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Intersex Antisocial Personality Disorder . named by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 11 April 2021

Image: “The Goddess Bhairavi Devi with Shiva,” by Payag, Islamic art circa 1630-1635, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain … DESCRIPTION: Cropped

Image: “The Goddess Bhairavi Devi with Shiva,” by Payag, Islamic art circa 1630-1635, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain … DESCRIPTION: Cropped

    • Sidebar: Folie à famille ou coterie

Dear Ones,


I have clairly found that Intersex genetic and sexual features (that is, hermaphroditism) may be linked to a variant of antisocial personality disorder. I term this variant ‘Intersex Antisocial Personality Disorder’; that is a term I have coined for it.

My clair findings are here … … These findings are supported by online research I have done as to the difficulties encountered by Intersex people in adapting to binary cultures worldwide.

The role of the intersex teenager Alex Kraken in the film “XXY” … … closely matches that of one of the six Intersex people I have been clair channeling over the last two decades; I wondered if one of those persons might have been he-she, or very like him-her?

As I understand it, the ‘XXY’ chromosomal configuration refers to Klinefelter Syndrome and not to Intersex. In that regard the movie is a little misleading. I gather from online research, though, that the teenage boy Álvaro, who acts opposite Alex Kragen in the movie, may have Klinefelter Syndrome; that would explain the title of the movie.


The aspects of Intersex Antisocial Personality Disorder most concerning to me, as I clairly discern them, have to do with lust murder, delight in torturing (especially children), serial genital mutilation of friends and acquaintances, and serial killing, including black widow or black widower aspects (murders of spouses, one after another) and blood sacrifice. Nymphomania-satyriasis appears to be a feature. Child trafficking, snuff filmmaking, and sex work may sometimes be means of employment.


In addition, from an esoteric stance, I discern concerning aspects of Intersex Antisocial Personality Disorder to be openness to demonic possession as practiced by Eastern European shamans and indigenous cults of Brazil. I do not know why this would be, but I have clairly seen it to be a consistent feature in the catastrophic childhood case studies I have done that are to do with Intersex.

In addition, I have clairly found the six Intersex people I appear to have encountered on the astral and physical planes in the last two decades to be ‘psychic terrorists’ with many searingly scary mind control abilities, including casting thought forms, the Cull, entrainment, lock down, mimicry, misdirection, pass-through or flow-through, redirection, skinny dipping, take-down, and mind wipe, among others. For more on that, see my blog category: Overcoming mesmerism (hypnosis) through faith

I clairly find them to be practitioners of black magic, their astral discourse being rife with curses, mischief of the ‘evil eye’ variety, shapeshifting and skinchanging into the form of a domestic animal … I cannot count the number of times my cat has been plagued with this mischief! … spells, and attempts to ‘walk into’ other people’s astral bodies, either temporarily or permanently.

I note also astral intent to harm, including sometimes successful attempts at psychic heart attack and other forms of psychic murder, psychic or astral rape, psychic spying (remote viewing), deleterious psychic surgery, psychic theft, and voodoo. There is a willingness to become a ‘donkey man’, a ‘human horse’ or ‘chwal’, with a consequent ‘zombie’ effect.

From a spiritual perspective, I feel these qualities to have been conferred on the Intersex people I studied (as well as on other types of antisocial personalities and multiple personalities) by the spirit entities that possess them. I feel these evil spirit entities are able to use the Intersex person as a ‘home base’ from which they may leap out and obsess people known to them, or people they have read about.

Thus there is the issue of possession of the Intersex person by a demonic entity 24-7, and the issue of obsession of the larger community, one-by-one, by the demonic entity using the Intersex person as home base.

In the astral airs, there is also the 24-7 trouble I term ‘astral rape’, a vibe of constant sexual assault whose many remedies I propose in my blog category: Psychic rape — astral rape (Adults Only)

That vibe I feel to be trebled, especially on the weekends, here in Los Angeles by Intersex people living together in a community setting, most likely for protection against the opposing vibes of ‘normals’ who make up the bulk of this large city.

I clairly perceive this as ‘folie à famille ou coterie’, a way of subsisting in a dissonant ‘bubble’ or ‘dome’ of energy within a field of energy different from that of the ‘famille’ or ‘coterie’. I clairly perceive the ‘membrane’ of the dome to be formed by the opposing forces of Light and Dark personified as the Angelic Realm protecting the ‘normals’ in Los Angeles from the demons possessing and flocking round the Intersex Antisocial Personalities in their community setting.

Before the Shift in 2012 this clairly perceived ‘dome’, representing the fiefdom of a Fallen Angel who was the Territorial Spirit of Los Angeles, covered the entire city and the outlying areas to Barstow, California; but now it only covers a small fiefdom in West Los Angeles. That is how I was able to track down, on the psychic plane, what seemed to be the source of the rock-and-roll Darkness that Los Angeles had been experiencing prior to the Shift.

It appears the Los Angeles Intersex community that I clairly perceive may be attempting to mitigate their tendency to engage in lust murder through inadvertent sexual stimulation by ‘normals’ relaxing and enjoying life on the weekends. In other words, there is a clair sense of sexual repression by Intersex people living in Los Angeles on the weekends, coupled with the desire to perform rape and lust murder.

That makes it necessary for me, as a psychic, to vary my weekend routine with walks in nature, meditation, reading, gardening, and yoga. On the weekends I find it best to steer clear of the internet so as to disentangle from misqualified astral energy threads. I find other Lightworkers feel similarly about this.

Sidebar: Folie à famille ou coterie

In my writings, I sometimes term the apparent Intersex Antisocial ‘folie à famille ou coterie’ in Los Angeles … and similar communities elsewhere … ‘cults that kill’, ‘mind control cults’, or ‘outlaw gangs’. It could be that some street gangs in Los Angeles have similar features; the Los Angeles Police Department might know more about that.



It could be, I feel, that the Hindu characterization of the goddess Kali, or perhaps of Tripur Bhairavi, has to do with Intersex Antisocial Personality Disorder. It seems to me these may characterize the perversion of the female birth-giving and nurturing role to that which I have described above. Over time, though, I feel Hinduism may have ‘whitewashed’ these roles so that the goddesses Kali and Bhairavi (also known as Tripur Bhairavi and Tripura Bhairavi] appear to be forces of destruction operating on God’s behalf for the good of His creation.

In the broadest sense this is so, as God is good, I feel, and God is everything. Therefore, His aspect as Destroyer is, in the overall context, good. Nevertheless, in the narrow perspective of my hope to preserve my own life, and to live a happy life, I have found that encounters with Intersex personalities … even on the clair plane alone … can be concerning.


I feel lucky that I practiced martial arts for years, as that provides an edge in a confrontation that might otherwise result in loss of life. As well, I am very lucky to have been born Christian, of good Christian parents who saw to my early education in a Christian school.

The great advantage of this early learning is a chance to hold my world view in a context of the sacred as well as the profane, with an understanding that there is more to life than the physical. Most importantly there is Spirit, and our relationship to God Himself. We have a Soul as well as a body; that Soul relates to God, and the body to life on the Earth plane.

Christianity, like the other major religions, promotes a cosmological understanding that includes the beings of ‘other worlds’ … the negative astral entities of the hellworlds, and the positive beings of the heavenworlds. There are demons or devils, and there are angels, I feel. There is Christ our Savior, Mother Mary, and God the Father. There is the gift of grace through the Holy Spirit. These are the positive spiritual forces in a world fraught with misqualified energy threads, some seemingly more like invisible ‘mobsters’ or ‘gangsters’, and others more abstract.

That cosmological stance allows me to evaluate my clair encounters with the Intersex phenomenon from an esoteric perspective. From that point of view, I propose the esoteric features of Intersex Antisocial Personality Disorder noted above.

For sure, the fields of psychiatry and psychology will disagree. In my writings, I do my best to ‘walk the middle path’, and offer what insights I may to the intuitive fields of the world religions as well as to the scientific fields of psychology and psychiatry.


There is one other thing: Today I clairly noticed that an Intersex person I nickname ‘Hunter-Snuffer’, who had been ‘casting’ thought forms into my mind, believed that the presence of those thought forms in my mind meant that he had taken over my mind.

On the clair plane, I explained to Hunter-Snuffer that I can tell the difference between his-her thought forms and my own. Thus I disregard or ‘cast out’ the foreign thought forms as being not mine. The truth of my beingness is my Awareness, not my mind. From the stance of my Awareness I sort through the thoughts in my mind. Some I accept; others I discard. What then is the point of his-her persistence in casting thought forms my way?

From his-her clair reaction, I began to see that Hunter-Snuffer perceives all humans to be like himself-herself. Last night I heard, for example, that he had written a book about me, but that the personality he-she portrayed was that of his-her consort, whom I nickname ‘Torturess’.

These two, according to the astral airs, had committed a dastardly crime, to do with child torture and murder. Because of the unusual torque or slant of Hunter-Snuffer’s emotional body, I saw he-she thought that by casting his-her thought forms into my mind I might be recreated in the image of his-her consort, and the crime pinned on me. Go figure. Such a book could only lead to the discovery of their guilt, yet Hunter-Snuffer was unaware of that.

I wondered: Why might that be? I guess it is that we all … normals and antisocial personalities … perceive the world through our own mental filters, depending on the patterns of Dark and Light in our own bodies of Light. What we perceive places us in whatever timeline or dimension our Souls yearn to experience, for the sake of gleaning ever-greater Soul wisdom. Thus I feel it would be normal for a person with catastrophic childhood experiences to perceive all people in the light of his or her early childhood experience.

For the ‘normal’ who comes into the purview of an Intersex Antisocial Personality, it is very important to get at some physical distance from that person. As well, it is important to engage in our accustomed community contacts. A group of ‘normals’, with their normal thought forms, can easily shield from the thought forms of an antisocial personality.

That is because ‘normals’ also cast to each other thought forms, but of a variety upon which all agree. These have to do with peace, love, light, and joy; hope, faith, and charity; gratitude, forgiveness, and willingness to work for the good of the community as a whole. It is these mutually shared thought forms of ‘normals’ that cohere communities worldwide.

It is equally important for ‘normal’ communities to understand the adverse forces conveyed by antisocial personalities, and to find ways to neutralize their deleterious effect on community life. I favor the least violent forms of mitigation. In particular, I believe in the power of prayer and of positive visualization to uplift and sustain community life.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Compendium: ‘This Present Darkness’,” comments by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 4 April 2021 … ..


Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Nearby Star Systems, Syriun Colonization of Venus, Ra and Hathors . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 3 November 2018

    • Nearby Dwarves
    • Long-Necks: Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Their Daughters
    • Thoughts on the House Altar of the Royal Family
      • Rays of Sunlight Ending in Ankhs
      • The Kiss?
      • Breath of Life or Healing?
      • History of a Star Race?
      • Thoth and the Christian Faith: The Cross Within a Circle
    • Venus
    • Earth’s Solar Astral Planes
    • The Borderline Between Earth’s Thermosphere and the Exosphere ,,, Perhaps During Impact on Earth of Coronal Mass Ejections
    • Stories by Alice: Human Heart (for a Brief Vacation)
    • Star Symbolism of Sun With Horns of Hathor
    • Eighth Chakra: Gateway to Star Knowledge
  • FOOTNOTE: Anak

Dear Ones,

This is about nearby solar systems, about the Syriun colonization of Venus, and about the Hathors That Have Befriended Earth and humankind …


According to Wikipedia, “There are 52 stellar systems beyond our own Solar system that currently lie within 5.0 parsecs (16.3 light-years) of the Sun. These systems contain a total of 63 stars, of which 50 are red dwarfs, by far the most common type of star in the Milky Way. Much more massive stars, such as our own, make up the remaining 13.” –from Link: “List of nearest stars and brown dwarfs,” in Wikipedia … ..

In the 52 star systems closest to our Sun (within 5 parsecs of our Sun) there are 13 stars similar to our own. Reading down further in the Wikipedia article, I find that there are 10 stars visible to the naked eye; in the list of these, below, I have added channeled intel, where available, in green font …

  • Alpha Centauri (Rigil Kentaurus) … with two suns, both visible (4.2 and 4.4 light years away) … Alpha Centaurians are a very wise, and understandably stand-offish race with regard to emerging star races
  • Sirius (α Canis Majoris) … with one visible star, and one not visible (8.7 light years away) … Siriuns are a star race characterized by joy, loving kindness, and fierce protectiveness of emerging star races, for the All, through Free Will
  • Epsilon Eridani … with one sun (10.4 light years away)
  • 61 Cygni … with two suns (11.4 light years away)
  • Procyon (α Canis Minoris) … with one sun visible, and one not visible  (11.4 light years away)
  • Tau Ceti … with one sun (11.8 light years away) … I intuit danger emanating from Tau Ceti. It could be they are a 10th density (10th ‘dimensional’) warrior race. On the positive side, as Earth humans are able to experience 10th density now, those who do so will can help stabilize the electromagnetic field of Earth so as to quarantine those of Tau Ceti and keep them out of the tenth chakra of our human energy fields. This may have to do with the astral interference I sense in my transpersonal chakras; for more about it, search my blog for the term: astral thuggee
  • Epsilon Indi … with one sun and two brown dwarfs (11.9 light years away)

Nearby Dwarves

Within 5.0 parsecs of our Sun, there are 50 dwarf red stars. Then there are dwarves smaller than suns: 11 brown dwarves, and 4 white dwarves.

It is possible that these dwarves are influencing our Solar System in an astrological sense. I hope to find out more about this.


  • I feel that the Siriuns colonized Venus, in our Solar System.
  • According to “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” the planet Venus, along with her Siriun colonists, ascended long ago.
  • The star race known as Ra is of ascended Venus.
  • Ra has placed its loving Awareness on Alpha Centauri, Cepheus (Alpha Cephei is 49 light years from Earth) and Zeta Reticuli (39 light years from Earth), and also on Earth in our Solar system  –from Link: “Law of One: The Ra Material” Question-Answer 81.24 … ..
  • According to star knowledge channeled by  Judy Satori her book “Sunshine Before the Dawn,” Earth long ago had a mishap, and descended from a higher vibration to the third and fourth dimensions.
  • Possibly because of this, a delegation of Ascended Venutians known as Ra (or according to my intel, Ra-En), have been studying and attempting to help Earth and her beings in their Ascension process.
  • Here is the history of their interactions with humans, including their contact with Ancient Egyptians and with Ancient South Americans. –from Link: “Law of One: The Ra Material,”  Category Ra, Subcategory Ra’s Work on Earth” … You will notice the building of pyramids in both cultures, as a means of protecting humans.
  • The symbols of the Cow-Lioness goddess Hathor-Sekhmet also showed up in Ancient Egypt. It is my feeling that these represent the nourishing, protective presence of the Ascended Venutians amongst us.

Thus, according to my intuition, there is a line of star race knowledge from Syrius to Venus to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes to the Ra and Ra-En delegations to the highest astral planes of Earth, and from thence to the star knowledge imparted to Earth through Hathor visions and visitations on planes fourth dimensional and higher.


Some of these visits are documented by me and other Ascension workers. For instance …

Tom Kenyon speaks of the Hathors as both interdimensional and intergalactic … Link: “Who Are the Hathors,” by Tom Kenyon … ..

Peggy Black, in her “Morning Messages” … … talks quite frequently about her Hathor Ascension team, which, through its loving and wise advice, helps her through the vicissitudes of life on Earth.

And I and another human observer spoke and/or interacted with a Ra delegation a few years back, a portion of which is documented here …

Link: “Ra-En: First Contact with a Star Civilization,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 26 September 2013; updated on 24 November 2018 … ..


Other visits by Ra to Earth have been documented in “Law of One: The Ra Material,” as follows …

The Ra delegation, from amongst the ascended beings of Venus, also intervened in Ancient Egypt. It is through their intervention that Pharaoh Akehnaten proclaimed a ‘Law of One’ during his reign …

Link: “Law of One: The Ra Material,” Subcategory ‘Ra’s Work on Earth'” … ... Search the term: Akhenaten … There are two instances of that name on this page.

Long-Necks: Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Their Daughters

The Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten and his Royal Wife Nefertiti were long-necked, and they were influenced by Ra.

Thus I gather they may have been Nephilim, descended from Anakim (singular ‘Anak’). (1) It is possible that the ‘Anak’ gene strand had greater cognitive capability than other humans of that era, That might make them more respected as leaders of Egypt … natural choices for leadership, I suppose. It would also make them able to appreciate the wisdom of the ascended Venutians …

Image: “A colossal statue of Akhenaten from his Aten Temple at Karnak. Egyptian Museum of Cairo,” in Wikimedia Commons … ..

Image: “Picture of the Nefertiti bust in Neues Museum, Berlin,” in Wikimedia Commons … ..

Image: “A house altar showing Akhenaten, Nefertiti and three of their daughters. 18th dynasty, reign of Akhenaten,” circa -1340, from Wikimedia Commons …,_Nefertiti_and_their_children.jpg

Thoughts on the House Altar of the Royal Family

Rays of Sunlight Ending in Ankhs. I note the rays of sunlight, some of which end in ankhs …

Image: “Ankh, an Ancient Egyptian symbol meaning ‘life’,” by Alice B. Clagett, 3 November 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Ankh, an Ancient Egyptian symbol meaning ‘life’,” by Alice B. Clagett, 3 November 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian symbol meaning ‘life’, So certain rays of the Sun (2 such rays for each parent) are giving life to Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

The Kiss? I note also, in the House Altar of the Royal Family, that Akhenaten is holding one daughter up to his lips; her lips are next to his. This might be considered, in a modern connotation, a kiss, a gesture of endearment.

My own thoughts about this gesture are two …

Breath of Life or Healing? First, it could be that the Sun is giving the Ankh, the life, to Akhenaten, and he is breathing the life into his daughter. Perhaps she is ill, and he is healing her.

History of a Star Race? As well, it could be that the Sun is imparting knowledge of the racial history of the star beings from whom Akhenaten and Nefertiti are descended, through the blessing of the Ankh, to Akhenaten, and that he is breathing that knowledge … possibly through telepathy … into his daughter.

Thoth and the Christian Faith: The Cross Within a Circle. For more on the Ankh symbol, and its relationship to the cross within a circle spoken of in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, see …

Link: “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth: The Cross and the Circle,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 26 March 2015; revised … ..



“The Law of One” states that current conditions on Venus are hospitable for those beings in the fifth dimension in the sixth dimension, but not for beings in the third dimension … Link: “Law of One: The Ra Material,” Question-Answer 6.6 … ..

According to Wikipedia, “The atmosphere of Venus is the layer of gases surrounding Venus. It is composed primarily of carbon dioxide and is much denser and hotter than that of Earth. The temperature at the surface is 740 K [Kelvin] (467 °C, 872 °F), and the pressure is 93 bar (9.3 MPa), roughly the pressure found 900 m (3,000 ft) underwater on Earth …” –from Link: “Atmosphere of Venus” in Wikipedia … ..

Again according to Wikipedia, the temperature of our Sun’s corona … which extends millions of kilometers out into space, is about 5  X 10

to the sixth degrees Kelvin –from Link: “Sun,” in Wikipedia … ..

Earth’s Solar Astral Planes

Wes Annac speaks of the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes as being the area in astral space where Earth’s astral planes begin to contact our Sun’s astral planes …

Link: “The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes,” by Wes Annac … referral by Alice B. Clagett, published on 1 July 2016 … ..

It seems to me probable, then, that the Hathor delegation to Earth has found a comfortable place to abide within our Sun’s outer corona, which simulates conditions on Venus … or else from which they can ping or bounce blessings from residents of Venus to human beings on Earth.

The Borderline Between Earth’s Thermosphere and the Exosphere ,,, Perhaps During Impact on Earth of Coronal Mass Ejections

Gathering from my own experience, sometimes smaller delegations (Ra-En) find a way into the area between Earth’s thermosphere and the exosphere, for observation, in hopes of increasing their ability to assist young star races in the ascension process.

Intuition tells me this area of Earth’s atmosphere may be visitable by a Hathor delegation during impact on Earth of Coronal Mass Ejections.

Stories by Alice: Human Heart (for a Brief Vacation)

My own experience of a small group of Hathors winging their joyful way through my heart chakra makes me feel that the human heart is also a viable ‘vacation spot’ for this loving, joy-filled star race.

Once again, intuition tells me that our human hearts may be visitable by a Hathor delegation during impact on Earth of Coronal Mass Ejections, especially X-flares, and most particularly when several volleys of X-flares take place within a few days of each other, setting our magnetsphere humming and thrumming with Solar energy.


From the many depictions of the goddess Hathor in Ancient Egypt, it is clear that the Hathors were visitors there. Here is one such depiction …

Image: “Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt. Hathor Column.” in Wikimedia Commons … ..

Star Symbolism of Sun With Horns of Hathor

I note, in this image, the horns of Hathor are holding an image of the Sun. Since our Sun is one of many stars, and since the horns represent the milk-giving, cow aspect of Hathor,  to me this means that the Hathors hold the star knowledge that nourishes humankind. I note that Hathor’s long neck is not shown here … perhaps that detail was lost in the winds of time …

Image: “New Kingdom, the Goddess Hathor Greets Seth I, from the Valley of the Kings, 1294-1279 AC ca,” in Wikimedia Commons …,_la_dea_hathor_accoglie_seth_I,_dalla_valle_dei_re,_1294-1279_ac_ca..JPG ..

Eighth Chakra: Gateway to Star Knowledge

The globe within the horns over Hathor’s head might also symbolize the Eighth Chakra, gateway to knowledge of the stars, that has, since the 2012 Shift, become activated in human beings.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) “Anak … is a figure in the Hebrew Bible in the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites who, according to the Book of Numbers, was a forefather of the Anakim … (Heb. Anakim) who have been considered “strong and tall,” they were also said to have been a mixed race of giant people, descendants of the Nephilim (Numbers 13:33). The use of the word ‘nephilim’ in this verse describes a crossbreed of God’s sons and the daughters of man, as cited in (Genesis 6:1-2) and (Genesis 6:4). The text states that Anak was a Rephaite (Deuteronomy 2:11) and a son of Arba (Joshua 15:13). Etymologically, Anak means [long] neck….” –from Link: “Anak,” Wikipedia … … CC-BY-SA 3.0


Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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