement surgery, so that their previous identities will be unknown when they are placed in society, and so that they won’t match up with law enforcement’s criminal databases.

Fake CIA Credentials? Fake IRS Credentials?

I heard, on the astral airs, that these released felons are getting hold of fake credentials, including fake drivers licenses and stolen credit cards … but more significantly, fake CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and IRS cards … and that these fake credentials are authentic looking enough to fool most ordinary people, and most importantly, people in banks … who are in charge of safe deposit boxes … and law enforcement agencies in towns that seldom see Secret Service or IRS involvement with the local community.

If True: Request for Secret Service and IRS Webpage to Help Citizens and Law Enforcement Determine if CIA, FBI, and IRS Identity Badges Are Fake or Not

For this latter issue, if it is true, I suggest the Secret Service and the IRS put up webpages letting everyone know how these agencies work with local law enforcement and with the banks, and what rights citizens have, in order to discover if they are being approached by true people, representing government authority, or by released felons.

As budget allows, I hope these agencies will also reach out to local law enforcement and to banks and other financial institutes nationwide, in an educational effort in this regard. An email campaign might be cost-effective in this regard.

Ex-Con Hirers as Unintentional Drug Distribution Focal Points?

I heard also that the companies that hire these released cons are in danger of becoming involved in the drug trade, because that is the stock in trade of the felons. If true, I surmise this might take place, initially, under covers, amongst the employed, released felons.

Ex-Con Hirers as Focal Points of Rape, Drug Use, Murder, and HIV Infection

Habits of rape, drug use and murder, and incidence of HIV infection, have a tendency to fan out from felon rehab focus points, according to the ‘astral airs’. Thus it seems possible that, with time, drug distribution done surreptitiously by released felons at their employment focal points, might eventually involve some members of the employing groups, as they might be susceptible to being raped, getting the HIV virus, becoming addicted, and needing extra money for medical care and to sustain their drug habits. This is only a hypothesis.

A Wild Astral Rumor: Small Town ‘Penal Colonies’ Preying on Tourists

Again on the astral airs, and much to my perturbation, I’ve very persistently heard, for several years now, that some small towns across America are formally agreeing to accept released felons .. with an understanding, either tacit or verbally expressed, that brothels will be established that offer the townsmen free sex. In exchange for which they will ‘look the other way’ when the felons prey upon tourists.

That there may be tacit agreements amongst townspeople or small town law enforcement that these released felons may prey up the underprivileged … for instance, the homeless and people who are culturally or racially different from the norm in these towns … also penniless young people who migrate in, for instance, for the ski season … at a kill rate of one underprivileged person a month. This then, may ratchet up to a kill a week, due to the enthusiasm of the released felons, and then remonstrances issued, and the kill rate lowered.

‘Madeover’ Street Gangs: Spiritual Cults That Kill?

Also that the felons are establishing ‘made over’ street gangs … what you might call ‘whitewashed’ killing cults or modern-day outlaw gangs, that look upper middle class, very spiffed up, maybe even highly spiritual in appearance.

Request for CIA Tourist Advisories, If Rumors Prove True

If there, in fact, are such towns, and if the problem is as severe as it seems through intuition and the ‘sixth sense’ … then in that case, I suggest the CIA issue tourist advisories for these towns … in the same way that the CIA Factbook online used to issue tourist advisories for nations given over to violence.


I also wonder whether there might be better solutions for the release of felons. For instance …

Life without Parole for 60-Count Rap Sheets and Higher

Perhaps the most hardened criminals … the type that have 60-count rap sheets, for instance … ought to be denied parole altogether.

No ‘Crime Makeover’ for 60-Count Rap Sheet Criminals

If parole cannot be denied, then I hope the government, and felon rehab industries, will not target these hardened criminals for complete ‘crime makeovers’ and Identity remakes. I realize there is a sentiment, on the astral airs, amongst the rehab industries, that these hardened criminals ‘have no chance’ unless their identity is disguised, so that they can get a fresh start.

My own point of view is quite the opposite. I feel a ‘crime makeover’ for the hardened criminal disguises their criminal tendencies, not only towards members of the communities they join, but also towards the well-meaning but easily duped industries that hire these men and women, and also … when they receive fake CIA and IRS credentials … they can deceive local law enforcement as well.

Rehab Released Felons Far from Towns

Here are some other possibilities:

  • Why not hire released felons out to the lumberjack industry
  • or the ranching or agricultural industries, with house arrest bracelets on them?

Let’s Vet Whether Rehab Ranches and Farms Really Exist. Also: Are They Housing the Felons Nightly?

Along those lines … and again, purely clair astrally … I heard that some felons may have been released to a ‘farm’ that doesn’t exist, into dormitories on the ‘farm’ that are not lived in, but only used as brothels. Is there any chance this might be true?

Probably not, but still, unscheduled visits to industries hiring released felons seem to me a good reasonable idea. Aerial surveillance through Google is also a possibility; for instance, on the ‘farm’ in question, is there acreage for farming? Can the felons’ house arrest bracelets be detected there in the evenings? And so on …

Wildest Possible Astral Rumor: Mob Bosses Murdering Felon Employment Bosses And Converting Rehab to ‘Crime 202’ (?!!)

There’s an even wilder astral rumor out there to the effect that the appointed overseers bosses at prison rehab focal points in our communities nationwide may have been, in some instances, murdered, and replaced with mob bosses who have assumed the names of their done-in predecessors. Then turning the operations from rehab to ‘Crime 202’ (!??) It seems to me it would be relatively easy, at least in this case, to determine the truth of the rumor, or lack thereof.

Island Isolation for Released Felons …

  • Or maybe, in the most difficult instances, very hardened felons could be confined to an island with airlift in of supplies?

I recall that England exported its sex workers and criminals to Australia in times past, for instance. In those days, England may have had financial constraints similar to those facing American urban areas today.

In the most difficult of circumstances, to prevent predation upon the American people, and to help halt the spread of the HIV pandemic to our schoolchildren, this island restraint technique might be worth considering.


It’s important to keep in mind that schoolchildren infected with the HIV virus … taking into consideration the current state of Western medicine with regard to this disease … cannot expect to live more than into their 20s or 30s. And that those years may be lived, apparently without the option of having children, because of the toll that the virus would otherwise take on their health while under the physical stress of pregnancy.

Of course, prospects for our HIV-infected children are changing, day by day, for the better, and I have the highest hopes for them. But in the meantime, during the next 5 years, I feel it is absolutely critical to do our best to halt the spread of HIV to our schoolchildren in urban areas. That way the American workforce of 10 years from now can remain strong enough to keep our economy on an even keel.

One very important consideration in this regard is to keep hardened criminals away from our children; this is because prison life, sex work, and drug use among hardened criminals leads to the likelihood of HIV infection. Further, rape habits developed before or during prison life lead to the likelihood of rape of our children by released felons, and their infection by HIV.

  • Because of promiscuity promoted by the mass media,
  • and subsequent peer pressure in the schools,
  • and the sexual habits of our very young schoolchildren,
  • and their being targetted for predation by the drug industry,
  • and the unwillingness of parents to test their children for the presence of the HIV virus due to the immense social stigma involved …

… the very great likelihood exists that if one schoolchild is infected with HIV by a hardened criminal, most of his or her classmates will soon be infected as well.

This trend must be stopped, by whatever means the parents feel appropriate, and as soon as possible, for the welfare of all our schoolchildren, and of our society ongoing. I feel certain that PTAs across the country will find the means to implement the necessary changes.


I did a little research online this morning, and couldn’t find corroboration for these very out-there, off-putting astral rumors. I’m hoping that, although the problem of rehabbing felons is clearly real, the rumors will prove to have no substance. Of course, there is always the chance some small part of it might have some truth to it, which is why I’m putting these rumors before the public eye.

Through my research this morning, I got some interesting leads and statistics on the general topic of rehabbing felons. (There’s quite a bit more online.) …


According to the National Institute of Justice, the rate of recidivism is 76% within 5 years: Link: “Recidivism,” by the National Institute of Justice, ..

Violent Crime on the Rise

Violent crime is on the rise in the United States … in 2016, there was an 11% rise in homicides: Link: “Violent Crime Is On the Rise in U.S. Cities,” by Josh Sanburn and David Hohnson, 30 January 2017, ..

Handheld Psychosis (‘Virtual Psychosis’) Among Children

Intuitively, I feel that handheld use amongst young children may be a seminal factor in the turning of our youth to lives of crime. Apparently, handheld use in early childhood leads to mental illness, aggression, addiction and ‘digital dementia’:

LInk: “10 Reasons To Ban Handheld Devices for Children under 12, by Chris Rowan, 3 March 2014, ..

If you are a parent, please consider this compelling information. It may make a world of difference in the future of your children.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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To Clear a Black Magic Spell from the Third-Eye Point . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 24 March 2017

  • Clarity in the Third-Eye Point Is Vital to Health
  • How Some Practice Black Magic Against Others’ Third-Eye Energy
  • How to Know If the Third Eye Is Clouded
  • A Simple, One-Time Meditation Technique to Clear the Third Eye
  • An Image Representing Fearful Evil That May Be an Archetypal Image in the Deep Unconscious Mind
  • For Those Who Have Cast Such Spells, the Above Meditation May Be Helpful
  • Others Also May Find the Above Meditation Helpful

Dear Ones,


Clarity in the third-eye point is vital to health, as this energy field affects the function of the pituitary gland on the physical plane, and the pituitary gland is the master gland for the health of our endocrine system.


There are those who, because of ignorant stories about the ‘evil eye’ or the ‘psychic eye’, fear the third-eye energy of other people from the perspective of black magic or witchcraft, and who, through fear, seek to bollux up the third-eye energy of other people through magical spells. Spells and incantations undertaken in fear rebound upon those who cast them, and can also affect the person upon whom the spell is cast, if that person is at the effect of constant black magic enmity for a long time.


If we see or hear astral entities negative around us … such as demons, devils, Satan, and such like, or if we have nightmares or unhappy dreams or daydreams, or if we hear negative or fearful or angry astral stories circulating through the noosphere, then it’s important to clear the third-eye energy of all negativity.


Here is a technique that I used this month, and which worked quite well within about a half hour. I found a quiet place to meditate, away from the big city. In my case, I found peaceful energy at a Krishnamurti retreat in a small town; as I feel it, this man was a good saint with very clear vision, and so a retreat dedicated to his energy would be a good place to try this meditation. This failing, one might place a picture of him, or of another good saint, in a quiet place while meditating.

Image: Krishnamurti as a young man … see how clear his third eye is? ..

Alternate image: The Virgin Mary as a young girl … her third eye is also very clear: ..

While sitting, I gazed, with eyes wide open, up to about a foot below the place where the wall of the room met the ceiling. Gazing this high engages the third-eye point. When the third-eye is clouded with spells, as it was with me, it will be nearly impossible to gaze unflinchingly upwards in this manner. As the eyes falter and begin to turn downward towards the lower worlds, bring them back, unfailingly, again and again, to the point about a foot below the place where the wall of the room meets the ceiling.

As I did this some weeks ago, my gaze finally settled on that point. As it did so, dark murky shapes surfaced out of my third-eye and disappeared in the ethers.


Then a big black cutout image, that looked like a child’s representation of the ancient idol Ba’al, or maybe a symbol of a fearful evil being, levitated out of my third eye, propelled forward away from my body, and also disappeared. This cutout image, which apparently was the substance of a spell cast by another person, or maybe a few people, looked like this:

Image: “Childlike Cutout of a Fearful Evil Being,” observed and drawn by Alice B. Clagett, 24 March 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 … This is a black image that looks a little like an owl with fluffy feathers and slanting, wicked-looking eyes. –from “To Clear a Black Magic Spell from the Third-Eye Point,” by Alice B. Clagett, in “I Am of the Stars,”

Image: “Childlike Cutout of a Fearful Evil Being,” observed and drawn by Alice B. Clagett, 24 March 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 … This is a black image that looks a little like an owl with fluffy feathers and slanting, wicked-looking eyes.

While this image is childlike and two-dimensional in nature, it’s also one that will generate fear in our inner child and our gut brain. For this reason, it’s important for the third eye to be clear of it, and of similar malware images.

The deep unconscious has various archetypal images of similar stark simplicity in it; thus it can be seen that clouding of the third eye with such a fearful image of evil is unhealthy in an emotional and psychological way, as well as in terms of physical health.


For those who have cast this spell, it’s important to use the above meditation, or one with a similar effect, to clear their own third-eye points, as spells cast in this manner always rebound on their senders.


This spell has gone round through the spiritual circles since the Shift, as a flu-like fractal malware. So just for the sake of thoroughness, it may be useful for other meditators to try it out, just in case.

In my case, I found that one such meditation worked perfectly well. I went back to the retreat twice more, on succeeding weeks, and did the same meditation, but found that the third eye remained clear and unclouded through the interval. For me, one thirty-minute meditation sufficed.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Acceptable Collateral Damage Mental Filter … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 June 2016

Dear Ones,

I’ve come across an astral story recently that is really ‘out there’. There’s been talk in recent years about the notion of acceptable collateral damage. Some feel that this notion, while regrettable, is a practical one.

This implied consent to the practicality of the notion has apparently led to the circulation of the ‘Acceptable Collateral Damage Mental Filter’ in the noosphere. I feel this mental filter is completely without merit or truth, and that it is being used by antisocial personalities (ASPs) … who are quite wily, when all is said and done … as cover for their serial killing and other crimes.

One sees posters from time to time about missing children. The famous case of the missing Dylan Redwine boy is one such instance: ..

There are many other cases of missing children all over the world, and even here in the United States. I expect that may contribute to the tenacity of this astral story in the noosphere. The story goes like this:

The notion of collateral damage is acceptable … regrettable, but practical in today’s world. So then, along the lines of practicality, the astral story continues like this: What is the proper hiring profile for the intelligence agencies of the world? Would not an antisocial personality, such as a serial killer, be perfect for this job? But then, what would be the retirement prerogatives of an intelligence agent who is an ASP?

Practically speaking … but regrettably so … this astral story then makes an assumption regarding acceptable collateral damage among the relatively powerless portions of a homeland population. For instance, the retired ASP operative might be assigned an acceptable kill rate per month among ‘the powerless’ citizens of a small town, such as:

  • children
  • single women
  • the elderly
  • people with alternate lifestyles
  • homeless men and women
  • underserved ethnicities

What a sci fi scenario that would be, wouldn’t it? How would the people of a country feel about having retired ASPs at work ‘in their own back yard’? In America, whose Declaration of Independence, the very cornerstone of our country, states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (1)

… this notion of acceptable collateral damage in one’s own backyard clearly wouldn’t fly. The average American citizen would ask:

  • How many ‘hits’ might an ASP operative be expected to make during his or her working life, serving their country?
  • How many ‘hits’ per year, among their home country population, might be considered acceptable collateral damage?
  • How many years might they expect to live after retirement?

The average American would multiply the ‘hits’ per retirement year by the life expectancy of the retired ASP operative, and compare the product to the number of hits during the operative’s working life.  I crunched these numbers below: See Footnote (2).

Then he would very likely conclude that the cost in the lives of those he loved … the threat of death to his children, his wife, his fellow co-workers and their families … far outweighed the service the ASP had provided to his country.

I feel this to be true: Americans would vote, hands down, against such an astral story taking up space in their personal reality. It’s quite clear that this mental filter is nothing but a ‘Hollywood movie’ that has wafted into everyone’s awareness on the astral plane.

This New Earth sparkles with love and light. We can change everything, in the wink of an eye! When these sorts of dense timeline scenarios waft into my awareness, I very quickly turn to timeline optimization:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

The minute I do so, all is new, and fresh, and full of love and light. I see before me the freedom to live my life, with all the liberties our great Constitution provides. To pursue my own happiness. To follow my heart, on a beautiful, sunny summer day, here in America, the Land of the Free.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: “America the Beautiful,” by Silver1Sprg, 16 April 2009, ..


(1) from “United States Declaration of Independence,” … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ..

(2) The Conservative Estimate.10 years as an operative  =  possibly a maximum of 10 ‘hits’ while working. 40 years retirement, at 1 hypothetically approved homeland retirement ‘hit’ per month  =  (40 retirement years)  x  (12 months per year)  =  480 hypothetically approved homeland retirement ‘hits’.  480 – 10 = 470 freebie ‘hits’ in one ASP operative’s lifetime.

The Estimate If Things Get Out of Hand. With ASPs, things can get out of hand at times, depending primarily on substance abuse and the opportunistic synchrony resulting from keeping bad company. And so, ‘hits’ can ratchet up from 1 per month (which an ASP would consider the model of prudent self-restraint) to 1 per week (or more) (which an ASP would consider simply to be ‘bad timing’ from the standpoint of possible public scrutiny).

Crunching the numbers from the perspective of 1 ‘hit’ per week, it would be (40 retirement years)  x  (52 weeks per year)  =  2,080 homeland ‘hits’ during an ASP’s retirement.  2,080 – 10 would then = 2,070 freebie ‘hits’ in one ASP operative’s lifetime, from a pragmatic standpoint.

The True Loss in Homeland Citizens. An ASP is an ASP, all his or her life, and the ‘hit’ pattern contines throughout the ASPs life. One ought thus to calculate into such a hypothetical scenario out of hand ‘hits’ starting at, say, 9 years of age, and on through, say, 30 years of age, which would be a putative retirement date.

That would be (21 years preretirement)  x (12 months per year)  =  252 additional freebie homeland ‘hits’ in a conservative scenario.

Or, in an out-of-hand. weekly ‘hit’ scenario, (21 years pretirement) x (52 weeks per year)  = 1,092 preretirement hits.

Adding it all up:

  • Conservative scenario of one ‘hit’ per month: (252 preretirement ‘hits’) + (470 ‘hits’ during retirement) = 722 homeland lives lost during one ASP’s lifetime.
  • ‘Out of hand’ scenario of one ‘hit’ per week: (1,092 preretirement ‘hits’) + (2,070 ‘hits’ during retirement) = 3,162 homeland lives lost during one ASP’s lifetime.


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Where in America Might Those of Moderate Fixed Means Live Comfortably? … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 2 June 2016

Dear Ones,

In the Southwestern United States, there exist very good possibilities for people of moderate fixed means … such as those who receive SSI, Social Security, and Veterans’ Benefits … to live comfortably.

Further, there is the infrastructure to support them … such as food stores, clothing store, gas stations, and often bus transportation and basic healthcare facilities as well. There has been quite an exodus from small towns to the cities in recent years, and this has left vacant apartments and houses, vacant motels, and vacant businesses and office buildings. Thus the infrastructure is there, waiting for those who want to move to quieter locations, although a little fixup of the buildings may be necessary.

The influx of people of moderate means to these areas which till now have been declining in population, would boost the local economies, and might provide for the newly arriving people from the cities a welcome relief from urban crowding and the attendant ills of crime, traffic congestion, noise and smog pollution. Further, it would offer a chance to be closer to community life, and to be close to Nature.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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